What Topics To Write On A New Starter Blog ?

new blog topicsEver felt like “what to write on a blog” when you have the answer of “why to write” already…Yes, is the answer surely.

When you see lot of websites expressing shimmering content all over the web, you also feel like starting a website / blog of your own. Blogging is something today has become a major source for livelihood rather than a passion to express your views.

So when one decides to start a blog, the major obstacle is what should be written? Obviously something that should attract a lot of visitors, yes! But, on what topic should I write? Should I rewrite the content of another popular website or should I write what I know or what I love. Well it’s sometimes become difficult on what topic should I start a blog.

Starting a blog on the topics which are hot favorite among the tech specialist is a nice idea but competing against the well-established blogs already on that content is something really hard. If you are thinking to start a blog on topics which are not very favorite of search crawlers and peoples hungry for info than you should drop the idea because that will not earn you a penny. Writing on any vague topic is not what a blogger do.

Hot favorite topics that can earn you a lot if written well:-

  • Android: – Bloggers, who started their venture on Android back in 2008, are pretty successful today. As we all know today Android among all Mobile OS is creating more sensation in technology world. So writing on “Android firmware rooting tutorials” is a great idea as many blogs on the similar related topic have become a lot popular. Writing on android requires a lot skillful knowledge, if you are amateur, just drop the idea. Still if temptation persists to write, then read below for how to write on such topics.
  • iPhone Jail Breaking : – Whenever an iPhone is launched it creates a mammoth news, so with the launch developers starts Jail breaking and the very loyal Apple users start seeking their support. Writing on iPhone Jail breaking can flood you with lots of visitors. The same rule apply here to write on iPhone jail breaking requires a very sharp knowledge, so How to write on it, let’s see.
  • Windows Phone Support: – The comeback of Nokia with Microsoft Windows phones in the market provides a great opportunity for developers and bloggers to start their venture on windows phone support. But for a developer it is easy to write and explore but how will you do amateur blogger. Let’s see below.

Points to be kept in mind while writing content for a new starter blog:-

  • From where I will get the content to write? To examine this fact before you start writing is essential. If your idea to start a blog is on technology related topics or how to tips, then either the newbie must be well informed of all facts which he is going to write. Or one needs a content source from where he can drive the idea. Taking an idea of whole concept of a tech tip from another popular blog is not restricted but copying it on a whole on your blog in every respect is 100% not allowed. You just can’t scrap content of other blogger.

Suppose you want to write on “Google Project Glasses” :- You searched on Google with the term “google project glass review” and get below results as shown in pic.

Google Project Glass

So, to write on this topic or any other (Like Android, iPhone, Windows) go through the posts of some well-known sites, understand the fact and then pen down the content in your own language. Make sure you never copy anything, not even a single line, show your creativity in modifying the content in your magical words. To make sure you have written a well neat content, you can also buy CopyScape Premium account credits and get you content scanned for any copied text. You are only allowed to post quotes from any sites. If you use any copyrighted image, make sure you add the source in caption.

For content regarding “Android”, you can follow various forums and developer websites and can collect content from them. It is done by many well-known sites. Understand the fact not every site or blog hires developers who write content on their own by exploring new ports. The other small sites and blogs need the content source like these developers websites from where they can write a fresh how to content. If your content is inspired from a single blog only, make sure you mark credit to that blog in your post.

If you have made up your mind to start your blog on the topics mentioned above then, it may happen you can’t get those higher rankings among search engines. But to be sure your blog will attract a lot of visitors and you can earn a well descent amount through it.

5 Mistakes Newbie Bloggers Should Avoid

Newbie Bloggers MistakesBlogging is an Art. Saying that, let me jump into the 5 major mistakes that bloggers do these days that brings an end to their blogging career. Blogging is one powerful arena where the stadium is only meant for Challengers who have some Guts. Others will easily be Terminated by Time. You Read, You Understand, and You Write. What’s the point in making so much of mistakes to kill these three Precious process then? There might be some more mistakes newbie bloggers do these days, you may add them in the comments below if you feel like I have missed some.

Mistake #1: Asking Facebook Likes through Facebook Chat

This is seriously one big annoying activity that many do. The problem comes when you newly add some bloggers or internet marketers who will be busy with some work, and without knocking in, posting link asking them to Like your Page or Like your Post on Facebook. There is nothing wrong in such surprises, unfortunately many feels it as an annoying thing and simply unfriend you or never reply to your chat message that has link in it.

