Stupid Mistakes Bloggers Make When They First Start Out

Blog writing is an art form. You may not believe me, but it is. When you first start out writing blogs, you will make a lot of mistakes. Don’t worry. Everybody makes silly little errors when they are writing. I am not talking about typos or spelling errors (although, you should avoid those). I am talking about making real mistakes that make readers abandon your site. Here are some stupid mistakes that all bloggers make when they first start out.

Stupid Mistakes Bloggers Make

Stupid Mistakes Bloggers Make When They First Start Out

Writing amazing titles, but not delivering

It’s all well, and good to write a fantastic, catchy title, but you need to make sure that you deliver on your promises. Using titles as click-bait to get people to look at your posts means that people will start to hate your blog. If you promise people ‘secrets to success’ or ‘brand new tips,’ you need to make sure that you deliver. Don’t think that writing an excellent title is enough. People want substance.


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Failing to give your readers something

When you are a blogger, you need to give something back to your readers. People don’t read your blog just to boost your confidence. They read it to get some vital information that they need. You should make sure that you provide people with tips and information so that they can get what they want. You should also consider giving people something that they can use. For example, you could give your dedicated audience some coupons. When you make people feel as though, they are part of a select club, they will love it.

Writing complicated sentences

One of the primary rules of writing is that you should not over-complicate your sentences. Sure, you might think that writing long, jargon-filled sentences make you look smart, but it doesn’t. When people are reading blogs, they are not always using a laptop. Sometimes, they will be using a tablet or a smartphone. People are browsing, and they want information fast. That means that you need to keep things plain and simple. Write short, straightforward sentences that everybody can understand.

Promoting too many products

Yes, it is brilliant when companies send you loads of free stuff through the post. One of the major perks of being a blogger is that you get loads of free stuff. You need to be careful, though, or you could turn your readership off your blog. If all you ever write about is all the awesome free stuff you get, people will not take you seriously. People don’t want to read a hundred product reviews. They want you to entertain and inform them instead.

Using a serif font

When you are designing your blog, you need to ensure that you use a sans-serif font. If you use a serif typeface, it will be super difficult to read your posts. As I have already mentioned, many readers will be using a smartphone to view your site. If you have a fancy typeface, nobody will be able to read your blog. People have short attention spans when they are surfing the net. If they can’t understand your text, they will just move onto the next blog they find.

Trying to cover too many subjects

If you attempt to cover every subject under the sun, your blog will be an enormous mess. If you don’t know what you want to write about, maybe you should not have a blog at all. Try to choose one subject that you can talk about in-depth. That way, people will know what to expect when they visit your blog.


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Mistakes To Avoid While Promoting Your Blog (Trust Me, They’re Silly)

mistakes avoid bloggingTo tell the truth, there are various mistakes, which a blogger can make. However, not all of these mistakes are related to the content or the management of your blog. In fact, just like any other venture, you need some good game in order to promote your blog, which attracts traffic.

Of course, the whole matter is quite relative. If you are just a blogger who wants to kill some time for yourself, then you might just ignore every piece that has ever been written down for the benefit of bloggers. Nevertheless, if you want people to visit your blog and maintain a steady flow, you will have to put in more effort that just being whimsical.

In case you are thinking of getting some cash out of it in the bargain, you have to be smart and poke unless you get a good traffic. More importantly, getting the desired traffic will add value to your endeavor.

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Things to avoid

The first thing you should remember is to be regular with your posts. Look, your readers read your posts because they like them. There are hundreds of bloggers who will uncannily cover the same subject of your choice.

Not posting regularly will just keep your fans stranded and we all know that is not wise. Be it monthly, daily or weekly, just make sure that you follow a pattern and watch how you always end up having a healthy traffic in your blog.

The second point of stupidity would be to be too pushy with your views. You see, the point is simple. None of us likes people who are self-centered pieces of crap. Of course, you are writing your blog because you want to express your thoughts and concerns. However, coming on too strongly on your readers will just piss them off and not generate traffic.

