Are the Weight Loss Blogs An Over Explored Niche?

weight loss nicheThese days when people are really conscious about beauty, health, and fitness, “weight loss blogs are becoming a very popular niche”. Most of the bloggers work on most demanded niche to earn more.

Beauty and health seems to be attracting a larger reader base. Everyone wants to look beautiful, gracious and remain fit and healthy for rest of their lives. If you want to wear your dream dress to look like a model then you must try something similar. “Weight loss” is a huge niche, and you can narrow down this topic in several arenas. For instance weight loss for men and women, weight loss programs and equipments, and fat free diets and a lot more.

However, this is the most explored niche on Google because people keep trying to find the best product for themselves that can give the best results in a short period. The recent graph says that the number of keywords found related to weight loss is around 57,940 while number of searches made on Google touches the figure of 11,100,000 per month. Isn’t it astonishing?

Since this is the most explored niche, so of course, choosing a good topic which can bring huge traffic is not a child’s play. Here go with a few suggestions to help you choose better topic for your weight loss blog:

Fitness and Content available

Fitness is no longer an unknown word for the readers. However, many top-notch websites are publishing unique content every day. Hence, as a content writer you must put on your thinking cap in a right way. Valuable and well-researched keywords may attract huge traffic to your website, but ultimately the question arises about unique and less explored keywords. Let us discuss about some of the over-used keywords.

  1. Keyword- weight diet loss, number of searches- 1500000
  2. Keyword- diet weight loss, number of searches- 1220000
  3. Keyword- loss weight diet, number of searches-1220000
  4. Keywords-Loss weight diet, number of searches-1220000

  5. Keywords- weight loss for, number of searches- 1220000

  6. Keywords- loss fast weight, number of searches- 823000

Hence, before writing on a niche of weight loss you have to ensure that the content is relevant to the topic and it is sustainable to a longer period.

Attractive topics

Attractive topic and proper research is extremely essential. Any reader while reading your content expects that you should include all the modern ways of weight loss but again there are so many researches going on in this area which becomes quite challenging. You should do a core research on your content so that it should give a new outlook on the diet industry and must be efficient in serving content with a real difference. Topics like Sugar vs. Far burner are trending too, you should check it out for more information.

Health and Beauty is an Evergreen Niche

Since “weight loss” comes as a part of the health and fitness niche, everyone becomes conscious about their obesity. Obesity is a root cause of many chronic diseases such as cardiac arrest, high blood pressure, diabetes and many more. Therefore, a promising website can attract many customers/visitors every day. The website must be able to give solutions to people who are suffering from weight loss and also offer coupon for health products to obtain discounts. You may even check weight loss and diet related sites like Bistro MD and Diet to Go.

Products that you are selling through your niche matters a lot

Commercially if you are not putting up the right kind of products on your website then it may still attract your website. This becomes an important factor since you can make your blog really successful by promoting your blog through exclusive contents, e-books and other contents strategies.

Therefore, the weight loss blogs can never be over explored and people keep on trying new products and new tricks to reduce their weight. In such case if your content is really lucrative people will stick to it and will buy and promote the products featured on your blog. It is often said that the good promoters happens to be a satisfied customer.

This article is written by Tarun Jaitely. He is a blogger and a freelance writer currently working for which provides wide range of converse coupons. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.

Are You Tired Of Writing? 7 Tips To Overcome That!

write when you're tiredThere are many people around the web who makes their living by writing and I’m another proud one among them. Sometimes I feel writing has been torturing me and I don’t feel like writing at all. I’m also a busy human like others, I do have my personal life and when I come home ending up a busy day, nothing concerns me more than a good sleep.

I heard people often saying, “When you’re tired, you must have rest. Don’t write until you start feeling better”. Everyone is ready to give a useless advice when others are struggling with something. They don’t understand how pressure a writer feel when he has some work to do and he don’t feel like doing.

I feel being tired is no less than a writers’ block. All the time, I’ve been working for my paid writings, personal writings and managing my personal life (home, family, friends, bla-bla…) and it’s quite difficult for me to get back into my shorts and sit in front of my computers for few more hours. Whenever I feel so, I turn complicated things into simple ones.

1. Save Heavy Parts for the next day

Writing for web isn’t just a bunch of words, clients expect an SEO friendly, optimized, keyword rich in my article and I must satisfy theirs’. So to make your writing easier at such odd times, flag those parts which you feel difficult as To Do’s for the next day.

2. Dig out the project of fun

Some of technical writings are serious by nature and work, while some others are fun to do. Suppose if you are going to publish an e-book or tutorial, you can work with the multimedia tools rather than editing your copyright and disclaimer.

