5 Best Ways To Get Your Followers Involved On Instagram

Like Twitter or Facebook, the more interaction you have on Instagram, the more you get out of it. This is especially true if you are using the photo-sharing site to promote your business, website or freelance work.

Keeping an online gallery of images has no real effect on your reputation in the world if nobody pays attention to the photos you upload. The key to Instagram success is to upload the right collection of images, to be proactive about getting followers, and to interact with other users of the site.

DO YOU KNOW? Why Your Friends Hate Your Instagram Pictures?

1. Consistently Update Your Stream and Use Only Your Best Shots

instagramIf you want to gain and keep Instagram followers, it’s essential that you post regularly. Why should followers stick around or interact if they’ve seen everything you have to offer and have said everything they have to say? Keep your stream fresh and active by logging in every few days. If you have new photos, post them.

Don’t post shots just for the sake of posting, though. Your followers don’t want to slog through a bunch of out of focus, uninspiring photos before getting to the goods. Post photos that will be interesting to most of the followers on your list. You should already know their interests, because they are following you due to you past uploads.

Keep in mind that you can have multiple Instagram accounts, so if you want to post pictures of drastically different types of photos, consider separate accounts. That way your off-topic posts won’t turn your followers off and make them run for the hills.

2. Interact with the People You Follow

You don’t have to wait to log into Instagram when you have new images to post. The logging in every few days rule applies even if you don’t have anything new to share. On days that you log in without photos to post, look through the photos of those people you follow and comment on the photos they have shared. If you want people to interact with your photos, interact with theirs.

Good commenting isn’t about quantity. Don’t be a lazy commenter, throwing the same “nice pic” comment up on every photo posted. Be sincere. Seek out photos you actually like, and tell the photo-takers what you like about them. By offering honest, in-depth feedback, you encourage the same kind of attention to your own shots.

3. Follow Back Those People Who Follow You

While on the subject of interaction, let’s not forget reciprocation. The people who follow you on Instagram have found you somehow, which means you must have some common interests. Assume this the case with every follower who pops up on your list, and follow everyone back. Show interest in their streams, they’ve shown interest in yours. Even if they aren’t posting pics that pertain to you at the moment doesn’t mean they don’t plan to in the future.

4. Use Hashtags

Like anything else on the Internet, your Instagram account will only be a success if people can find it. It’s part of your job to make your account easy to find. The simplest way to do this is to use hashtags within your photo captions.

Hashtags are simple to create. Simply add a hash sign, #, also known as the American pound sign, before any word you want to make a tag. The goal with hashtags is to give specific words on your caption emphasis without making the caption difficult to read. Accomplish this by only tagging the most essential words in your caption. If you post a photo of your business logo, for example, with the caption, “Snarky’s cool new business logo”, hashtag it like this –

#Snarky’s cool new business #logo

With this caption, users who search for “Snarky’s logo” will come straight to you. This helps draw users already interested in your business, who will be more likely to interact.

5. Search Hashtags

Find users the same way they found you. Search for terms that users who upload the same types of images as you are likely to use. If you’re in the pet business, try searching for individual subjects related to pets by name, like “veterinarian” or “pet products.” You’ll find many people who share your photographic interests. When you find them, follow the users and comment on their photos. Hopefully, they’ll find your photos too.

Instagram offers plenty of built-in ways to build an audience and encourage interaction, and, if you dedicate time to the site, you shouldn’t have to spend any money to build a base. For those people who want to save time and encourage interaction in a quick way, holding contests that require commenting or the sharing of your photos can get your images circulating fast. Keep in mind, if you want users to participate, they’ll need incentive in the form of real prizes with real value.

Get your followers involved in spreading the word for you if you have goods to give away. Otherwise, if you want to experience Instagram success, be prepared to invest some time.

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This article is written by Hannah. She is a 22 year old Western Washington University graduate, specializing in technology, adventure, and all things marketing. She is a writer for Deals.ServiceBundles.com. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.

Why Your Friends Hate Your Instagram Pictures

Instagram Trends and MistakesInstagram has become a huge trend in the last year, and it is pretty easy to see why. People come across things in their everyday lives that they want to share, and it gives users the ability to make them look nice, at least nicer than cell phones were previously capable of. This, however, does not mean that this social service is not abused or annoying. There are Instagram trends that people do that bug friends, and will ultimately get your friends to stop caring about what you share. Below are some trends to avoid with your Instagram account.

Whatcha Eatin’?

Food pictures are among some of the most popular photos to share. It’s understandable that people like to share what they are eating, especially if they are at a nice or new restaurant. In the low light of the restaurant, however, it becomes an indistinguishable mess on the plate. If you can manage to take a picture that viewers can distinguish, that is fine, but please do so before you manage to dig in. There is nothing worse than coming across a photo on my Facebook wall than some mangled, have finished meal. Please save us that site, and if you forget to snap the photo pre-feast, just skip the photo-op.

