How To Compile A Killer Newsletter Easily

newsletterNewsletters help you connect with your readers and clients and develop a good relationship with them.  It is best alternative source of returning traffic besides the Social Media. For online startups and businesses, newsletters could be a great marketing strategy.

Feedburner Newsletters

Feedburner is the most widely used RSS subscription platform in blogs. It doesn’t allow much customization to your newsletter content as it compiles the newsletter, leeching the content of the blog’s RSS feed. RSS subscribers are important, you can even monetize your RSS feeds to earn money.

1. If you are using post excerpts in the feed, make sure the excerpt is intriguing and attractive. For certain niches like News Blog,  a suspense building excerpt is very effective.

2. By default, Feedburner newsletters have a boring text-only interface. You can customize your newsletter to brand your Blog feeds.

Feedburner Customization

  • Log on to Feedburner. In ‘Publicize’ tab, Choose ‘E-mail Subscriptions’ and then ‘Email Branding’ submenu.
  • Under the “Email Subject/Title” form, Fill it with your Blog Name seperated by the snippet ${latestItemTitle}  with a hyphen or any other symbol.
  • In the “Logo URL” field, input the direct URL of your logo.
  • You can also change the Headline Font, Body and Link colors e.t.c by customizing the corresponding fields.

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 Custom Newsletters

With great content and design you can easily increase your blog subscription rate.

1. Content: Content is the primary factor you need to consider before compiling your killer Newsletter.

  • If you are marketing your online products, you should consider your subscriber demographics to find what they are interested in.
  • Use Catchy and interesting Headlines to increase reader’s engagement.
  • Don’t forget to Proofread to avoid Grammatical mistakes which might ruin your reputation and makes your readers regard you as a amateur.

2.Design: Design plays an invariable role in luring your subscribers into your blog and also brand your feeds.

  • Use a simple and elegant design and avoid embedding excessive images.
  • Using Too Many images can render your e-mail longer to load as well as many popular email providers disable images by default.
  • If you have no idea how to design using HTML, you can Google ‘Free HTML newsletter templates’ to find an ocean of template to download from.
  • A regular font is always preferred and avoid making the newsletter bulky, which is a major turn off because of increased load time.
  • You could include different sections and categories to help readers interested in specific category.
  • Always compose interesting headings in the newsletter. Let the headings alone explain what it is regarding in a nutshell.
  • Newsletter frequency is the factor most of us overlook. Business newsletter frequency shouldn’t exceed a few per week to avoid landing up in Spam Boxes of your clients.

Email and Internet Security [Simple Guide]

A computer user has to be aware of the incredible dangers lurking on the internet. Here are the two computer viruses causing the most damage in the digital land. Included are suggestions on how to deal with them in the most efficient way.

Downloader.Agent.Family – 26% of coverage

General Description

Trojans are programs that include in their code hidden features – harmful to the user’s computer system.

Principle of Operation

Trojans from group are self installing on your computer, in addition they download other Trojans or malicious files from the Internet on to your system, as well. Most Trojans run every time Windows starts using the system registry entries.

Email and Internet Security

Sample key:

HKLM SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Run

Trojan files can be placed into folders
Because of variety and different types, the list does not cover all possibilities, but her are the most common:

C: Windows

C: Windows system32

C: Windows Temp

Recommended Action

Immediate removal of the file before Trojan downloads and installs other Trojans. BitDefender software is right now the most effective tool in dealing with internet security threats.

Family Worm.Autorun – 23% of coverage

It uses worms to spread widely using a mechanism for Windows AutoPlay Media. Infected media (especially USB drives) contain specially crafted file autorun.inf which is responsible for automatically running specified applications when you connect the drive to your computer.

Here is a sample autorun.inf file used by the worm:


open = f7g.exe

shell open Command = f7g.exe

In this example, the system automatically starts the worm file named f7g.exe located in the root directory of the connected media.

Infection of the computer system in most cases is through stored copies of the file autorun.inf and a copy of the worm files in the main directory of all drives available in the system.

Additional mechanisms used by the worm

Depending on the version of the worm, it also activates a mechanism for hiding the fact that the system is infected in the first place. Some variants also create auxiliary processes in the computer system, whose task is to prevent a simple end of the worm’s execution code, even to remove the worm files from the disk. For this purpose, the processes are created with names similar to the names of system processes, such as:

C: WINDOWS svchost.exe

C: WINDOWS services.exe

C: WINDOWS servets.exe


Most of the worms variations from worm.autorun are also capable of downloading recent versions of the infecting scripts.

The functions performed by the worm

The most common function is effected by a mass mailing worm, mail (spam). The infected system becomes a part of a botnet-u used for directing spam to selected target groups.

Recommended Action

Mailwasher is by far a leading software tool of any anti spam programs, most efficiently dealing with spam and email threats, by processing your mail on the remote exchange server, before allowing the messages to be loaded on your computer system or network.

How A Hacker Can Actually Reach Your Place

An information from scratch can be used to gather certain information that can be really astonishing. Here in this post I will show you how a person can reach your place if  he/she has your IP address or domain name. Here I will demonstrate using a spam email which deliberately flooded my inbox  from a particular sender and show you how we can reach his house. So lets start….

Disclaimer: This post is actually to aware people about there online privacy rather misuse this trick.

Information Gathering :

  • From the email I got the “Domain Name” and name of the person and used it do the whois. As you all can see I got the address, phone no, fax etc from the image below. You can also use the IP address from the email header to obtain the information.