So initiate a talk and see if he/she is free to share your link and interested to do such before barging in and screaming out with a link.

Mistake #2: Spamming across Social Networks

Posting your newly posted links to various groups and pages is awesome, but do you ever thought that your friends will simply see such links for the number of times you posted on their wall. Which will flood your friends wall, and they may use the “Hide Posts by User” option to block all your future quality posts as well. So post a link once a day and let your social networking readers enjoy it.

Mistake #3: Sending Emails Containing Links to Fellow Bloggers

Bloggers are so strict with Emails and it becomes their important tool that handles everything, and in few days it will be the same for you as well. But sending links to a blogger like an anonymous person is really a risk. Even to non-bloggers, there are chances that they may click on Report Spam button. And you know the rest. So always send emails to the people who are interested. Convince them to subscribe to your mailing list by the way you blog. Never Beg or Order people through Email.

Mistake #4: Asking Free Hosting and Domain

This happens as a rare case, but when you try to become a blogger, Blogspot and WordPress free blogging tools are pretty enough. Of course there are some special reasons to consider self hosted blogging, but for startup stage you can use the world’s famous platforms to start your blog and run successfully without any worries about Downtime, Customer Support and Server related issues. There are famous blogs that used Blogspot as the platform before moving to a self-hosted blog (ex: Labnol.org) and many other. Did you know that Techcrunch.com is still using WordPress servers? Yes they are using premium server plans but there are tons of benefits in running a blog at hosted environment too. To make some revenue its not at all bad and to be honest, its Perfect and a Brilliant choice you have made.

Mistake #5: Choosing a Niche that you are Not Expert at

This is seriously the biggest mistake these days many do. If you are not sure about SEO, then don’t start an SEO blog, How come you can solve the problems that people face on SEO and provide proper guide? What if you provided an obsolete technique and the reader to your blog have tried it and failed miserably? To be honest, you are absolute responsible in that case. So if you know to cook well, start a blog about Cooking. Millions are searching every day to read recipes online and to try it in their home.

I tried searching in Google and trying some recipes when I was working at some part of India, as I was tired eating at Hotel. So choose a perfect niche to match your standards.

So just choose the field that you are interested in, and many simply ignore after finding that you all do is just an SEO Tactic to pull them to your blog. Trust me, that will push the Arrow on your Analytics Bounce Rate graph to high every time you get such wrong clicks.

Spend more time at Reading and Implement them quickly before that technique becomes obsolete. 🙂 All the very best and thanks a ton for your patience and time you have taken to read this one.

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7 Steps For Beginners To Make Money By Blogging

Earn Money BloggingIt might sound bizarre but it is true; you can really earn good money by blogging.

How? That is obviously the million dollar question. In the following discussions we will try to highlight the most important aspects of making money by blogging.

Blog is Not Bad but Success Counts

It is not a bad idea starting a blog of your own and it can substantially reward you if it is successful. But to be successful; one has to follow a few basic steps; at least when he or she is a beginner in the trade.

Step 1 – Choose the Topic You Like Most

Blogging may be good but unless the topic is the one which is close to your heart, success will not be likely to come. Blogs can be personal; branding; or profit making. But the last one is the offshoot of the other two. Topics chosen should give benefits to the target audience.

Step 2 – Start with Personal Blogging

When you start with your favorite topic and personal blogging it will give you valuable experience and develop your expertise in the field of blogging. It is rightly said that experience has no match.

Step 3 – Branding Blog is Great Idea

If you are good at something and start a branding blog you will always like to update it adding information about your new expertise and all your blogs will revolve round your niche topic. Gradually you will be recognized online as an expert in the trade and advertisers will flock to your blog with offers.

Step 4 – Know Your Potential Competitors

Learning about the possible and potential competitors will help you blog in a manner to remain ahead of them both in terms of contents as well as quality. A good idea is to read as much as possible recent blogs written on the topic that will give an idea about the weakness in them which you can exploit in your blog with better contents.

