Blogger vs WordPress – Reasons Why You Must Choose Blogger

Blogger PlatformBlogger over WordPress? Are you serious? This could be your initial reaction once you read the title of this article. But yes, I am serious and I can show you some valid reasons why you should build a blog with Blogger rather than in WordPress.

Okay, let me clarify first that I am not saying that Blogger is totally better than WordPress because both platforms have its advantages and disadvantages. Since most people prefer the self-hosted WordPress platform because of its flexibility and security, it is better to understand first the important advantages of Blogger over WordPress that could help change your perspectives over the blogspot platform.

Let me first start the most common criticism that Blogger gets from the public – security. Yes, there are many blogspot blogs that are already defunct because the Blogger team deleted their accounts. The reason is spamming. One of the biggest case is Allan Liew’s Although this blog is still active, it was already  taken out in Google’s index since last year. To those who are not familiar with this particular blog, it was the number 1 ranking site in the most competitive keyword in the online business industry – “make money online“.

There are thousands of blogspot blogs that are suspended and this highly discourages people to sign up with Blogger. Spamming is a very big issue in the Internet and Blogger is one of the strictest program when it comes to this matter. Since Blogger is a part of Google universe, it is just appropriate to make all their products of high standards all the time. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong in keeping your own backyard clean and less waste (spam).

So let me give you the top reasons why you should prefer Blogger over WordPress.

Search Engine Optimization

If you ask 10 people about which blog platform performs better with regards to SEO, 9 out of 10 people would say WordPress. While this is true, Blogger is not really in a big disadvantage. First, Google does not rely heavily in meta tags and keywords anymore. Second, Google owns Blogger which makes it more easy to distinguish which side you should support. Will Google leave their Blogger program to be dumped by WordPress forever? Of course not, there will be more changes in the future especially if you are within Google’s backyard.

For your information, there are a lot of blogspot sites that tops in Google for various keywords. This includes my own blogspot blog (a health niche) and of course Allan Liew’s previous ranking which were discussed earlier. So if you run a Blogger blog, never be concerned about SEO because you are in good hands.

Free To Use

Blogger is 100% free. Most Internet marketers suggests that you should start blogging with blogspot to familiarize yourself to various aspects like posting, widgets, applications, elements, feeds and many others. Once you learned a lot, you can switch to WordPress anytime through WordPress Import feature.

If you think this way, you will not realize the importance of Blogger as a platform and it will just remain a training ground on your perspectives. As a free platform, Blogger is totally easy to use to all novice and first-time users. But unlike self-hosted WordPress, it highly requires technical knowledge with regards to hosting, servers and other tools, not to mention the expenditures that you will spend for each set-up.

Make Money!

Both Blogger and WordPress allows its user to insert monetization programs to earn money with their blogs. While WordPress have much more flexibility when it comes to advertising space, some Blogger themes are not lacking behind. Blogger templates are customizable where you can insert every ad sizes available. So when it comes to ad space, Blogger is not in a disadvantage.

You can use Pay-per-click (PPC) programs (Adsense, Kontera, etc) and direct advertising to your blogspot blog. Adsense can even inserted straight from your Blogger elements for easy configuration. You can also insert some Blogger hacks to publish ads within individual posts, just like WordPress. With Blogger, you can definitely make money online!

Based on these benefits, why choose WordPress if there is no such big difference? The only thing that you should care about is to abide all the rules and guidelines of Blogger to avoid deletion of your blog. Aside from that, Blogger can challenge WordPress in every department.

So if your blog is in Blogger, I suggest that you support your platform all the way and promote it the way Internet marketers do. After all, blogging is all about sharing valuable content and building a community. So choose Blogger enjoy your blog to the fullest!

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  1. I have started 2 identical food blogs or in case 1 gets deleted just to be safe. – 1). and 2). and my wordpress is hardly getting visitors as in comparrison to my blogspot which is getting plenty for a beginner that I am very surprised as I never expected it to go this well seeing that I only started it around the 19th April last month. Just don’t know why blogspot seems to be far more popular in hits than wordpress or am I somehow confused here ?

  2. There’s another great advantage for blogger/blogspot users. That is, it has much more security than any other platform, it’s next to unhackable, cause google maintains it’s security. That’s the greatest part I like about blogger.

  3. Thank you for your comments. Wow, this post still gets notice hey…Blogger over WordPress is an issue that some of you might unanimously vote for W, hence Blogger can be pretty decent tool for your online business too.