Another point which will hinder your progress will of course be not including your readers into you blog. See blogger, just turn the tables on to yourself and you will know the feeling. Your readers like your posts, even if they hate your posts, you can count on numerous discussions about it. Not interacting with them will be a big mistake; either way you look at it.

However, some of your readers may be nice enough to take the pains to write some post, which adds value to your content. The guest post may also be something totally negative. Nevertheless, just make sure that you publish them anyway. This participatory-based communication will certainly give way to more word of mouth and thus end up increasing your traffic.

The act of modesty

Presenting your content in the wrong manner will inevitably convert to your blog hitting the bottom. Look, unless people know your blog exists, nobody will take the pains to seek them out and then read them. So be wise and make sure to arrange for killer posts.

The best way to do the same is to make sure that you have enough keywords, which will be visible in the search engines. Trust me fellas, nothing works like Search Engine Optimization does. It is similar to exams. You write an answer and are marked according to what kind of relevant words and phrases you have packed in, which will please your teacher. So, go ahead and make your content and blog SEO rich for attracting traffic.

Another mistake that bloggers keep making is promoting their blog to the wrong public. Target readers who are interested in your posts and yes, who would like to add value to it as well. Your blogs are mostly read by people who have some manner of problem or interest. Unless you prepare content according to your audience, no traffic can be generated.

Moreover, be prepared to accept your mistakes, if you make any that is. Your act of modestly accepting your faults will take you and your blog a long way into being successful with your readers.

Mistakes at a glance

To summarize the whole thing, it is really not that hard if you are serious about your blog. Just take a look.

  • Be regular with your posts.
  • Avoid being pushy with your readers.
  • Include guests posts into your blog.
  • Make your blog’s content SEO rich.
  • Promote your blog to the right people (targeted promotion).

Once you address these, be ready to fly high. Happy blogging!

This article is written by Jane Sheeba. She shares cutting-edge success blogging strategies, social media and blog promotion strategies at her blog Problogging Success. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.

9 Blogging Blunders A Blogger Should NOT Make

9 Blogging MistakesBloggers at any level of their experience, feel that what they are doing is the right thing and there are minimal mistakes they are committing, and if any, they could be ignored. Having such a mindset itself is one of the mistakes that every blogger does. You are a learner from the first day to the last in your Blogging career. Words and paragraphs don’t flow out of your mind into the keyboard with perfection all the time. And it isn’t a particular blog post am talking about, but the entire blog where each and every aspect including the design, the conversations, which all hold equal importance.

In keeping a check on what all steps followed would be advantageous for the blog, many bloggers ignore what all mistakes are being done and the latter one would question the quality of the blog. One shouldn’t feel low or discouraged if someone points out the mistakes they make, because Bloggers are humans and are bound to make mistakes, but a few blunders, if kept a check on, could be avoided and would make the readers feel that it is a valuable resource they have reached to spend some time reading.

Here are the few Blogging Blunders that a blogger commits usually, and should try to avoid:

1. Lack of promotion, focusing just on content

You are not famous from the first day itself. Every basic step has to be taken to make the blog noticed by the readers, and the promotion has to be done for a blog to be run with good reader base and conversations. If you aren’t promoting your blog and the posts, and are just relying on the good content for visitors to flow in automatically, you are making a big mistake. You can use Social Networking and Bookmarking for Blog Promotion.

2. No check on Typos and grammar

Make yourself a reader and think for moment whether you would be reading any content which has got grammatical mistakes and typing errors. You surely won’t be liking it that way. Feel the same way for your readers, and so have your content neat and free from grammatical errors. The trust on the quality increases with the reduction of errors in the article. Always allocate some time to proofread your blog posts.

3. Re-writes are not always loved

This is the case we have seen many a times with bloggers. A couple of news rewritten might gain some instant popularity, but the bloggers make it a trend to start rewriting all the best written material from the other blogs. This leads to saturation, and is not always suggested. Try to research on the topic you are writing, so that what you write “stands high” well above the others. Try to produce more creative quality content instead of reinventing the wheel.

