ASKME – Connect With Millions Of Businesses Within Your City

Initially when I saw this app’s YouTube advertisement, I was kinda curious and thought about giving a try. I installed it and I loved its UI. Seconds after I used its search option I realised I just installed a life-saver app. It is popularly termed as “The Bapp of all Apps”, why? We’ll see that soon below.

Lets consider this scenario. You are outside with your girlfriend and you want to enjoy the day with her within a budget. What would you obviously do? Make a list of cheap hotels and have lunch/dinner there? That wouldn’t make perfect sense. But thanks to AskMe App, the all-rounder app, you’ll get updated with awesome deals on food outlets and shopping closer to you. This is just one of the features, it has more than enough features to save time and make your life productive.

AskMe Deals

AskMe – Overview

Unlike other classifieds apps, AskMe can connect you with millions of businesses within your city and also provides you deals and tips. Reviews, ratings, photos, tips, deals, offers, discounts, etc., you can find everything here!

Key Features Of AskMe

Below we mentioned the key features of AskMe app, amazing features that’ll help you to save a lot of time.

  • You can search for relevant businesses near your place.
  • Get updated with various deals and discounts from your favorite businesses.
  • Get access to various user reviews, photos and tips about them.
  • You can also create your own business listing.
  • You’ll also have the option to share your favorite listing with your friends via SMS, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Directly call from AskMe app from the listing if they have a phone number.
  • Business listing also includes rating, payment methods and other various miscellaneous features.

AskMe Business Calls

The best thing I loved about AskMe app is that you can directly call from the app. It saves a lot of time, I can simply click and call the required business. Another feature that grabbed my attention is that we can see deals on our favorite business listing and directly buy from there instantly. Yes, all this within the app itself. Interesting isn’t it?

Personally I love user reviews, it helps you to understand something much better. With AskMe app you can read reviews from an active community of locals in your neighborhood and take informed decisions. So you’ll you have a better idea about the business you are going to deal with later. You can interact with the community, clear your doubts and proceed with the listing.

In a nutshell, this is a MUST-HAVE app on your phone. Go ahead and install AskMe App, don’t forget to share your views with us as comments below.

MoboLive – An Innovative Android Launcher with a Twist

Do you know the reason why thousands of users prefer Google Android to Apple iOS? Even though budget of devices and some of other aspects are there, eminent factor that attracts more users into Android is customizability, which is not offered by other platforms. When it comes to Google Android, a result of Open Source endeavours, you can alter almost everything, ranging from ROM to appearance. Since the former requires users to have a bit geeky behavior in them, majority tries to use the power of customization over appearance of their Android Smartphone. If you are also looking forward to do so, we are here with an awesome application for you – MoboLive. In this article, we will give a review of MoboLive. Before we start a detailed review, we will tell you what MoboLive is if you do not know that yet.


What is MoboLive?

Basically, MoboLive is an Android launcher. We hope you know what an Android launcher is! However, MoboLive is a bit different when we compare it with other Android launchers available, and we think the word Android Launcher is not satisfactory to address MoboLive due to its innovativeness and richness in terms of features. In light of our experience, we would say that installing MoboLive in your device would redefine your Android, not only in looks but also in productivity.


Looks & Themes

We would like to conclude that developers of MoboLive believe in power of simplicity! As of our experience with this launcher, MoboLive offers a simple yet effective user interface for all Smartphones. We tested this launcher in Moto G and it was a nice alternative for the default launcher. The launcher boasts a completely customizable home screen and app drawer, which you can add, remove or edit according to your requirement and convenience. By default, the launcher consists of a few icons and widgets in it. For instance, you can see a weather widget in the default screen of your device whereas a few shortcuts to usually accessed applications and other sections of your Smartphone, such as different kinds of settings. Also, there is an option to import icons, folders and home screen layout from the launcher you have used previously.


MoboLive consists of a special store, from where you can download and install themes for MoboLive launcher. In the store, you can find themes from different categories and choose the best one using different filtering methods. Since there are thousands of themes available in its market, MoboLive can assure that you will get favourite home screen for your device. By the way, if you use MoboRobo, a Smartphone management tool from same developer, you can manage MoboLive themes from your PC itself. In addition to these, MoboLive has a number of transition effects in it, which you can apply for both home screens and app drawer. Once you have set up your home screen, you can lock desktop if you would like to prevent accidental damages that may occur to that home screen.
There is another feature in MoboLive called Scene Theme Demo. To access the feature, you have to use two of your fingers to swipe down. Then, you can select the desired theme from the list and tap ‘Apply’ button.



