3 Great Useful Blogging Tips for Beginners

Beginner Blogging TipsBlogging for Passion, Blogging for money, Blogging for Fame, Blogging for Hobby and you may consider many other reasons for people to start or continue blogging. What might be the reason, everybody who takes blogging seriously would like to be a great blogger obviously. I would like to divide blogging into 2 ages. Before evolution of Facebook and Twitter, I consider Blogging as Dark Age though you are having LinkedIn or Orkut or any other Social-Networking websites at that time. But certainly blogging has boosted after evolution of Facebook and Twitter, which turned from Dark Age to Modern Age. Unfortunately we don’t have medieval period over here. 😛

Most of the web-world lovers from many parts of the world are quite interested to blog these days and according to Technorati’s stats over 800 blogs are registering every minute, regardless whether they continue it or not, but still 800 is really a big number that which explains that power of blogging. If you are intended to become a great blogger, you must have already set your goals regarding how to reach your target to be a successful blogger. Here are 3 important Advices for you to follow to become a Successful Blogger.

#1. Before you start a Blog, You must be Aware of SEO and Social Media Power

SEO is the basic element required to drive traffic to your blog from the Search Engines. I don’t tell you that you should pursue Master’s degree in SEO in order to survive. But, just get aware of few basic elements like On-Page Optimization, Off-Page Optimization, Keyword Analysis, Backlinks and Social Media importance.

After getting familiar with these elements, you need to fill your blog with quality and unique content and also follow the SEO guidelines in order to rank well and drive visitors to your blog. A blog with good deal of visitors starts making profits as there are many ways to make money like Adsense, Direct Ads, Link Ads, and many more.

#2. Relying on Single Niche to Stay Focused

Your blogging elements must be focused and are to be concentrated on the featured topics that which suits for the site. For instance, if you like to post about Software topics, and you are intended to write your posts on Software elements, your readers are definitely going to love it and changing your niche by writing some sort of Muscle strains etc., your readers are going to hate it and you can’t afford to build your own community. Instead, I would like to suggest you to maintain 2 blogs if you can write on multiple topics without messing your blog with unrelated topics.

Building relationship with your readers is another important aspect for you to be one of the Successful blogger. You need to interact with your readers, take suggestions from them, make sure what they are expecting from your blog, reply for the comments, taking perfect marketing measures in order to make your blog active community.

#3. Participate in Heated Debate with your Co-Bloggers

The next option for you to become a successful blogger is to participate in a debate with a co-bloggers or neighbouring bloggers. Just make sure you raise a debate on a hot topic, but make sure that debate to be humorous, friendly and never go in personal way, it may ruin your relationship with your co-bloggers which is one of the most important aspects for you to survive. Being a starter, you are certainly in the need of tips from the experienced bloggers, for which you need to grab their attention towards you and also try to build a strong relationship with them which will help you to grow easily and quickly by making use of the effective strategies from these experienced bloggers.

Make sure you don’t fix up with a small network. Just keep on increasing your blogging network and you need to work really hard for that. Of course it may take time for you initially, but it works really well as time passes.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this great tips especially for all the newbies out there.It is really interesting reading this as many people around are building blogs which eventually flipp it and sell.

  2. Hello Siddarthaji,
    Thank you for sharing useful tips. I'm a new blogger. And yes you are true that seo is the best way to get more traffic on blog from search engines.
    Thank you.

  3. Share your ideas through blogging, connect with your readers to promote readership, respond to comments in your posts and actively participate in hottest discussion in the blogging community. These can help you promote yourself and gain more exposures on the web.

  4. sidhartha, You are missing something, according to me is wordpress and it's related plugins which can help a new blogger a lots. if possible link some must have plugins and best wordpress tutorial for beginners.

  5. Good tips to improve basics while blogging. I agree the bloggers should be aware of the seo basics so that they may drive targeted traffic towards their website

  6. This post is good for people who want to build a blog and keep for long. It is really interesting reading this as many people around are building blogs which eventually flipp it and sell.

  7. Thanks for sharing this great tips especially for all the newbies out there. Start writing a blog that is eye catching and with good content. In able to be succeed in blogging you should have the right attitude and write blogs that is within the area of your interest. Enjoy Writing!

  8. You helped me a lot indeed and reading this your article I have found much new and useful information about blogging tips. Thanks!!!!

  9. Those types of blogging tips will be more helpful as well as useful to all the newbie bloggers on here 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your post on here 🙂 Great work on here 🙂

  10. Great post from view of newbie bloggers but they should have good knowledge about content quality. One more thing they should know very well which you mentioned in your post above

    "You must be Aware of SEO and Social Media Power" these two tool can prove much useful in starting of blogging.

  11. Thanks for your article. One of the biggest issues that I find with blogs is that there are no regulations controlling blogs. Anyone can get on the Internet and publish a blog and that can be very scary. There are so many people out there who believe that what is published on the Internet is true and we all know that's not the case.

    I head up a group of ten writers who write blogs for job seekers. Every week I have the pleasure of editing thirty seven blogs for publication on our sites. The most important thing for me, as a pseudo-editor, is that the content is fresh and relevant. Most blogs that are published on the net are not even reviewed but I believe that they should be.

    Social networks like Facebook and Twitter may be fine but there should seriously be some regulations somewhere. It amazes me how much nonsense I find. For your readers, you should mention that they need to go to recognizable sites if they want to read true, valid content.


    Nancy Anderson, SEO Analyst, Beyond.com

    • great comment so far – "For your readers, you should mention that they need to go to recognizable sites if they want to read true, valid content". That what newbie or new blogger need to do


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