Why You Need To Be Careful While Going For Cheap SEO Services

Everyone who tries to establish his/her career in blogging or is already into this field, must know the importance of SEO. It’s not just a term but performance of your blog highly depends on it. Being in the industry from quite some time now, with lots of different experiments and case studies I got to know about many facts which are proven. It is very important if you are working on SEO of your blog or website.

However the title says a bit different but I will tell you few key points for a successful SEO campaign before coming to my main point.

Points to Consider While Carrying Out Your SEO Plan

  • #1. Google doesn’t consider Meta Keywords anymore, they said it before itself. So don’t waste your time in adding meta keywords. It will only tell your competitors about your targeted keywords.
  • #2. On Page SEO is important but hyper linking 1 keyword so many times in content body won’t do any good, using it once in entire page is enough.
  • #3. Keyword Density is important but it should be natural. Stuffing keywords just for sake of keyword density will harm your site so don’t go for it blindly. 1% keyword density is enough to tell Google about the keyword you are targeting.

There are some more points for On Page SEO, but you might have already been aware of that so I didn’t repeat here.

Off Page SEO Techniques Which Works like Charm

I have handled at least 500+ SEO Projects and successfully completed them. With my experience I found a few things that I would like to share with you all.

  • #1. First of all everything which you do manually and at the right time, will never harm your site in any way. So the first and most important point, don’t ever go for automation it may not harm your site at once but eventually your site may suffer in the long run, so why taking unnecessary risk.
  • #2. Article Submission was the one of the most effective SEO Techniques before Google Panda hit the content farms last year, I achieved handsome ranking with it. If you pay a close look at its price tag it is still very useful but not as effective as it was before.
  • #3. You will see some attractive terms like Link Wheel, Article Prism, Link Tunnel etc, these names are given by SEO Firms to attract customers, they are nothing more than SEO Services. It doesn’t mean that these services won’t work but see what they are offering exactly. A Link Wheel is made of Unique Web 2.0 properties, interlinking your articles, with a similar URL of your targeted keyword, there is no point why it will not work and harm your site. It will work for sure until you post copied content, spun content, or make it with software etc. For me Links Wheel are very effective, I use it often for my sites time to time.
  • #4. Now a day’s everyone is focusing on Guest posting, let me tell you one thing, its gem in field of SEO, you are getting backlink from a Authority Blog which is not made for just link building (unlike Article Directories). Links from such sites are worth more than 100 or may be 1000’s of links. However few bloggers turned their blogs into content farms only as they don’t know how to write posts and they want to earn money from blogging so they open their blogs for all guest posts, no matter what’s the quality of post and provide backlinks, so choose blogs wisely for doing guest posts as well.

Things You Should Avoid During Link Building Service

I was informing from the very beginning that do not go for any automation and here is an example what happened with automation and preferring quantity over quality. This is my hands on experience that I would like to share.

Few days ago, I was just checking Warrior Forum (Warrior for Hire Section), found a good looking thread which was promising 1000’s of do-follow, wiki links, .edu backlinks, do follow blog posts and many more mouth watering offers for almost nothing. Package was starting from $20 and maximum of $50-60.

Seller was also providing review copies at discounted price, when I requested one, he was willing to provide me, he asked for 3 keywords and URLs for the review copy work.

As I never trust such services I decided to give him one of my dead site so even if it will harm I won’t be in much pain.

Due to my misfortune, I got busy somewhere and when I checked the PM, I sent URL and Keywords of one of my well performing site which was doing quite well and giving me decent revenue which was growing month by month.

As it was a review copy, sales person did not bother providing me updates and after 1 week when I asked

“Hey man!! I ordered a review copy, where it is?”

He replied,

I am sorry we were busy and we will do the work now.

I said ok.

After 2 days, I received a report and when I opened it, it had more than expected links. It had about 400 Wiki Posts, 200 mixed wiki posts, about 250 do follow blog posts, 10 .edu posts and about 250 social bookmarking site posts. All sites had all 3 of my keywords hyperlinked properly. I was quite astonished as for that many links we would have charged $1000 and I got that all for free.

Story Changed after 2 days

My site was ranking #2 for a main keyword on Google but suddenly I found a HUGE drop in ranking of all my keywords (not only the three I ordered but all the keywords). My main keyword was now ranking #23 which was ranking #2 before. I am attaching 2 screenshots of my site ranking before the work done and after the work done.