In-built Widgets and Features

Battery Indicator & Manager

As we mentioned earlier, MoboLive consists of a few powerful widgets by default. One of such widgets is the one to manage battery of your Smartphone, which is actually a part of battery booster feature of MoboLive. Well, using this widget, you can see remaining battery life, battery percentage etc of your device. Plus, there is an integrated feature to boost battery by clearing background tasks and restraining other services/apps that cause draining of your battery even while you do nothing.


Using the battery manager, you can have an overview of device battery, set customized or preset modes in order to control battery usage, analyze battery consumption by application and hardware, to detect issues, and optimize your device to get extend battery life to maximum level.

Rich Widgets

As we said, by default MoboLive has a number of useful widgets to offer! These widgets actually make MoboLive a productive launcher rather than a home screen alternative. Widgets include weather widget, RAM booster, etc. Also, there is a memo widget as well, using which you can create memos and paste them in home screen.

Gesture Support

If you do not want to tap that much, MoboLive offers gesture-based controlling of your Smartphone as well. Using its gesture feature, you can set trigger a number of actions for each gesture you perform. For instance, you can set up the device to show you the control panel when you swipe from top to bottom. Likewise, you can create a number of gestures using MoboLive and make Android experience easy.


Bottom Line

According to our experience, MoboLive is the productive at the same time attractive Android launcher each Android user has to check out. Particularly, we loved the richness in terms of transitions, exclusive widgets that make sense, gesture support, feature to import icons and layout etc. Altogether, MoboLive is a do-check android launcher if you like to customize! Download MoboLive and experience the innovative launcher.

For more details:


Top 5 Android Apps For Job Seekers

As the saying goes, do not trust on three W’s Work, Weather and Women. The saying is pretty popular in UK and some European countries. Today’s topic revolves around first W which is Work, we shall talk about other two W’s some other time.

World population is increasing at a steady pace and more graduates are pumped into job market every year and this has made it extremely competitive to get jobs. Even if you are book smart, you need to be street smart and creative enough to stand out of crowd, have excellent communication and interpersonal skills to be considered. Today, we have compiled a list of Android apps, which if used wisely can help you secure your dream job.

1. Twitter

Twitter App for RecruitmentYou might be thinking, WHAT? well, let me explain. This feature revolves around creative ways of finding jobs and Twitter can definitely be used in a creative way to find work. The idea goes like this. Setup your Twitter account, fill all the relevant details in the background image and bio section. Once all setup, start tweeting topics of your interest, be sure you don’t post anything which can be held against you when you start to market yourself for jobs. Once you have built a good bit of follower ship, start following companies of your interest.

A lot of companies which recruit in specialised categories, such as Marketing Ecommerce Recruitment post new vacancies on Twitter and other Social Media channels. Look out for such updates, set alerts and once you spot such activity, act smartly and reply to the tweets. You will most likely end up sharing couple of tweets with them and if you are good fit, you will be asked to send your CV and resume. You can also use hashtags to  expand your job search, a good example would be to use hash tags like this #marketingjobs  or #ecommercejobs. Click here to download.

2. LinkedIn

Linkedin Recruitment AppLinkedIn is massively popular social network for professionals across the globe. The company reported 187 million users earlier this September. Company provided further statistics which proves that majority of LinkedIn users are outside USA, so the good chance is LinkedIn users are spread evenly across the globe or at least in English speaking countries. People who have LinkedIn profiles and connect to relevant professionals in their fields, know the significance of LinkedIn. I have been invited for interviews through LinkedIn myself and if it can work for me, it can work for you too, all you need to do is network with right set of people.

What I would suggest is, find the companies you want to work for, then join them and start to look for employees. You can then look at the groups they have joined, if that interest you, you should join them as well and post around, participate in threads started by employees and engage with them.  LinkedIn has a nice android app which can help you with your job search. Download it for free.

3. Linkup

Link Up For WorkThere are so many recruitment agencies and job websites that it has become almost impossible to keep track of all the vacancies. Linkup came with a smart idea and developed an app for android users. It grabs all open vacancies from different job and organisation websites and publish them in a presentable manner. The app is highly productive if you are on the move.

This App was last updated in February 15, 2010 and has 3.8 star rating. The app currently only searches for US based jobs, which is a major drawback. You need to have at least android 1.5 and above for this app to work on your device.

Linkup is 144kb in size and can be downloaded here free of charge.

