AIDA Marketing – A Marketing Strategy Every Newbie Blogger Ought To Know

If you had approached any probloggers with an urge to know the secret of becoming a successful blogger then you might have got the answer that “Content Is King” . Yes, of course content is king, there is no doubt in it and in fact now Google says that “Quality content is king”.  After knowing this you might spend most of your time in producing loads of quality contents for your blog and that is the first mistake that every newbie does. There is nothing wrong in concentrating on quality content, but you should let people know that you have the quality content in your blog and for that you should first of all let people know that there is a blog of yours that exists. Yes, Marketing matters a lot for blogging and unless & until you know how to market your blog, your quality content will be of no use to anyone. Let me just explain you with a small example.

KFC is known for ______________

Apple is known for _____________

You are known for _______________

The first 2 blanks can be filled easily but what about the third one? To get the answer you need to spend more time to market your blog by spending some less time on writing quality contents.  If you want a simple yet effective marketing strategy then follow the AIDA concept.

A – Attention (Awareness): attract the attention of the visitors:

AIDA MarketingDo something creative on your blog that could catch the attention of the first time visitors. Creativity could be in anything, theme, design, and most importantly in content. Let creativity ruin your mind and make sure that even a new visitor of your blog stops for a minute and gives a look. If it happens then you have probably created awareness of your blog and caught the attention of the visitors. That’s cool!

I – Interest: raise visitors’ interest by focusing on your blog’s content:

Once you have caught the attention of your visitors, it is very much important that you shouldn’t let them go. Now it is the right time for you to raise the interest of your visitors with your quality content. Write something on your blog focussing your niche that you have selected. If it is tech blog then write about the latest gadget or stuff in a humorous way. Humour always works!

D – Desire: convince the visitors to comeback

Now at this stage a visitor is attracted by your blog and has shown some interest in your blog’s content. Convince the visitors in a way that they tend to come back and visit your blog once again. Obviously you cannot interact with them, but your content could convince them to follow your blog and there you make a difference.

A – Action: lead visitors towards taking action

You are almost done at this stage. Now a visitor who just landed up in your blog unknowingly, through some keywords is interested in your blog and tend to come back and at this point you need to make sure that the subscription option is visible enough to the visitors. If not then you might be losing visitors to your blog. The reader is attracted with your quality content, but he may tend to forget your blog name since he is new there or he might also forget to bookmark your site. That’s that reason you need to make them aware of your various subscription option that is available on your blog. That could be anything like E-mail, RSS, social networking, mobile or whatsoever. Though you have the option of subscription if it is not visible enough to the readers then there is no use of it.

That’s it you are done! Now every time something new happens in your blog your visitors will be notified and you tend to get a huge traffic like anything.

Well! Remember that this strategy is for newbie bloggers and not for the top notch blogs like HBB, who have already impressed their readers. But still my next guest post on HBB would be about the marketing strategies for Probloggers. That’s interesting Isn’t it?

This article is written by Fayaz Shariff. He is the founder of Marketing Bloggers. He is a frustrated engineer and an aspiring writer. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.

17 thoughts on “AIDA Marketing – A Marketing Strategy Every Newbie Blogger Ought To Know”

  1. Hello Fayas
    Nice Post
     You have made some great points. I agree creating awareness by providing great content. will force the visitors to take action and return to your blog for more 
    thanks for sharing this

  2. I think the AIDA model is the simplest advertising model; that even a layman can understand. It provides a very easy to understand and easy to follow checklist for every advertiser. But the fact that the same can be applied for blogging as well is completely elegant, in all its simplicity. And if you think about it, at some subconscious level, we all use it to some extent. Maybe, we don’t complete the entire process, but I guess, at least we start on it. But now that you’ve mentioned this, I’m beginning to notice just to what a great extent the pro-bloggers use AIDA in the blogs. I think it’s a brilliant plan. It’s surprising how so many of us ignore something so simple yet smart! Thanks for the post!

    • @james: that is what is the problem with us.. we tend to start things in a perfect way but we get diverted and never complete the process as u said. Try following this strategy and you will find the difference. you can visit my blog (Marketing Bloggers) for more marketing strategies.
      Anyways thanks for stopping and reading my post.

  3. Hi,

    Nice thoughts to do something extraordinary things for newbie blogger and no doubt in that till when you haven’t something attractive in your blog then how you can attract reader for your blog.  

  4. Well written article Shariff. We need brand our blog for the success of a blog. Instead of writing formally pointing out in technical way, we should write in a friendly tone

    • Thanks Gautham. Exactly as u said, we need to brand our blog because we no more buy product, we buy only brands. You can read my article Brand Vs Product you will have more insight.

    • Thanks Gautham. Ofcourse we need to brand our blog for better results. You can read my article 22 immutable laws of branding

  5. The main reason why bloggers aren’t earning a lot from their blogs is because they do not spend too much on AIDA. Great points to ponder! I hope this article will come across bloggers who tend to complain about earning too little. yay.

    • Ofcourse glen every newbie blogger should decide the marketing strategy effectively. Thanks for stopping by and commenting my post

  6. Thanks for the knowledgeable post , I am very thankful for the admin . Very useful knowledge for marketing purposes AIDA is very useful tool if we focus on these four things so we can able to market our product in any market place and will lead to competitive advantage.

    • Ofcourse mate.. AIDA is something that is very much useful for all sort of business… but newbie Bloggers dont adopt that strategy for their blogs..!
      Anyways thanks for stopping by and commenting..:)

  7. Awesome post bro. Fayaz, you just mentioned some amazing points. It’s true that people always like posts having call to action, this type of posts interest them. So we should always write the type of posts that people want, as it draws their attention. 🙂


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