  4. Pavan @(pavanh)
    Hi ,
    Thank you for a nice post , i started my blogging with subdomain and now i moved to custom domain i just wanted to ask you on moving from subdomain to custom , whatever backlinks which were achieved from subdomain will it be lost or redirected to custom domain

    Waiting for your reply
    Thank you

  5. I have a website running on WordPress! Good to know this regarding Blogger! Certainly plan on using Blogger for a while soon!

  6. Hi. Are you using wordpress or blogger on this site? If you dont mind me asking..
    And i totally agree with this article. Blogger is more easy to use, i can have all the access to all widgets and customizing my theme. But, i cant stand how my domain names “” unless, i’ll buy my own domian, but im still trying to blog. it seems, blogspot is pretty looked down by many bloggers :/ thats why i tried wordpress also.

  7. WordPress is better than Blogger and I’m not sure why this debate is still on going. 18% of the entire Internet runs on WordPress now. 18% of the Internet can’t be wrong.

  8. This is a great article to give people a good perspective over both platforms which in reality have good points and bad points about them. There is nothing wrong with blogger, the themes being created now are awesome by third party sites. As for those having their accounts deleted one major major reason is rel=”nofollow” a real bigger with Google. If you link out make sure you use it to avoid Google thinking you are passing on link juice. I ran my product review website from blogger for a very long time and was ranked PR 3 and 4 over a two year period.

    I’m now on WordPress and yes I love it because I’m a designer it has many great aspects. However one plugin can shut down your site and cause so many headaches you want to scream! WordPress blogs are popular and offer more control if that is what you need. However the cost of hosting (cash grab) in my mind outweighs sticking with Blogger which can get you where you want to go.

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  10. I use both blogger and wordpress.
    Wordpress is currently ranked higher when searching the key terms I have for my blog. It’s only been 6 days so this can change. Great blog though! 

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  12. i switched from wordpress to blogger ,well worpress is good for those who want everything ready and in easy way but are some disadvantages of using wordpress
    1. you cant add custom domain they only allow(.com,.org and .me) domains and if still you want then to map your custom domain you have to pay then 13 bucks for a year(well i can buy and host my own website in that much with godaddy and hostgator)
    2. The biggest drawback is that you cant add javascript,well i like making my own j script and adding then but worpress dnt allow javascript (if you got the power on javascript you can make any widget you want)
    3. you dont have to manually add your website to webmaster tools and google analytics
    All in all blogger is good for those who got some knowledge with HTML and Javascript bec its little hard to add and resize videos for those who are not familiar with HTML/Javascript so if you are not familiar with any type of web development go for wordpress there you get ready made widgets and don’t even think of making your own and if you are familier with any type f web development then Blogger is for you

  13. I am torn between the two platforms, I have a blog currently on blogger but intent to switch to WP, however, I ‘ve ever since liked blogger and find the switch costly and risky considering my site receives a decent amount of traffic.

  14. I totally agree with the reasons you listed. Blogger all the way! I tried both platforms, and they’re both good, but Blogger is still my choice. 

  15. Now I want to try blogger just to know the difference.  WordPress sounds and looks professional but does not accommodate placement of ads.  But it I did not have a hard time with wordpress considering my lack of knowledge when it comes to blogging. 

  16. Firstly I am new to your blog and got this very Important post at your blog ;). As my opinion you must choose blogger But only for starting they you might migrate to WordPress am I right Please tell me I am just 14 years old will be waiting for your Response thanks in advance!!!!

    • Hi Raheem, yes beginners can use Blogger, but in the long run they won’t be able to live with it (professionally). So if you can allocate some time, you can learn WordPress and jump into Blogging.

      • Hi Pradeep,
        Firstly, I won’t contradict your thoughts about WordPress over Blogger as WordPress is definitely better. I do own blogs from both platform and I can truly say that Blogger blogs do make a descent money online. See, blogging platforms won’t make you rich! It is your desire and efforts that counts.
        Thanks for your comment

    • For all I know, 2 rank high, to make money, or to get more traffic does NOT depend on the platform you use and the look or feel of your blog. IT IS THE CONTENT ON THE BLOG, THE TIME AND EFFORT YOU PUT IN, AND YOUR INTEREST FOR BLOGGING. These things make you a WINNER.

  17. after reading this post i will definitely try my next blog in blogger. my only nightmare is the blog deletion by google.

    • Hi Ashish,
      That is the exact same fear of everyone else with regards to Blogger. If you read its TOS carefully and obeyed each of its rules, then there is really nothing to worry about.

  18. i choose wordpress and there are 1000 reasons behind it even though blogger is better for earning and seo but wordpress has its own class.!