3. Complete all the simple stuff

This part is followed by the previous one. When you’ve saved all the tough tasks for the next day, you’re directly meant to complete the remaining simple parts on that very day.

4. Watch Your Intakes

I often see people, who feel & put themselves in a writers’ block condition. Even they change their food habits at such conditions. But I suggest you to take a small lunch and please don’t take too much coffee. The carbohydrates and caffeine in that can definitely affect your energy levels. Also drinking water regularly will help you to blog better.

5. Take a Walk

When you don’t feel like writing at all, take a walk and have some fresh air to get your blood flowing and clear your brain.

6.Grab Your Headphones

Most of the people motivate themselves with music and so I. Put on your headphones and listen to your favorite numbers. You can also do this while writing. Personally, I am a great fan of Taylor Swift and I usually write hearing to her latest albums. If you have a Dropbox account, you can upload your favorite files there and play music from your Dropbox account or you can download some awesome MP3 Songs from Grooveshark.

7. Still Can’t Work? Take a leave

If none of these works for you, then you should better take a leave or a short-term vacation. If you don’t have enough time to go out for a vacation, you can at least do refreshing things of your type like I go for bike riding, golf course or watch a movie.

If you are interested in blogging and travelling, you can check these out :

  • 35 Painful Mistakes Travel Bloggers Make (And How To Fix Them)
  • 25 Great Online Tools for Travelers and Vacationers

This article is written by Koundeenya Dhulipalla. He is the owner of Ink Drops. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.

20+ Sure Shot Ways To Reduce SPAM Comments

If you are like me or like anyone using a WordPress blog, then you’ll be even ready to pay to prevent spam comments. Because that spoils almost 30% of our energy we give for our blog. Few plugins + few tweaks, you are ready to enter a spam-free dashboard then. Using such tips you can prevent them as much as possible because I have tried them on my blog(s) and it worked quite well. So I thought of making an article with all those tips combined, and here it is.

1. Use Akismet

Akismet is a MUST have plugin for a typical WordPress blog. If you don’t have it, then you’ll have the burden of differentiating genuine comments and spam comments. Akismet filters out your comment and track-back spam for you.

Akismet Stats


Before going to ReCAPTCHA I’ll tell you what CAPTCHA is. It is a type of challenge-response test used in computing as an attempt to ensure that the response is generated by a person. You can try lots of CAPTCHA plugins to prevent spammers from automatically entering the comments. You can also try Math Comment Spam Protection, which asks the visitor making the comment to answer a simple math question instead.


3. Blacklist certain words

You can find this option on WordPress “Discussion Settings”. You can keep a list of words you don’t want to have in your blog comments, if you get any such comments it will be moderated. Like when a comment contains any of those words in its content, name, URL, e-mail, or IP, it will be marked as spam. You can use the similar kind of form in the Comment Moderation if you want to moderate them instead of marking as SPAM.

Comment Blacklist


4. Use Third Party Commenting Systems

I don’t have much experience but third party commenting systems like Disqus, Intense Debate, Facebook Comments, etc have good control over SPAM comments. Interestingly such commenting systems are not loved by spammers, they rarely poke their heads inside such systems.

Facebook Comments

Common Blog Comment Systems

5. Avoid DoFollow

Spam commentators normally target dofollow blog because they’ll get more advantage over nofollow blogs. Comments on a dofollow blog have more juice and traffic. So you can make your dofollow blog as nofollow if you get lots of spam comments frequently. Though being a dofollow blog has some advantages you still need to battle the spam comments now and then.

6. Use Comments Policy

Every blog must have a “Comments Policy“, because that’ll help your readers and commentators to know the right format and way to comment on your blog. You can mention what happens if they spam on your blog. You can also tell how you reward them (learn how to reward commentators) for their genuine comments and why they should not spam instead.

7. Ban by IP

This WordPress plugin WP-Ban is a recommended one. If you find any person from a particular IP address continuously spamming your blog, then you can ban them using this.

It will display a custom ban message when the banned IP, IP range, host name or referer url trys to visit you blog. You can also exclude certain IPs from being banned. There will be statistics recordered on how many times they attemp to visit your blog. It allows wildcard matching too. You can also use the default WordPress comment moderation to ban IP addresses.

WordPress Plugin Used:

8. Use CommentLuv and KeywordLuv

Confused? The thing is, if you use such plugins normal readers won’t bother to fill their comments with spam content (like links). Instead they’ll use plugins like CommentLuv and KeywordLuv to fulfill their desires.

WordPress Plugins Used:

9. Confirm you are not a spammer

Believe me, this plugin is equal to Akismet. GrowMap Anti-Spambot Plugin (G.A.S.P.) is what we are talking about. You just have to confirm that you are not a spammer using a check box.

