Check Out The Bing Magical Holiday Calendar!

Bing has some good holiday news for you. They launched a new Magical Holiday Calendar, which offers eligible visitors a whole December month of free offers, sweepstakes and holidays inspiration. They also offer exciting prizes like trip around the world, free concerts for a year, free cars, ultimate fashion experiences etc.

Bing Magic Calendar

For December, they have created the Bing Magical Holiday Calendar, 31 days, 31 gifts! Bing Magical Calendar offers a wide range of icons arranged by dates. Visit those days and Bing will reveal a new surprise for you. Bing targets the holiday season and offers people good discounts and deals.

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12 thoughts on “Check Out The Bing Magical Holiday Calendar!”

  1. The Bing Magical Calendar requires a Facebook account to enter contest. Why? If I already have numerous accounts with Microsoft/Bing, why do they require a Facebook account.

  2. Its really great news to all the people in the wide. And, its provides a wide range of icons arranged by the dates. Informative post 🙂

  3. Hi,

    What a great way to send greetings to all of friends and i think this is advance gift of X-Mas.

  4. That's great news, and I think bing have to do some exceptional things like this to attract regular visitors.


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