5 Mistakes Newbie Bloggers Should Avoid

Newbie Bloggers MistakesBlogging is an Art. Saying that, let me jump into the 5 major mistakes that bloggers do these days that brings an end to their blogging career. Blogging is one powerful arena where the stadium is only meant for Challengers who have some Guts. Others will easily be Terminated by Time. You Read, You Understand, and You Write. What’s the point in making so much of mistakes to kill these three Precious process then? There might be some more mistakes newbie bloggers do these days, you may add them in the comments below if you feel like I have missed some.

Mistake #1: Asking Facebook Likes through Facebook Chat

This is seriously one big annoying activity that many do. The problem comes when you newly add some bloggers or internet marketers who will be busy with some work, and without knocking in, posting link asking them to Like your Page or Like your Post on Facebook. There is nothing wrong in such surprises, unfortunately many feels it as an annoying thing and simply unfriend you or never reply to your chat message that has link in it.

So initiate a talk and see if he/she is free to share your link and interested to do such before barging in and screaming out with a link.

Mistake #2: Spamming across Social Networks

Posting your newly posted links to various groups and pages is awesome, but do you ever thought that your friends will simply see such links for the number of times you posted on their wall. Which will flood your friends wall, and they may use the β€œHide Posts by User” option to block all your future quality posts as well. So post a link once a day and let your social networking readers enjoy it.

Mistake #3: Sending Emails Containing Links to Fellow Bloggers

Bloggers are so strict with Emails and it becomes their important tool that handles everything, and in few days it will be the same for you as well. But sending links to a blogger like an anonymous person is really a risk. Even to non-bloggers, there are chances that they may click on Report Spam button. And you know the rest. So always send emails to the people who are interested. Convince them to subscribe to your mailing list by the way you blog. Never Beg or Order people through Email.

Mistake #4: Asking Free Hosting and Domain

This happens as a rare case, but when you try to become a blogger, Blogspot and WordPress free blogging tools are pretty enough. Of course there are some special reasons to consider self hosted blogging, but for startup stage you can use the world’s famous platforms to start your blog and run successfully without any worries about Downtime, Customer Support and Server related issues. There are famous blogs that used Blogspot as the platform before moving to a self-hosted blog (ex: Labnol.org) and many other. Did you know that Techcrunch.com is still using WordPress servers? Yes they are using premium server plans but there are tons of benefits in running a blog at hosted environment too. To make some revenue its not at all bad and to be honest, its Perfect and a Brilliant choice you have made.

Mistake #5: Choosing a Niche that you are Not Expert at

This is seriously the biggest mistake these days many do. If you are not sure about SEO, then don’t start an SEO blog, How come you can solve the problems that people face on SEO and provide proper guide? What if you provided an obsolete technique and the reader to your blog have tried it and failed miserably? To be honest, you are absolute responsible in that case. So if you know to cook well, start a blog about Cooking. Millions are searching every day to read recipes online and to try it in their home.

I tried searching in Google and trying some recipes when I was working at some part of India, as I was tired eating at Hotel. So choose a perfect niche to match your standards.

So just choose the field that you are interested in, and many simply ignore after finding that you all do is just an SEO Tactic to pull them to your blog. Trust me, that will push the Arrow on your Analytics Bounce Rate graph to high every time you get such wrong clicks.

Spend more time at Reading and Implement them quickly before that technique becomes obsolete. πŸ™‚ All the very best and thanks a ton for your patience and time you have taken to read this one.

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36 thoughts on “5 Mistakes Newbie Bloggers Should Avoid”

  1. Hi Buddy,

    I am interested in Photography, food and travelling. I am a professional writer too. I am thinking to start a new blog with travel and dine as the niche. My objective is to provide well-researched articles about a city and its food. Is it a good idea to start it with travel and dine niche?

    • Hi bro, ‘Travel’ & ‘Food’ are very popular in India, I guess all over the world, so nothing wrong in starting a blog if you are really interested in it. Go ahead. πŸ™‚

  2. Nice post, Robin, thanks!

    Great tips on bloggers’ subordination πŸ™‚

    Although it’s normal for blog beginners to be desperate for visitors and attention to their blog ))

    It’s ok to use social networks for your promotion, but do it with elegance πŸ™‚

    Like if you promote through Facebook, make sure that you only send links to your stuff to friends and people that might find it RELEVANT and interesting FOR THEM.