WordPress Plugin Used:

10. Close comments on old posts

If you wish to close comments on older posts you can do that on WordPress “Discussion Settings”. Just go there and under “Other comment settings” you can find “Automatically close comments on articles older than ___ days”.

close comments days

Enter the age of the posts you want the comments to be closed and save. WordPress also provides the option to close comments on individual posts you can use of that. Because spammers target posts with high traffic.

11. Cookies for Comments Plugin

This WordPress plugin will set a cookie on a random URL that is then checked when a comment is posted. If the cookie is missing the comment is marked as spam.

This plugin adds a stylesheet or image to your blog’s html source code. When a browser loads that stylesheet or image a cookie is dropped. If that user then leaves a comment the cookie is checked. If it doesn’t exist the comment is marked as spam. The plugin can also check how long it took a user to enter a comment. If it is too fast it could probably be a spam bot.

WordPress plugin used:

12. Custom WP function to ban empty referrers

This function will reject the comments from the browsers which do not have referrers enabled. When the ‘referrer’ for a particular comment request is empty, then obviously the comment is not posted from your blog post comment form.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} .wp-comments-post.php*
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !.** [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} ^$
RewriteRule (.*) ^http://%{REMOTE_ADDR}/$ [R=301,L]

Paste this code on your .htaccess file. Please kindly backup your .htaccess file before implementing this.

13. Simple trackback validation

You can also validate the trackbacks you are getting for your blog posts. You can check whether they are coming from original source or some crap site. Simple Trackback Validation Plugin performs a simple but very effective test on all incoming trackbacks in order to stop trackback spam.

This plugin checks if the IP address of the trackback sender is equal to the IP address of the webserver the trackback URL is referring to.

WordPress Plugin Used:

14. Remove website column

Pretty simple way to avoid all sorts of SPAM comments. It will be hard for the spammers to keep your blog in their hit list then.

no website column

This screenshot of shows comment form without website column. So normally spammers will give less preference to such sites, but it might also make link building readers aka commentators confuse.

15. Avoid HTML in comment

This tip will help you to disable HTML inside comments. Even if the commentator uses “HTML” syntax, they won’t convert. Commentators will normally keyword related anchor texts and make them as spam comments. By disabling HTML, you can make them look like normal text instead of clickable links.


16. Add Invisible formfields to Comment form

By adding additional formfields to your comment form (which is only invisible to humans) you can differentiate between a normal comment and bot comment. If a spambot fills these fields blindly (which most of all spambots do), the comment will not be saved. You can use NoSpamNX WordPress plugin for this.

You can decide if you want to block these spambots or mark them as spam. Furthermore, you can put common spam-phrases on a local Blacklist or (if you have multiple Blogs) on a global Blacklist. This comes very handy when fighting againt “handmade” Spam.

WordPress Plugin Used:

17. Moderate first time commentators

You can restrict first time commentators from getting approved instantly. You can enabled the option that Comment author must have a previously approved comment by the administrators. You can see this on Discussion Settings > Before a comment appears.

First Time Commentators

18. Comment Email Verification

If a comment is held for moderation then an email message will be sent to the comment author with a link to verify his/her email address. When the comment author clicks on that link the comment gets approved immediately. This makes discussions more lively as users don’t have to wait for the blog admin to approve the comment.

Blog owners may also choose to hold the comments in the moderation queue even after successful verification. The verification status is shown in the comment lists in the admin.

WordPress Plugin Used:

19. Restrict Comments to Registered Users

If you have enabled registration on your WordPress blog, then you can restrict comments to only registered users.

Registered users comment

Go to the Settings > General panel > Under Membership:, select Users must be registered and logged in to comment. This will reduce good amount of spam since you can get genuine users by registering.

20. Limit Number of Links in Comments

Mostly spam comments will have links in comments so you can limit the number of links in the comments to avoid spamming.

Comment Links

To change the number of links in comment posts you can change the setting for the number of links permitted in a comment.

Go to the Settings > Discussion panel.

Scroll down to Comment Moderation.

In the section which covers the number of links in a post, it is set to 2 by default. You could lower to one.

NOTE: Do not set this to zero or leave the field blank. It will send every comment to moderation — not the desired effect.

21. Disable Comments & Trackbacks

This is not a tip to reduce spam comment, but to disable comments. Just uncheck the last two options to disable comments and trackbacks for your blog posts. No more SPAM comments. If you are really not interested in these comments thing, then this is the best option for you. 🙂

Settings > Discussion > Default article settings

Disable Comments & Trackbacks

You can also delete your wp-comments-post.php and wp-trackback.php to disable comments and trackbacks permanently.