Before Work
Before the SEO Job Stared

The Result of Buying Automated Cheap Links

After Work
After SEO Job Done

I am sure you can see the results, my site was penalized by Google for the crap links and it has proved once again, it is Quality what Google is looking for. If you go for Quantity over Quality you will be in trouble sooner or later.

My Reaction After This Incident

I was so frustrated but I controlled my frustration, I emailed the seller to see the result of his Crap Links and requested him to remove these links for me. I also said, I have more than enough SEO Staffs, if you can even provide me the login details for the accounts I will ask them to remove the links.

I found Wiki Links can be edited by anyone so I asked my staff to leave all important works and delete all the so called crap do-follow wiki pages. It was around 800 pages and took 2 of my employees to remove those pages in 6 hours. As Pages on social sites and blog networks need login we could not remove them from our end.

I again emailed the seller and informed that we have removed all those pages you only need to remove the blog posts or you can provide login for that, we will do that as well. He told me some story and said he will get it done in couple of days, but did not remove a single link. I again asked for update and he said it will be done by Tuesday and again after 2 days not even a single link was removed. I am helpless as I don’t have login for those accounts and they don’t bother to do anything.

Lesson I learnt : Don’t just go after things that may seem lesser in price because they may leave you broken in the end. If an iPhone is available for the price of $10, you are not lucky, you’re being fooled.

In the end, I would like to say only one thing, if you think someone is offering something which is not possible with the manual work, don’t go for it. Automation will never take you on top. It can only harm you in future.

4 SEO Techniques That Works After Google Panda

SEO and Google PandaAfter introduction of Google Panda the whole algorithm of Google Indexing system changed. Now the top rankings cannot be achieved by using all the earlier techniques. So you need to work with only some techniques that still works. Remember that traffic from search engines is very important because each and every person searches his need using the search engines and Google is one of the top search engines. So SEO of your blog is very important because only then you will get the good rankings in the search results. But if you don’t optimize your blog then your links will get bad rankings and then we all know that no one will go to the 9th or 10th page of the search results to fulfill his need. So here I would reflect those techniques that works After Panda..

1. Originality and Uniqueness in Writing

If you are having original content on your blog then you are going to be indexed by google with better rankings and if you have unique contents than you are going to get the top ranking for sure. But let me tell here that the blogs with duplicate contents will not get good rankings in the search results.

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2. Moderately Use Keywords

While naming your articles or setting the links you should always remember to use those keywords which are mostly typed by people in the search engines because only then they will get the link to your blog. But while doing this you should remember that there is always competition in selecting keywords between many blogs. Hence you should use those only keywords that are moderately used because then there will be less competition with those keywords.

3. Submitting to Search Engines

While submitting your blog links to search sites or directories remember two things. First you should submit your blog links only to good directories like DMOZ, Google, etc and the second thing is that your bog posts should not contain any low quality links. You can check this article – HOW TO: Get Listed on DMOZ.

Remember that Few low quality links can effect the whole blog.

4. PR backlinks from Top Ranking sites.

To get good ranking in Google search results you can try this. You can start guest blogging to get backlinks to your bog. To get backlinks you just need to add a link of your blog to the guest article. This will help you in getting good rankings as your links are now coming from a blog which ranks high in the search results. By this method you are going to get huge traffic as well. To write for HellBound Bloggers (HBB) kindly check this.

Try out these techniques and after a short span of time you will see that your blog links are ranking high in the search results.

Do share with us if you know some better techniques to achieve better ranking in search results..

This article has been written by Avi Jit. He owns SkyHiTBloG -a blog that talks about blogging and technology in a unique way. If you want to write for us, kindly check this.

4 Basic Tips To Get Indexed On First Page Of Search Engines

I was doing some research on how to get indexed on first page of search engine, after spending hours I found few key things which is required to be on first page in Google search engine.

1 – Unique Content

2 – Back links

3 – SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

4 – Patience

I am not considering Google Page Rank as an attribute because my key factor is generic and they apply for all search engines. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Google First Page, Tips To Get Index on first Page of Search Engines, SEO Tips

1 – Unique Content

All major search engines have policy that they give preference to unique content and it is very fair policy. Suppose today you have written a unique article about ‘Google Search Engine’ after spending 5-8 hours on it and published it and it is coming on first page of all search engines. After two days you notice that your article is not on front page for the same keyword but there are other 10 blogger’s articles which have copied your content. How you feel at that time?

You will feel like, it is the end of the life for you. You will feel cheated. To reduce these cases all search engines give preferences to Unique Content.

