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X-Theme: This Is The Only WordPress Theme You’ll Need!


WordPress has quickly grown out to be one of the world’s leading content management systems we have ever witnessed. They’ve got pretty much everything perfect and the diligent developers communityare the one to be thankful to. While the developers’ support for WordPress has been startling, it has left the technically inept users perplexed at the very notion of finding themes for their websites and blogs based on this open source system. With the innumerous number of themes available for this CMS from a host of different theme marketplaces, finding and selecting one from them is a pretty daunting task than it seems to be.

That’s when I first heard of X-theme and the name itself said a lot about itself, by shedding a light on its ‘X’ letter, which stands for ‘Extensible’ in the field of computer programming. The way this theme has been incepted, designed, marketed and offered diligent support makes it a complete package of what you would ever need in a WordPress theme. I have always abated the notion of finding and settling on a pre-designed theme, which is rarely easy to highly customize without a good coding skills. For those on the coding bandwagon, things could get a bit easier with some time to spare on it. For others, the people for whom coding an entire WordPress theme from scratch isn’t their cup of tea, here is the only theme you’ll ever need!

The theme has been carefully crafted under the guidance and inputs of top marketers, bloggers, designers and programmers all over the world. It should not come as asurprise that this theme has clearly outperformed all other competitors at the reputed themeforest theme marketplace.’s X theme has sold over 25,000 copies of this product and the best thing about it is if you carefully customize your version of this theme, no two installations of this theme would look alike! How unimaginable that is, isn’t it? But the near to a 10/10 rating at different marketplaces by its highly satisfied customers wouldn’t be at odds!

Introducing (X-Theme) Theme X 2.5.0

Say hello Theme X

Now that you’ve gotten a basic jest of what this theme has to offer, the latest stable release is the X Theme 2.5.0 version with BBPress, BuddyPress integrated into it in addition to automatic updates for their verified customers. Making this jump has impressively extended the theme’s horizons and the possibilities increase tremendously. Some of what this theme has to offer might be quite new to many WordPress users, but would be more than impressive once you give it a go.

How Theme X leverages WordPress

Get more out of ‘Stacks’

X Theme Stacks

Theme X is the first WordPress theme to come with four built-in ‘Stacks’ or a type of theme-genre to choose from laying down the gauntlet for accomplishing your task at hand. These stacks have been broadly categorized into four versions: Integrity for private webpages, Renew for Flat design lovers, Icon for business websites and Ethos for magazines. Once you’re clear with what you wish to design with this theme you could start out with one of these base layouts and even choose flat design if that what interests you. You could take a look at a few sample demos built on the different stacks at hand.

Live Customizer

Live previewer

Theme X has leveraged WordPress’ built-in features and made the live previewer even better. This section allows users to change the different settings, play around with them and instantaneously preview the changes at the side, without affecting the users online in any way.

Typography & Display

Choose from over 600 Google fonts for your WordPress installation. The theme also features retina display support and an entirely responsive layout.

Page builder & Short Codes

Theme X shortcodes

Theme X comes with a host of incredible shortcodes to increase your pageviews and page conversions. The theme features cool 3D marketing buttons that are compelling.

Navigation and Mega-menu

Theme X navigation options

Theme X has to offer a highly customizable Navigation menu which you can chose to be either floating or fixed and even tweak its width. Mega menu is made easy with this theme and no separate plugins are needed for accomplishing those highly categorized navigation menus.

Integrated WooCommerce, BBPress and BuddyPress

X theme summary

BBPress and BuddyPress have pretty much made WordPress a big player with added social networking and forum features to it. Having them integrated into a theme makes everything a bit easier to work around. WooCommerce has also been integrated for starting your own E-commerce store. Private messaging, user profiles, forums, and e-store is all you get built-into this theme, making your work a walk in the park!

Trusted and advocated by the experts


This theme has been carefully designed and marketed by taking inputs of the industry’s most renowned and experienced people at the epitome of their fields. So the credibility has factor has been alleviated almost threefold.

Conclusion – The best $63 you’ll ever spend on WordPress!

If there’s one WordPress theme that I would ever suggest anyone starting with WordPress or has been playing around with it for some time, it would definitely be X Theme. This theme doesn’t disappoint in any fronts and is clearly the winner in its categories. All hail the Rolls Royce of WordPress themes!

You can buy the X Theme from their official website.

Our Rating – 4.9 Out of 5


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