4. Blogging for money, not passion

Earning money would be a passion for anyone, either that would be a blogger, a freelancer or a webmaster. Making money has got hundreds of ways, but when someone thinks to blog only for Money, the main passion for Blogging isn’t there and this always would restrict you from being open-minded, which would have been a totally different case otherwise. When you are Blogging with a passion of writing and expressing yourself, the response and appreciation is totally different.

5. Starting with a niche, generalizing later on

Sticking to a particular niche when you have opened it for the same purpose, requires some guts and determination because many a times a single niche won’t bring in much traffic initially and the blogger would be motivating himself to write about the niches which are totally different, just to bring in more readers. There isn’t an ethic to follow that a particular niche is to be stuck upon, but the current return visitors of your blog would never like it when they get to read something entirely different than the regular trend on the blog. Imagine yourself finding a story about football on a health blog, that’s what your readers might feel too. Choose a perfect niche for your blog before starting your blog.

6. Images speak a thousand words, don’t forget to include one

Images are a style adding factor to the content. Content is a substance that people would read to gain the information, but to make the same interesting and stylish, and keep the users interested for more, the Images play a main role. You are jolting down thousands of words writing about something really important, but without any images, most of the readers would ignore more than half of the content just wondering how boring it would be to go from A to Z of the entire page. There are several reasons to have images on your blog and you can get copyright and royalty free images easily.

7. Comment on other blogs, but stick to the niche

Commenting on other blogs to attract new visitors and blogger friends is one of the best tricks around, but if you have an intention of just keep commenting and not have a control on where you are doing that, it would hurt the blog’s ranking, firstly for sometimes landing into those blog pages where there are hundreds of outbound links already, and secondly because you aren’t sticking to the similar niche. We always see many bloggers commenting on .edu blogs which are related to education, and the blog they are promoting in these edu blogs are related to technology. This doesn’t hold any advantage, but can go the negative way sometimes. By doing these you can become a hero on blog commenting.

8. Decision on choosing Blog Platform and Design

Don’t go with the trend. It’s good to take suggestions and ask people which Blogging platform would be holding an advantage over the other, but the end decision has to be taken by you. The Blogger platform is simple, has limited options and is the best for Amateurs, and just because the probloggers use WordPress, you shouldn’t use the same if you have no knowledge of how to customize the design or make changes in the blog. You could make irreversible blunders which might want you to start from the scratch.

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9. Accept criticism and learn from it

Not everyone has the same mindset. Each blogger and reader has their own aggression and politeness, but you should keep in mind to accept the criticism from those who don’t like the way you express yourself. Try to explain, rather than bashing back at them trying to defend yourself. Doing the latter would end up making you lose your potential readers, who sometimes had an intention to teach you but in their own way.

There are several other blunders which bloggers easily make, and I might be doing the same in this post but we are all learners. Trying to maintain a standard style of writing would help, rather than showing aggression and being too polite at times. Copying or Plagiarizing content is what many newbie bloggers do, just to fill up their blogs being confident that the readers would not find who is the original author, but if this becomes a habit, the blogger would never learn how to write on their own. Write, make mistakes, listen to the commentators and learn from it. Nothing else can make you a better blogger.

35 Painful Mistakes Travel Bloggers Make (And How To Fix Them)

Travel BloggersIt’s official now. Over the past few years I’ve written and/or edited over 1,000 pages of travel content. During this time I’ve seen a lot. What works and what doesn’t. And in this post we’ll cover the 35 most common mistakes in travel blogging and how you can fix them TODAY.

Note: Many of these mistakes apply to blogging in general, so if you’re not a travel blogger keep reading! Ready to get dirty? Then dive right in…

1. Not having a USP your Unique Selling Proposition explains how you’re different than other travel blogs. Travelfish covers Southeast Asia while Chris Guillebeau is trying to visit every country in the world before his 35th birthday. How do you stand out?

