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3 Major Reasons To Use Facebook For Blog Promotion


Earlier we shared why we can use Social Media for Blog Promotion and now we are going to see three major reasons why Facebook should be mainly used for that. Normally I spend some time there to get Facebook Fans. There are various things that you should know, if you are one of those who spends a majority of the time on Facebook. It is quite possible for you to know almost everything about Facebook, and it could certainly put its creator, Mark Zuckerberg to shame, with all your fantastic trivia on the website.

Facebook -  Blog Promotion

The humungous number of Users

However, were you aware that Facebook has more than 500 million users right now and the numbers keep on increasing, as you’re reading this post? Half of these users would log on to Facebook at any possible chance that they get. An average Facebook user normally has at least 140 friends on his/her list and people usually spend more than 700 billion minutes per month just on this social networking platform.

Invite All Events Page

There are above 900 million objects that users are able to interact with or use, which include groups, pages, community pages, events etc. Contrary to the monotonous old time, when you would have to invite people one by one by calling them or sending them invites by email or by post, Facebook makes sure that sending an invitation of your party or any other function will not be troublesome for you anymore, as you can as easily announce your upcoming events on this website and it will be just a click away.

All that you are required to do is to create the event page, and press the ‘Invite All’ button to inform your guests, about the particular event that you are organizing. Wait for an RSVP and you are all ready to go!

More than 30 billion pieces of Content each month

A normal user is also connected to a minimum of 80 community pages, events, and groups and must have created at least 90 pieces of content every month, like news stories, articles, notes, blog posts, photo albums, web links, messages that are shared each month.

It is not surprising that Facebook is being preferred by many people all across the globe, keeping in mind that it is functional in more than 70 translations and hence, can be used by individuals speaking is any possible language. You can make your selection from a list that contains English, Chinese, French, Spanish, and many more such languages, which are widely spoken in different regions of the world. Here’s one more teaser for you, one can create his/her own language on Facebook, and can set the page to be in a pirate lingo, if you want to!


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    • Asher Elran

      These are some great pointers! I have seen a lot of blogs increase their traffic by creating fan pages and groups for their blog on facebook, and then promoting their blog through those pages. In addition, you would also use facebook ads to promote your website. 

    • Avi Jit (@skyhitblog)

      My love for facebook is because: I can increase connections, promote blog and get traffic…

    • petiks tech

      It’s just hard to get likes these days unlike before you just ask your friends to recommend it to their friends.
      I guess we just need to keep on improving our sites and be helpful to readers. 

    • Charmain Bourbonnais

      Facebook is a social network so the fanpage owner must tackle from a social point of view to achieve the best results. Too much or too little (or none) wall updates can greatly affect the fans! I think that the fanpage owner must interaction with his fans especially when they are asking a question. Otherwise, that really defeat the purpose to have a fanpage

    • Alex Dail

      Thanks for the great news about Facebook. I'm just starting to get familiar with it as a social media resource to connect with people with niche interests. I will be looking forward to more of your posts.

    • Imraan

      this is true that facebook greatly helps in blog promotion. The best part is <a href="http://networkedblogs.com/followblog.php?name=princeimu">Networked Blogs</a> which is associated with facebook.

      Through this website you can auto-share your blog posts. Its really helps .

    • Hassam Ahmad Awan

      A traffic drop in Google+ has again started discussions whether or not Google plus would handle this massive competition with Facebook. This is getting interesting day by day 🙂

    • saleem

      Nice article bro, good reasons and 1 more thing facebook n

    • Vishnu

      Is there a way directly to post of links from blog to fb via a plugin or something?

    • Louie @ WordPress Hosting Deals

      Having a Facebook page is a must for every blogger. However, putting up a Facebook page and attracting likes is a bit difficult for ordinary bloggers like me. 🙂

    • Emil A. Georgiev

      Indeed, sharing my content on Facebook has showed very good results – time spent on the website longer than average and a significantly lower bounce rate.

    • Jacob

      Thanks for nice information to upgrading our blogs by means of using face book features. There are some are facts ….. Facebook is an extremely powerful tool for marketing our business. Some business can grow in popularity much more readily on Facebook than others. Best of luck!

    • Amrish Singh

      Face book the no one social network of the wold and rapidly increasing the number of member . I has been become the best way to promote our blog

    • Deepak @ Internet Marketing

      Good article. It's a known fact that FB is a great platform to promote one's business. Nothing new about it. What would interest readers more is how to make your community page viral. I mean the different techniques used to get maximum fans as quickly as possible.

    • Sidhant

      UPDATE: Facebook's statistics announced by Mark Zuckerberg in a public event 2-days back report that Facebook has now 750 Million active users. Man, that's 250 million short for a BILLION!! Woh! that left behind Google way too back :p

    • Hassam Ahmad Awan

      Pretty understandable. We all know about the potential of Facebook for webmasters.
      Thanks for combining stats.

      <a href="http://bloggingehow.blogspot.com”>Blogging Tips For Beginners</a>

    • Thiru

      Really Great reasons here.. FB will bring us good traffic if we shared our link among right community in it.

    • Isha Singh

      yeah agree facebook is the best place to promote or get traffic. but it seems Google + will take that position soon.

    • Aman Arora

      Nice article bro, good reasons and 1 more thing facebook now has 750 million users, said by Mark Zuckerberg during the launch of fb video chat on 6th july 🙂

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