23 thoughts on “10 Easy Techniques To Improve Your Blog’s Traffic And Exposure Online”

  1. Displaying categories and related posts on the below of every post lets the visitors easy to navigate to other pages. Thus it decreases the bounce rate and increases the number of page views.  

  2. Great content!
    Among the mentioned tips, Social media sharing increase the blog traffic and increases the exposure to all other users. And displaying related post at the footer of the post increases the number of page views on the site. 

  3. When the word "exposure" or "traffic" comes up, the first thing that comes to my head is "social media". According to research, most people who are online are mostly on social media sites. Having said that, being there would greatly increase our chances of getting people coming in to our blogs and sites. And participating in them will just add more to it.

  4. Yes, It's all correctly said here! I admire the work of the author!! Points discussed here are must for providing exposure to a blog!

  5. Well, Now we are not seasonal blogger and these tricks are not not new to use still they are useful and bring a lots of traffic to our website. New tricks include, convert these post into slide slow , audio and video.

    1. Well, I don't think audio, video and slideshows are that new and there are even more innovative techniques than that, that smart marketers use. There are no limits for innovation, it all depends on a marketer's creativity and cannot be spoon fed. And I am very sure there are many "raw greenhorns" or seasonal bloggers as you said, out there who would benefit from this post, it's for them, may be not for "seasoned" bloggers like you. Still thank you for the comment Rakesh !

  6. Some quality content found here (especially that girl picture 🙂 ) , have to bookmark this.

    1. Oh poor thing, then you haven't seen any real hot babe on the internet if you are bookmarking this post just for the girl 😀 Shoot me a mail i will give you the links.. 🙂

  7. A FB Fan Page can be very helpful. I came to know about the benefits of using a fan page after I came across the fan page of some bloggers, it was an amazing experience which inspired me to create one.


  9. This is the article which can give good importance to your online marketing with lot of options.

  10. very Nice post…. these all steps are must in the success of a website

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