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A wealth of free web development tools is available for ensuring valid web design. Having a validated website means that clients and readers of the site will view it as the author intended, with cross browser functionality and seamless transitions from page to page. Following are a few of the most important web development validation tools to guarantee complete and error free code.

W3schools is a leader in web development instruction, offering easy to understand tutorials on mark-up languages, browser scripting and XML, as well as having a great website validator. W3Schools website validation tools include validation of site HTML, CSS, XHTML, XML and WML pages. Simply enter the URL of the website to be validated, and W3C will provide a full report of validation errors, listed chronologically with line and column numbers, as well as summations of the validation error for ease of location and correction.


For Firefox users, there are several useful add-ons targeted specifically at web development. Total Validator is a Firefox add-on that validates HTML and XHTML, checks for broken links, performs accessibility validation and provides a spell checker. It helps majorly in making the web page free from any errors.

total validator

JavaScript Debugger, also known as Venkman, is another useful Firefox add-on for web developers. It allows users to debug JavaScript in the Mozilla setting by viewing source code, finding errors, then providing solutions for their correction. Another plus for this add-on is that Venkman has numerous help sites and user blogs for additional support.


Google Chrome and Opera also provides users with web development add-ons and widgets. Each of these browsers offer similar tools targeted specifically at their users. Google Chrome offers tools such as:

  • Pendule – A multipurpose tool for developers and bloggers that includes solutions for style sheets, forms, images and accessibility.
  • Fire Bug Lite – A web development debugging tool. The fire bug lite is available for both Firefox and chrome browsers, and the options provided by it helps a lot in different aspects of web designing.
  • Validity – A simple HTML validator.
  • Resolution Test – Allows you to test your page at different screen resolutions, which not just helps with the web designing but also lets you know which browser doesn’t display the page correctly.

Opera offers web developers SDKs, or Software Development Kits. These kits include tools for development over many platforms and devices, from simple validation tools to tools for developing and debugging software. Opera also offers its users a site devoted solely to development called Dev.Opera. Here, users can find tutorials and blogs on subjects ranging from HTML5, to the latest Opera widgets, to designing pages for mobile devices.

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  1. Also I suggest a Site that is not Tools but Will surely helps you while PERFECT WEBSITE DESIGN.
    That is StackOverflow . A great site that has solution for every languages problems , errors etc

  2. Hi, there are so many tool but it is the fact that the mentioned W3schools is a leader in web development instruction, offering easy to understand tutorials on mark-up languages, browser scripting and XML. Thanks for useful info.

  3. For development different useful and friendly used tools must be necessary for a developer. There are a lot of web development tools, your mentioned are are pretty one and handy to use. Thanks.

  4. Web development is like an ocean with no end of knowledge and experience. So every developer even expert need some help in their advanced tasks, therefore these are really helpful development tools. Thanks for guiding us.

  5. I'm a newbie developer, really too much helpful to me your these information about useful web development tools. Thanks dude!

  6. Previously we know well about W3schools, but here others are seems also too nice and beneficial for our development tasks. Really all your efforts in blogging and web development improvements are appreciable. Best of luck!

  7. No doubt by the changing in new age and technology, there is a great need of these tools, Thanks for nice efforts to provide us so useful and effective post.

  8. send us some important tips on web design and development as we Gem Information Technology an affordable custom software development in India handling projects on web designing and developing.Your tips may helpful for us in the progress of our company.Thank You.

  9. Chrome’s web development tools are impressive. I’ve switched over from Firebug. Cheers Chetan

  10. Hi tere,
    these tools are definitely important to guarantee complete and error free code, but they are not critical as not all defects will necessarily result in failures. For example, defects in dead code will never result in failures.
    Regards. John

  11. That’s a really good list of useful web development. My favorite is W3Schools, it’s really like an online school where you can learn the a to z of web development.

  12. Firebug is the most important plugin, Helps a lot when you need to finish your work quickly 🙂

  13. I actually respect the costly information that you offer here about w3 schools which is one of the useful information for all the blogger. Thank you chetan.

  14. Web developing has become the number one prestigious job online. The more designs we can make the more appreciations we will get.

  15. thanks for sharing these resources…I have used total validator few times..

  16. Extremely useful resource! I use thesis and I am still struggling with the design. This article will surely help me 🙂 Thanks!

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