If you don’t believe on my words then you can try it yourself. Write an article on a topic with Unique Information (i.e. any latest breaking News) and published it and you will notice that your article is coming on first page.


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  • 5 Useful Tips To Create Unique and Authoritative Blog

2 – Back links

In my early days of blogging I was not agree with concept of back linking, then I tried to find out the reason behind back linking concept.

“Back linking is a kind of recommendation or authority that this particular blog is worth to visit”.

Let me explain you – When a new product comes into market how you decide whether you should buy it or not? You try to find review about it or you take advice from your friend/neighbor who has already used it or you read the product advertisement details.

Same thing happen when some blog/website adds your blog URL into his/her post/blog. The blog who is giving you a back link is telling to their visitor that I am following this blog and I found it useful for my readers so I am mentioning it here. This is the hidden message behind the back link.

You can buy back link, there are lots of people who can do it for you for few bucks but my preference is you should do it yourself. Contact to other bloggers in your niche, share your blog article with them ask them to publish your post as guest blogger on their blog, this way you will get Quality back link. 10 Quality back links are much better than 100 bad/poor back link.

3 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a very vast topic to discuss, so here I’ll just describe its value and its need. How search engine will know that what is important in your article? I am asking this question because there is no human being who access your article and read it and finally tell the search engine that this article is about ‘X’ topic and it contains ‘XYZ’ information.

Search Engine is a computer program and when you tell a search engine that you have published a new article and request to index in search engine database then Search engine crawl your page.

As I have already mention that Search Engine is a computer program and every program have some predefined logic to evaluate the things. This predefined logic help crawler to decide what is important in your article.

i.e. One logic is – All the values which are mentioned in ‘Bold’ in your page are important.

Another logic is – ‘Alt’ attribute of image included in your article is important.

Crawler catches this information and decides how valuable your article is. Now you have got the importance of SEO.

4 – Patience

All the above three points require some time to show you results. Creating one article with unique content and with all SEO techniques in it is not enough to make your blog a successful blog. It’s an ongoing process.

Creating unique content and making quality back link is an art and you will become perfect in it with the time and experience. More you follow these more you learn about it. That’s why I am saying that one should have patience in achieving results in blogging.

You must provide unique Content to your reader so that they will come again and again to visit your blog.

If you think logically about all the points, you will notice that all the four points are interlinked with each other.

In the above image I have not shown ‘Patience’ as it is not an activity. It’s an attribute which is associated with each activity.

This article is written by Sandeep Kumar. He is the Co-Founder of First Destination. He has passion about blogging and loves to share his knowledge with others using blog. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

3 Best On Page Optimization Tips For Your SEO Success

On Page SEOThe process of search engine optimization works perfectly well only when you combine the on page and off page optimization process together. This makes is quite clear-cut that your SEO campaign will not work well, if you’ll neglect any of these optimization techniques.

You can imagine it with the help of a baker’s example. It is true that a baker will need to advertise its bakery for doing better business, but the first and foremost thing that he’ll have to do is to bake delicious cakes by adding the most liked and asked for ingredients. Similarly, if your site is missing your major keywords, and all that is being searched after in your business niche, there won’t be any benefit of handling the off page part.

Here you have 3 of the best on page optimization tips to help you rank well and do well!

1. Your Domain Name

Haven’t you seen some of the movies bringing in really lots of audience just because of its fascinating name and the names of its popular stars? This works the same for the websites. They get displayed at the topmost positions of the search engine result pages when they include the most sought after terms, or in the SEO appropriate language, they include the keywords in your niche.

It has been found that many small and medium sites have done miraculously well when optimized well and most importantly when their keywords were placed in their domain names. Indeed, in many cases, the sites did so wonderfully well that they left even the most famous sites like Wikipedia and Amazon behind in the SERP positioning. So this makes it pretty important to place your keywords in your domain name.

2. Your Title Tags

Your Title Tags are the next most important things. These are second to be seen things after your domain name. Searchers use your Title Tag to decide whether or not your page is really made for them. And if you add inappropriate words in them, surely your targeted searchers won’t stay on your page for long.

Here are few essential things that you need to consider while working with your Title Tags.

First, keep them short and sweet, the current limit placed by Google on them is 70 characters, but if you can keep them a little lesser, it’ll be better. Second, use pipe (|), arrows (< or >), dash (-), or colon (:) in separating your words. The best among these is a colon as it takes least space. Third, remove out the articles like “a”, “am”, “the”, if possible. Fourth, don’t forget to place your major keywords. Fifth and final, for your home page, pick up the major keywords in your niche whereas for the other pages pick up the ones relevant with the products or services on that particular page, picking up your brand name is also a good way.

