5 Tips To Build A Big Network In Social Networking Sites

Social Network Community“Are you on Facebook or Twitter?” seems to be the new “it was nice meeting you!” of the present generation. Instead of exchanging numbers, it is more convenient option to simply add each other on Facebook or follow on Twitter. In the present scenario, the world of social networking has increased with leaps and bounds, and is limitless as the tranquil blue ocean. There was a time when it was considered an utter waste of time to sit online, and those who would spend time online were ridiculed and considered lifeless and desperate for attention. However with changing times, the outlook of people towards social networking sites has drastically changed. They have understood the advantages that the social networking sites offer and understand that they actually foster the warm and friendly relations, keeping one updated about their dear ones and providing easy and convenient modes of communication, even if people are separated through different continents altogether.

1. Go with the Figures

The current shift is not just a word of mouth or a prediction, but it has been logically approved. According to researches, a regular person in December 2009, spent more than five and half hours online over the Internet, which is a drastic 82% increase when compared to the previous year’s figures. The study also revealed the reasons behind such a drastic Internet usage. Most of users accessed Internet particularly for social networks and blogs followed by the purpose of entertainment through online games and instant messaging. This goes without saying that the social networking is preferred more than the instant messaging services. In addition to it, the research also revealed that the overall traffic and the number of unique visitors to the social networking websites has significantly increased.

The same applications of social networking websites has also touched corporate houses alike. They are eager to register a captivating presence on the social networking platform, to gain the benefits of a limitless audience, and successfully promote their products and services.

2. The number game: More the merrier

Social networking, as the name goes, is all about networking strategies. The bigger the network, the better it is. It is common trend to estimate the popularity of a celebrity by referring to the number of followers they have on Twitter, or the number of likes their fan page gets on Facebook and etc. The same goes for your social networking account as well. Well, if you are an individual, looking to improve your social circle or an organization soliciting the ways to escalate your business, the numbers matter. A new user will automatically hold you in high regard and will wish to be connected to you if you already have a sturdy active network.

However optimum care must be put in while building your network. Although the number matters, but the quality also matters a lot. Having a social network which is perceived to be politically incorrect, rude, offensive, vulgar or inappropriate in such regard, will destroy your reputation manifolds instead of maintaining it.

3. Getting Started

As it is said that the best way to fulfill your dream is to stop sleeping. Similarly the best way to build a great enviable social network will be by first of all getting a profile on any of the prevalent social networking platforms. An individual may find it very easy to sign up online, all that you need is a functional email account, but enterprises may have to plan a little before making their social networking profile or pages.

To begin with, it may be bit of hassle to register the precise Company name for your business. More often than not, you may discover that your desired company name is already taken. If you find yourself in such a situation, you can appeal for a fair treatment. The existing users will say that Twitter is more compassionate towards such please as compared to Facebook, which require you to show a trademark and constantly poke it to make the adjustments.

Besides, there is a simple and convenient option of asking the current owner to hand over the name of the company to you, but you may have to pay them a little to do the same. Lastly if everything else fails, you can register your business name with a slight modification so that it may sound and appear kind of similar. However be extra careful to register the same name on more than one social networks. Having a different name on LinkedIn and a different one on Facebook will only confuse your audience base.

Furthermore, the name is not enough. Along with that you should be ready with a tag line of your company. You can upload it in the Bio or about me or similar sections on different social networking sites. The text should contain a simple precise and if applicable then witty description of your enterprise. This is the impression before an impression and your chances of building a huge social network solely depends on how impressive your subtle impression is on the users.

And talking about the impressions, the next pivotal step would be to choose the right image for your Business page. Different networking sites has different specifications to allow the images. Twitter requires a small sized image in square dimensions and Facebook is more lenient. Tweak the images in which the logo representing the enterprise is distinctly visible and understandable. The display plays an important role, even if you are an individual and not part of any organization, as humans responds to the visual images much more than the written words. The image should be appropriate, welcoming, decent and graceful.

