6 Ways You Can Make Your Readers Bounce Back

Bounce Back Blog ReadersDo you really think your blog can survive without readers? Readers are like nutrients for your blog and without them your blog will die from hunger. To maintain nutrients, which I am referring to readers, flowing to your blog you have to stick to the points given below:

1. Fresh Updates

Publish a fresh or new content which has not been published anywhere. Readers will obviously not want to read same old boring stories or news on your blog. If they find new content then they will visit again to look for updated stories.

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2. Systematic posting

Routinely update your blog so that readers will understand when you are going to publish the post and will visit it on time. If you can’t manage to write and publish post timely then you can write a blog post in advance and schedule it to post later.

On WordPress dashboard you have the option to select when you are going to publish the post for example if set it to publish on December 1, 2012 then the system will publish the post on that time.

Make a plan how you frequently you are going to publish a post, three times a week or four times a week. For example I always have busy time with work the whole week except Friday and Saturday so what I do is to write three or four posts in advance on those days and schedule the draft post to be published after the weekend.

3. Stable blog design

Don’t change your blog design or theme too often because regular readers gets used to the old theme and have difficulty in adjusting to new theme. Changing your theme once in six month or once in year is the perfect cycle because a change after a long period is good and makes your reader happy as well because they might have been bored sticking to old and same color for too long!

4. Don’t put personal stuff in your blog post

Putting personal stuff in a blog with tech niche or computer niche is not appropriate for all audience and unrelated unless it is a blog for personal diary. Will you think of putting some of your experience at DJ party in a tech blog niche? Obviously not.

5. Care and listen to your readers

Emphasize your blog post for readers not for search engine. Write a blog post which you think will be useful to readers. Conduct a survey to see what readers really want from your blog. You can also hold a contest sometimes and if you want you can reward your readers for conducting the survey.

6. Cooperation with your readers

Even if you are too busy with your academic or job life you must a dedicate a time for your readers by responding to their emails, comments, questions and anything. If you don’t respond or give time to your readers then what’s the use of blogging?

15 thoughts on “6 Ways You Can Make Your Readers Bounce Back”

  1. Really nice points sir. I think make website which you live visitors also love it in some time. But content is king.

  2. Post frequently with 1 hot topic and two small topic per week will be the best.
    Do it frequently and keep your content fresh .
    It the best to learn up how to generate topic while one week is more than enough to creating attractive idea.

  3. Hi,

    Nice post. No doubt in that if readers will go once then come back to them on our blog post it's difficult task to do but i think these 6 points will help for us lots thanks for given these points.

    I like most point #5 which is so true and we should always keep in touch with our readers.

  4. I completely agree with you. I think communication is the essential part of this all, when we communicate with the first time and loyal readers we have a better chance of convincing them to return to our blogs to check out some more of our work. It's not guaranteed but most people love to have some attention given to them, and in this case it is in the form of replying.

  5. You're spot on with most of your points. The only thing I don't agree with is #4.

    Being personable is what brings people in, because they were able to relate with that personal story, especially with technology blogs. In almost every blog post I read, no matter the subject, there is a personal tale, a personal triumph, a personal experience, etc.

    That personal experience led them to create that blog post in order to help others. Without the personal experience, the blog post wouldn't have been as good because, why should we listen to them if they have no relevance to the topic at hand?

    Adding in that personal touch, will create confidence & trust with your readers.

    I did enjoy your article, though! Thanks for sharing!

    • I believe that's not what he mean't Morgan. One can definitely share personal triumphs and experiences that's related and relevant to the theme of the blog, but not unrelated personal stuff, that's what he meant.

  6. Great points and is very nicely explained.I totally agree with the new post daily as it matters a lot for the readers.thnx for such great info

  7. Really nice points buddy,you really got to take care of these stuff if you want to make your readers to become regular visitors to your blog

  8. I think i manage all these points.The line i loved the most in this article,and after reading that ,felt to appreciate the writer , is "Emphasize your blog post for readers not for search engine." .I appreciate Nasif , that is what a blogger is supposed to do , a lot of bloggers are writting for money , traffic etc .But only few are there who really blogs for the sake of people out there , which don't even know that blogger.
    Keep up the Good Work.


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