4. App

Indeed Job is a worldwide Job search engine which works like Google and other search engines. They have very nice and simple interface. Indeed’s strength lies in their in-depth search, all relevant results are pulled out of their database at Godspeed!

This app has competitive edge over linkup as it works for several countries, which is probably why it has been downloaded for more than 5 million times.

If you allow the app to detect your local location, it shall try to find you jobs located nearby making whole process quicker. has done a great job with their app, the amount of positive feedback reflects the quality and usefulness of this product. This app like other apps we have mentioned earlier is free to download.

5. Career Builder

CareerBuilder Android App for JobsThe last app in our list is job search app by Career builder has recognized themselves as one of leading recruitment site. Their most recent version 2.3.1 was released in November 16, 2012. This indicates that company is serious about their app. Some of core features of this app include the following.

  • If you have Careerbuilder account, you can apply directly from the app.
  • Searches nearby jobs.
  • Get job recommendations and save them for later review.
  • Possibility to attach resume from your phone. You can also apply for jobs without logging into your account.

The overall rating of app is 3.6 and requires android v 2.2 and above for successful installation. It has been downloaded for more than 500,000 times. Download it for free here


While these apps are extremely helpful, you might still not be lucky enough to get your dream role very soon. In today’s job market, recruiters see 100s of resumes for each job. In order to stand out make sure you have best possible CV and resume, no spelling or grammar mistakes. Lastly, don’t loose hope if you don’t get the role you want, keep applying rest assured if you are committed to finding work, you will eventually land a job.

This article is written by Raza. He is an Mba in Internet marketing and a computer graduate. He has been writing news worthy articles and reviews on video games and gadgets. You can follow him on twitter @Ahmad Raza. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.

WordPress Android App For Webmasters [REVIEW]

“Be the first” is one critical success factor for bloggers. It could be hot news, gadget release or maybe a comment which need quick attention. As long as you are in front of a computer, you have no problem. But if you are away, may be on the road. In such a case you could miss a great opportunity to attract millions of visitors to your blog.

Isn’t there any way to keep in touch with blog and administrate it when you are away? Of course you can use mobile browser, but it’s not a perfect solution. When I was stumbling across Google Play Store, I came across with great app which will solve all of the above problems. Using this app you can connect to your WordPress blog and access entire administration features when you are on the move.

Getting Started with WordPress Android App

Before you start using WordPress Android app, you should enable XML-RPC from WordPress dashboard -> Settings -> Writing -> Remote publishing.

wordpress xml rpc

It’s letting Android app to access your blog and publish articles. Make sure you have strong password as well, or else create a strong password. Now you are good to start WordPress Android app.

  • Go to Google Play Store and install WordPress app on your Smartphone.
  • Initial launch will prompt you a licensee agreement. Accept it and proceed.
  • Then it will take you to a window with 3 options. There you can
    – Start a new blog

    – Add blog

    – Add Self hosted WordPress blog.

    Choose appropriate options. In my case I’d go with self hosted blog option.

  • In the next window enter blog URL, username, password and tap Save.

WordPress Android App - HBB

  • It will take you to app dashboard where you can find all the WordPress options.
  • There you can control posts, pages, comments and settings.
  • Its providing you option to publish post right in from your phone with images and videos.
  • When you go to post and page section, you can preview content, share or delete them.

WordPress Android App - Writing Post

  • In comment section you can see latest comment, reply, approve, spam or delete them easily.
  • The best thing about WordPress android app is it’s giving you notification for new comments.
  • To enable that go to preferences and set update interval and type of notification you need.
  • For blogs you can see stats as well.

With upcoming Android 5.0 update, I think this is a very useful app, especially for news blogger. You can update multimedia rich content even when they are in the field. You can keep close eye on your blog and its status. Any blogger would like to give a quick response to commoners. This app is giving comment notification and you can reply to them right in the app. A must try app for all WordPress bloggers and get this app installed in your android phone right away. If you need more engaging apps, you can also check out popular Android forum for this.

Easy Way To Run Android Applications On Windows

Have you ever wondered, how would it feel like to play an Android game on a computer? If you ever wanted to try one, but the only thing that’s stopping you is a good emulator that can let you install and play it on your computer, today’s your lucky day.

BlueStacks is an application, or I must say a player for Windows, which can play Android application on your Windows machine. The installation is very simple and is just like any other Windows application. Just follow the on screen instruction to complete the setup.

BlueStacks comes with 10 preloaded applications comprising of some popular apps and games like Drag Racing, Talking Tom, Pulse, Alchemy, etc. If you are on a touch enabled display it will be more fun but mouse pointers does a decent task as well.

