3 Free Useful Windows Applications For Video Blogging

I believe that Blogging is like journalism, as we know publishing well researched contents will manage to drive the quality of every blogs. But, blog is not just about content and quality there should be something captivate and professional such as content producing style, blog’s skin, logo of the land, clean and clear design, proper images on the posts, pertinent fonts for body, header and titles to remain awesome readability and lovely presentations. If you take a deep look on popular blogs like HellBound Bloggers, Mashable they might be managed them since the beginning. Although if you drive your site on WordPress platform you don’t want to work more on it while there are tons of readymade skins available with those instincts. If you are a veteran blogger you must have been heard these things already.

Well, today our topic is not blogging, we are getting talk into video blogging (vlogging) it’s an awesome way to convert your contents into presentations instead of verbal. Even readers must find at least a video inside the best content, because if an image is worth for thousand words, a video will tell hundreds of pages worth contents. Nowadays vlogging becoming a such professional work, if you are a beginner and willing to try video blogging then you should have some appropriate tools and ideas before you can start. There are a lot of screen casting tool for paid and free, but here I have compiled some best free screen casting software tools for video blogging, and they would really helpful to record your videos with proper way, edit them with proper tools and apply awesome styles. This way your videos will surly reduce your effort and increase your conversions. But, before that make sure you have a pretty good webcam and microphone I think it’s more enough.

1. Screenr

free screencasting tool screenr

Screenr is one of those best screencast recording tool and it’s just a java application and don’t want to install it. Screenr records screencasts, audios, videos with quite decent quality and managing to publish them in a web page on Screenr. You can add tool tip like text box for your screencasts and it’ll be appear on the video. It’s a complete web based free application also works with Mac. It’s a great tool for reviewing new products, services, demo clips and more.

Screenr allows uploading videos on YouTube channel; share them on social media sites Facebook, Twitter and easily embedded screencast on your blog or site.

2. Camstudio

free screen recording tool camstudio

Camstudio is the most popular free screen recording software; I have been using it since my schooling but not anymore, it’s really a simple application offers basic screen casting features with its classic interface. Records screen casts in HD as AVI files with some lack of audio quality.

3. Window Live Movie Maker

free screen cast application windows
Windows Live Movie Maker

You may using Windows Live Writer to write your contents offline and manage to draft them on your computer. Also there is a pretty captivate movie maker application from Windows Live package for video bloggers that Window Live Movie Maker. It’s very simple and nice application comes with quick editing tools and pre-designed styles, visual effects, title elements, animations and more. Recording screen casts with preferable quality and allows publishing them directly to YouTube and share with social media sites as well.

Hope these free screen casting apps will help you get with video blogging. As I mentioned above there are a lot of best other screen casting applications out there for paid, you can try them for more features and more professional.

This article is written by Prabha. He is a web addict, pro-blogger and internet marketer. He blogs at Droid Tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “3 Free Useful Windows Applications For Video Blogging”

  1. Hello Prabha
    nice list
    Video blogging has tremendous potential, I am sure these these  free application will be useful to many bloggers 
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Though still the era of video blogging is not grown to a great extent but its indeed growing at a fast phase.

    I am sure this article will help video bloggers to achieve their targets easily using above mentioned softwares.

  3. Thanks friend these are awesome tools for Video blogging.Is there any technique available to promote our videos except Facebook and Twitter.If you know  anything please tell me , i have 12 videos on YouTube.

    • Well, before you promote videos on social media you may want take care of its title, description and tags like a blog post, then your will get more exposure through related stuffs and search engines.

      then share it on social media.. but don’t ditch “Reddit and StumbleUpon” both’re most effective source to get referral traffic and it lot works for me.

  4. Camstudio is nice and I’ve used windows live movie maker a few times to get me out of a jam when other programs wouldn’t do something. I usually just use camtasia though but it can be spendy for people just getting started.

  5. These are some cool Windows Apps for Video Blogging, but i would like to add that you need to have a good encoder software to reduce the video size while keeping the quality (Low Bandwidths)

    • You’re right Gautham, we must have video encoder apps while using videos to upload online reduce size.. but here I just listed some of free good screencasting tools that probably help for newbies.

      If you get into pro-vlogging you can go for camtasia it’s a ultimate one. 


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