4 Basic Tips To Get Indexed On First Page Of Search Engines

I was doing some research on how to get indexed on first page of search engine, after spending hours I found few key things which is required to be on first page in Google search engine.

1 – Unique Content

2 – Back links

3 – SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

4 – Patience

I am not considering Google Page Rank as an attribute because my key factor is generic and they apply for all search engines. Let’s discuss them one by one.

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1 – Unique Content

All major search engines have policy that they give preference to unique content and it is very fair policy. Suppose today you have written a unique article about ‘Google Search Engine’ after spending 5-8 hours on it and published it and it is coming on first page of all search engines. After two days you notice that your article is not on front page for the same keyword but there are other 10 blogger’s articles which have copied your content. How you feel at that time?

You will feel like, it is the end of the life for you. You will feel cheated. To reduce these cases all search engines give preferences to Unique Content.

If you don’t believe on my words then you can try it yourself. Write an article on a topic with Unique Information (i.e. any latest breaking News) and published it and you will notice that your article is coming on first page.


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2 – Back links

In my early days of blogging I was not agree with concept of back linking, then I tried to find out the reason behind back linking concept.

“Back linking is a kind of recommendation or authority that this particular blog is worth to visit”.

Let me explain you – When a new product comes into market how you decide whether you should buy it or not? You try to find review about it or you take advice from your friend/neighbor who has already used it or you read the product advertisement details.

Same thing happen when some blog/website adds your blog URL into his/her post/blog. The blog who is giving you a back link is telling to their visitor that I am following this blog and I found it useful for my readers so I am mentioning it here. This is the hidden message behind the back link.

You can buy back link, there are lots of people who can do it for you for few bucks but my preference is you should do it yourself. Contact to other bloggers in your niche, share your blog article with them ask them to publish your post as guest blogger on their blog, this way you will get Quality back link. 10 Quality back links are much better than 100 bad/poor back link.

3 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a very vast topic to discuss, so here I’ll just describe its value and its need. How search engine will know that what is important in your article? I am asking this question because there is no human being who access your article and read it and finally tell the search engine that this article is about ‘X’ topic and it contains ‘XYZ’ information.

Search Engine is a computer program and when you tell a search engine that you have published a new article and request to index in search engine database then Search engine crawl your page.

As I have already mention that Search Engine is a computer program and every program have some predefined logic to evaluate the things. This predefined logic help crawler to decide what is important in your article.

i.e. One logic is – All the values which are mentioned in ‘Bold’ in your page are important.

Another logic is – ‘Alt’ attribute of image included in your article is important.

Crawler catches this information and decides how valuable your article is. Now you have got the importance of SEO.

4 – Patience

All the above three points require some time to show you results. Creating one article with unique content and with all SEO techniques in it is not enough to make your blog a successful blog. It’s an ongoing process.

Creating unique content and making quality back link is an art and you will become perfect in it with the time and experience. More you follow these more you learn about it. That’s why I am saying that one should have patience in achieving results in blogging.

You must provide unique Content to your reader so that they will come again and again to visit your blog.

If you think logically about all the points, you will notice that all the four points are interlinked with each other.

In the above image I have not shown ‘Patience’ as it is not an activity. It’s an attribute which is associated with each activity.

This article is written by Sandeep Kumar. He is the Co-Founder of First Destination. He has passion about blogging and loves to share his knowledge with others using blog. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

39 thoughts on “4 Basic Tips To Get Indexed On First Page Of Search Engines”

  1. I agree with you sandeep as being a developer and SE Optimiser i have tried it my self and found it really very helpful.

  2. well written ! i have no patience 🙁
    i have seen some blogs getting high alexa ranking just after a couple of months! how is that?

  3. This is very interesting article with Great information and it is also very well written. These tips are very helpful to me.Thank you for the tips.

  4. Hi Sandeep,

    Really great article. How to build backlinks? I know 2 ways : 1. Guest Blogging and second is I am using now, yes commenting on popular blos like this one.

    Would you like to suggest any other way?

    • Thanks Avadhut for dropping your notes.

      Well backlinking is an art which you learn as you explore it.
      Few popular method of getting backlinks are

      1- Guest Blog
      2- Commenting on others blog.
      3- Submit your blog to directories available on internet (i.e. Technorati, DMoz)
      4- Participate in webmaster forums and post
      5- Yahoo answers
      6- Yahoo groups
      7- Google Groups etc

      • Hi S.Pradeep Kumar,

        I'm in Career Counseling, personal branding, job hunt strategies and using social media marketing for careers.

        How do you think I can go for the things that you mentioned?

  5. Patience is a great thing as it requires a lot to propagate the site thnx for the information

  6. Great share Sandeep

    Very nicely explained the 4 important tips to get indexed on the first page of Google.

    Truly said Unique content plays an important role in terms of ranking, I even like your hidden message behind backlink

  7. Great article, Sandeep. Backlinks are one of the most important elements to bring a blog post or a blog to the top of the search engine result.

  8. I think there is no guaranty for first page. Top three reasons are essential of a post. And top two are most essential.

    • Hi Madhav,
      There is 100% guranty of first page if you are following all the steps carefully.
      I have observed it in my case.
      As the time passing my blog ranking is improving.

  9. People do underestimate the value of unique content. Its sometimes better to spend a lot of time searching for a unique content enabling topic than spending so much time writing about the same things that have been said again and again elsewhere! It is possible to identify unique content topics – one just needs to put more efforts in that direction.

    • you are absolutely right Raj…
      Fresh, unique and useful content is the key to achieve success and rest will come with it automatically.

  10. Nice points you have put forward, Sandeep…

    I have been following these since I started (serious) blogging and this has been fruitful… Patience is surely the key to get all the 3 points working for a newbie blogger 🙂

  11. Good points. I think "Patience" needs to be promoted to be the first requirement. Writing good original content on regular basis will only help. One good post will not help a site. It has to be a chain of good posts. And this would need patience. Moreover, many a time, even after writing good content and doing all other nice things (SEO?), the Search engines may not be satisfied with your work. But, if you keep writing good content regularly, have patience (including consistency), sooner rather than later, the search engines would oblige. Rome cannot be built in a day.

  12. Unique content is very important for getting first on search engine ranking, On page seo is also a key factor. Awesome article dude

  13. Good points, It all about unique article, few backlinks and some on page optimization which helps your article to rank high in search engines.

  14. Nice article Sandeep ! All the points are absolutely important and valid, but getting fresh content on a regular basis is the biggest challenge, at least for me.

    • Thanks for dropping notes Eapen….
      I am planning to write about "Source for fresh content". Thanks foe giving idea for my next article.


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