Unnatural Activity Of Twitter Gives You Penalty Like Panda, Penguin In Future!

Twitter PenaltySocial Media Optimization (SMO) is now forcefully using in corporate world. And People are addicted to Social Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and etc.

But here I am talking about Twitter. There are millions of people using Twitter everyday to get traffic, find friends, build network and also for good Business. Daily I am also using Twitter but when I am seeing some people’s activity on Twitter don’t mind but they looks like spammer. I have number of reason why they are spammer and few of reason I am sharing here. If you will not Follow this reason you will get amazing result in social media.

I thought that Social Media Platform will take step against spammers as recently Google has take big steps against seo spammers.

List of Spamming Technique in Twitter

Direct Message:

When I follow someone immediately I got DM that “thanks for follow” also something marketing message that “download free song” or something else. But I personally think that when you automated something then it’s a first bad sign of social media.

You can send that person DM but not in automated way wait for sometime and manually start process. Social Media platform helps us to make relationship. Remember one thing that treat social media as your child baby always you will get success.

Auto Follow:

There are number of Twitter Profile which has number of followers but most of profile has increase followers through different tools. Use tools are not bad things but use tools for increase Twitter followers are really bad things. Its looks like you are doing social media as aggressive link building.

My advice is that follower’s ratio must be 1:1.

“Hashtag” is Black Hat Command

If you are using Hashtag in limited use then it is white hat command but using it twice or more in tweets it’s definitely spamming.

Example of Spamming Tweets:

“Good SEO Tips – goo.gl/is579t #seo #tips #india #linkbuilding“

I thought that it’s definitely spamming. If you are thinking that number of persons will follow you so I’m Sorry. It’s your wrong thinking. A best tip is that your tweets will be short, descriptive and with limited Hashtag so people will follow you.

Tweeting Fake Jokes, Quotes in Corporate Twitter Account:

Sometimes I am watching in Twitter that some big automobile company tweets some joke our love quotes in his company Twitter account. He thought that if he posted this type of tweets and people will follow him. But I will give you advise that when you will post this type of tweets so 100% your followers count will reduce.

Post only relevant thing in Professional Twitter Account.

Shooting Bulk Tweets:

If you are shooting 15 Tweets from Air Gun at the same moment what will happen? If you are thinking that this type of activity make people live in your profile so you are doing wrong thinking. But it will kill people. People will unfollow you.

I recommend to all Twitter lovers that do activity on Twitter with love is good for all but if you doing activity aggressive its really headache and looks like you are spammer.

11 thoughts on “Unnatural Activity Of Twitter Gives You Penalty Like Panda, Penguin In Future!”

  1. Nice title. When I first read the title on FB, I thought there is something unusual happened. But when I read your article, it was compeletely out of context. When you talk about penguine, panda or something close to it, it usually refers to search engine penalty 🙂 (in this case Google).

  2. Ishan I got banned too by twitter last year because i did Spamming on twitter and after that I had never tried to do spamming on twitter and other social network. Actually People thinks that By doing too many promotion they will won the battle of seo but is not truth. Even now after coming Google Panda they should stop doing spamming and all things.

  3. Hello Ishan
    nice post 
    Social Media Marketing should be done to promote your brand online, spamming and aggressive link building can hurt your social media profile. thanks for sharing

  4. @Gautam: I am not talking about Google. I am talking about Social Media Platform…  and at present hastag is good but for future it might be danger… like before that we are using exact anchor for link building but nowadays its danger for us.

  5. @Amit : Hash Tag is good… But If you Use it Aggressive and also in Unnatural way then might be twitter will take some action in future… My Post title is saying that might be you will get penalty like panda and penguin… before this update all activity was natural but after that its unnatural… 

    I think you got my point what i am trying to say…. 

  6. Yeah i am agree  that over link sharing on any social media site is Spamming.
    BTW I think using hash tag is good because it help us to find out some Tweets for any topics and its good for chat and if we are using Group Communication by chat.
    So i don’t think using hash tag is spamming. 
    I saw most of people have been using hash tag( to Popularize the Topics ) from long time without any problem without any penalty because its a best features of tweets so i don’t think it will affect on future too.

  7. Hi Ishan, good points are mentioned by you.. I knew that over posting can penalize our account but I was not sure about it. Thanks for confirming. Again I think ratio of followers to following should be 6:1, is it really 1:1? By the way, thanks for the post once again. 🙂


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