Step 5 – Generating Target Keywords

The best way to find out general interests in your topic and possible advertisers would be using a couple of tools provide by Google like the Google Adwords keywords tool and Google Traffic estimator. With them you can generate best target keywords that will help get your blog high ranking on search engine result pages.

Step 6 – Selecting Best Paying Keywords

Once again by placement of the generated keywords on the Google Adwords you will be able to learn the keyword that offers highest pay per click revenue generation including the traffic data and it will help you concentrate on ideal keywords.

Step 7 – Set Up Your Blog for Hosting

Your blog starts getting traffic and generates revenue only when it is published on the web and for this you require a host. Good news is that many hosting sites are offering low cost hosting for new bloggers realizing that in the long run it is going to help them in more revenue generation through these affiliate blogging sites. Select a reliable and reputable web host who would cost you less and this can be done by comparing and contrasting the terms and conditions offered by each of the websites that comes in contact with you.

Don’t forget that for all these and ultimate success you need a custom blog theme unique in nature.

10 Tips For Beginners Before Launching Their Blog

When you start your blog, you’re excited to reach out to the world and share your thoughts with everyone. There are some basic rules that you must follow in order to successfully launch your blog:

Launching Blogs

1. Focusing on a specific topic

Write the first few articles on a specific topic and maintain this for some duration. Even if you can make a few “off topic” topics from time to time but respect the fact that 80% of your blog should be devoted to your main theme. Therefore, it is essential to define its scope at the outset.

2. Write a few articles first

You should go for a launch only after you’ve a couple of articles on your blog. These articles should be of good quality (basic principles, user manual, controversy etc.). There’s nothing worse than a blog with 1 or 2 items.

3. Regularity

Publish an article every day for 2 or 3 weeks in the beginning, and then you can slow down the pace (say, 2 posts per week).

4. Work on your connections

Communicating via your website and social bookmarking sites like digg and delicious is very essential. If you chose a “classic” theme, very soon you will attract the world and you will improve your ranking quickly.

5. RSS Feeds

Submit RSS feeds (eg. via FeedBurner) and a newsletter.

6. Don’t Ignore the Power of Forums

Post info in the forums dedicated to your industry, start contributing in the comments of blogs (NO SPAM comments at all!)

7. Start with your Friends and Family

Send an email to your closed ones that you’ve opened your own blog. You can do this with all your contacts (personal, pro, customers, prospects …).

8. Use Printed Material

Make business cards with the address of your blog, and mention your blog in your other sites (if you’ve any).

9. Get easy links

Register your blog and RSS feeds in general or specialized directories.

10. Social Networking

Last but not the least create a profile on networking sites like LinkedIn, Technorati, Facebook, Twitter etc. It may help you to receive considerable amount of visitors, and even if it does not, it definitely improves your SEO and appearance of your site.

What Are Press Releases – Newbies Simple Guide

A press release, news release, media release, press statement or video release is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something claimed as having news value (via Wikipedia). Press release submission have two benefits.

  1. Direct Traffic and Exposure.
  2. Good for search engine rankings.

These two things are one of the most wanted things for a webmaster these days. Let me explain how will you get instant traffic from Press Release.

Press Release as Instant Traffic Source

Press ReleasesPress release sites are basically high ranked sites with high amount of traffic and most of the PR submission sites are also Google News site, and when you publish your press release your submission may get to Google news and for certain period of time you will get hand some amount of traffic on your related keywords.

Secondly when people browse these sites for news and updates they will go to your site as well, but it needs your press release to be well written to catch the interest of people.

Press release as a source of powerful links

Almost all the press release sites allow you to add your links, some allow only 1 and some allow 2-3 links, which will help you because these sites ranges from PR5-PR9, and links from high page rank sites are always helpful, and powerful links will help you to get good ranks in search engines. Also these links are the source of direct traffic.

How to write a press release?

Writing a press release is not an difficult task, it is as easy as writing an article, the main difference between article and press release is that, press release always contain some news or announcement in it, whereas an article is a source of information. So, if you got a news just share it with others and its called a press release.

What kind of press release is best?

If you want to write a best press release then you must take care of following things.

#1 – Your press release must be unique.

#2 – It must contain some news.

#3 – Your press release will be more good if its connected with an event.

#4 – An active even on press release.

