Make Your Blog Viral on Facebook with Like Locker Plugin

Recent reports released by YouTube suggests that “Charlie bit my finger” video, which went viral makes around $2,00,000 dollars per year. It was social networking websites which helped that video go viral. How can we forget the recently viral video: Why this kolaveri di which topped charts because of getting viral on Facebook and Twitter. So, here’s amazing plugin for all the WordPress users. “Wp-Like-Locker” plugin comes with feature of locking your blog posts with a Facebook Like button. The content are showed only after “Liking” the post.

Here’s how I implemented and tested it on my demonstration blog:

WP Like Locker

When anyone likes it, entire blog post is visible to them:

WP Like Locker 2

This is how amazingly you can make your blog post go viral. Obviously, no one would mind liking it there as it doesn’t matter them as it is still Free!

How to set up in WordPress?

Download the plugin from:  Click here

Setup and install it via FTP or direct upload into WordPress Plugins.

Once done, you will be able to see a “Facebook icon” in the text editor box. Click on it.

Alternatively, you can also use short codes [wp-like-locker] and [/wp-like-locker] to include selected or entire text into Facebook Like Locker

WP Like Locker 3

41 thoughts on “Make Your Blog Viral on Facebook with Like Locker Plugin”

  1. Thank you for letting me know about Wp-Like-Locker plugin, althought it's not a free plugin but I still wanna try it.

    Thank you

  2. Due to the cookie, once content is unlocked it stays unlocked in the browser for that particular post/page. Cant seem to find the cookie 'wpll'

    Any help on how i can locate/ turn the cookie off for testing my content?

  3. Frankly speaking, with due respect, I am of the honest opinion that it is the quality of a post that can make it viral, though sometimes the luck may also play a little role. Of course, on big sites that are already popular, even a junk post may become viral. A plugin cannot make a post viral if a site is new and the post is not good. If I am permitted to ask, may I ask Chintak to also tell the results of using this plugin?

    On Internet, content is free but it should also give you freedom. Forcing any person will not help unless you've written some really killer content which is not available anywhere else.

    With a lot of difficulty, one receives a few visitors from Google Search, we should not turn away them by forcing them like this. There is a need to conduct an empirical study to find out how many visitors like and then read the content, and how many visitors simply run away after seeing such forced Like notice.

    However, I feel that it may be alright if one uses a plugin (if one exists) that REQUESTS (instead of forcing) the visitors to like Facebook page. That may be more useful.

    My apologies for being frank. But, isn't a comment meant to be frank, free, fair and honest opinion?

  4. Found that lot of chinese website using this Wp-Like-Locker on their site .
    Lot of sharing joke and video site do need us to click lot time of like in order to unlock the content and continue.
    If give a situation to force you to like in order to see the content . And now i just notice there is a plug in for this. Thank for sharing.

  5. This plugin is good but some users who are not logged in Facebook should again log in and then like it , this will make the readers some what irritated.

  6. This is awesome plugin but not for every visitor. This might lose some potential reader. It would be wise if we can add this system to certain post. Like we have premium member area. Anyway thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. Hi,

    Nice info which will be prove so useful in blogging profile i think we can take good benefits from the help of this plug-in.

  8. Hi Chintak, this is one amazing plugin. I think this plugin work best for link baiting type article. Post like "Top 7 SEO secret on 2011" such type of blog post will get more and more likes by this viral plugin. I am surprised whether can I use this pluigin on my wp based gaming site.

  9. Thanks Chintak you have discovered a great plug-in will help many posts to go VIRAL.. keep it up.

  10. This is a great WordPress plugin… it will make a post go viral more easily. However, what is essential and important for us is still to write unique, interesting and viral-worthy content.

    If I use the plugin on my website, do you think any of my post will go viral?

  11. Using this plugin on your post will definitely affect the search engine. Search engines will not be able to read the content and the post would never come in the search results. It will affect the blog's SEO strategy.

  12. But if people are not logged into their Facebook account then they would be irritated to again go and login 2 their account. But this plugin would be really helpful for developing blogs

  13. This morning I saw the link of Dropbox to download the file, but now it goes to Code Canyon. Any particular reason?

  14. Great plugin, would surely use it but I have a question. Would the search engines be able to read the post? Wouldn't it affect site's SEO?

  15. Wow Chintak, this is a really useful plugin and will help a lot in getting something viral but I find many people will find it obtrusive on one hand…People who use this plugin will need to keep a balance between how many times they use this plugin, using this method in each and every post will not be a good idea. None the less thanks for sharing dude. 🙂

  16. Hello,

    I guess it's not good for the blog. We can't force somobody to view our content. Blogs are for sharing free content over the internet so users can take advantages. Doing this may get negative imapact on blog. Well Don't take it persoanl. It's just a thought which I am sharing with you!

    Best Regards,
    Amrik Virdi


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