BlueStacks AppDrawer

Though the application runs on full screen, but I would advise you to keep the application in Windows mode. As the Android applications are designed to run on hand-held devices with limited resolution, some of you who have bigger screens, which support high resolution may find a bit of a tearing.

You can change the orientations with the button located at the bottom of the player. There’s is a setting/option button as well in the player so that you can use the application just as it would run on an Android device.

Running Talking Tom

Now, here’s a catch. As there’s no market in BlueStacks, you cannot download and install application directly. If you want to try out any of a non-default application using BlueStacks you must install the application on your Android device first.

You can now use BlueStacks Cloud Connect application to connect to your BlueStacks on your computer using and sync the needed application to the desktop player. Don’t forget to make a free BlueStacks account first.

BlueStacks Cloud Connect

My Verdict

As an Android is necessary to install new application in BlueStacks the application may not be that appealing to people who don’t have one yet. I personally use BlueStacks to play some Android games on PC and also to take screenshots while testing the app.

Don’t forget to share with us, the ideas you have in your mind.

10 Popular and Best Android Applications in India

Android Apps IndiaAndroid stands 3rd place in smart phones OS around the globe because of its cheap and reliability many people are preferring android than other smart phones in India. The main reason of why people are crazy on android mobile is their application database, that has about thousands of useful free applications.

Excluding social media applications like Facebook, Twitter etc., there are many other apps which Indian users are using in their daily life. I compiled a few applications for Android users based on users rating and download. You can also check some useful Android applications for webmasters for productivity.

1. Indian Rail Info app

This app provides exactly what it says. It gives information and allows you to check PNR status, check trains and seat availability, fare enquiry etc., but a major drawback is you cannot book tickets using this app. The app has a massive user base of over 50,000 – 10,000 app downloads and has an average user rating of 4.5 by a normal Indian android users.


Raaga is a pretty popular destination on the web for Indian music lovers. They had come up with a new app for android lovers that bring direct access to their entire music world to your Android phone in over 18 languages. You can create private or public playlists of your own interest and connect with your friends on through thousands of public playlists.

3. Travel buddy

Its a must wanted comprehensive personalized travel kit application that provides users to add notes, photos, create trips and it has
a full database of popular travel spot in India.

4. NDTV on android

This small app brings you all stories, videos from NDTV India, so you can always be updated with current happenings from India, on the move. The things which I like in this apps is, you can also able to become iWitness and report for NDTV.

What is iWitness ?

A good chance to Contribute to NDTV’s coverage on stories that are happenings around you, just record & submit videos or photos directly from your phone, if the news worth publishing they will publish your stories in their blog with credits.

5. Money control

A dedicated app for marketer that has loads of information about Indian finance and global markets. This apps is the no.1 in providing financial and business portal trusted by millions of people. By using this app you can get real time update about stock quote, Indian and global markets indices, get in depth coverage and analysis of business world.

6. Bollywood Ji News & Photos

As the names tell you why this app is so famous around Indian users. Get latest update about Bollywood news, movie reviews, gossips etc.,

7. iMobile

iMobile is the official android apps for one of the biggest private sector banks in  India, ICICI bank. iMobile gives you complete access to your bank account from your mobile phone by granting access to view your account balance, make transactions and pay online bills through your bank account.

8. News Hunt

It allow users to read news about politics, entertainment in their language, on the move. Newspapers includes Dinamalar, sakaal, the New Indian express, Deccan herald etc., It has an option to share your favorite news or articles with your friends in social media sites like twitter, facebook etc., in a click.

9. The Times of India

Get all latest news coverage including photos, videos from India. Reputed Times of India blog has brought this Android app, a mobile optimized news reading experience to Android users with a clean, easy and usable user interface.

10. AG Indian newspapers

This new application gives many choice of news papers published all over in India is available. The nice thing about this app is that it also has news regional newspaper (Hindi,Telugu,Tamil etc.) in addition to English newspapers. This application also has references to useful site in separate tab.

This article is written by Rajesh Selva. He is a blogger and passionate Internet marketer from India. He owns, a site where you can get all information about Indian railways. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

Create Android Apps Without Any Coding Skills

If you are an Android phone user, you must have dabbled with quite a number of applications by now. Did you know you too can create an application like the ones you are using presently? Since I have almost zero knowledge of computer languages, I will be telling you here how you can create an application without any coding skills (having coding skills is always a plus since you can go deep inside the generic code and work out wonders).