Mirrors, How Do Those Work?

We all get it; you look great in your new Ed Hardy shirt, and it is just burning you up that you can’t share it with the world. Unfortunately, no one is around to snap a pic of you, so what do you do? Ahh yes, take it yourself using a mirror as your assistant. It’s not that this trend is cheesy that annoys people, but it’s the arrogance you display by just having to show people how good you think you look. You can’t even wait, you look so awesome! But you can, and should wait, and stop filling our Facebook walls with self portraits. Every now and again it’s acceptable, but please don’t make a habit of it.

Constant Update

You love using Instagram, and why wouldn’t you. It makes your cell phone photos look so retro. However, I don’t need a play by play or your evening. “Look at this beautiful senset.” “Here it is 2 minutes later.” Use this tool responsibly, which includes knowing when not to use it. We all love a photo update of how you’re doing, but we hate logging onto our social accounts to find 50 photos from the last half hour. Tease us a little. Leave something for the imagination. Just stop taking pictures and focus on your evening! Not to mention, don’t leave constant trail for the creepers to follow and find you!


Your dog, cat, chinchilla, etc. are great. I also love what you did with their hair and outfit. I don’t, however, love that this is the 4000th image of him this week. This trend is annoying, but more importantly let your pets keep some dignity and privacy. Your corgi looks miserable in his top hat and cane, so please don’t subject them to this torture. When you’re out and about with your pets and something neat happens, by all means include them in that moment. But stop creating terrible animal photos that are, frankly, just as embarrassing for you as it is for the dog.

So all irresponsible Instagram users, please take this advice. You’ll keep your friends happy and not lose interest of your audience. This Social Media app is fun for everyone, so please don’t ruin it. Use it responsibly. It can be done, and there’s plenty of people out there that have proven this.

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HOW TO: Create Instagram Effect Images Online

Not everyone owns iPhone, and not everyone who owns iPhone has Instagram installed. But yes, they do have 5 Million users. 😛 Instagram is a free photo sharing application designed for use on Apple iOS and Android devices. So let’s come to a common hub, the web. Yes, we are talking about a web app (they do have apps for Chrome and Facebook) called InstantRetro.

DO YOU KNOW? Why Your Friends Hate Your Instagram Pictures?

Go to the site and upload your picture, and you can play with your hands. You don’t need to sign up, but they do have their advantages. So you can login using your Facebook account.


They have lots of interesting options and effects, and you can seriously spend some useful time on this site. I was quite addicted. I loved the “burned” and “rounded” effects so much, I keep on applying them.

Instagram Effect Options

You can also check out some cool free online photo editing tools for more fun effects.

Though you can easily differentiate Instagram generated pictures and InstantRetro generated pictures, they don’t really matter right? So check out this site.

Love Applying Effects To Your Photos? Then You Should Check This

  • Create Watercolor Effect On Wallpapers
  • Create Zoom Effect Using Adobe Photoshop
  • Add Animated Speech Bubbles To Your Photos
  • HOW TO: Create Cool Photo Collages Online Easily

Extragram – Instagram At It’s Best

Almost all the iPhone users are aware about Instagram, a free App released only months ago for the Apple iPhone. It has broken records by gaining millions of users within a very short amount of time. What is the reason behind it? Well, the reason and answer for that is “Simple”.

Flickr + Twitter = Instagram

Instagram is a simple App that allows its users to snap a photo or choose one from their Albums, then apply one of the different filters, and quickly share it on Social Networks. As simple as that! They provide option to share across the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Posterous, and Foursquare.

Extragram – Instagram At It’s Best

Extragram Site

Extragram is a web client of this popular photo sharing iPhone App. Extragram uses the Instagram API but is not endorsed or certified by Instagram.

If you have used Extragram, then you’ll probably know why they called it “Instagram at its best!!”. You need to have an Instagram account to enjoy the benefits of Extragram. Below you can see some of their key features.

Narayanan Hariharan, the PR Ninja says, “Being avid users of Instagram, we realized that there wasn’t a good and efficient way to view, share and like other photos. We just took it to the next level in helping new discovery. The next upgrade is due within the next couple of weeks providing for even more discovery options”.

Features of Extragram

  • You can browse your network feed as well as view popular images.
  • It allows you to view images in grid, filmstrip or map view.
  • It also gives you a better interface to view your photos, like them and also comment.
  • It allows you to search users and hashtags and view the stream.
  • You can post your photos on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr and many more.

Extragram - Maps

Viewing Your Photos

Extragram provides a clean web viewer for your Instagram photos. It gives you three options to view your photos.

  • Grid view: Allows users to have a quick snapshot of the photos and well as like and comment if required.
  • Filmstrip view: Allows users to view an enlarged image with comments and the ability to share the photos across social networks.
  • Map view: Allows users to see where the photos where taken from or find photos around a location.

Do tell your opinions about Extragram in the comments below. Do let us know your thoughts. Cheers. 🙂