Top 5 Android Apps For Job Seekers

As the saying goes, do not trust on three W’s Work, Weather and Women. The saying is pretty popular in UK and some European countries. Today’s topic revolves around first W which is Work, we shall talk about other two W’s some other time.

World population is increasing at a steady pace and more graduates are pumped into job market every year and this has made it extremely competitive to get jobs. Even if you are book smart, you need to be street smart and creative enough to stand out of crowd, have excellent communication and interpersonal skills to be considered. Today, we have compiled a list of Android apps, which if used wisely can help you secure your dream job.

1. Twitter

Twitter App for RecruitmentYou might be thinking, WHAT? well, let me explain. This feature revolves around creative ways of finding jobs and Twitter can definitely be used in a creative way to find work. The idea goes like this. Setup your Twitter account, fill all the relevant details in the background image and bio section. Once all setup, start tweeting topics of your interest, be sure you don’t post anything which can be held against you when you start to market yourself for jobs. Once you have built a good bit of follower ship, start following companies of your interest.

A lot of companies which recruit in specialised categories, such as Marketing Ecommerce Recruitment post new vacancies on Twitter and other Social Media channels. Look out for such updates, set alerts and once you spot such activity, act smartly and reply to the tweets. You will most likely end up sharing couple of tweets with them and if you are good fit, you will be asked to send your CV and resume. You can also use hashtags to  expand your job search, a good example would be to use hash tags like this #marketingjobs  or #ecommercejobs. Click here to download.

2. LinkedIn

Linkedin Recruitment AppLinkedIn is massively popular social network for professionals across the globe. The company reported 187 million users earlier this September. Company provided further statistics which proves that majority of LinkedIn users are outside USA, so the good chance is LinkedIn users are spread evenly across the globe or at least in English speaking countries. People who have LinkedIn profiles and connect to relevant professionals in their fields, know the significance of LinkedIn. I have been invited for interviews through LinkedIn myself and if it can work for me, it can work for you too, all you need to do is network with right set of people.

What I would suggest is, find the companies you want to work for, then join them and start to look for employees. You can then look at the groups they have joined, if that interest you, you should join them as well and post around, participate in threads started by employees and engage with them.  LinkedIn has a nice android app which can help you with your job search. Download it for free.

3. Linkup

Link Up For WorkThere are so many recruitment agencies and job websites that it has become almost impossible to keep track of all the vacancies. Linkup came with a smart idea and developed an app for android users. It grabs all open vacancies from different job and organisation websites and publish them in a presentable manner. The app is highly productive if you are on the move.

This App was last updated in February 15, 2010 and has 3.8 star rating. The app currently only searches for US based jobs, which is a major drawback. You need to have at least android 1.5 and above for this app to work on your device.

Linkup is 144kb in size and can be downloaded here free of charge.

4. App

Indeed Job is a worldwide Job search engine which works like Google and other search engines. They have very nice and simple interface. Indeed’s strength lies in their in-depth search, all relevant results are pulled out of their database at Godspeed!

This app has competitive edge over linkup as it works for several countries, which is probably why it has been downloaded for more than 5 million times.

If you allow the app to detect your local location, it shall try to find you jobs located nearby making whole process quicker. has done a great job with their app, the amount of positive feedback reflects the quality and usefulness of this product. This app like other apps we have mentioned earlier is free to download.

5. Career Builder

CareerBuilder Android App for JobsThe last app in our list is job search app by Career builder has recognized themselves as one of leading recruitment site. Their most recent version 2.3.1 was released in November 16, 2012. This indicates that company is serious about their app. Some of core features of this app include the following.

  • If you have Careerbuilder account, you can apply directly from the app.
  • Searches nearby jobs.
  • Get job recommendations and save them for later review.
  • Possibility to attach resume from your phone. You can also apply for jobs without logging into your account.

The overall rating of app is 3.6 and requires android v 2.2 and above for successful installation. It has been downloaded for more than 500,000 times. Download it for free here


While these apps are extremely helpful, you might still not be lucky enough to get your dream role very soon. In today’s job market, recruiters see 100s of resumes for each job. In order to stand out make sure you have best possible CV and resume, no spelling or grammar mistakes. Lastly, don’t loose hope if you don’t get the role you want, keep applying rest assured if you are committed to finding work, you will eventually land a job.

This article is written by Raza. He is an Mba in Internet marketing and a computer graduate. He has been writing news worthy articles and reviews on video games and gadgets. You can follow him on twitter @Ahmad Raza. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.

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  1. I recommend Monster job search since it is one of the premier Internet job boards since the early days of the dot-com revolution. This has many exclusive listings not found anywhere else, and it allows job seekers to instantly apply for a job with just a couple of screen taps. Nice post!

  2. The Android market is now filled with exciting mobile applications like LinkedIn apps. It is the largest social networking site for professional networking.

  3. Twitter is a great job search engine that helps to search for jobs using keywords.There are many companies which have corporate position on Twitter and they use this platform to seek employers.Thanks for sharing some amazing Android apps for job search and it was really helpful for me.

  4. Thanks for sharing some great Android apps for job seekers.I have used some of them and they are quite useful.Twitter is a great way to find jobs by following companies that share details about themselves.But still i would not prefer it for searching jobs because it is not that helpful and it requires many efforts.Career Builder is a good app for job search and i can boast about this app because this is very helpful.

  5. Android device is quite popular because they offer wide range of applications. I have installed Twitter and Facebook on my android phone and i don’t need to have PC to access them.

  6. Jobs can be easily found online these days. There are so may applications as well as sites to create a full fledged profile for yourself and include all the necessary details in it. This makes it easier for the employer to contact you if your profile matches their expectations. Linked In is a better option to get a good job according to me.

  7. This is the benefit of today’s era technology which can stand you as per your dream if you will stay well connected with it.


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