In addition to that, different networking sites has different provisions for allowing the business profile page. Where it is possible to build a group or page of your enterprise on Facebook, Twitter will only let you register as a user, and there on, people may choose to follow or unfollow you. LinkedIn however has a bit more complicated user interface than Facebook for registering as a corporate. You would need an email address from a legitimate domain name fixed up to your firm. After that you just have to follow the instructions to set up your account.

4. Get Your Approach Right

Building a huge social network is never a one time affair. There is no guarantee that a friend will not unfriend you or a follower can’t unfollow you. And these days the trend of unfriend-ing seems to be more popular than the trend of adding people. If you do social networking regular, you would know that people are quite choosy these days and they don’t like keeping someone in the friend list just for the heck of it.
But the problem arises when there is nothing much to talk about after the initial few exciting or interesting rounds of introduction. The conversations tends to run dry after the initial fervor subsides and then its just another profile in the list. If your approach behind building a network is not right, this problem will frequently bother you.

Building a social network must be guided from inside. Build a large network, not because of certain desperate or selfish motives, but build it because you really wish to share a part of yourself with the online world. Don’t shy away from sharing your sentiments online and never be afraid to be judged. More often than not you will find that the people share the same sentiments as yours, its just that they have been afraid or too shy to say it out loud.

The corporate houses and the individuals with an inclination towards fostering businesses may look for something called the niche marketing. Instead of making everyone like your page or sending friend requests to everyone etc, concentrate on the people who belongs to the similar field as yours. This will promote your business practices and let you share your ideas and develop your own skills and the business whereabouts. Not just business marketing and promotion, but you may also discuss new business idea, the ways and methods of conducting business, so on and so forth. Although be sure to not confide into anyone with any strategic information, no matter how trustworthy the contact is.

If you put efforts in increasing your network just where your interests lies, you will never face the hurdle of falling out on the conversation topic, as you will have a common ground to strike a conversation on. The working environment is very capricious and changing with time and thus you will have new topics to discuss everyday i.e. only if you have the right approach to do it.

5. Interact. Entertain. Enthrall

Your chances of developing a huge social network is directly proportional to your ability to interact with others. The more light hearted and good natured you are, the more people you are expected to attract. People come online after a long busy hard day of work or daily chores and they don’t wish to be let down with your complaints or cynicism or low energy levels. If you are tired, rest! If you are feeling bad, call a friend but when you are online, never let anyone leave your profile without feeling joyful or at least better.

Crack a funny one liner, no matter if it is copied, though don’t be over smart and project it as your own line, but even the already existing jokes and one liners appears funny if they are intelligently picked and used.

Besides social networking gives you umpteen platforms to talk and interact. You needn’t send add requests to people, but you have the chance of letting them notice you by participating in group discussions. Orkut provides discussion platforms in the name of Communities, Facebook provides pages and groups and others have their own way. As mentioned above, keep your approach right. Always be part of the groups and communities which interests you the most and in which you would feel enthusiastic and self motivated to participate in the forum discussions.

Depending on the groups and communities you choose and the way you interact, you have great chances of either impressing a lot of people or repelling them. The latest trend in the social networking scenario is that of “Group Meetings” where every member of the group or the interested ones decide a place for all to meet. This is a great way to build your network, especially if members are bringing along their friends.

Businesses can side by side also ensure an additional fast tracked online services. If your company has a customer service representative or likewise, make sure that they administer the social networking page on a daily basis. You can also ensure proper communication and after-sale customer handling through a social networking page. It can be of specific advantage if a particular customer is upset or need certain guidance. The moment a customer approaches you for help or with some issue, do not waste time in replying to that. Respond to their queries, either right beneath their comment or depending upon the nature of the reply you may even go on to personal direct messaging. However, beware of not suggesting them the options they might have already tried before, like directing them to the customer care number or something. The purpose behind marking an online presence is to provide them with quick and better services. Make sure that you check the posts twice a day or at least once in a day. If a customer’s query dates back to more than a week, you are more than probable to lose out the business from that customer, but if you provide them with quick and relevant replies, you are more than certain to escalate your popularity and social network.

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