I’m sure these tips will help you to reduce spam comments on your WordPress blog. If you know any other tip, kindly mention them in the comments.

4 Tips To Maintain Optimal Blogging Frequency

Optimal Blogging frequencyEarlier we discussed about how frequent you should update your blog. As we know, Consistency is the key to success for avid bloggers. There aren’t any written rules to find the optimal blogging frequency; however, there is a solution. Indubitably, it’s the ‘trial and error’ method. But, this method has a disadvantage: it’s a time-consuming process. One has to spend sufficient time in researching his/her content’s clarity, style, mood, uniqueness, etc. Utilize the tips mentioned below to become aware of the optimal blogging frequency for your blog.

1. Analyze the content

Even for experienced bloggers, it takes sufficient time to find his/her blog’s optimal frequency. That’s why the quality of a blog’s content matters more. However, a blog’s design, style and interface are important for attracting readers. On one hand, an interesting content can make the readers visit one’s blog. On the other hand, only consistency can bring the readers, back to the same blog frequently. Making enormous research on the theme is highly recommended before you start with a blog. It’s better to have a single theme for the entire blog. These researches are quite important. But, most of the current bloggers ignore them without realizing their benefits.

2. Progress steadily

Once you become clear about your content’s theme, you may start posting articles in your blog. If you have put your work on pause, you may resume posting then. However, you may find noticeable changes between your current posts and the earlier ones. If they don’t possess big differences, continue to add your posts. Else, don’t hesitate to delete the older posts. Make a fresh start with your researches. During the initial stage, you may post one article per week. Try to post articles at the same frequency for at least 3 to 4 months.

3. Set your frequency

Don’t try to hurry up with your posts. Some bloggers commit the mistake of posting too many articles in a single day. As far as blogging is considered, remember that quality is more important than quantity. Secondly, consistency is highly essential for any successful blog. Once you learn to post your articles consistently, you may increase your blogging frequency. Do consider the viewers’ interests while deciding your blogging frequency. Make sure that your content is fresh in every post; however, the theme of your blog mustn’t change with every post. Promotion of a blog is quite important to gather like-minded readers. Don’t hesitate to promote your blog through social-networking sites and online forums.

4. Wait for the result

Make a note on the number of readers, frequent visitors, number of hits, number of comments, etc., in your blog. You may then decide the frequency of your posts. In case, if you have few readers only, reduce your blogging frequency. It might give time for the readers to keep updated with your blog. Once you have sufficient number of readers in your blog, increase your posting frequency progressively. To mention, this process consumes time. Have patience in your work and proceed steadily.

Different blogs need different blogging frequencies for success. So, don’t compare your blog with others to guess your blog’s optimal frequency and to save time. Definitely, you won’t regret it later. Just remember that the remote control of your blog lies in your hand. Handle it smartly and you can turn you blog’s way to success or a downfall. So, get ready to find your blog’s favorable frequency by yourselves. Happy blogging!

This article is written by Alyssa Clarke. She is a blogger who also happens to be a tech freak.

Your Blog Readers Will Hate You For All This?

There is very thin line between love and hate.  A person, who is in love with you, can hate you for his lifetime, because of a small mistake.

Same goes for our blog readers.

Blog readers who are in love with your blog, can kick the a** out of your blog, because of many reasons. And once they are gone, then they are not going to come back.

Believe me, once your valuable reader stop reading your blog, then there is nothing that you can do to get them back on reading your blog.

You may wonder “Why My Readers Are Going To Hate Me? I haven’t Done Anything Wrong. ”

Let me tell you something – Our mistake will always remain unknown to us, even if they are in front of our eyes. We only came familiar to our mistakes when we see their effects like: if you are writing you blog post, then for you it’s very hard to find your own typos, but hand over your article to any other person and see the magic.

It’s a truth writer and bloggers can’t edit their own work. – A very bitter truth. (As a writer I’m sad for this.)

So it’s important for us to take care of our blog readers, and do our best to keep them in love with our blog. And never ever give them any reasons for hating our blog.

By the way, “What can be the reasons of reader’s hatred for your blog?”

Here’s the answer of your question – 6 main reasons can make your readers hate you, forever.


Your Blog Design

We have million color combinations in our hand. But here’s the twist – we can’t use each and every combination for our blog design.

You may wonder “Why?”.

Because colors what makes our blog design good.  So we have to be very narrow and specific about what color combination, we are picking for our blog design. Because our readers first going to feel our blog with their eyes, not with their mouth.

If our blog design is inevitable then, they will think about using their mouth and brain. So the first side of better blog coin is “good blog design”, so try to with the toss.