First have a basic layout of what your application will have. Text, images, videos, RSS feeds, custom HTML, whatever you plan to have in your application, get it ready before you start working on your application. For my test application, I chose recipes. From the web I copied a few recipes, pictures and videos from YouTube.

The platform that I used to create my application is Buzztouch. V 1.4 is the default version that you get to create your application when you sign-up. If you join the early adopter program, they also give you access to v 1.5, but it is only for iPhone apps.

So v1.4 is where you will need to create your android application. Go to “Create New App”.  Give a name to your application and agree to the terms. Next put in the icon for your app, image for your app and a small introduction text that explains what your app intends to do.

Application Control Panel

Now you come to the most important part – the content of your app. Click on “Manage this apps menus and screens” and you will get an option to add custom text, picture, video from Youtube, streaming video, RSS feeds and many more things. Choose the content on the basis of availability. To see how each form of content looks, I will advise to use as many forms as possible. You can create as many screens as you want.

After you are done, go to your app control panel and click on “Download the source code for this app”. It asks you whether you want the source code for iPhone app or Android app. Choose the latter. Let it download. Copy the zip file to a location of your choice and unzip it in a folder. Delete the zip file.

There is a file called Read Me in this folder. Open it to learn about the next set of instructions.

Now go to and follow all the instructions in the exact sequence as mentioned there – first download Eclipse, next Android SDK, next ADT Plugin for Eclipse, finally add platforms and other components. You may find some hiccups and this may take time if you have a slow connection. Keep trying and you will finally get to it.

Once you are done with all the steps, it’s time to come back to Eclipse that we use to compile your application. Rejoice as you are very close to your application.

Click on the “new” just below “file” in the upper navigation. It will open a “Select a Wizard” pop-up. Click on Android and then Android Project and click Next. It opens a small box called New Android Project that wants you to name your project. Give it some name. Next click on “Create project from existing source” and browse the folder where you have your application files that you unzipped in one of the past steps. Now in “Build Target” check on the following combination:  Google APIs-Google Inc – Platform 1.6 – AP 4. Click on it. Next click on Finish as there is nothing more clickable there.

New Android Project

It will appear in the Package Explorer area of Eclipse. Check that it doesn’t show any error in the console area.

Next click on Run Button on the upper navigation and it opens a small box. Click on Android development there and click Next. It opens an Android simulator. Follow the instructions and lo it opens your application. See how each of your screens turns out.

First Applcation

Next you can go ahead to publish your own application. I have yet to do that. Go to and it will tell you how the rest of the tasks have to be done.

So tell me, was any coding involved in creation of the app? Do tell me how helpful you found this article. Also if you are able to publish your app in the market, share it with others and let others get encouraged.

This guest is written by Aditya. He blogs at Ityaadi. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

HOW TO: Get Daily Deals On Your Android Phone

Who hates Daily Deals? They can make our wallets heavy for a while. Now we are going to share another great Android application that can ping you regarding great offers, deals and discounts. T-Mobile is behind this app.

They launched a free new app for providing users with daily deals. T-Mobile’s More for Me™ is a nationwide aggregation service that offers consumers the best in daily deals. The service is completely free and enables consumers to get the best and timely offers, discounts and deals from some of the biggest names in daily deals tailored to their preferences, location and interests.

More for Me

You can download this Android application for free through the Android Market. You will receive instant updates of deals, discounts and offers on various products including hotels, restaurants, entertainment and so on. The deals are actually provided based on your choices, needs, interests and location.


More for me - Screenshots

[Grab T-Mobile More for Me app via Android Market]

TIP : Never MISS A Free Android App Next Time OR Try Paid Android Apps Before Buying

HOW TO: Try Paid Android Apps Before Buying

Google’s Android Market has tonnes of awesome free applications, and they also have some cool paid apps, for which you need to pay for using, obviously. Now you can check this simple trick to try any paid application without buying.

Google doesn’t offer “Try Before You Buy” scheme for testing/trying paid Android apps like Amazon.

Try Paid Android Apps Without Buying – Refund An Android App

#1 Go to Google’s Android Market and buy any of your favorite premium Android applications for your mobile.

#2 Now install that ‘paid’ app on your Android phone. You have the freedom for testing that app for the next 10 -12 (approx.) minutes for free.

#3 After that quickly go back to the Android Market app on your mobile phone. Under “My Apps,” tap the application name that you are trying to refund.

Now hit the “Refund” button and the app will automatically uninstall from your mobile phone.

#4 The application gets uninstall, it may ask you to specify a reason for removing the app.

