Mistakes To Avoid While Promoting Your Blog (Trust Me, They’re Silly)

mistakes avoid bloggingTo tell the truth, there are various mistakes, which a blogger can make. However, not all of these mistakes are related to the content or the management of your blog. In fact, just like any other venture, you need some good game in order to promote your blog, which attracts traffic.

Of course, the whole matter is quite relative. If you are just a blogger who wants to kill some time for yourself, then you might just ignore every piece that has ever been written down for the benefit of bloggers. Nevertheless, if you want people to visit your blog and maintain a steady flow, you will have to put in more effort that just being whimsical.

In case you are thinking of getting some cash out of it in the bargain, you have to be smart and poke unless you get a good traffic. More importantly, getting the desired traffic will add value to your endeavor.

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Things to avoid

The first thing you should remember is to be regular with your posts. Look, your readers read your posts because they like them. There are hundreds of bloggers who will uncannily cover the same subject of your choice.

Not posting regularly will just keep your fans stranded and we all know that is not wise. Be it monthly, daily or weekly, just make sure that you follow a pattern and watch how you always end up having a healthy traffic in your blog.

The second point of stupidity would be to be too pushy with your views. You see, the point is simple. None of us likes people who are self-centered pieces of crap. Of course, you are writing your blog because you want to express your thoughts and concerns. However, coming on too strongly on your readers will just piss them off and not generate traffic.

Another point which will hinder your progress will of course be not including your readers into you blog. See blogger, just turn the tables on to yourself and you will know the feeling. Your readers like your posts, even if they hate your posts, you can count on numerous discussions about it. Not interacting with them will be a big mistake; either way you look at it.

However, some of your readers may be nice enough to take the pains to write some post, which adds value to your content. The guest post may also be something totally negative. Nevertheless, just make sure that you publish them anyway. This participatory-based communication will certainly give way to more word of mouth and thus end up increasing your traffic.

The act of modesty

Presenting your content in the wrong manner will inevitably convert to your blog hitting the bottom. Look, unless people know your blog exists, nobody will take the pains to seek them out and then read them. So be wise and make sure to arrange for killer posts.

The best way to do the same is to make sure that you have enough keywords, which will be visible in the search engines. Trust me fellas, nothing works like Search Engine Optimization does. It is similar to exams. You write an answer and are marked according to what kind of relevant words and phrases you have packed in, which will please your teacher. So, go ahead and make your content and blog SEO rich for attracting traffic.

Another mistake that bloggers keep making is promoting their blog to the wrong public. Target readers who are interested in your posts and yes, who would like to add value to it as well. Your blogs are mostly read by people who have some manner of problem or interest. Unless you prepare content according to your audience, no traffic can be generated.

Moreover, be prepared to accept your mistakes, if you make any that is. Your act of modestly accepting your faults will take you and your blog a long way into being successful with your readers.

Mistakes at a glance

To summarize the whole thing, it is really not that hard if you are serious about your blog. Just take a look.

  • Be regular with your posts.
  • Avoid being pushy with your readers.
  • Include guests posts into your blog.
  • Make your blog’s content SEO rich.
  • Promote your blog to the right people (targeted promotion).

Once you address these, be ready to fly high. Happy blogging!

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15+ Silly Yet Simple Ways To Promote Your Blog Offline

Writing at beachPromoting your blog is definitely the toughest part in blogging. All your time that you’ve spent in writing great content, proofreading, adding relevant images is just waste if you’ve no one to read it. Who wants to see a pool without fishes? So if you think you have all the things that attracts readers but still you aren’t getting any of ‘em, here I am to help you. Promoting your blog online is familiar to you. So now we’ll learn how to promote your blog offline.

Offline promotion is also a great way to try. Instead of spending lot of bucks in buying an ad space on a famous blog, you can put the same amount offline and get the same result; besides you’ll be the next big celeb of your area.

Offline Promotion Methods

1. Write on currency note : This will work for everyone. Write your blog URL on every currency note you’ve and I’m sure it’ll be in hands of hundreds and most of them will definitely see it. Now don’t ask me, how many of them actually visit. [Removed since it is illegal to write on currency notes in some countries]

2. Your Bluetooth Name : Put your blog URL as your Bluetooth display name and at least your friends will get to know that you’ve a blog.

3. T-Shirt prints : Get your blog logo and URL printed on a plain t-shirt with cool design and give them to your friends and neighbors. Easy and simple.

4. Beach time : Go to a beach on a crowdy Sunday and write your blog URL on wet sand instead of writing your name and ex.

5. Cyber Cafes : Visit public browsing points near you and replace the homepage with your blog address and you’re done.

6. Local meetings : Organize a local meeting for bloggers and geeks of your area and utilize this opportunity. Add yourself as sponsor to that event. (learn why you should attend Blogger Meetups)

7. Niche Hot-spots : This is simple, if you’ve a blog related to movie reviews, get some posters of your blog and leave them at movie theaters.