Your Blog Content

There is a saying, that I would like to mention here is “Beauty With Brain – Very Rare Combination.”

Same goes for our blogs.

Blogs with good design and good content are also very rare combination. But if we want to strike our presence in blogospheres, then we have to get this rare combination for our blog.

You need to have good design for your blog with good content also. Because once your blog design invites your readers for dinner, then your content is their food, which they will eat to feed their hunger. And let me tell you in this world nobody is a big fan of eating junk food – note this, it’s very important lesson.

You’ve Attitude Problem

“Attitude is very small thing that makes a big difference.” – Yeah share it on facebook, twitter everywhere.

If you have harsh attitude for your blog readers, then you are making a huge error, which leads in loss of blog readers.

Yeah, be on same level of your blog readers, talk with them, solve there queries and reply to their comments. Act like that you are friend of your blog readers, who always ready to help them out.

Never show your attitude to your blog readers. Because they have their own, and when they come to show their attitude you will going to lose your readers and as well as your blog reputation and respect.

Your Blog Has No Interaction

Lots of times we all want silence, like at the time of studying, doing some important works, bed time and lots of other moments. But

There are times when silence can be dangerous for us.” –(Share it). And the time is when your blog readers have it.

If your blog readers are not interacting with your blog, then it simply means that your readers are not interested anymore in reading your blog. They started to hate your blog, because everybody has their fingers on their mouth, they are not interacting with your blog, not commenting, not sharing anything with their social media presence etc.

They are completely avoiding your blog, which is very bad.

So try to entertain and engage your blog audience by doing anything, which helps you to break their silence.

You Are Annoying

You really make me angry by “mentioning me on facebook”, “DM me on facebook & twitter” with the link of your each and every new post daily.  Which makes me feel like you are stalker more than blogger, because whenever I open my social media accounts, I see you and only you?  If you keep doing this then I’m goanna kick your blog ass out, even if you offer more valuable content then copyblogger.

So stop this pinging nonsense, if you really want to stop the haters of your blog readers, but if you want to grow it then move on bro…

Moving With Same Old Story Again And Again

How many topics you cover on your blog?

Answer that question in your head, and count the number of topics that you cover on your blog. Because the more topics you have on your blog, the better it is, because readers always want to read fresh and fresh stories.

Not the same old story with different title. If you stick with same old stories, then your blog readers will hate you for telling the same thing that they already know. So its better that you think out of the box and always have something new to say.

My Final Words

Love is thing, which doesn’t sticks for too long with us. It always searches for a window to run out, and a hate always searches for open window to jump in.

All these things can be a key to open that window, which will give a chance to ran out the love of your readers for your blog and get replaced by haters. So it’s better to avoid all these things if you really want that your reader’s sticks with you forever.

If you like this post, then please use your one click to share this out. And also share your opinion in below comment section.

IMAGE CREDIT : IneslsVeg_n

5 Content Writing Rules that You Must Follow

Content WritingDo you feel that you have a flair for writing?

Are you able to consistently write on different topics without any hesitations?

If the answers of these 2 questions are “Yes”, then I must say that you are a good writer. But you able to find lots of good writers like you who can paddle up their pen to write down their valuable thoughts in their daily diary.

Being a good writer doesn’t means that you can write a better web content. Because web content writing is different aspects and enrolls lots of factor to consider about then any other forms of writing.

Content writing for web is completely different from any other writings that are used in printing media. The most important factor that differentiates web content writing from other writing source is that people reads web content to find solution for their problem or for growing their knowledge tree more rapidly and widely. If your web content doesn’t fits in the readers requirement list they just easily going to shut your blog or site without doing anything on your site.

So you have to write web content in a very engaging and attractive manner that people will fall in love with your written words. So they are not easily able to press the back button of their browser. If you are blogger or content writer then you must know that in online world content is everything and how you write and present your content can change the whole game.

To be a successful blogger and web content writer we all need some blogging help and content writing help, and today I’m going to help you by telling you 5 insanely awesome content writing rule that will help you to write better web content and also give you a proper impression of web content writing style that you can follow to move on.

1. Write For Your Audience

Always think before you pick up your pen to start writing about your thoughts, that this thought (content) is related to my blog audience or they are going to like it or not. Because if your blog readers are not showing any interest on reading your written content then what’s the use of writing that contents.

So it’s better to have the impression about what types of content your blog reader’s wants and likes to read so you can craft your thoughts to write those types of content. If you don’t have any impression that what types of content your blog readers wants then there are lots of tactics that you can use to know what your blog reader wants like post poll.  Just showcase 5 titles of your upcoming blogging articles and ask which one they like to read first and most. This will help you to increase the user engagement on your blog as well as create suspense in your blog readers mind that what this blog post is going to contain.

