Do You Write For Users Or For Search Engines?

We all know how important it is to optimize our content for search engines, but if you look at latest ...
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5 SEO Mistakes To Be Careful Of

When I first started building websites of my own many moons ago, I read almost everything I could lay my ...
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4 Basic Tips To Get Indexed On First Page Of Search Engines

Google First Page, Tips To Get Index on first Page of Search Engines, SEO Tips
I was doing some research on how to get indexed on first page of search engine, after spending hours I ...
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4 Simple Tips To Optimize Your Blog Post

Heard of SEO optimizing your blog post? I am pretty sure you had unless you are like my grand-aunt who ...
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6 Tricks To Get Your New Domain Indexed Fast In Search Engines

Indexed Fast in search engines
It’s very common for new bloggers or website owners, they report that search engines e.g Google is not indexing their ...
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20+ Tips To Optimize Images For Better Search Engine Rankings

If you optimize a JPEG image, it can go from from 1.4MB to 10KB. By optimizing the images you can ...
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Submit Your Blog To Popular Search Engines

Don’t wait for the Search engines to search your website/blog. Submit your URL to search engines before they do it ...
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