HOW TO: Create Your Own Blog Book Easily

Blog2PrintYour blog is something which you can’t live without. Right? You can always enjoy your blog online, but considering the fact that online is not a big part, you can take your blog offline. If you are going to marry a female blogger, then this would be the perfect gift for her — Blog Book.

Wonder how? There is a perfect service for that. A program which lets you download onto your computer and allows you to upload your posts and pictures. I don’t want to keep you in suspense, yes, we are talking about the service Blog2Print. If you want to print your blog into a quality offline book, you can use this service. First choose which blog platform you use, which includes Blogspot, Typepad or WordPress. Then type in the name of your blog and few more basic steps.

After doing all those things if you feel happy, then you can “Print” this hot book. This process consumes time depending on your blog posts.

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Top 5 Online Places To Convert PDF To Word

Every business proposal is done using PDF these days but still Word plays it own role. It is a tedious job to convert a PDF file to word if the PDF has images and tables because I have never got them aligned in word. I do loads of conversions then and now but found it really difficult to do it with a help of software. So at last I decided to find some better online places to convert it. Believe me or not, it made my work really easy as I got the conversions done in seconds. There is no need to download and install anything on your PC as everything happens in a single click.

Here are the top 5 online places to convert PDF files to word,

#1 – Convert PDF2Word

PDF Online

This is the place which I visit often if I want to convert any PDF to word. Do you know why? This site does not ask your E-mail ID or ask you to register as few sites do. All that you need to do is to Upload the PDF file and click Upload and Convert. The system will give you the word file with the correct formatting. Sounds interesting aren’t t?

#2 – FreePDFConvert

PDF Converter

This is the second place I visit often as it has some extra features when compared to the previous one. You can convert any Password protected PDF by entering the password in the field given but this option is not available in Convert PDF2Word. Other options available are also pretty interesting as well. It allows you to convert the PDF to Word, Excel and Rich Text Format. You can even demand the image formats in the Output file but Of course the converted file will be sent to your e-mail. I have given my Mail id so many times but have never got spammed or scammed by this site till now.

#3 – PDFtoword


This site looks cool and attracts readers with its design. I have used this two to three times and would say the result is ok. It is also really simple to convert the files, as easy in 3 steps. Upload, select the output file format and enter your E-mail address before clicking the Convert button. The file is mailed to the ID in 3 minutes but be aware that sometimes it takes even 5-7 minutes as it depends on the size of the PDF uploaded.

#4 – FreePDFtoWord

Free PDF To Word

I have never tried this but have heard from friends that it works well. It asks you to complete 6 steps after which the Word file is generated. The first step is about the flow of the output file and the second is about the images present in the document. Third step is about Table detection and the fourth is about the Header/Footer detection. Fifth step will ask you several questions and the sixth step will ask you to upload the file via e-mail.

#5 – Zamzar


I have never tried this nor heard about this so try and let me know. This is a one single place for all the file type conversions as the drop down in the second step is quite big. It has 4 steps to be completed before getting the PDF converted.

Hope you all like it!!

If you would like to add more to this list then feel free to add it through the comments section!!