So if you want to write better web content then the first Golden rule to follow is “Always Write For Your blog or Website audience (Readers)”

2. Keep it simple

People don’t have dictionary while they are reading your web content or your blog post so that they can easily find the meaning of all those complicated words that you have used in your content. Or no one likes to put their effort in searching or finding the meaning of your complicated written words.

People like to read uncomplicated and easy to understand web content. Because in online world people want all information quickly and easily. So if your content has some complication in it then just everybody going to bounce upon your content and visit next website to get the info. So it’s better to stick with simple words to tell the whole story or write your whole blogging article.

3. Stick A Pic

An image helps us to grab the attention of people and makes them to think why you used this image for this blog post or web content, and to know more they start reading your blogging article or web content.  By sticking a conceptual image to your content piece you can skyrocket the numbers of people reads your content. Like if you are writing content about how you can boost your blogging income then you must stick a picture like a person who is struggling for money and finally gets it.

You can check this : 40+ Websites For Copyright And Royalty Free Photos

4. Stuck With The Main Point

Whenever you pick up your pen to start writing any content you have a main point that you want to clear by your whole content like I’m writing this blog post to tell you how you can improve your web content writing by following this 5 simple rules.

Same like this you may be writing a content to tell how you can boost your blogging income or on any other topic. But in the end make sure that your whole content tells the same story that you wants to tell with your content because lots of time when writer starts writing on something else and ends on something else because so many reasons but the 2 main reasons are riding too much on off topic stories and less focused with your main point.  And you know what that this type of content in online world has its special place and the place is well known by the name of content dustbin. So make sure your words represent the main story that you want them to represent.

5. In The End Test Your Content Pie

According to me web content writers and bloggers must follow the one habit of food chef. They test their cooked food in the end to know how it tests and the customers are going to like it or not. So same like a food chef you also read your written content after it gets completed to know that how it tests and your readers are going to like it or not.

Reading your content by yourself also helps you to short out some small problems that impacts on your writing in bigger amount like spelling mistakes , uses of its and it’s, then and than etc… so it’s better to test your content by yourself to know how you write and what your writing style and how you can improve it…

So here I rest my case of telling you 5 insanely awesome web content writing rules that will help you to boost your writing skills. Now it’s your turn to share this post with your entire social media network, so all your fellow friends are able to take advantage of it. You can also try a new kind of content writing services on WebThePensters.


This article has been written by Sarvesh. If you need some blogging help in writing blogging articles, generating traffic for your blog then do contact him.

How Frequent Should You Update Your Blog?

Blogging FrequencyThere is no right or wrong answer for this question. It is difficult to give a solid answer because the topic is very broad and subjective. Nevertheless, this article will try to explain the answer from several perspectives of update frequency for general, new blogs and blogs which focuses on SEO.

Posting frequency

Posting entries daily is not practiced by many bloggers because finding ideas and materials to blog about is not easy. That is the reason why new bloggers are encouraged to consider their niche carefully before starting a blog.

The frequency of updates depends on what you are doing with your blog. People are different when it comes to varying time constraints and writing abilities. Updating at least once a week should be sufficient for small general blogs. If you go less than that, it would be hard to maintain your readers’ interest. However, it is different, for example, if you run a news or technology blog. It would be good to post new contents on a daily basis or even several times a day for the blog to garner the interest desired.

Update frequency for new vs. not-so-new blogs

A new blog should be updated daily. Some people argue that the frequency of posting does not matter but this does not apply for new blogs. Your blog is your house in cyberspace. Imagine your new blog as a new unfurnished house in the real world. What do you see inside? Empty. Go get a few things and fill it so that people can call it a “house”. Posts and articles are the furniture for your blog so that visitors will call it a “blog”. Start with a few posts in the first week and increase the number in the following week.

How about blogs which are not so new anymore? First, you must understand the pattern of visitor arrivals on your blog. They come on the first day and if you are lucky, you will get them hooked and they will come to check out what’s new on the following days. Their visits are becoming a habit now. But what if the day comes when they don’t see new post and there is none the next day and the many more days to come. The readers will lost interest and would seldom visit your blog now. They might even probably stop visiting altogether.

However, things can turn out differently despite your infrequent updates. You’ve definitely heard of this – “Quality is better than quantity“. This is true in blogging. Some people cannot update very frequently due to other commitments in life. This does not mean that they have forgotten; they are probably in the midst of cooking up an info-packed post. If you post anything of good quality that your readers are looking for, you will get traffic as high as the pro bloggers even if you don’t update very often.

