5 Most Powerful Tools for Social Media Marketers

You may think Social Media channels as a mesh of interconnected tubules but it is actually not. You can’t save your photographs automatically on Dropbox if it is being uploaded on Facebook or you can’t post seamlessly on Twitter from different accounts. You really want to post the photographs in which you have been tagged on Flickr.

Tools for Social Media Marketers

So, here we bring an exclusive list of Tools for Social Media Marketers which can make your life damn easy and you work as social media marketer much more efficient.

1. IFTTT: Automate Your Online Life

IFTTT is an amazing tool to automate posts on different channels. Just imagine you want to add every starred email in Evernote, or if changing profile picture on Facebook triggers the same change on the Twitter account. Even it makes the life easier for bloggers who want to share the newly written blog to all the social media channels.


How to Use IFTTT?

IFTTT involves 7 basic steps, almost for every event:

1) Channels: These are the basic building blocks of IFTTT, one can choose out of 130 channel for ex. Facebook, Evernote, Gmail, Weather, Twitter and every channel has its own triggers and actions.

2) Triggers: These are the events which get recorded to initiate any action, Examples: A photo shared on Collegedunia.com Facebook Page.

3) Actions: The action defined to be completed after getting triggered i.e. share the Facebook post on Flickr.

4) Ingredients: Add descriptions and other information to customize the post according to the channels.

5) Recipes: Recipes are the combination of Channels and actions, if one wants to add any personalized actions, it can be included in Recipes.

6) On/Off: The option is provided to turn on or off Recipes. Anything can go wrong when it is personalized.

7) Polling Period: User can also decide when to check for new data: for ex: in every 15 minutes the recipe will go to check for any new posts on the Facebook Page.

2. Vine: Get Compelling Short Videos

Finding an idea for a creative and engaging post has always remained a difficult task but with Vine a mobile based app for sharing and exploring millions of short videos. Through short, looping videos the Vine has made a community which come together to capture and share personal experiences and what’s happening in the world around us.


The app is also available online and first thing when you visit the website is the Explore page, which features familiar channels like Places and Animals alongside Trending Tags and Popular Now. These sections are similar to what you see in the mobile app too.

3. Magisto: Create Videos in Less than 10 Sec

Magisto transforms the videos and photos uploaded to the platform into polished short movies with emotion and excitement in the core of every story.


How to Use Magisto?

Upload any type of creative ranging from images, slides to short videos etc. The Magisto uses an artificial intelligence engine which break down the uploaded content in three parts:

  • Visual Analysis
  • Audio Analysis
  • Storytelling

You just have to upload your content and let Magisto do the rest of work, and by the way, one can also upload music files as a background score.

4. Tweepi: An Eagle’s Eye for Your Twitter Account

Tweepi is an efficient and fastest tool for Twitteratis to manage their twitter accounts. Tweepi can perform multiple tasks i.e. to manage followers to followed ratio, flush out insignificant followed accounts.


Tweepi is an effective tool to reciprocate actions or to force any action across the followers.

5. TweetDeck: Tweet from Multiple Accounts

For Twitter marketers, it is always a tough task to manage multiple accounts of the same domain. For example, if someone wants to share a tweet on one account to all the other accounts used by the same user then TweetDeck is an ultimate solution.


For Example: If Social Media Manager of Collegedunia.com also owns the Twitter account Zoutons.com, a deal discovery and coupon aggregation portal, then Tweetdeck is going to make the inter-account management of Twitter pages highly convenient.

We will list some more tools for remaining social media channels in our next article. By then, keep using the current list, they really work great.

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