    Many of my Fb friends are thankful for this. And I won’t post my grandma’s favorite muffin recipe and send a link to my university dean (which is my friend on Fb) asking to read it, Like and Share it with the whole mass communication department πŸ˜‰
    If I ever post a muffin recipe on my blog, I’ll make sure to send this link to my auntie. That she will find rather relevant:)

  3. I really find it annoying when somebody send me a message through facebook chat asking me to like a certain facebook page. If people are interested to your page they will like it without you compelling them to like it. A promotion in your own wall about that page would be enough to draw the attention of your facebook friends.

  4. Nice article and a must read for any budding blogger. Point 5 is probably the most weighty, as choosing the right niche is important as you would create content that not only you are genuinely interested in but also create compelling content and engage conversations. Keep up the good work.

  5. yes looking for free hosting and domain is not a good idea for a newbie. and choosing a niche we are not expert in that is also a bad idea……….

  6. Well, the biggest mistake that I have done so far is writing on the niche that I am not expert at. I ended up hanging and later on, I killed the blog. I have seen people asking me some likes on Facebook chats. It was so annoying indeed. I ignored them and actually unfriend them because of that.

  7. The most common and big mistake that I see all the time is choosing a bad niche, one in wich you don't have anything to say. Why should I learn from you if you're just as stupid as I am in 'this' particular subject?

    Another issue I see all the time is that many bloggers change their theme once/twice a month, without realizing that this will damage their image across the internet and also their traffic.

    I've wrote an article about this here: http://bit.ly/ABdj2P
    My apologies if the author erases this link.

  8. I cannot agree more with the spamming through social networks. When i started my blog and got some of my fellow friends to like my page. I started spamming my new post and requested them to like my page. As a result, I saw my likes going down the drain.

  9. Mistake #5 is probably the biggest mistake any blogger can make. When you're just in it for the money, you're wasting your time. Most successful bloggers are passionate about what they blog about which is why they don't fail. They stick with their blogs for months or even years before the traffic starts coming in. In fact, they don't even think about the traffic when they first get started. If it doesn't come naturally to you and you want to give up after a month of blogging, then you've probably made this mistake.

  10. Great post, but some people start blog to learn SEO or blogging, not everyone starts blog with knowledge of an expert.
    We learn as we go, time will tell who's newbie and who' not.

    thanks for sharing

  11. These are indeed good points Robin. But you could have added more important mistakes that newbies do in terms of niche research, keyword research, choosing an affiliate product and supplying regular content to ones blog etc.

  12. Extremely good article.

    This is really annoying some times when some one say you hi and like may page/post. This really may not be the day.

    Other point that I may discuss is to get self hosting, it is best solution as far as I know.

  13. I have come across many newbie bloggers in my friend list on FB who simply ping me to like their pages / articles, if I find the source credible enough, I like it or share it… provided I am not in the middle of something in which case, I simply close the chat window. But yes, this is not a very healthy approach, I would not suggest the newbies to take this approach…

    Also, as a newbie blogger, if the only reason you have that new blog of yours is to make money, you are surely going to lose the patience soon and quit…

  14. Excellent tips indeed! I really love to learn from the well experience one.. I have learn a lot from you and I will always keep that in mind..

  15. Feels good to know I have been avoiding first 4 mistakes since the start I guess it's time to have a look on the last one.

  16. Hello Robin!
    Really nice article for Newbie Bloggers they must avoid these tiny mistakes that you have pointed here.

  17. i think most of the new blogger can read this…
    even my borther also asking give like to my posting :P…

  18. Hello Robin,
    really you are going good , nice explanation . your blog also looks very good πŸ˜‰

  19. Robin,

    Thanks to wonderful post.

    This seems, not only newbies are making mistakes, but a lot of people like me and you facing troubles due to this.

    According to your 1st point, when I open my FB profile, a lot of people chatting with me that using " hello, Like my page xyz" and discontinuing the chat.

    Next to your 3rd point, a lot of people sending Emails me that they are asking for link exchanging, this is quietly annoying me that am getting a volume of E mails these days.

    People are sending requests like this day-by-day without knowing others interest. More over the thing is, am getting the requests like this from the people who are "SEO professionals" (SEO's don't get me wrong, this is the issue commonly many of us facing).

    Thanking you.

    • Thanks for your comment naveen. They do it usually in the name of email marketing. They should know that emails should be sent only to people who are opted for.


  20. Hello Robin,
    Really Nice Article. Your Article Will Help Me To Grow My Blog Because I Am A New Blogger. Thank you for sharing great info.


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