Update frequency for SEO blogs

Running a blog to generate income is different from having a blog as a hobby. What about a full-time blogger who makes a living from blogging? Some people say two or three times per week should be sufficient but a daily update is the best.

How frequent should SEO blogs update their content? Content is the king in SEO campaigns. Updating your blog is vital to bring new traffic and to increase your ranking in search engines. When you update your blog with new contents, you will reap more SEO benefits by having more of your pages indexed by the search engines. Search engines function to bring people for new information and as such, you will get better results from the search engines if you add fresh contents more frequently.

What if I can’t update on a daily basis? Whenever you have time, write blog posts and articles in advance and schedule your post. Some other ways are to open up your blog to guest posting or hire someone to do it for you. Whichever method you choose, bear in mind that quality must always come before quantity!

Update consistency

Consistency in updating is also very important. If you are serious about blogging, one quality post per day should be good enough. Many of us are attached to other commitments such as work and family, therefore publishing new entries three or four times a week should be good also. However, make sure your frequency is consistent. If you update once a week, it is best to update on the same day each week too. Just don’t go missing the following week and come back again after a month.

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6 Ways You Can Make Your Readers Bounce Back

Bounce Back Blog ReadersDo you really think your blog can survive without readers? Readers are like nutrients for your blog and without them your blog will die from hunger. To maintain nutrients, which I am referring to readers, flowing to your blog you have to stick to the points given below:

1. Fresh Updates

Publish a fresh or new content which has not been published anywhere. Readers will obviously not want to read same old boring stories or news on your blog. If they find new content then they will visit again to look for updated stories.

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2. Systematic posting

Routinely update your blog so that readers will understand when you are going to publish the post and will visit it on time. If you can’t manage to write and publish post timely then you can write a blog post in advance and schedule it to post later.

On WordPress dashboard you have the option to select when you are going to publish the post for example if set it to publish on December 1, 2012 then the system will publish the post on that time.

Make a plan how you frequently you are going to publish a post, three times a week or four times a week. For example I always have busy time with work the whole week except Friday and Saturday so what I do is to write three or four posts in advance on those days and schedule the draft post to be published after the weekend.

3. Stable blog design

Don’t change your blog design or theme too often because regular readers gets used to the old theme and have difficulty in adjusting to new theme. Changing your theme once in six month or once in year is the perfect cycle because a change after a long period is good and makes your reader happy as well because they might have been bored sticking to old and same color for too long!

4. Don’t put personal stuff in your blog post

Putting personal stuff in a blog with tech niche or computer niche is not appropriate for all audience and unrelated unless it is a blog for personal diary. Will you think of putting some of your experience at DJ party in a tech blog niche? Obviously not.

5. Care and listen to your readers

Emphasize your blog post for readers not for search engine. Write a blog post which you think will be useful to readers. Conduct a survey to see what readers really want from your blog. You can also hold a contest sometimes and if you want you can reward your readers for conducting the survey.

6. Cooperation with your readers

Even if you are too busy with your academic or job life you must a dedicate a time for your readers by responding to their emails, comments, questions and anything. If you don’t respond or give time to your readers then what’s the use of blogging?

7 Ways Bloggers Can Capitalize on the Holiday Season

Bloggers and Holidays

From a business perspective, the holidays are really only about one thing: making more money than at any other time of the year. While this may sound cutthroat and contrary to the spirit of the season, the reality is that many retailers depend on the holidays to make up for slower times and generate a huge chunk of their yearly profits. If you run a blog with the intention of making money, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t grab a piece of the proverbial pumpkin pie too. From Thanksgiving to New Years and everything in between, here are seven ways for bloggers to capitalize on the holiday season.

1. Help Your Readers Navigate Through Black Friday

It’s safe to say that nobody really likes Black Friday, even if they appreciate the deals available to those who drive off into the darkness to stand in line in front of their favorite big-box retailer. Virtually every site in your niche will already be compiling a list of deals based on circular ads, so why not go the extra mile by helping them decide between the best deals?

If your niche is wireless internet, you might create an article along the lines of Compare Verizon 4g to Alternative Providers” instead of simply rehashing the cost of Best Buy’s mobile hotspot hardware compared to Walmart’s, which your user can readily find at a thousand other sites. Anyone can tell that one price is lower than another, but it takes expert advice to determine which is a better value.

2. Compile a List of Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber Monday, the first Monday after Thanksgiving, is the online shopping equivalent to Black Friday. Unfortunately, it’s even more confusing than Black Friday because most retailers don’t announce their sale items and prices until Cyber Monday itself. For this, a comprehensive list of deals relevant to your niche is actually called for. If your blog specializes in a discussion of computer components, you should log onto sites like, and shortly after midnight to start hunting for deals and assessing their value. Your readers will truly appreciate the gesture when they wake up to start online shopping.