All these points need to kept in mind to create a good looking professional press release, so it will never get rejected. 🙂

HOW TO: Start As A Proper Blogger [Newbies Tips]

Imagine you are your own boss (Remember, Blogging is equivalent to Entrepreneurship) and you can get up any time work in flexible hours and the most exciting part you have to do what ever you feel like. Apart from this for a lot of people who want to live the internet lifestyle (Freelancer) and also turn famous on the web and as well as earn whooping cash in fact a six digit income a month.

BloggerCan’t believe what I just said then read it once again. This is completely true and this life can be yours too. The answer for this kind of question is Blogging. A concept that was developed by various people a decade ago which is a kind of journalism and today becomes one of the most sort after thing on the internet as well. So to begin how would you become a blogger or a web Entrepreneur and earn money:

  • Think of a topic which you love the most.
  • Start writing articles on it regularly.
  • Have a lot of patience.

The points that I have stated above are more than enough for becoming a blogger and the best thing you’d be earning for doing this. Now the question may be there in your mind as to how to earn in this way then let me tell you there are a lot of way for monetizing your website and earn. Other ways of earning include affiliate advertising, Google Adsense but I’ll explain about that in some of my next posts. But the main points I’d like to tell you guys is :

  • Write only on that topic you are interested in, remember if you are not interested in your work then its quite obvious that the other people won’t be too
  • Be patient, money won’t flow in from the first day itself, it would take time so please wait when it will start coming I bet you’d be unable to control it.
  • Try to get into lots of affiliate advertising and post on them as well because they drive you traffic and also earn you money.

Useful Posts For New Bloggers :

  • 5 Things Every New Blogger Must Know
  • 5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Starting A Blog

As an initial start up in blogging you can use blogger.com as your host and later shift to WordPress (its amazing). But ya get your own domain and then only you should start. The main reason for this is as you may start your work on Blogger.com (as this website stated) but later on you might shift to any other hosting platform. If your domain name remains the same then it would become easy for your readers to stay connected with your website and they won’t get confused.

Some place to get the best domains include GoDaddy (the best) and if you want a free domain then get a.Co.CC domain. Its completely free.

Right Now, That’s it. Have a nice time blogging (as I’m Having).

5 Solid Tips To Write A Better Blog Post

As I sat down to write this post for Hellbound Bloggers, I wondered what I would write about. As I sat contemplating, I decided to write about ‘what to write about’. Rest assured the rest of the post isn’t going to be as confusing as the sentence you just read.

Better Blog Post

#1 – Inspiration

For starters let’s start with a blank slate and add some inspiration as the background. In this case I’m going to use some of my favorite writers of the Beat Generation as an inspirational topic. Jack Kerouac made a list he considered essential to write spontaneously. Others like Allen Ginsberg and William Burrough wrote voraciously on the elements central to the “Beat” culture like drugs, alternative sexuality, Eastern philosophies and a rebellious scorn for materialism. Using this 1950s American landscape as inspiration, let us create a masterpiece, worth writing about 50 years hence.

#2 – Spontaneity

A Zen master would answer our question ‘What do I write about?’ with a profoundly simple yet stern command ‘Write!’ I began this post with a similar initiative when I used the question as the answer. I must admit I’m rather addicted to confusing prose, so let me rephrase the above lines thus. Spontaneous is defined as ‘performed or occurring as a result of a sudden inner impulse or inclination and without premeditation or external stimulus’. So applying the same, I am writing this post with neither planning nor research and if all goes well, I won’t even bother editing the post. Many will argue that this is downright ridiculous, but I believe it to be the best antidote for writer’s block.

#3 – Eloquence

A virtue almost on the brink of extinction thanks to the advent of list posts and the brevity of the ‘Great Internet Blog Post’, eloquence refers to the art of speaking or writing fluently and with persuasion. As you can see from the nature of this post, I am using a format of short headlines and carefully pedicure paragraphs which all you bloggers will be familiar with. Since the short attention span of the ‘Great Internet Blogger’ is fickle and prone to waver, I will wax eloquent within the confines of this paradigm. One may even be as brief as bullet point list posts, but every once in a while venture forth into deeper waters and write eloquently and with élan.

