Top 15 Twitter Tools for Twitter Freaks

Twitter, a micro blogging service allows anyone to send/receive short messages (140 Characters) in Real time. It is possible to send a message for even 1 million users at a single click of a mouse button. If you are new to Twitter, then register yourself for free and have a look at the Twitter Definition for Newbies . Rather a tool for communicating with friends and family members, Twitter can also be a valuable source for flouring the business.

Alright, let me share some twitter tools with you that make many of your internet tasks easier. These twitter tools use Twitter API to authenticate with their application. Hence, you don’t have to register every time you visit these sites.
Twitter Freaks
1. Mr.Tweet : Getting twitter followers suggestion based upon your interest simply via Direct Message to your Twitter account is what MrTweet actually do. Signup with your Twitter account in their website and you may start expecting suggestions to increase your following, followers count in few minutes.

2. Twitthis : You can share the links instantly with your followers using this service with a customized message. This also helps you to increase the followers count.

3. Twitcam : Just in 3 easy steps you can start broadcasting your video with your twitter users. Latest browser with flash plug-in is all it requires to begin the video broadcasting and recording services.

4. Twitpic : This allows any twitter user to post (upload) pictures either through their website or simply from their mobile phone. The link generated will be posted in their twitter dashboard by twitpic for viewing the pictures by their followers. Simple yet powerful picture sharing service for twitter.

5. Twit4live : A software to set status messages from your Live Messenger itself and also to send tweets to your twitter contacts through Live Messenger.

6. Twellow : Looking for followers or people whom you can follow? Then Twellow has a solution for this by separating the people in a list of categories that makes your job much easier in searching for people. Pick your category and start adding new people to follow or fill up your bio data (profile) within twellow to get more followers.

7. TweetDeck : An Adobe AIR application that enables you to get real time updates of Twitter, Facebook Status messages without a delay. This is a commonly recommended and used adobe air application by many twitter users. You can receive and send updates in real time. It’s Interactive, Instant and Simple – that makes the tweetdeck a special one.

8. : One stop solution for bloggers, which reduces the headache of spreading a word about their recent article, with various social networking accounts. Just integrate the API’s of respective Social Networking or Social Bookmarking sites with and concentrate on writing your blog posts. takes care about sending the updates to most commonly used Social networking and bookmarking sites.

9. Cotweet : Suitable for companies to extend and manage their support through twitter. This allows anyone to add up to 6 twitter accounts through their 1 cotweet login. Follow ups for certain tweets can be done by assigning the tweet to a colleague. Notifications via email also possible. Many organizations are providing their one form of support through this cotweet today.

10. Twittercal : Embed your twitter account and Google Calendar to get event notifications without visiting google calendar each time. Just send message to Twittercal bot (gcal) and it will take care of your event schedules and notifies you at the correct time specified.

11. Qwitter : Get a notification email if someone stops following you on twitter. The email message also contains the recent post you made in your twitter profile where that could be one of the reason for losing your follower.

12. GroupTweet : Create private groups to communicate with your group members alone by sending the tweet as a direct message to the group tweet account. That will convert the DM back to tweet and publishes only for the group users. Private communication is established through this way.

13. FollowCost : A service to let you know how much frequently the twitter user is updating his or her status message and you may decide whether you can follow them or not. If you feel the high “Average Updates” could annoy you then you may decide not to follow the twitter user and simply let them to follow you. You may check out my annoying status before following my twitter profile here.

14. Huitter : Contains various Twitter Tweaks and Cheats that makes your twitter account tweaked. Mutuality, is one of their tool that enables any twitter user to unfollow if they are not following you. Another one is an status update tool for Gtalk 2 Twitter.

15. Retwt : Impressive site that shrinks your lengthy Blog or Web article (post) URL and make it look like . You may share it with your friends or in any social networking, bookmarking sites. By entering the same URL and navigating to “Analyse” you can view how many clicks made to that specific shortened URL.

Thanks for your patience for reading the article so far. Your comments will motivate me more and more to come up with many improved ideas. Will meet you through my next Guest Article with HellBound Bloggers.

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    • You are welcome @Chetan, Retwt is the one i use for my articles url shrinking purpose when it comes to twitter sharing. And i also use as it provides good statistics 😉

      – Robin

  1. Great useful list.

    I’m currently a 1 month old twitter fan and was on the look out for some twitter tools to make the process easier.

    • Agreed @Dinesh, At first i just started with twitter and facebook. These days i cant get rid off from these two social networking sites.. i was using orkut and now stick to FB and Tweets.

      Cheers !

    • There are many such titles in internet. This is my first article and followed the rules of HBB, the guest article shouldnt present inside HBB or copied from net. And i tried my best to express with my own words.. 🙂

      I have few more tools in the list but skipped .,

  2. Amazing and vast list ! tried all , i was familiar with 10 of em , nice to see all d tools listed here , lov all of em ,but followcost , it just refuses to count my statsshowing "Twitter is riding the whale. Try again later." , but it can of other users , strange !


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