8. Bumper Stickers : Millions of drivers move thousands of kilometers every day. So stick your bumper sticker to every vehicle around you.

9. Lose your wallet : Make a bunch of cheap wallets and put nothing except a card with your blog details and leave them in sheep crowd places.

10. Yard Sale : So when you sell the items that you no longer want, just add a tag next to your banner – “Sponsored by ______.com”

11. Write on dusty window : You often find vehicles with dusty windows. Write your blog URL on them rather abusing them.

12. Bathroom tricks : Write your blog URL on bathrooms in public bars and restaurants. [Silly, but for fun]

13. Dog Band : Take your dog out and put a sign or sweater on it with your blog address.

14. Halloween candies : Add your URL to doors, candies and your costumes if possible.

15. Backpack patch : Make a sticker for your backpack and travel as you usually do.

16. Flyers : You can use UPrinting Flyer Printing for sticking a poster about your blog on your school/work notice boards. Make sure no one see you.

IMAGE CREDIT : LaVidaMeSorprende

HOW TO: Use Social Media To Promote Your blog

Social Media and BloggingRegardless of whether you are a newbie or a season blogger, I am sure you could always do with more traffic to your blog. And Social Media is a great marketing tool, if you haven’t noticed it already. Chances are you may be using some of these social media platforms. But there are still many who are not in a hurry to jump into the bandwagon yet. Perhaps they are afraid of the unknown or maybe because they do not know how to use the social media to their advantage. Well, that’s what this article is all about, to list down the different social media and how they could help promote your blog.

Wikipedia defines social media as “the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue”. Examples of social media include the undisputed heavyweights Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as well as LinkedIn, Digg and MySpace, just to name a few. Does social media marketing works? Well, according to Nielson, the world population spends 22% of online time at social networks and blog sites. Given this and the fact that social media attracts millions of users every day, it is thus safe to say that social media sites are one of the cheapest and most effective internet marketing tool available today. So the next question will be how to use these social media sites to promote your blog.

Get An Account

The first step is obviously signing up an account with the relevant social media. Some allow you to set a business accounts page like Facebook while others are networking on a professional level like LinkedIn. And then there is Twitter whom many online businesses and bloggers love for its simplicity and the speed at which information can be sent. It is advisable to check beforehand the rules and regulations regarding the setting up of your own account.

Linking Your Blog Posts To The Social Media Sites

The next step is to link up your blog posts to the social media sites. Whenever you publish a new post, update it on your social media account. Tweet about your latest post or perhaps ask a question and then place a link back to your blog. Alternatively, you can include an interesting extract of the post into your Facebook wall. You will be bound to create some curiosity. Just remember to provide a link back to your blog.

Add Social Media Buttons In Your Posts

There are WordPress plugins which you can install to have social media buttons in your posts. Generally, most bloggers would prefer to have them at the bottom of the posts but you can place them anywhere in your post. The idea is to allow your readers to easily share your posts through the social media platforms. You can check out SexyBookmarks, an increasingly popular WordPress plugin which places cute social media buttons on your posts and pages.

Engage and Convert Readers

Interesting blog content is a must. Think carefully about the topics that you want to write on. Remember that quality is more important than quantity. You need to engage your readers first before you can convert them into followers and subsequently, to get them to help you spread the word about your blog. Be approachable and friendly, and reply to comments and questions. This will encourage your readers to share your blog and its contents.

Automatically Feed Content

Some Social Media sites has settings to automatically feed content from your blog to their network so that you can save a good amount of time and effort. This is a great way to entice your readers and friends to check out your blog or your social media accounts. At the same time, it provides a platform for them to share your blog with their friends.

There you go, some of the steps that you can take to benefit on social media’s popularity to promote and market your blog. They will help you improve your blog’s traffic and subsequently SEO. This in turn will translate into credibility and from there, you may even experience exponential growth in your blog’s traffic and readers.

This article is written by Alicia. She is a web designer and developer. Loves WordPress themes and plugins. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

Online Promotion – What It Means for Business?

With 200 million clients looking for products and sellers online; regardless of the size and nature of your business, you simply cannot afford to ignore the impact of online promotions. Research has revealed that online advertising has a considerably higher ROI than conventional methods of marketing. Add to this the fact there are a myriad of online promotion techniques that will suit the budget and requirement of all businesses and its easy to see why humble family owned establishments to major conglomerates have shifted their focus to online marketing. You can see what we’re talking about in the work of ad agencies, like DEMARCA. Here is a look at why and how you should promote your business online and information on free and paid tactics.

social media promotion

Why should you market your business online?

