How to Effectively Use Twitter Lists

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media networks in the world. The social network reportedly has accumulated 645,750,000 members in their database. That is a lot of potential customers to interact with and market to, and the number is only growing. Your business can be exposed to customers that otherwise would have never found you.

A Twitter list is a personalized group of twitter users that is exclusive to just those users. You have the option to start your own lists or join lists built by other Twitter users. You can then view a specialized timeline of updates from only the members of the list you’ve created or joined. You cannot send a direct tweet to someone for just the list to see, this feature is for reading tweets only, not responding.

Use Twitter Lists

To create a list, you simply go to your lists page from two ways. Click on settings from the top right of the Twitter homepage or on your profile click lists. Click ‘create a list’ and type in some simple details about the list as well as its privacy settings. On a user’s profile, click settings and ‘add or remove from lists’.

Use Twitter Lists Effectively

Many businesses are a member of lists but don’t know how to create and use lists effectively to help their business and gain new customers. Learn how you can use Twitter Lists effectively.

List Your Suppliers

Your business purchases from and is subscribed to many other helpful businesses such as accounting software, office supplies, software, computer companies, and more. Twitter is an easy way to keep track of their updates and discounts. Look through your following list and add all of the businesses you regularly purchase from to a list entitled “Suppliers”. This will ensure you never miss their weekly specials, notice of company downtime, and more important information you may need from them.

List Your Competitors

Why would you want to know every move your competitor makes? To be one step ahead of them at all times. Let’s be honest your business follows other industry leaders in your niche. Start a list entitled the business niche you’re in. For example, if you’re a graphic designer, title your list “Graphic Designers”. This will help you stay updated with the latest industry trends, give your business marketing ideas from other businesses, and learn from leaders in your niche.

List Your Customers

After purchasing from you, many customers will follow you on Twitter to ensure you stay relevant in their mind. If this is the case, gather those customers together and create a list and call it “Customers”. You may not want to know all of their personal posts, but every once in a while a customer will post “I just got engaged!” and if you’re a graphic designer you can then email them congratulating on the engagement and let them know if they’re looking for a website, invitation design, etc. with the engagement, you’re available. This will show the customer you care about them and their wedding, and it’s the more likely you’ll hire them.

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