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Why Your Friends Hate Your Instagram Pictures


Instagram Trends and MistakesInstagram has become a huge trend in the last year, and it is pretty easy to see why. People come across things in their everyday lives that they want to share, and it gives users the ability to make them look nice, at least nicer than cell phones were previously capable of. This, however, does not mean that this social service is not abused or annoying. There are Instagram trends that people do that bug friends, and will ultimately get your friends to stop caring about what you share. Below are some trends to avoid with your Instagram account.

Whatcha Eatin’?

Food pictures are among some of the most popular photos to share. It’s understandable that people like to share what they are eating, especially if they are at a nice or new restaurant. In the low light of the restaurant, however, it becomes an indistinguishable mess on the plate. If you can manage to take a picture that viewers can distinguish, that is fine, but please do so before you manage to dig in. There is nothing worse than coming across a photo on my Facebook wall than some mangled, have finished meal. Please save us that site, and if you forget to snap the photo pre-feast, just skip the photo-op.

Mirrors, How Do Those Work?

We all get it; you look great in your new Ed Hardy shirt, and it is just burning you up that you can’t share it with the world. Unfortunately, no one is around to snap a pic of you, so what do you do? Ahh yes, take it yourself using a mirror as your assistant. It’s not that this trend is cheesy that annoys people, but it’s the arrogance you display by just having to show people how good you think you look. You can’t even wait, you look so awesome! But you can, and should wait, and stop filling our Facebook walls with self portraits. Every now and again it’s acceptable, but please don’t make a habit of it.

Constant Update

You love using Instagram, and why wouldn’t you. It makes your cell phone photos look so retro. However, I don’t need a play by play or your evening. “Look at this beautiful senset.” “Here it is 2 minutes later.” Use this tool responsibly, which includes knowing when not to use it. We all love a photo update of how you’re doing, but we hate logging onto our social accounts to find 50 photos from the last half hour. Tease us a little. Leave something for the imagination. Just stop taking pictures and focus on your evening! Not to mention, don’t leave constant trail for the creepers to follow and find you!


Your dog, cat, chinchilla, etc. are great. I also love what you did with their hair and outfit. I don’t, however, love that this is the 4000th image of him this week. This trend is annoying, but more importantly let your pets keep some dignity and privacy. Your corgi looks miserable in his top hat and cane, so please don’t subject them to this torture. When you’re out and about with your pets and something neat happens, by all means include them in that moment. But stop creating terrible animal photos that are, frankly, just as embarrassing for you as it is for the dog.

So all irresponsible Instagram users, please take this advice. You’ll keep your friends happy and not lose interest of your audience. This Social Media app is fun for everyone, so please don’t ruin it. Use it responsibly. It can be done, and there’s plenty of people out there that have proven this.

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He is a social media blogger and freelance video producer. He is also a content writer for Home Security providers, and lives in North Carolina with his wife.

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    • Sri Ganesh.M

      For those who hate Instagram, might seen usual photos. we have collected 100+ Best Instagram photos esp for Facebook friends.

      Direct Link: 

    • hrmehrotra

      i don’t think my friends hate my instagram pics they like it………………

    • Samantha Vermillion

      Instagram is great, after facebook bought it, it offers a better integrating to social media. I just love and these tips are just great

    • Zainil

      Hi Jordon,
      Amazing article.. But I have actually never used Instagram.. I prefer Picasa.. I am totally in love with the Google products ! 🙂

    • Gautham Nekkanti

      I personally hate photos spamming my timeline like ‘Pizza- I love it with a photo of pizza, who wouldn’t love pizza and why are you trying to grab attention. Great tips

    • abhishek

      Nice and unique article bro 🙂 ,Yeah,at times it becomes really annoying,when your friends just starts to share it everywhere on facebook,and that mirror thing i just hate that,thats just ridiculous 😛  

    • JamesW

      Great post, Mine friends love my instagram pictures, I get a lot of likes.
      But I never post every day and take hundreds of pictures, it’s true the overflow of information and pictures can make people to ignore any type of business.
      thanks for sharing 

    • Avi (@skyhitblog)

      Hi Jordan. I really liked your article. We all know that instagram is a great site to share our best pics with our friends and relatives but i too think that promoting them too much and sharing them on other sites likes facecook and tagging our friends to it can be very annoying.

      • Jordan

        Hey Avi, thanks for the kudos. You’re right, Instagram can be great, just not when abused. UNfortunately some people are addicted.

        • Puneet

          I agree With Avi. I like instagram very much.

          • Avi Jit (@skyhitblog)

            Hi Puneet, yup Instagram is very good but the way we are using it is just not good. We should share our stuffs with our friends there; but should not irritate them with a lot of notifications. Of course we can tag them, but not every time. We can tag them occasionally in the pics uploaded to Facebook.

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