The True Impact Of Social Media In SEO

Social Media and SEOWith the increasing use of social networking is a strategy that acknowledges the information movement greatly, the search engine optimization. The characteristics of social networks are very tempting for people who are dedicated to SEO and focus all efforts to achieve better SEO. On the one hand, have the advantage of being very low-cost compared to other advertising campaigns, especially offline.

Although being present in social networks has the characteristic of requiring large and sustained efforts. The Social Media SEO as it can be deduced, is positioning optimization for search engines (Google, Yahoo!, etc..) using the profiles created on social networks. These networks are a source of very succulent public content (i.e., more than 800 million people with a profile on Facebook).

At this point we should consider five factors:

1. Reduced time

Participation in social networks is probably one of the most important aspects in developing, as it can be effective in a very short space of time.

2. Niche

It is essential to a place in the niche to which we belong. With this, we will not only recognized by our customers and potential leads, but will greatly improve our SEO.

3. Do natural

It is necessary to stop thinking for a time SEO and focus on responding to the other members of our social networks , ie maintaining a fluid contact with them and let them know we’re there to provide valuable material to the community. If not, we will quickly labeled as spammers.

4. Share valuable content

Exchange valuable material for the community and quality content. A better SEO will be preceded by these actions, generating value for our fans. Not only improve our web positioning, but can significantly improve our sales to increase click through rates and conversion rates of visitors to customers.

5. Social networks and search engines

Its members began to search for references to a product or service through their social networks, instead of searching Google, Yahoo! or Bing. Thus, the online reputation play an important role in our optimization.

As to what measures the key SEO Social Networking attend:


  • Profile name: In the same way that a URL is the first thing a search engine that tracks the name of the profile or fan page also affects that. It is highly recommended to acquire the Vanity URL , which is the identification name of the page (only available from 25 fans) and with which we can save the identification number that serves little purpose.


    1. Change Facebook Fanpage Vanity URL In Just 6 Steps
    2. HOW TO: Change The Facebook Fan Page Name

  • Description: The Information/About page of Facebook is what Google gives priority and therefore we must pay attention to what we put in that little space, which is probably what appears next to the title in the search.
  • Category: In the case of Fan pages, categories are also indexed.
  • Fans: Provide content and facilitate interactions among fans of the page reinforces the number of links that are generated.

Google Plus

  • Traffic generation: Increase in visitor numbers and increased average number of new visitors (visitors who enter for the first time to our website).
  • Technical enrichment domain authority : Get links from popular social networks like Facebook or Google Plus benefit the ranking of yours pages.
  • Direct contact with the user (or the neighbor’s neighbor): Now the user is more than just a number in Google Analytics. The user has features that we know about him. We can communicate, even with him directly.


  • Channel Name: Like Facebook, the URL can also be customized, in this case from the same registration process of the channel.
  • Video Title: This is the key determinant of a video indexing in search engines, especially Google, because the browser is the owner of the video platform.
  • Description: This is one of the points that go unnoticed when you upload a video on YouTube, but it is another opportunity to introduce content that is relevant external URLs that we want to position.
  • Tags: In connection with the description, you should select the tags (labels) for which we appear, both in the internal search YouTube, such as external Web browsers.
  • Playlists: The volume and the title and tags of videos in playlists also strengthen the position of a video or channel.


  • Description: The content posted on this social network is well regarded by search engines, so you have to pay attention to what we wrote in the descriptions of business. In personal cases, it is best to update your profile and keep in mind that the last job is shown to appear in search results.
  • Attachment: You can enter a company web and geolocation Google Maps, which obviously helps.


  • Name: We refer to the log name of the account, which is usually not the same as the user.
  • User: The name or nickname that we believe and will appear in the URL after
  • Bio: Although this information does not seem to be taken into account by search engines, if that helps users not being able to know us a better idea of who we are.

Other networks and free online services like SlideShare, Foursquare, etc among others, strengthen our online presence and allow content to weave a network of public outreach own.

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  1. really good post…
    we need transparency in SEO practices that we can achieve through social media iin SEO…!!

  2. Youtube, if used efficiently will fetch excellent traffic and increases the SERP 🙂
    Also, it will be very easy to rank well in top pages of google list 🙂

  3. A lot have been changed in SEO practices after the Social Media. actually it has become more transparent.

  4. Social media plays an important role to interact with the community people and can get high traffic into it. So, it should be needed.

  5. You mentioned very well how Social media sites works for us and no doubt in that from the point of SEO Social Media sites are life line in seo works.

  6. Social media is everywhere these days. Can't run away… if you want to do well online, you have to be active in social media. That's life. hehe… 🙂

  7. Social networking sites have had a huge impact on SEO.They have really helped new bloggers to promote and share their blogs.

  8. The problem is that we can spend a lot time in social networks and some people even can be addicted and lose focus. One should spend only a limited amount of time per day in social networks and be as effective as possible during that time, which means prioritization becomes very important.


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