2. Not owning (and hosting) your own domain – nothing screams amateur like a blogspot blog. Even if you’re just starting out, buy a domain name and host it yourself. Bluehost and GoDaddy are two popular options.

3. Not changing your permalinks – WordPress defaults your URLs into something like… not exactly helpful, right? You can either change each permalink individually on the “New Post” page (just below the title) or set WordPress to automatically display the title as the permalink.

4. Writing short posts – travel pieces can be extremely in-depth, which will get more social shares, links and search engine traffic. Short posts are fine occasionally, but create killer content to keep people coming back.

5. Glossing over details – guidebooks include when to go, what to do, operating hours, costs, etc. Your blog should, too.

6. Writing crappy headlines – “My Trip to Europe” is BORING. Instead, use one of these 101 headline templates for travel bloggers. They’ll get more click-throughs from Twitter, Google, Facebook… basically everywhere.

7. Using a default favicon – a favicon is the little icon that appears in the tab (for example, Gmail has a little red envelope). You can create your own favicon at

8. Posting erratically – if you publish five posts one week then go silent for a month, many of your readers will never come back. You should maintain the Optimal Blogging Frequency. Pro tip: write posts ahead of time, then schedule them to go out at regular intervals. Having a backup supply of content guarantees steady delivery when things come up.

9. Not including a call to action – every post should ask the reader to do something. Share the post, leave a comment, sign up for your newsletter, subscribe to your RSS, buy something… whatever it is, you MUST ask for it!

10. Not citing references and helpful sites – links are what separates the web from books. Be sure to include links to any resource you mention!

11. Doing a half-ass job at marketing – once your travel blog is up you gotta let the world know about it. I recommend dedicating at least half your energy towards marketing your blog (and the other half creating content worth marketing). Here are over a hundred ways to grow your traffic; pick a few and get started.

12. Not linking to photos – if you use a Creative Commons photo from Flickr the least you can do is link back to it. You can either include a link under the image or link the image itself.

13. Failing to respond – you should respond to EACH and EVERY comment on your blog (at least at first). Respond to emails, tweets, etc. It shows you care.

14. Writing misleading headlines – this ties in with #6. Even if your headline is DYNAMITE you cannot under-deliver in your post. If this post had any less than 35 mistakes, I’d look like an even bigger jackass than I really am, right?

15. Not taking a stand – the world runs on opinions. Don’t use be wishy-washy in your posts. If you hate Vietnam, say so. If cupcakes are the best thing EVER, say so.

16. Spreading feces for links – controversy is good… but don’t be evil for promotion sake. Even if it does work, the kind of people you attract will turn your blog into Sodom and Gomorrah.

17. Not organizing your content – most travel blogs should be ordered by destination. This way people can read about Europe, then drill down further to read about Spain. Why don’t more travel bloggers do this?

18. Using pop-ups – I recently spoke with a prominent travel blogger who considered adding a pop up to increase opt-ins. I seriously hope I talked him out of it. Pop-ups may increase conversions initially, but they annoy repeat readers (especially if they’ve already opted-in). You can monetize your blog without any banner advertisements.

19. Giving up – many bloggers give up way too soon. Most see little to no success for the first nine months or so… and it may take even longer depending on how effectively you write and market your blog. Don’t give up!

20. Delaying your blog launch until everything is “just right” – I’m very guilty of this. My wife Darcie and I waited to launch our travel site until we had 800 pages of content. Looking back, we could have launched with 50 and started promoting right away.

21. Writing “me too” posts – don’t just echo what other people say. Write about your experiences, include interesting facts (did you know Uganda has the world’s biggest drinkers?) and add your own twist.

22. Being too modest – Don’t apologize for your opinions… defend them with hard-hitting facts. And don’t pitch other bloggers for guest posts with lines like “I’m just starting out but I was hoping you could…” Be assertive. Show them how you can help and deliver on it.