  19. Hello Nuper… nothing discouraging. Rather a healthy criticism. This kind of controversial posts have always attracted attention of online audiences. Doesn't really matter whether you have deliberately preferred blogger over WP or you have written what you really believe in. Here's something, I want to tell you. We, here, consider wordpress to be a better option. I have worked on different clients' SEO and Internet Marketing programs and have worked with many blogs in my life and most of them were with blogger. I skipped off to wordpress much later and have worked on several wordpress blogs and sites as well. I think I am also a good one to place my judgment here. I blogger is fading our because of many technical drawbacks. Most people (most newbies) consider blogger to be better than any other platform because it is owned by Google… but that's just a myth. I would like to give a thumbs up to Marie August from George Mason University, who have come up with good observation. On the other hand, I would choose to differ from Technopsisblog, who talked about the look. I run multiple personal blogs on blogger and I have customized my templates according to my tastes and needs. there are techniques.

    • Hi Ricky,

      Thanks for your opinion. The article however doesn't aim to prove that Blogger way better than WordPress, because it is certainly not. This is just to remind that Blogger is an alternative option to WordPress and by stating its advantages, people will be reminded that both platforms has equal purpose.

      I do have blogger blogs and WordPress blogs, I certainly do know the advantages of a WordPress built site. What you have written about the Bloggers layout is exactly true. It's just a matter of coding and not being lazy on modifying the template.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  20. Oh I run my blog in WP. Actually, that's my second blog.
    At first when I was a novice (oops, even now I'm still -_-') in terms of blogging, I made my account in Blogger – coz' my friends told me that if I want to have a blog I should try Blogger for easier way of blogging. But when I was searching for some great blogs in Google – majority of those are WP. So, after that I tried to have my account in that website and yea I liked it. And now, I'm more focused in my WP blog.
    BUT I'm thankful for Blogger since that was my first blog.

    Just sharing 🙂
    Its up to you guys if that thing will give you fun, then y not ! ^.<
    Don't be afraid to explore new things. Have a nice day! 😀

    • Hello Kara,

      It's good to hear that you are on WordPress now. I do have WordPress blogs and my reason for writing this article is to give emphasis on Blogger benefits. Most bloggers prefer WordPress because of its security and plugins. But what they do is discriminate other blogs in Blogger platform which is not a good idea.

      Remember that blog platforms won't make a blogger rich….that is the whole point here…

      Thanks for dropping by…

  21. I think the biggest advantage Blogger has over WordPress is its 100% up time which no WordPress web-host can offer to you.

  22. I agree with all of your points. I like Blogger! and, I am with blogger. That's true, if someone is new to blogging, s/he can easily start with blogger. The best thing is a non technical can switch to a domain without purchasing hosting and getting stuck with the details.

  23. This is from blogger TOS:

    Spam: Spam takes several forms in Blogger, all of which can result in deletion of your account or blog. Some examples include creating blogs designed to drive traffic to your site or to move it up in search listings, posting comments on other people's blogs just to promote your site or product, and scraping existing content from other sources for the primary purpose of generating revenue or other personal gains.

    Most blogs drive traffic somewhere else at one point or another don't they? Of course that is a rhetorical question. Seems like to me if you have links leading anywhere else big bad Google has the right to delete your blog at any time without notice. Absurd!

    I entertained the idea of incorporating Blogger into my online marketing b/c it is free and ease of use. Unfortunately my blog would be used as a single resource that would drive traffic to many of my other sites. I will have to use WP to avoid the remote possibility of my blog being deleted.

    Thanks for the post and insight.

  24. I've been on blogspot since 2009 and just got caught in the spam robot removal. I had a bird blog that I posted pictures of birds and their identity. There was nothing spam about my blog. I was one of those "false positives" they get with their sweep. I appealed to have it added and weeks later still nothing. Now after cruising their help forum, I realized this is rapant and they really don't add people's blogs back after they accidently remove them. Hundreds of people have been waiting for months. We have no recourse since it's "free". What a waste. I wish someone had warned me.

    • To be honest, my first money making blog was also deleted by Blogger theme because of spamming. While it struck me a little, I never really blame them because I am not aware of their TOS and policy. There is a saying – "Ignorance of the law, excuses no one".

      I still had one blog on Blogger and its going great. I learned from my previous mistakes. Sometimes I am thinking about importing this blog to WordPress but I know there are some issues like domain redirection which I can loose rankings. My advice is to abide Blogger's TOS and you will be perfectly fine.

  25. You're right Google wont just Blogger like that. Both Blogger and WordPress are great blogging platform and both should have a fair share of SEO (that's the responsibility of bloggers too!)

  26. I almost disagree with the point you mention "there will be more changes in the future especially if you are within Google’s backyard." Recently google have shut down the Knol and asked users to move their knols to

    Beside the 99.995% uptime and "free", their is no big reason to choose Google will not prefer it for serp.