3. Meta Description Tags

What does your Meta Description Tags do for you? Straight forwardly, they don’t do much. But you still can’t deny their importance. They may not get you better ranking but can surely bring the most targeted audiences to your site. So, you’ll have to write the most relevant Meta Description for your site. Choose the most appropriate words, don’t forget your major keywords, and be sure to include your brand. It should be written in such a way that it gives the gist of your site to the readers. Though the search engines prefer to have the Meta Description to be in less than 250 characters, it is best to keep it in about 150 to 200 characters. If possible keep them below 200 characters, say up to 180 or 170.

The above mentioned 3 best On Page Optimization tips will help you optimize your site well and be successful in your SEO campaign.

This article is written by Sunny Makkar. He is from SEOCommunity which provides a platform to all Indian SEO Professionals, Webmasters, Bloggers and Internet Marketers.

4 Vital Questions To Ask Before Starting SEO Campaign

SEO CampaignEvery online business holder aims at getting best possible visibility, brightest of the search page ranking, outnumbering traffic, great conversion, all leading to outshining success. And SEO is the mast that every website-ship uses for smooth and fast flow through the ocean of internet and to be seen properly at every port called search engine.

However, the experts believe that even after undergoing all the efficacious search engine optimization methods, sometimes your site lack few vital things that work like hurdles in the path of your online success. And only when you check them out and remove them, your site starts doing well.

Here, you’ve some vital questions to ask before you start up with your SEO campaign.

Question 1. Is your site crawlable?

Answer: Sometimes, you keep moving on with all your SEO practices without checking out whether they are really working or not. First and foremost thing about your site is its crawlability.  If your site cannot be crawled by the search engine spiders, none of your SEO efforts are going to work and there won’t be any success at all.

So, this is first thing you need to do, i.e. you need to check out your site whether it is getting crawled by the search engine spiders or not. There have been several such wonderful sites that couldn’t get enough success even after doing every possible thing for success because they are simply not being crawled. This happens when the architecture or the robo settings of your site is preventing the search engines from crawling it.

Even your blog can be faced with such kind of trouble, especially when you change your content management system. Better you check out your privacy settings; otherwise you’re going to lose out a lot of potential traffic.

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Question 2.  Did you do a really through keyword research?

Answer:  Now, this isn’t a joke that you’re grinning out there. It is indeed a serious thing and you need to focus on it well. Some website owners simply pick up any keyword that they have found to be working well for other sites. So a keyword which has been successful for some other site may or may not be equally useful for you. So, instead of going for a hit and trial method, better you go for a through keyword research.

Again, a certain set of word that worked well about a few years back may or may not have same power at present. Best is to check out how your targeted searchers are searching the internet through the search engines. Do a thorough keyword research and choose your keywords on the basis of that.

Question 3. Are you using your keywords? If yes, how?

Answer: It has been found that some people don’t use their keywords at all whereas some people go for its usage ad nauseam defiling the reputation of their site. Yes, you need to use your keywords in your site content. At least once, if not more than that; best practice is to place your keywords in the headline and in the content.

And if you’re one of those SEOs afflicted with keyword affinity, keep in mind that you’re not supposed to use them more than 2% to 3% of the total text.

Question 4.  Have you ever considered of linking to yourself?

Answer: If you’re thinking that SEO has always been about the back links that you get from other sites, you need to know that internal linking is also a part of SEO. And if you’ve been knowing this and yet been ignorant toward it, you simply need to bid a warm good bye to your ignorance and start linking to yourself. But make sure you don’t distract your readers with your linking strategy.

Linking to yourself has lots of benefits. First of all, search engines like the sites with internal linking as this makes your site quite search engine friendly. Second, you get the link juice from the page well spread to the other pages linked to which the other pages are linked. Third, this will reduce your bounce rate, which is a positive sign toward the success of your site. Fourth, the chances of conversion will increase as the visitors will spend more time on your site. Fifth, if you have some really good content which is related to your present post but was somehow missed out by the visitors, the content will be utilized. Finally, this will make your site look more directed to the readers and not the search engines which will improve your reputation in the eyes of the search engines.

So, simply think of asking these questions to yourself before and consider adding these points to your search engine optimization methods and celebrate the success of your online business.

This article is written by Sunny Makkar. He is from SEOCommunity which provides a platform to all Indian SEO Professionals, Webmasters, Bloggers and Internet Marketers.