Remove App

Best option is to check “I’d rather not say” here and now app amount will be refunded. You will not be charged for trying that app now!

You will get an email from Google saying,

You have uninstalled the application from your phone. We have cancelled your order and you have not been charged.

Things to Remember :

1. You have got only 15 minutes to return that application to the Android Market from the time of download after which the “refund” option will disappear.

2. You can return an application only once. If you try to refund an app and purchase it again, you won’t be able to refund it to the Android Market.

[via Digital Inspiration]

10+ Useful Android Applications For Webmasters

Android AppsThe rule is to be connected to the Internet. Not be connected to the internet is like being sick.  Communicate to people the bad news: “Today, I’m not working, I’m sick!” Or “Today, I can not go out at night, I’m sick.” I’ll die!I was without net! “

In the case of a Webmaster, a programmer, web designer, editor of a blog (me), there are times of day that had no apparent usefulness.

One day we will find that we need breaks, we need to rest, we need to stop the mind from time to time. But until then, while we wait for someone in the car or at the mall, while walking in public transport, we can test the code, access via FTP to our server, test color schemes for a new design in our Android.

Let’s see some applications that can increase our productivity in those moments that have nothing to do. That is, work more…

#1 – AndFTP

The AndFTp is an FTP client/FTP/FTPS allows to connect from Android to a remote server via the protocol specified to perform:

  • Download and upload files
  • Rename, delete and copy files
  • Change permissions on folders and files
  • Create and delete folders

You can configure multiple links to different FTP accounts. The interface is easy to use.

#2 – HTMLEditor

An application for programmers to edit HTML, PHP, ASP, CSS and JS on Android.

#3 – Photoshop

It is the ideal application for editing photos in Android. For example:

  • Crop and rotate an image
  • Making color adjustments
  • Change to black and white
  • Apply some effects

#4 – View Web Source

The need to see the source code of a web page is common to all web designers. This application lets you open the source code of any page in a text editor, where we can analyze the code, modify it and write up some notes and send it via email to verify later.

#5 – Magic Color Picker

The ideas come in unexpected places and moments. If you need to study the best color to an idea that came out of nowhere, walking by the sea, this application allows you to do this. The only problem is that you can not record or export color codes … will have to point these codes.

#6 – Mobile GA

I know some webmasters who consult the statistics of the website every 5 minutes. It’s a compulsive behavior, obsessive and depressing. But if life were only the rainbow … would not taste the same.

This application allows Android to access Google Analytics through its API. The information does not pass through the servers of third parties. Therefore, it is a safe way to access the statistics when you are playing football with friends or jogging or watching a movie at the cinema.  There is nothing more important than query Google Analytics …

When driving, please do not use GA Mobile!

#7 – WordPress Mobile

Enforcement official WordPress for Android, which allows for example:

  • Configure and manage multiple blogs
  • Manage and respond to comments
  • Create and edit post, categories and tags
  • Create and edit pages

#8 – Bloo – Facebook

An open source application for Android for you to play …  Only to access your account on facebook. You can not play Farmville …

#9 – Twitter for Android

Official Twitter application for Android. Twitter is even a social conversation in real time, anywhere, anytime.

#10 – Thinking Space

The Thinking Space is an application to recommend.  I think a good idea to organize our ideas visually through diagrams and charts, establishing relationships and hierarchies.

#11 – Freelancer Ex12131

This application is a joke … Have you ever had a client who wanted the job done yesterday? Usually it is one customer who believes that success is instantaneous and that the only thing separating you from the Ferrari you always dreamed about is you … your hired web design work for over 24 hours and where is the website?  Will it take long?

In this application, you will find about 200 excuses, some funny, so you’ll get some peace of mind for a few hours.

It is obvious that the best approach is contractually execution time of each phase of web design project. And hire a secretary with a sweet voice to serve customers who need friendship and attention. But there is always room for humor.

#12 – ConnectBot

If you need to access your web server via SSH, this application lets you do this on your Android.

#13 – HTML Test


Test your skills of HTML with application developed by INTERSOG. Fast and easy.
This interactive testing approach is used in dynamic real-world environments to test and train professional Web Developers.

It is a must-have app for web developers, tech enthusiasts and those with a general interest in HTML.

Hope you would have found these Android Apps useful, if you know any other useful Application, please share it in the comments. For further Android Apps Resources, subscribe to HellBound Bloggers.

This article is written by Isha Singh. She is the Editor-in-Chief and Owner of Cyber World. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.