3. Tell a Personal Story About Your Thoughts on the Holidays

The holidays give you a perfect opportunity to connect with your readers on a more personal level by sharing a story or your thoughts regarding the season. Web users are more attracted to blogs when they feel like they can relate to the author. If you haven’t already done so, this may be a great opportunity to post a video in which you speak directly to your readership. Whether you love or hate the holidays, odds are good that you’ll have something worthwhile (or at least humorous) to discuss. Examples include your worst Thanksgiving dinner, your favorite Christmas present and your best New Years party. An interactive topic such as this is also a great way to coax your readers into leaving some comments.

4. Share Possible New Years Resolutions Related to Your Niche

Many blog niches are conducive to compiling a list of possible New Years resolutions, or ways to keep something that’s normally rather ill-fated. The solution will be obvious for a health and fitness blog, but somewhat more challenging if your niche doesn’t directly relate to personal betterment. For example, if your blog focuses on web development, you might suggest New Years resolutions such as learning one of many newer programming languages, and describing the benefits and best applications of each.

5. Craft a Humor Piece Relating Your Niche to a Holiday

The holidays are often more stressful than they ought to be, and your readers may be looking for some comic relief as a result. IGN, a video game review and news website that’s a little too big to be classified as a “blog,” recently capitalized on the holidays with a humorous article entitled Seven Annoying Gamers to Avoid This Thanksgiving. The article works because it’s funny, at least partially accurate, related to both the site’s niche and a holiday, and targeted squarely at the site’s audience. It received 41 pages of comments, a testament to the kind of reaction it mustered from the site’s readership.

6. Run a Promotion of Your Own

Instead of just pointing your readers to other sales and deals, now might be the time to run a holiday promotion of your own. Give your visitors a reason to convert to repeat visitors by offering a different promotion every day or week of the season, and not announcing the nature of each deal in advance. Once your readers get into the habit of checking your blog on a daily basis, they may continue that trend well into the new year.

7. Organize a Holiday-Themed Contest Based on Your Niche

This is another great way to get your readers involved in your blog, potentially while generating some free content at the same time. Ask your readers to send pictures, videos, prose, or any other type of content with a holiday theme that relates to your niche. Offer a popular item, such as a tablet PC or an e-reader, as the top prize. The small investment you make in the prize itself will pay off many times over in the amount of traffic and publicity you generate for your blog.

This article is written by Mitcho Conner. He is an Internet writer and he regularly blogs about new tips and tricks.

Why Bloggers Can’t Relax On Facebook

Bloggers and FacebookFacebook has always been one of the hot-spot for bloggers for fun and for connections. Obviously, everyone would like to tap the power out of 800 active million users. No wonder users are so obsessed with Facebook. As a blogger, I stay online most of the time and honestly, 30% of my time I’m on Facebook. Either going through my news feed, chatting, answering my readers questions and so on. But by the end if I think, was it any good? Was it any profitable for me? The only thing which I feel right now it: Facebook is really no more a fun and relaxing place for online earners especially bloggers. It’s a place where you have to be because of your marketing needs but if you indulge yourself into fun part of Facebook, you are missing out with your competitor.

The Era of Email has gone

It is no more than 6-8 months when I got few emails asking me to write guest posts on their blog but from the past few months, I have not even received a single email by a blogger. All the emails I get are from my subscriptions etc.

What is happening with me is that everyone who wants to communicate with me using Facebook. They send me emails asking questions, help for their problems, asking me to write for them etc. If they want to chat with me, they can simply do it with Facebook.

It’s nothing amazing that Facebook is being used for all this because Facebook is really the most simplest and easiest way to communicate with other’s nowadays.

How it’s creating problems

It’s really good that all my communications are added on Facebook and I can communicate directly with them without shifting between different sites. Well, everything has a side-effect.

Sometimes I want to relax and chat with my friends or see their pics so I turn offline but anything I do is updated on the ticker and my clients and fellow bloggers can see it. Its looks unprofessional to them and they think that I am avoiding them. I came to know this when one of my blogger friend told me that he didn’t expect this from me. As a blogger you should also maintain good relationship with your clients.

How to Avoid these problems?

There are only two ways to avoid these problems, simply turn offline and be visible to only those you want or follow the second one. The second method which I know of is to create a new profile, hide it from search results and only add your friends and family. In this way, you can sign out from your business-profile and sign in to your other profile where you have added your friends and family.

You may not know that Facebook keeps track of your online activity, sucks it into its database where it remains forever. You can read this post for stopping Facebook from tracking your web-activity.

Also check the tips to avoid Facebook Addiction.