If you have not experienced the benefits of online marketing first hand, chances are that you may be asking yourself the all important question , why should you market your business online when there are scores of other options available? There are several benefits to online advertising that can be offered as an answer to this question; however, the distinctive advantages of using the Internet to market your business are the cost and reach factors. Paid marketing has it’s place in promoting your business, and it can be one of the most effective ways to reach a larger audience. However, it can get pricey. Title loans can be a way for business owners to finance reaching more potential customers.

Pay less and get more:

In this day and age of cut throat competition, more bang for your advertising buck is the need of the hour. After all, a reduction in marketing costs can easily equate to greater discounts and benefits for your clients which may be the perfect lure to increase footfall. You can not only get stupendous response by using online marketing but also you will only have to spend a fraction of your marketing budget to achieve these results.

Reach millions of customers:

Another distinctive advantage of online marketing is the greater reach of your advertising campaign. Unlike TV or Radio commercials or even the Yellow Pages, where you are billed every time your advertising message is played or you have to wait for the client to look up your business, with online marketing, you are targetting customers 24/7. Also, you can reach local as well as national and international clients with the same techniques.

How to market your business online?

When marketing your business over the Internet, the crucial factor to consider is the online visibility of your establishment. To let potential clients know about your products and services, your business has to be placed in such a way that they can find you easily.

However, there are millions of sites selling the same products and services as your business, so you will need to make your site stand out to attract attention from target segment. To devise a successful marketing strategy, you will need to understand , how people look for businesses online.

Most netizens rely on search engines to find a service or product of their choosing. The problem is that Google will usually offer thousands of websites in response to a single query, so where your site is positioned on the SERPs will be vital to the success of your online marketing campaign.

There are several ways in which you can dominate the search engines; you can use paid tactics such as PPC campaigns or choose organic strategies which get your site a higher page rank and greater visibility.

Paid Tactics

Paid tactics are those which require the website owner to incur a cost for implementing the marketing strategies. The most popular paid online promotions techniques include:


Email marketing:

Social media advertising


Buying links:

Expired Domains:

Paid Reviews and blogs:

Paid directories and classifieds:

These are the Internet versions of print media advertising such as Yellow Pages.

Free Marketing Techniques

Another option is to pay a popular review site or a blog to talk about your products or company; however, Google may not take too kindly to this technique and may treat it as paid link building. You can also use expired domains to display your advertisements;. however, the domain will have to be niche specific to get any real benefits from this approach This is one of the most controversial forms on online marketing; here you pay the owner of a website to endorse your products or site. However, search engines will penalize you if they find that you are buying links: Cost per view is the latest breed of paid campaigns; in this form of advertising, video ads and toolbar ads are placed in computer games, software and sites.: It is also possible to place banner ads on Facebook and other social media platforms; alternatively, business owners can cash in on the popularity of certain members by offering to pay them to include their advertisements in the messages they send out to their friends. In this form of marketing, the advertiser pays the owner of a list to include an endorsement of the company’s products or an advertising message in his mails to the people in his list. Pay per click campaigns are essentially banner advertisements which are displayed on various websites and even Google SERPs. The owner of the business does not pay for the display of the advertisement but has to pay every time a visitor clicks on the ad regardless of whether he/she buys the product.

These techniques are not necessarily free but they are aimed at increasing the visibility of a business/website in the cyber world. A business owner can choose to incorporate them in his overall marketing strategy on his/her own, highly limiting the cost of advertising or employ the services of an SEO firm. Popular techniques in this category include:

Get your own website:

A website is just the first step:

Article marketing:

Press release marketing:

Social media marketing:

Google Places:

Link Exchange:

Youtube marketing

Blogs and Forums:

Google and the other search engines love new content and one of the easiest ways to get fresh words is to use a blog on your site. Alternatively, you can also add your two words of wisdom on other blogs to get a link back.: Use Youtube to offer informative videos about products in your niche and help to increase traffic to your site. Although link exchanges are not highly rated, they can yield fantastic results. Try to get in touch with as many webmasters in your niche as you can and inquire about link exchange. This is another offering from Google that allows you to target local consumers. The site displays information about local businesses to visitors. Harnessing the power of social media to let people know about your products is another free marketing technique. You will need to open an account with a popular social networking platform and build a large fan following to make this strategy work. This option may call for a small fee; however, by working with paid services, you will be able to ensure that your press releases is displayed on hundreds of sites. If you know enough about your niche and products, you can write articles and submit them to various ezines to build links and enhance your standing with the search engines. With a website in place, you will now have to worry about driving traffic to your site. There are several techniques that can help you to get traffic; the most efficacious yet simple strategy is to offer valuable content. Yes, those good ol words still matter when trying to attract clients. Your website will be your online calling card, advertising and brochure rolled into one. So, if you want to cash in on the immense allure of the cyberworld, you should get in touch with a professional web designing agency and get yourself an impressive website.