Whois of the domain name

  • Then I opened Google Maps to find the street view of the above obtained address. As you all can see I reached the street of the person and the desired place is approximately near to it.

Google map image

  • I will show you what more info I got, I used his name,city and country to find info about his family from here as shown below.

  • Then using his name and location in Google search I found his MySpace account as shown below and got to see his face.

Google search result


#1 – One should always use “Tor” like anonymous tools while browsing and especially using email accounts.

#2 – Keep the information of your Domain name set to private.

#3 – Keep the information on your Social Networking sites set to private.

#4 – Take care while sharing your Phone no or Fax no with any stranger or unknown website.

This guest article is written by Satyajit Das, Author and Owner of SecurityHunk. He is a 23 years old ethical hacking enthusiast and a part time blogger. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

Explode Your E-Mail List With Pre-Filled Subscription Form

Email ListYou all probably know that it’s important to build a list (of e-mails that is). Well, I’ve had an interesting idea.

Every time you leave a comment on some blog – you might notice that when you return – the “E-mail” filed is pre-filled for you (your name too). What if it was possible to take that information and use it in your “Subscribe” box.

I’ve started digging WordPress internals and found out how to do it, implemented it on my own blog and now I present it to you. Exploding your email list with pre-filled subscription form is one of the best ways to increase your subscribers base, especially subscribers based on email alone.

Before implementing this tutorial it is recommended to take a backup of blog files, though it is not highly necessary, but still nothing wrong in doing it. Below you can see the simple tutorial to exploding!

Continue reading Explode Your E-Mail List With Pre-Filled Subscription Form

Get Through Your Email Faster – Gmail Priority Inbox

Yes, now you can get through your email faster than ever. Priority Inbox, a new feature from Gmail, automatically identifies your important email and separates it out from everything else, so you can focus on what really matters.

In order to predict which messages are important to you, Gmail uses some of the same technology that it uses to weed spam out of your Inbox.

If it incorrectly predicts which messages are important you can help train it with the importance buttons just like you can help Gmail’s spam filter by using the Report as spam button. (via Gmail Help)

Does this new feature help you to save your time? Do share them as comments below!

8 Real Reasons To Subscribe To Our Blog

Well, read the title. Read? Read it once again. 8 Real Reasons To Subscribe To Our Blog. This is Our Blog. So I should not force you guys to subscribe. I admit, My Blog lacks RSS Subscribers. Many people suggested me some tips and also some tricks to increase them. But they didn’t matter me much. So I thought of making an announcement post. Some reasons mentioned here are common for all the blogs.

Thinking for SubscribingReason No.1 : You can get quick updates by RSS, even before regular blog visitors do and you never need to check the blog for updates again.

Reason No.2 : You don’t need to worry about SPAM, if you use an RSS reader like Google Reader or Bloglines and your email address will never be shared with anyone.

Reason No.3 : Sooner or later, I will conduct contests and giveaways on this blog. You can be the first to know about it in seconds. Possibility of introducing Interviews category is also there.

Reason No.4 : If you don’t want to be a part of my blog, you can easily unsubscribe.

Reason No.5 : You won’t be overloaded with articles. I publish one article per 2 or 3 days only.

Reason No.6 : You will be contributing to this blog. Don’t forget, subscribing is one of the decent way for contributing your favorite, well it depends, blog.

Reason No.7 : You will help me to earn some bucks. Most of the advertisers will approach a blog after seeing their RSS subscribers only.

Reason No. 8 : I don’t want my stats to scare away my readers. So… 😆

In a nutshell, it is largely a matter of interest. To subscribe or unsubscribe, it is up to the readers’s interest. Once again thanks for being a part of this blog. Happy that I got a blog and few readers to learn and share knowledge. Kudos to all my lovely readers!

Create Safe & Secure Email Address For Your Children

Most of the parents are worried about the negative side of Internet i.e., the Dark side. Children can get addicted to anything. So it is better to keep an eye on them, until they are old enough to understand the atmosphere. Most parents focus on safe browsing. Of course, E-mail plays an important role in it.

That’s why I prefer parents to check, a Web-based mail service mainly designed for children. It is easy to get a mail address here and offers better controls than any other Mail service such as AOL or Microsoft. It does not need any other extra software.

Use the Tour or Tutorial section of that service for additional help.

What Zoobuh does for your children?

They will receive mail only from users or persons in the approved contact list.

They can send mail only to those same approved users or persons.

Note : Zoobuh allows parents to change these settings.

Parents can get copies of incoming or outgoing messages, they can customize that mail and after that send to their children. i.e., they can remove any unwanted images, links and other attachments.

Parents can add unwanted bad words in the filter box for avoiding or blocking those words in mail.


Cool Features :

The Mail QueueTM

Zoobuh has a feature called The Mail QueueTM which allowsparents to put all incoming mail into a folder only you can see. Email inside it will not be visible to the child until you approve it. Messages can also be deleted and denied from it.

Activity Logs

You can even find when your child logged in and logged out.

Custom Mailbox Folders

You children can have unlimited folders to have their mails. It has descriptions attached to store saved mails.

Block Individual Senders

You can block individual senders by putting them into a separate list.

Time Restrictions

You can restrict time limits for your children. You can lock this if they are not school, doing homework, or at a friend’s house.

Zoobuh is not free, but it is indeed inexpensive. It offers you a free 30-day trial and after that service charge is just $1 (Rs.50 approx) per month for each account.

I know price is not an issue of matter for the protection of your children.