23. Over-relying on advertising – Google Adsense sucks out loud, as do most ad models. You’re getting paid to show readers things they may or may not be interested in… and if it does its job, the ads drive your readers away from your site. Why not offer them something yourself?

24. Chasing “traffic spikes” – Mike Richard from Vagabondish once told me how a blog post went viral (first page of Digg which lead to an interview with Tyra Banks… seriously) and almost crashed his server. But – he warned – that type of traffic never sticks around. Focus on building an audience rather than driving traffic.

25. Adding WAY too much stuff to your blog – ads, banners, your social stream, top commenters, blogrolls… your readers don’t care about any of that stuff. All they care about is your content, so don’t distract them with clutter.

26. Failing to be useful – you can write about your travels as long as you want… so long as other people find it useful. Include facts. Recommend specific places… include professional photos… answer questions in comments… anything to add value for your readers!

27. Forgetting about SEO – this SEOMoz post on SEO for travel bloggers pretty much sums it up. Read it and do what it says. On the other hand, you need to avoid…

28. Writing for search engines – look, Google can give you tons of traffic, but it’s always following what real people want to read. So focus on writing for PEOPLE and the search engines will follow.

29. Not networking “up” – when you start out, make it a priority to get to know other travel bloggers. You’d be surprised how many top bloggers know each other… and getting to know one can easily transition to working with another.

30. Not proofing your work – pretty self-explanatory. After the Deadline is a helpful spell checker plugin for WordPress. You should proofread your blog posts twice at least.

31. Not identifying your audience – when writing posts, try and write for your ideal reader. Seriously – picture this person in your mind when you write. Are they experienced travelers? Just getting started out? ALWAYS keep this person in mind when you’re writing!

32. Poorly formatting posts – people don’t read online. They skim. Make it easy for them by using sub-headings, short paragraphs, and bullet points. Notice how almost this entire post is made of bullets? That’s no accident!

33. Spending too much time on analytics – yes, measuring your marketing efforts is important, but don’t check them every day. I only check out analytics once a month which helps me understand what works and what doesn’t (without wasting time).

34. Not using effective meta descriptions – these are what appear in the search results, so it makes sense to write compelling copy which draws readers in. The Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress lets you write the meta description right there in your post page.

35. Not building a brand – your travel blog should be a brand in itself. Create a unique sounding name, hire a designer to create a custom logo and develop a site which reflects your blog. Know why I saved this for last? Because it’s the MOST IMPORTANT! By this you can also build your personal brand.

These 35 mistakes are really just the beginning. But guess what? Mistakes are the fastest way to learn (assuming you don’t repeat them) and I’ve made each and every mistake listed here over the past few years. Which mistakes do you make?

5 Mistakes Newbie Bloggers Should Avoid

Newbie Bloggers MistakesBlogging is an Art. Saying that, let me jump into the 5 major mistakes that bloggers do these days that brings an end to their blogging career. Blogging is one powerful arena where the stadium is only meant for Challengers who have some Guts. Others will easily be Terminated by Time. You Read, You Understand, and You Write. What’s the point in making so much of mistakes to kill these three Precious process then? There might be some more mistakes newbie bloggers do these days, you may add them in the comments below if you feel like I have missed some.

Mistake #1: Asking Facebook Likes through Facebook Chat

This is seriously one big annoying activity that many do. The problem comes when you newly add some bloggers or internet marketers who will be busy with some work, and without knocking in, posting link asking them to Like your Page or Like your Post on Facebook. There is nothing wrong in such surprises, unfortunately many feels it as an annoying thing and simply unfriend you or never reply to your chat message that has link in it.

So initiate a talk and see if he/she is free to share your link and interested to do such before barging in and screaming out with a link.

Mistake #2: Spamming across Social Networks

Posting your newly posted links to various groups and pages is awesome, but do you ever thought that your friends will simply see such links for the number of times you posted on their wall. Which will flood your friends wall, and they may use the “Hide Posts by User” option to block all your future quality posts as well. So post a link once a day and let your social networking readers enjoy it.