These are just some of the paid and organic marketing techniques that can be used to enhance online visibility and drive traffic to your site and business. If you are new to the world of online promotions, you may want to start with the free techniques. On the other hand, if you have a few marketing dollars to spare, try PPC campaigns.

This article is written by Smit Eric. He works at social media field as consultant. Now is the owner WorkForFavor.com.

3 Major Reasons To Use Facebook For Blog Promotion

Earlier we shared why we can use Social Media for Blog Promotion and now we are going to see three major reasons why Facebook should be mainly used for that. Normally I spend some time there to get Facebook Fans. There are various things that you should know, if you are one of those who spends a majority of the time on Facebook. It is quite possible for you to know almost everything about Facebook, and it could certainly put its creator, Mark Zuckerberg to shame, with all your fantastic trivia on the website.

Facebook -  Blog Promotion

The humungous number of Users

However, were you aware that Facebook has more than 500 million users right now and the numbers keep on increasing, as you’re reading this post? Half of these users would log on to Facebook at any possible chance that they get. An average Facebook user normally has at least 140 friends on his/her list and people usually spend more than 700 billion minutes per month just on this social networking platform.

Invite All Events Page

There are above 900 million objects that users are able to interact with or use, which include groups, pages, community pages, events etc. Contrary to the monotonous old time, when you would have to invite people one by one by calling them or sending them invites by email or by post, Facebook makes sure that sending an invitation of your party or any other function will not be troublesome for you anymore, as you can as easily announce your upcoming events on this website and it will be just a click away.

All that you are required to do is to create the event page, and press the ‘Invite All’ button to inform your guests, about the particular event that you are organizing. Wait for an RSVP and you are all ready to go!

More than 30 billion pieces of Content each month

A normal user is also connected to a minimum of 80 community pages, events, and groups and must have created at least 90 pieces of content every month, like news stories, articles, notes, blog posts, photo albums, web links, messages that are shared each month.

It is not surprising that Facebook is being preferred by many people all across the globe, keeping in mind that it is functional in more than 70 translations and hence, can be used by individuals speaking is any possible language. You can make your selection from a list that contains English, Chinese, French, Spanish, and many more such languages, which are widely spoken in different regions of the world. Here’s one more teaser for you, one can create his/her own language on Facebook, and can set the page to be in a pirate lingo, if you want to!

Using Social Networking And Bookmarking For Blog Promotion

Online Social Networking and Social Bookmarking can be defined as a meeting, and, this meeting takes place on various social media sites all over the web with millions of people worldwide attending at any given time. The purposes of social networking are many, for example, you can use this type of networking to keep in touch with friends and family, to share information, play games and meet others of like interest. However, the use of social media to promote blog sites has grown tremendously in the past few years.

Whether a person manages a personal diary blog, a technology blog filled with tips and ideas or a blog about homeschooling, the goal is the same for them all and that is to gain visibility. It is no secret that famous people, places and things of the world are ones get all the attention while the quite one are rarely noticed, well, the same goes for blog sites, and that is where social networking comes in. Social media sites are popping up everywhere with Twitter, Facebook, Digg and Delicious leading the pack. Networking is equal to communication; it is a relatively easy way to self-promote a blog site.

When individuals use social media sites to promote their blog they do so by first creating profiles on the media sites they wish to be a part of. The profile can include a brief bio, pictures and links to their blog sites. The next step is to search for the types of people they want to attract, and then they begin posting content previews, current or upcoming giveaway or sales, pictures, ideas and information and whatever else. Then, when someone who is interested clicks on that posts that lead them back to the site that the individual is trying to promote he or she gains more traffic and recognition, and that can lead to a higher search engine ranking.

social networking logos

Social networking can be a fun way to raise awareness, not only it is an organic method of SEO it is also inexpensive and can build lasting relationships. Using this type of networking does require patience and persistence, though; individuals should keep their status updated at all times and fill their blog with content that is worthy and extremely relevant to what they are promoting. And, in time they will begin to see progress, popularity will grow and blog click through traffic will increase.

Still, in the end, it is not just Social networking and bookmarking that would do everything that your blog needs to get noticed and well promoted. You need to do a lot of things, in which writing an excellent content that your readers love, is one of the main areas to concentrate on, and the Social Media is one of the things that plays a major role. The major networks where a blog can get promoted very well are – BlogCatalog, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Plurk, FriendFeed, etc. and the Social bookmarking sites where one can submit their blogs and promote their blogs are – Digg, Del.icio.us, Reddit, Diigo, Spurl, Mag.nolia.com, BackFlip, Socialmatic.