#4 – Spirit

Often as bloggers, we stick to niche topics and genres which while bringing traffic to our shores also limit our view of the horizon. Digg into the seat of emotions within yourself and discover that which shapes yours thoughts and attitude. This is the eternal ‘fountain of youth’ for bloggers and will offer a never ending source of material once discovered. Of course you can instead feel free to consume ‘spirits’ the kind prepared by the process of distillation – which is often a far quicker albeit highly unstable route to tread.

#5 – Conclusion

Often the trouble with spontaneously inspired writing, fueled by the spirit within is that the eloquence knows no end and struggles incoherently to derive a conclusive end to its exuberant journey. Ernest Hemingway, a writer known for a writing style, characterized by economy and understatement said ‘Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.’ Similarly when you write rabid and random posts, you will soon learn how to be brief, conclusive and to the point. Or you can always write like this!

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5 Things Every New Blogger Must Know

Blogging is really fun and a lot of people are getting into the game everyday.

Even though blogging is fun we still have a large percentage of new bloggers who come and eventually quit after a few months of starting, I have discovered the major reason why many of these bloggers quit too soon and this post will be talking about 5 things every new blogger must know.

Going to start a blog? Then also check the 5 things to keep in mind before starting a blog.

#1 – Blogging is Not a Get Rick Quick Scheme

Quick Money

After observing the majority of bloggers who quit too soon I discovered many of them stopped blogging because their expectations has been cut short, many of them thought that they can just start a blog today and begin to make thousands of dollars from doing nothing, when they eventually discover that they are wrong they then decide to quit.

Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme but rather a great online business model for serious people, blogging takes time and effort.

#2 – P,P,P -Patience, Passion and Persistence is a Must!


Another very important thing to note when blogging is that blogging requires you to have some great attributes which are patience, passion and persistence. The reason for this is that blogging is not that easy and you will face a lot of problems from different angles when blogging, it is your passion that will keep you going when you face these problems, blogging also takes time before you get results and being patience will help you wait till you get the right results. Also you need to maintain concentration in Blogging.

It is also very important to be persistent because some things are not very easy to get but you will begin to see positive changes if you keep trying.

#3 – Always Adapt to Change


As a blogger, it is also very important to always adapt to changes because he that is always adapting to change will have little problems.

There will always be changes and in the online world it is very dangerous not to adapt to these changes. For example, social media is now very important yet many bloggers tend to ignore social media.

Try as much as possible to quickly adapt to change and you will always get a lot of benefits.

#4 – Always Make Effective Use of Your Analytics


Another important thing is to always make effective use of analytics on your blog, I am not trying to tell you to be addicted to checking your stats but I am saying you should know what works.

For example, you might want to observe what is the best time to publish your post in order for it to get maximum attention, you might also want to observe which type of post gets the best traffic. Another great way to make effective use of analytics for your blog is by taking a look at where most people come to your blog from, which search engine keyword are they using to find your blog, you can now use this data to improve your blog by optimizing it and improving on your strengths.

#5 – Your Readers Deserve Some Respect


When blogging it is very important to give your readers some respect instead of just ignoring them. Many bloggers go to the extent of abusing their readers thereby failing to realize that they can do nothing without their readers. Earlier I prepared the recommended ways for respecting your beloved commentators & readers.

It is also very important to reply to comments from your readers and try to answer their questions because this makes them feel more valued thereby doing their best to help make your blog a success.

Blogging has its own set of rules and doing what is right will give the best results, the above are 5 great things every new blogger must know.

For more tips on blogging, connect with HellBound Bloggers & we’ll ping you as soon as we post them. Cheers! 😉

5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Starting A Blog

When you’re ready to start a blog, all our mind sets would be on theme, design aspects, and making our blog look better, but we ignore certain aspects which must be present before starting our blog. Only when these things are set clear before starting a blog, then it can come out as successful blog. Here are few things that should be taken care before starting a blog.

I am not sure about the statistics, but on a average 10,000 blogs are created per day, but 3 months later only 1% is maintained. So most of the people concentrate on designing the blog rather leaving out the main aspects which makes the blog more successful on the long run. Here are few working methods that would make your blog more successful probably if you keep all these points in mind before starting your blog.

Also Check : 5 Things Every New Blogger Must Know

#1 – Schedule 10 To 20 Quality Articles Earlier

Schedule Posts

Before your blog is live, make sure you schedule some 10 to 20 quality articles which are ready to be published. Many blogs install wordpress and keep it as such with the Hello World post. No one wants to see that, instead a new blogger should produce some quality post and show the ability.

