HOW TO: Convert Your Blog Into A Do Follow Blog


No Follow is simply a piece of code in a link. It normally looks like this : rel=”nofollow”

Top Blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress has this “No Follow” attribute by default in comment links ! By this, search engines won’t follow the link to any other web sites. It is originally designed to combat comment spam.

Do Follow is the opposite of No Follow. Do Follow Blogs are blogs that has no “no follow” tags.

This means that when you leave a comment, it will appear on search engines as a backlink. Do Follow Blogs are a great way to obtain backlinks, increase traffic and your Google page rank.

Turn your Blogger Blog into a DoFollow Blog

Go to,  click Layout | Edit HTML. Check the box near Expand Widget Templates. This is recommended . Now search for this piece of code :

<a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl' rel="nofollow">

Here delete rel=”nofollow” and now the code looks like this :

<a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl'>

This makes all the comment links in Blogger blogs Do Follow links !


Turn your WordPress Blog into a DoFollow Blog

WordPress users are blessed with a plugin ! So it is more simple than Blogger. Download this plugin and activate it. Follow the instructions included in the plugin.

You can also convert your blog into do follow blog by customizing the code (without a plugin). But I don’t recommend it, because it is too risky !

Why To Convert Your Blog Into A Do Follow Blog?

You can see many blogs attracting tons of comments and turns into a fun place. Similarly there are blogs which are quiet and you can hear the echo ! “Do Follow” is the reason for the difference here.

A Blog with “nofollow” attribute tells Google that the link should not be followed. That means it doesn’t count as a backlink ! If you want people to comment in your blog, you have to give them something in return. Turning your blog into do follow is the best way for saying “Thank You” !

Moreover, your blog will be included in different dofollow blog directories.

84 thoughts on “HOW TO: Convert Your Blog Into A Do Follow Blog”

  1. Turning the blog dofollow is really a good strategy, to reward the commentors and another benefits is that the blog will be listed in dofllow blog directories. Great that you showed how to turn a blog into dofollow in both Blogger and WordPress. Thanks a lot Pradeep 🙂

  2. Most of my blogs are do follow. I have a handful that aren't because I use an old version of Thesis on theme and when I try to change them from no follow it doesn't recognize the change. Everyone of my blogs moving forward will be do follow though. It's only right.

  3. Great Sharing ! if searched alot on conerting a blog to do follow blog but finnaly got it here u made my day man !

  4. answer is not really required ….
    This is the plugin is really really helpful and useful for all webmasters, share your blog and share our links is worth a thousand grateful! Keep up the good work! WoW will always be part of the 10 best online game for me!

  5. I've always been confusion about and do not follow the blog. Thanks for clearing it. I'm thinking of moving my blog to do-do! You can suggest an anti-spam plug-in?

  6. I do not have dofollow links in my comments section, but what I do have is for the top commentators, they get a link on my sidebar is at the site and is dofollow.

    So basically, I reward people for comments on my blog a lot. They get a backlink to their site and people see if they get additional traffic.

  7. I am strictly against dofollow comment links

    NOT because it floods the spam comments, Akismet can intelligently help you to thrash them out.

    NOT because it leaks your PR juice to the blogs of commenters, I’ve run a test and found its not the primary reason for reduced PR value.

    NOT because I don’t want to thank my commenters, no doubt, comments are life blood that flows to prove a blog alive. But there should be other methods to reward comment authors, not mad flow of PR juice.

    NOT because comment author does not expect link back, but how can you offer somebody the reward of the type that you should not?

    Comments evolve when you are moved after reading a post, not because the blog has offered dofollow links.

    When you make your blog ‘dofollow’ it will be proved you don’t know the philosophy of nofollow.

    Search engine has given you the authority. You have the power at disposal to flag follow or nofollow. When you get power, there is naturally your duties. If you can’t visit and verify the link is worth following, how can you award that link a dofollow. Blindly assigning all the links dofollow is just misuse of authority. Everybody who comment in your blog are not worthy. Their comment might be good, impressive, authenticated but the link they leave, how can you certify that it is of the type authentic?

    If your post is great, there will be flood of comments, no matter there is dofollow or nofollow. If your content is not good, what’s the use of false praises and comments as a shiny tail?

    With lots of dofollow links you will attract the comment authors, but what about the advertisers? They won’t accept paying you good money if it has too many out going links.

    I’m not trying to be rude, but expect we blogging community should reconsider the matter. Why nofollow or dofollow tags are developed. Should we not use the tools wisely if they are offered to us?

  8. I hope this article will encourage more bloggers to turn there blog into a do follow to increase the traffic of the blogs. I think there is lots of advantage in do follow blogs than no follow blogs.

  9. I took your advice and recently installed the “Do Follow,” plugin. Not sure if I’m a fan yet. I’ll see how it goes. I will come back here and let you know if I can tolerate this plugin or not. I hate spam and I do get a lot even before this new plugin.

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  11. Good post buddy, my blog is dofollow and i have installed plugin to save my time, and what about you blog?

  12. Have done this on my blog and think its a great idea. Akismet blocks any spam that trys to get through 🙂

  13. Hey Pradeep..! You know, mine is no follow and a bit messy. But I am considering to have a new one that’s do follow and more professional. Still thinking anyway, and yet I’m busy with some stuffs. This post gives me some other point of views..! Thank you.

    • Buddy.. there is no wrong in converting your blog into Do Follow .. unless you are afraid of spam comments ! 😉

      Ping me when you are ready with your new blog Yasinta ! 🙂

  14. I have both of them, do follow and no follow blogs, I just want to compare their progress in the future 🙂

  15. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more articles from you in the future.

    – Jack

  16. I don’t have dofollow links in my comments section but what I do have is for the top commentators, they get a link on my sidebar that is sitewide and is dofollow.

    So basically I reward people for commenting on my blog a lot. They get a backlink to their site and people see it so they get some extra traffic.

  17. Hey Pradeep,
    Good tutorial! You know the advantages and disadvantages of DoFollow and NoFollow very well. Then why don’t you convert your Blog into Do-Follow? We are looking forward to it. Also, the New Page-Rank sculpting algorithm of Google must back you up for that!

  18. First of all, I wouldn’t want to make my blog comments do-follow; I just cannot face the influx of spam comments. I would rather compensate for this by making my top-commentator list and link-love do-follow.

    However, this is a great tutorial, Pradeep.

    • I agree in your view Richael ! 😉

      But Akismet can protected your site I guess !

      I interviewed do follow blog owners.. they said they can manage this SPAM and they develop an interactive community ! 🙂

      • I have installed some spam filtering plugins in my blog, however, spam comments do manage to evade these blockade. Akismet takes time to train and differentiate spam from good comments, so till then, you have to live up with quite a lot of spam in your comments section.

        • Akismet protected from blog from almost 1000+ SPAM comments ! 😉

          But, of course, some genuine comments go to SPAM queue if it contains some mysterious links .. so I have to spend some time to differentiate between a genuine and fake comment !


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