Twitter Definitions For Newbies

Twitter is considered to be the next thing after Blogging and Networking. Everyone has Twitter account. Even the celebrities too. If you are new to Twitter, you will be very confused with jargons and definitions. I had this same problem. But now I became very familiar with them. Got some interesting new friends in Twitter now. So I’m happy with Tweeting. I consider Twitter next to my Blog and Facebook. I can’t live without these three. Below are some of the common basic definitions which a newbie to Twitter should be very aware of. This will help him to get addicted to Twitter easily! πŸ˜›

I picked some terms and definition which were very confusing and strange to me when I was a newbie to Twitter, so that it will be useful for newbies like you to be familiar with such terms before or after signing up in Twitter. You can consider reading this  Quick Start Guide for Twitter. So what are you waiting for re? Start Tweeting now!


Twitter : Your Online Status Message.confused-with-terms

Tweet : A Short Update of what you are doing for about 140 characters.

Followers : People who are subscribed of your updates or fondly known as Tweets.

Following : People you are interested for following by subscribing to their updates or tweets.

Direct Message (DM) : Sending a Direct Message to your followers.

At (@) : You can use this when you are referring him/her in your updates. You can prefix their username with @ to display his/her Twitter account in the update.

Re-Tweet (RT) : You can Relay a tweet or update by a Twitterer or Tweeter to everyone who are following you.

Hash (#) : When you want to tell something specific about some issue or subject, you can prefix your subject with #.

Tweet – Up : When a group of Twitterers or Tweeters arranges a meeting for a social interaction or for some bloggers meet and so on.

Blocking/Spam : You may get requests from Spam Twitterers. You can block them in two ways. Directly from the User’s Twitter page or  through your Followers list. Just hit Block and Twitter will confirm it.

17 thoughts on “Twitter Definitions For Newbies”

  1. its 2011 and ive only just got into twitter. This post serves as a wonderful resource and i will come back to it often i think.

  2. Quite good, but I am sure that a computer user would know those obvious info or definitions.

  3. At the present time, many people are already using twitter because it offers a great benefit and many people are allowed to make what ever they want to make.

  4. Hi Pradeep, I am using Twitter for long time and I newly hear the word “Tweet – up” from your blog. I would like to add a word “via@” because nowadays “RT’s” are changing into “via” πŸ™‚

  5. I never used Twitter cos I though it was stupid. But now that I have a blog where I want to reach my users it is coming in handy for me.

    So hope that I get some cool followers in the coming days.
    .-= NpXp’s last blog…5 Best Free WordPress Plugins For Bloggers =-.

    • @ NpXp Same here, I always disliked the name Twitter. Dumb-sounding. But I have that several blogs and two online newspapers, and cannot do without it. In fact, it's addicting and I have to force myself to walk away πŸ˜€

  6. Thanks for this resume because it’s a shame I haven’t an account yet, but it’s time to correct this. I don’t think I can get an account with the exact letterI’d like.


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