First impressions are the best ones and you should make the reader to come again to your blog. So, work before your blog is alive.

#2 – Changes Should Be Finalized Offline

Working Offline

Don’t work or make changes to the live blog. Once you’ve made live, then only thing you should concentrate is on quality articles over quantity and also promotion. All the changes to the design and other things should be finalised at offline. When you’re branding your blog, design it offline and make it live at once.

Don’t keep changing the design or other things often. The only thing you should concentrate is on content and promotion. For offline working with WordPress, you can install Xampp and WordPress.

#3 – Content Is Nothing Until You Promote It

Social Media

So, you have finalised the design and also started working on content once the blog is live, now how to make people know about your blog ? Content is nothing until you promote it. So, promotion here plays a major role, now starting promoting your blog. Plan for promotional activites before you start a blog. Before starting a blog, get into the social media sites like twitter, facebook etc.

Make some friendship, let them know who you’re. If you’re on twitter, Retweet the post of some bloggers, get their attention, start the conversation with them. Same goes with digg, facebook, and other sites. So now once you’ve got some familiarity with them, it will be easy for promotional activities. When you make your blog live, it will be easy to get some traffic from other sources than search engines.

#4 – Only Passion Can Drive Your Blog With Success

Success Via Passion

Here on the note 4, I would like to focus on 4 points that you should keep in mind before starting a blog. Only passion can drive your blog with success. Many people fail in the first 3 months because of less passion towards work and no patience.

So, the 4 points which you should tell your mind always – Hard Work by frequent update of articles and writing quality content, Patience, Smart promotion of your blog and Communicating with fellow bloggers and readers. So focusing on all these 4 points will make your blog successful. You should also maintain concentration in Blogging.

#5 – Follow The Don’t Give Up Nature

Never Give Up

Apart from design, content, promotion and communication, you should set your mind free and strongly follow the don’t give up nature. Blogging is not quick race, its more like a marathon.

You will be successful only on a long run. So never give up at any circumstances. You may fail, but learn where you’ve failed and come back with a bang. Strictly follow the don’t give up nature, you will be successful one day ! Believe the potential in You !

So these are the factors I think that should be kept in mind before starting a blog. What Say?

WordPress Date & Time Tutorial For Beginners

In this article I’m going to share some tips for displaying date and time on WordPress posts and comments information.

Though I’m 99.9% sure, I recommend you to take backup of your theme files or at least the required theme file. Please!

Display “Time Ago” for Posts or Comments

Just copy and paste the following code in functions.php file.

function time_ago( $type = 'post' ) {
$d = 'comment' == $type ? 'get_comment_time' : 'get_post_time';
return human_time_diff($d('U'), current_time('timestamp')) . " " . __('ago');

This uses built-in WordPress function human_time_diff(). Now place the following PHP code on single.php file or comments.php.

Note : File names may vary according to themes.

<?php echo time_ago(); ?>

Display Copyright Year

We don’t need to add copyright date or time, displaying the year is more than enough.

Add the following code in footer.php (most preferred area).

Coding :

Copyright © <?php the_time('Y'); ?> < ?php bloginfo('name'); ?>

Output :

Copyright © 2009 HellBound Bloggers

Tip : Update The Copyright Year Automatically

Adding the Date and the Time to your posts

You can add date and time to your posts in this format easily.

This entry was posted on <?php the_time('l, F jS, Y') ?> at < ?php the_time('g:i a'); ?> and is filed under <?php the_category(', ') ?>

Output :

This entry was posted on 21 July 2010 at 06:00 PM and is filed under Resources

Display the Date and the Time your post was modified

The template tag the_modified_date shows the date your post was last modified. Similarly the_modified_time() displays the last modified time.

Note : These only work when used within the WordPress Loop.

Coding :

This post was published on <?php the_date('F j, Y'); ?> and was last modified on < ?php the_modified_date(); ?> at <?php the_modified_time() ?>

Output :

This post was published on July 18, 2010 and was last modified on July 20, 2010 at 5:30 pm

For further formatting and customizing, check WordPress Codex.

Having any problems? Do you know any other trick? Please share it in the comments!