Mistake #3: Sending Emails Containing Links to Fellow Bloggers

Bloggers are so strict with Emails and it becomes their important tool that handles everything, and in few days it will be the same for you as well. But sending links to a blogger like an anonymous person is really a risk. Even to non-bloggers, there are chances that they may click on Report Spam button. And you know the rest. So always send emails to the people who are interested. Convince them to subscribe to your mailing list by the way you blog. Never Beg or Order people through Email.

Mistake #4: Asking Free Hosting and Domain

This happens as a rare case, but when you try to become a blogger, Blogspot and WordPress free blogging tools are pretty enough. Of course there are some special reasons to consider self hosted blogging, but for startup stage you can use the world’s famous platforms to start your blog and run successfully without any worries about Downtime, Customer Support and Server related issues. There are famous blogs that used Blogspot as the platform before moving to a self-hosted blog (ex: and many other. Did you know that is still using WordPress servers? Yes they are using premium server plans but there are tons of benefits in running a blog at hosted environment too. To make some revenue its not at all bad and to be honest, its Perfect and a Brilliant choice you have made.

Mistake #5: Choosing a Niche that you are Not Expert at

This is seriously the biggest mistake these days many do. If you are not sure about SEO, then don’t start an SEO blog, How come you can solve the problems that people face on SEO and provide proper guide? What if you provided an obsolete technique and the reader to your blog have tried it and failed miserably? To be honest, you are absolute responsible in that case. So if you know to cook well, start a blog about Cooking. Millions are searching every day to read recipes online and to try it in their home.

I tried searching in Google and trying some recipes when I was working at some part of India, as I was tired eating at Hotel. So choose a perfect niche to match your standards.

So just choose the field that you are interested in, and many simply ignore after finding that you all do is just an SEO Tactic to pull them to your blog. Trust me, that will push the Arrow on your Analytics Bounce Rate graph to high every time you get such wrong clicks.

Spend more time at Reading and Implement them quickly before that technique becomes obsolete. 🙂 All the very best and thanks a ton for your patience and time you have taken to read this one.

You may share this post now.

This article is written by Robin. He is a Blogger who writes at DailyTUT. You can find Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 Review and Bitdefender coupon to save upto 50% of your cash, from his blog.”

3 Simple Yet Big Mistakes That Bloggers Can Make

We are humans! Humans are bound to make mistakes, right? We are not machines and it is not that we will not make mistakes at all. We should also keep in mind that we are not machines that cannot rectify mistakes on their own. I have made millions of mistakes starting from putting up articles, to the way I promoted my blog but I did rectify them later. I see many newbie bloggers do some of the mistakes that I did and this prompted me to write this article.

Blogging Mistakes

Treating Blog as an ATM Machine

Have you just started blogging? Thinking of earning a load full from it? This is the worst mistake that you can ever do. I don’t say that earning money from blogging is difficult but on the other hand only concentrating on money will never get you what you need. I personally believe “Work hard but expect nothing in return”. Many may not agree on this but I believe this from my heart. I was also one curious blogger who kept his motive to earn money from blogging, I never succeeded when I had that in my mind. I had quit blogging for quite some time but in that break I felt what I could have done with blogging other than just earning money from it. From that moment I left the thought of earning but developing my blog which I would never ever forget because that did bring me results.

I had to mention this point because I got a message from some guy (I would not like to reveal his name/id). The mail was as following

Dear Sandeep,

I am planning to be professional blogger, part-time for first 3 years, full-time later on. I want you to pls help me in this-

If I am able to get 1,25,000 page views after 3 years of blogging (3 long years), would it be realistically to earn 35000 per month or 800 dollars or 4 Lakhs per year from all including

Affiliate Marketing
Other advertising programmes

from a tech blog after 3 years after I achieve 1,25,000- 1,40,000 pageviews. I know from adsense , It cant be 4 $ per 1000 impressions. But after having affiliate marketing of hostgator, themes etc
Which wordpress theme and hosting you would suggest me

What do you expect me to reply to this mail ? I couldn’t but had to.

