#5 Tips To Increase The Number Of Your Twitter Followers

Increase Twitter FollowersTwitter – The micro blogging tool has been very famous now-a-days. Being famous in this famous service, could bring you lot of traffic, which you can’t even imagine.

Instead of having friends, we have to create more followers in twitter. The more followers you have, the more powerful you are. Here are 5 simple ways, by which you can increase your twitter followers by triple.

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1. Be ‘TIPTOP’

This is the most important and simple part. Your page have to be very attractive before the people. Be in Style. Just add some Images, or reviews of any big websites, etc on your page. This all makes the users think that you are someone worth following !


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Proverb : First Impression is the best impression

2. Follow other members in your niche i.e, your competitors

Even if you had made your Profile in a stylish manner, what if no one comes to see it? Remember that people won’t come in search for you from the beginning itself , as they don’t know you. Let them see you. Stand somewhere they can see you. Follow some of your competitors and slowly start building your empire.

Proverb : Slow and study wins the race (even between Tortoise and Rabbit)

3. Follow Back – That’s what they needed.

Most of all twitter users won’t be interested just to follow you. Follow them back. I know that you too won’t be interested in following back, But you have to. The need is yours. You can unfollow them if necessary, but only later, when you becomes popular, based on their relations with you!

Proverb : As you saw, so you reap

4. Re-tweet and be others GOD FATHER

Re-tweets are what most of all bloggers want from you. Give them retweets and they will be happy to follow you. They will too do the same to you. This can also help you to strengthen your relationships .

Proverb : People will worship the lamp. which gives them light on night.

5. Have relevant, quality conversations with others

A perfect way to catch the interest of your followers. Just make tweeting conversation which others too can see. This will increase your influence in others and will publicize your name.

Proverb : Good words can bring Respect to you; Bad words can take away respect from you

I’m currently having a lot of experiments with my Twitter account, so don’t get stunned to see my Twitter account. I’ll post the tricks I find after completing my experiments. Just see my Twitter page and follow me.


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43 thoughts on “#5 Tips To Increase The Number Of Your Twitter Followers”

  1. There a some sites I think that gives you thousands of followers but I don’t want that. I need real followers, real people and no bots/spam. I follow some and I hope they follow me back too.

  2. dude.. that’s a nice One.. :).. Hope i Make some girls to follow me ..lol… :P. Thanks For Sharing…

  3. I find that building relationships is much more important than building followers. Having 150 people that read, recommend, and trust what you tweet is much greater than having 10,000 people that ignore you.

    Of course maintaining relationships can be difficult to do when you’re following 100+ people. I wrote a post about getting the most out of Twitter, which outlines how I keep ontop of the information.


  4. very nice tips…

    Twitter emerged as a viral marketing in internet industry so it good to get more followers and so more traffic from it
    .-= sudharsan @ technoskillonline’s last blog…Badjuju just happened !? – Commentluv Problem solved =-.

  5. good article , and @ the same time , dont fall in trap, many affialte programs and spammers will be following you and mentioned you @yourname: buy this pills or creams or XXX tapes. it will ruin your twitter profile and other reputation form your niche fellow ppl. so take care,

    • Yeah ! What you told is a serious issue with all the social networking sites. Even if you are innocent, spammers like them can cause you trouble !

  6. Nice post. We also need to be careful in developing our network on Twitter. Small but healthy and qualified network is better than big network full of spammers and advertisers. Good network is the one who deliver value. These ten don’t add any.

  7. Good tips, especially the third one to follow back. Many times one notices that people follow you with the expectation that you’d follow them; and if they find that you’re not following them, they may unfollow you. Therefore, follow back can be a very good policy to retain your followers on Twitter.

    • yeah ! Just as we becomes mutual friends on orkut, facebook, digg etc we can be mutual friends in twitter also, by following them back. You have to follow back your followers but be sure to check if they are worth following !

  8. Well, the points you mentioned are all valid and one must do their best to attract new followers and to interact with current followers. I agree with Gabe about changing the default background, even if you make it plain.

    Dan from Tycoon Blogger has just posted about Top 10 Twitter Follower Directories that one could use, maybe go have a look.

  9. cool tips, its always a give and take thing initially, unless you follow back you won’t find much followers, also good to see that you mention about the retweets. us bloggers need re-tweets, that’s the only real benefit of twitter for the blog,

  10. Thanks for sharing tips. I guess I need to make my profile more attractive apart from that I am following other things. Thanks for the links. 🙂

  11. Hi,
    Great tips. The great think about Twitter is that you can keep your business in the forefront of your customers’ mind in a pretty non-intrusive way.

  12. Dont retweet top sites link like tech crunch or mashable. Nor retweet a link given by a person with 1 lakh followers. you will lose followers in this case.Own experience.

  13. I know next to nothing about Twitter but one of my clients wants to get into social marketing so I need to learn more about it. So I really appreciate this post, a good place to start.

    • Hey Koi Fish,

      Twitter is interesting when you come to know more about it.
      Nice to hear that i have became a starting point for one more friend . 🙂


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