    • Hello Anand, thanks for your comment. First off, yes Knol will be migrated to WordPress but it doesn't mean that it devalues its own program – Blogger. Second, Google highly prefers blogspot sites in SERPs just like WordPress blogs.

      Nice blog you got!

  27. I really appreciate this post! I would have never thought that someone would have such great idea and opinions for blogger!! Yes, it's true that every coin has its two faces. A blogger platform has always been beneficial for a newbie to a expert! Really nice share!

  28. No doubt Blogger is a good option. I've one of my sites on Blogger, and I'm using my own domain name instead of using blogspot sub-domain. There are many successful Blogger sites with high pageranks. Only problem is with control and dependence on Google. With WordPress self-hosted site, you've FULL control and FOREVER. You can move it anywhere and your URLs will never change. With Blogger, you'll find it difficult to shift to another server in case you feel the need in future.

  29. I was and am always in support of WordPress. But the points written above goes well with WP also. But I have experienced that Google gives a notch above for Blogger than WP. It gets indexed quickly than Wp and also more search results from Blogger.

    however once you get popular, blogger or WP doesn't matter. It always depend on you.

  30. Even i was started my first blog on Blogger, but later moved to WordPress b'coz of lost of traffic. Every time i got so many error in Blogger. Poor SEO!

  31. I stick with WordPress…and the flexibility of using WordPress is more than any other blogging platform.

  32. Hi bro, Thanks for posting this article. I think that WordPress and blogger both are best. Great job, keep it up.

  33. Hi,

    From my point of view both have their own identity and both are very important because in blogging we can put our thoughts almost in front of all over the world and WordPress give authority to us for publish our blog post.

  34. Well, it could go either for a lot of different people. But most people would still prefer WordPress because of name alone plus it is much more versatile when it comes to plugins, features and usability. But that doesn't necessarily mean that blogger isn't good, because it is. And you have made a lot of good points for Blogger, since Google basically owns it, Blogger has the advantage over in that department.

  35. Well said mate, But you need to always keep an updated back up file of your blogger blog via their Export Blog which you can use in the unfortunate event of your blog getting deleted. The exported XML file can be imported into various blogging platforms including WP. So you can re-create your blog in no-time.

  36. First, I thank Hellboundbloggers team in publishing my article.

    With regards to blogger vs wordpress thing, it's really a toss up and highly depends on your preference. Although many bloggers are dismay with Blogger because of security issues, I still believe that it will remain as one of the most competitive blogging platform beside wordpress.

  37. I like Blogger than WordPress.100% free.No need any worry about Hosting.If you get more than 5000 visitors you need to change your Hosting plan from basic.So it is costly.You need to re subscribe after one yr.So i prefer Blogger.But Blogger have some problem

    1.Commenting System- Not attractive
    2.Security and Management-Blogger delete one of my blog and they also delete one of my post from my main blog.And they warn me "If you repeat this type of content,We will suspend ur Blog"

    3.Theme-No good theme
    4.Ads placement-Some limitations,We can't place ads as in WordPress
    5.Plugins-Lot of plugins available on WordPress

    But blogger have some advantages

    1.Free Domain
    2.No Hosting needed
    3.Less Hacking problem
    4.Google manage everything
    5.Fast Google search indexing
    6.Direct integration to Google plus.
    7.Uploaded Photos goto ur Google plus album and Video goes to YouTube
    8.Customizing Domain is easy
    9.Importing and Exporting

  38. How fast your Blogger content will get indexed, WP or another content won't. I will suggest if to start from blogger (with a costume domain, if you can) then move to WP in future.

  39. One more advantage bloggers has that is it get crawled very fast and you do not have to manually submit your site to google webmasters, blogger blog automatically get added, just you need is to submit your sitemap.

  40. I want my blog to have a professional look and hence I opt for WordPress. Yeah, I do agree with what you said. Blogger is great in some views. Yet, there is nothing to defeat the blogging giant WordPress. What's your thought guys ?

  41. I am with blogger. That's true, if someone is new to blogging, s/he can easily start with blogger.
    The best thing is a non technical can switch to a domain without purchasing hosting and getting stuck with the details.

  42. when our blog is become very famous, Who will hold your blog control? obviously google only. so its kind of risky to try on blogspot. I see most of the top bloggers shift from blogspot to wordpress or other platforms.

    Just my Thoughts 🙂


    • I love you for this article and in my opinion anyway, how can we take care of the website that we manage it that much good, if wordpres or blogger so the same if we are not able to take care of and maintain as possible, the same bullshit ya not boss??? regards


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