This is what people are actually starting up blogs these days, i never intrude they shouldn’t but keeping it as primary motive may be just a little wrong.

Ignoring Blog Readers

This point may look very simple but in fact it is a very serious one. Would you ever like to visit a restaurant where a server never takes your order ?certainly you wont right! Then how can you think that your readers will turn up again even after ignoring them to the core?

Simple mistakes that you can do

1) Not replying to Comments

Reply to your comments, if they ask questions or if you have interest in those comments. That will encourage interaction and form a community.

2) Not writing articles on what your readers need

3) Putting Pop-up ads

Putting Pop-up ads is like adding salt to a sweet dish. People get irritated when ads flash on them and lose interest in reading your articles and also coming back to your site. Never ever put pop-up ads on your blog.

Stealing Content

A blogger is known for his writing skills and knowledge, many don’t understand this fact at all. This point may be put up a lot of times but to be true this is one of the worst mistake that a blogger can make. This specially happens with newbie bloggers as they don’t know the negatives of copying and pasting contents on their blog.

Not only is this a matter of shame but also it can potentially destroy regular readers. No one would like to read contents which have been stolen from someone else.

This article is written by Sandeep Singh. He blogs at Technoleash, a blogging portal for tech enthusiasts.

Avoid Basic Blogging Mistakes [Myths & Legends]

There are any number of ways of creating a tangled mess and calling it a blog, or turning a blog into a tangled mess of statements, information and varying levels of quality. All of these options include effectively trashing the blog experience for readers. Blog readers aren’t necessarily normal people. Many are experts, all are enthusiasts, and none are apathetic about what they read. If you’re doing a blog on web application security, you’re not writing to casual readers. You can be writing to app developers and experts, and their interest levels can vary a lot.

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Myths and Legends

The mythology of Blogging, ironically, doesn’t even come from pro bloggers. It comes from the media, and typically, it includes a vast quantity of utter garbage. Unfortunately for some bloggers, these myths are the images of blogging they start with, and they usually fall in a screaming heap after months of hard work on that basis. More of a problem is the fact that these myths also contaminate what would otherwise be good content.

Some of the worst myths :

Avoid Blogging Mistakes#1 – The ranting blog attracts people : No- It’s been obsolete for years. You can still see some of these on political sites, which like politics itself is decades behind the rest of the world, but these blogs are truly dead and buried. There’s no market for them.

#2 – Shock jock blogs are good business : No – They’re usually suicide, particularly if you’ve got your own name attached to them. They tend to fall into  the “defamation as a way of life” category, and they often get targeted in response from their understandably infuriated subjects. The novelty value diminishes, and the sort of people who read them are a Z grade readership, if that.

#3 – Recycling articles is a good way to get content : It is if you really want to meet a lot of lawyers and have fun paying them. (Bear in mind even one legal consultation will set you back several hundred bucks.) It’s also great for being publicly humiliated by the original writers, who generally lack appreciation for people taking the food out of their mouths.

#4 – You can write any old thing on a blog and people will read it : No they won’t. Get that idea right out of your head before you write a word. There is absolutely no way of getting read online unless people want to read you. Expect a lot of sneering and patronizing comments from those who enjoy it, but that’s about all.

#5 – Nobody checks information on blogs : Like hell they don’t. Get things wrong, and you will get flak by the truckload. If your information relates to something which attracts the attention of people researching the subject, you will get hit in multiple directions. Either check your own information or don’t publish. There’s no middle ground on this one.

Whether you’re doing a blog about penetration testing or counselling for Barbie dolls, stay focused. Don’t make a target out of yourself, and concentrate on quality. You will get the readers, not the mob with pitchforks and torches or that sad sight, the empty, hitless blog.