Which Blogging Platform Is Best For You?

Blogging PlatformsNowadays, it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t have a blog. There are a variety of Blogging platforms that can easily set up an individual with their own personal blog. However, the blogging platform plays a major role in the theme and tone: certain platforms are suited for personal use, while others are used to convey a professional tone. Whether you’re starting a personal, business, or niche blog, it’s important to choose the platform that best suits the theme.

Comparing the Blogging Platforms

There are a variety of blogging platforms to choose from, each with their own unique advantages and disadvantages. The following are the most common content management systems used today:


Blogger is a blogging service owned by Google, which allows users to create a free blog. While Blogger can be used for business purposes, the majority of users on Blogger tend to focus on personal use. One of the main benefits of Blogger is its easy setup process: anyone with a Gmail account can create a blog through Blogger. (See why people prefer Blogger).


Drupal is a content management system that is open source and free to set up. A variety of parties use Drupal for their backend systems, ranging from businesses, personal blogs and government sites. One of the key characteristics of Drupal is its add-ons, called “contrib modules”. These extensions allow users to add various features to their blog and increase functionality. Though no programming knowledge is required in order to setup a site through Drupal, proficiency in PHP may be needed in order to use advanced features.

Moveable Type

Moveable Type is a growing competitor amidst more well known blogging platforms. This content management system allows users to create professional websites with the ability to support an active social network. While Moveable Type offers several free versions, there are a number of advanced, enterprise solutions ideal for businesses.


Tumblr is known as a microblogging platform, type of short form blogging that integrates social media elements. With a highly connected sharing function called “reblogging”, users are able to quickly share and spread content. While Tumblr is commonly used for personal blogs, a majority of users come from creative industries and backgrounds.


A blogging platform, Typepad is used by a variety of parties, including creatives, industry leaders and businesses. Typepad does require a subscription, but customers are able to gain access to a domain name, customized blog designs and personal support. However, if you’re looking for a more cost-effective solution, Typepad also features a Micro version, a microblogging platform that easily integrates with Facebook.


WordPress is arguably the most popular and well-used content management system available. With an open source system and a number of free templates and themes, anyone can quickly set up a WordPress blog. WordPress also features an extensive plug-in library, allowing users to expand the functionality beyond the basic architecture. In addition to personal use, many companies and businesses use WordPress to create well-designed websites integrated with blogs.

When deciding among the various blogging platforms, it’s important to take into account a variety of factors, such as user interface, ease of setup and programming language. Choosing the right blogging platform may be confusing, but by considering your requirements, you can find a blog that best meets those needs.

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This article is written by Rachel Hyun Kim. She is a writer at Resource Nation, writing on a range of topics from social media, blogging and SEO. Resource Nation is an online resource that gives advice for small business owners and entrepreneurs. You can follow Rachel at @rachelhyunkim. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.

6 Reasons Why Blogger Is A Mediocre Platform

Blogger PlatformBlogger is a free blogging platform from Google that allows private or multi-user blogging features. Blogger was originally BlogSpot which was bought over by Google in 2003. Blogger platform can be great for new comers into the arena, it has a very simple user friendly layout, with simple widgets, simple template designer Etc. But it is just a mediocre platform for Blogging, for those who want their blog to stick out and for professional bloggers, you have to move on. So here are the 6 Reasons why Blogger is a mediocre platform for Blogging.

1. Limited Template Options

Blogger has a few templates that one can choose from while they are starting a blog and most of these templates are very similar to each other, which does not facilitate bloggers being creative and customize their blogs. There are a lot of custom templates available for Blogger, but their installation and customization to meet the needs of a new blogger, may be out of their skill level as they are relatively new bloggers. Most of these custom templates come with some small glitches that are hard for a new blogger to fix.

2. Limited Customization Options

Blogger Blogs have the basic Page Elements Page where you can move around your widgets, it has a Template Designer where you can adjust widths of the sidebar, change the color of background, text, borders Etc.Apart from this there is little else you can do in terms of customized editing. The only other way of editing a blogger blog is by the “Edit HTML” method, where you go and edit the source code of your blog, to make changes in them, I have done a lot of these changes to my Customized Tech Blog, the home page being my proud possession.But this level of Editing the Blogger HTML does not come about until you know a lot about HTML Codes, CSS Styling and have a lot of experience blogging on the Blogger Platform, so this is out of the question for new comers or even those who been blogging for a while. So editing is one huge drawback of Blogger.

3. No Plug-ins

Unlike WordPress, Blogger has no Plug ins, no SEO Plugins, no meta tags Plugins Etc. All this work has to be done manually for each and every blog post. So SEO will be a big pain if you are running a blogger blog. The lack of Plugins also makes Guest Blogging very difficult, you will have to manually receive articles through mail and only then can review and upload it as a guest article.

4. No Permalink Editing

Blogger uses an automatically generated Permalink, which uses the first 5 or 6 words of a Blog Post, but in WordPress we can alter the permalink so that we can fit in all the keywords, those who understand SEO well, will understand the importance of this.

5. CommentLuv does not work on Blogger

Commenting is a huge part of blogging and the blogging community, Blogger Blogs do not support CommentLuv or KeywordLuv Comments, this is only for WordPress, although there are some complicated hacks which may work on certain Blogger Templates, but I would not bet on seeing  CommentLuv comments on a Blogger Blog. Blogger has its own comments section and its not a pretty sight, not many features either.

6. Labels do not get Search Indexed

Labels in blogger do not get search indexed due to the pre-loaded robot.txt file which is in all blogger blogs, this makes it difficult to SEO, as you may have to optimize each and every post, which it itself is a pain as I have described above.

I would like to say that Blogger Blogs can be great for new comers, or those that are just Blogging for a few Friends or Family, but if you are a serious Blogger who wants the world as your audience, then I would suggest switching to a custom domain under WordPress.I too am going to switch to WordPress soon, so I thought I should blog about this.Even Blogging greats such as Amit Agarwal shifted his Labnol blog from Blogger to WordPress as soon as he got really serious about it.

In a future post I will concentrate on the few benefits of Blogger, so stay tuned for that!

Blogger vs WordPress – Reasons Why You Must Choose Blogger

Blogger PlatformBlogger over WordPress? Are you serious? This could be your initial reaction once you read the title of this article. But yes, I am serious and I can show you some valid reasons why you should build a blog with Blogger rather than in WordPress.

Okay, let me clarify first that I am not saying that Blogger is totally better than WordPress because both platforms have its advantages and disadvantages. Since most people prefer the self-hosted WordPress platform because of its flexibility and security, it is better to understand first the important advantages of Blogger over WordPress that could help change your perspectives over the blogspot platform.

Let me first start the most common criticism that Blogger gets from the public – security. Yes, there are many blogspot blogs that are already defunct because the Blogger team deleted their accounts. The reason is spamming. One of the biggest case is Allan Liew’s moneymakerinfo.blogspot.com. Although this blog is still active, it was already  taken out in Google’s index since last year. To those who are not familiar with this particular blog, it was the number 1 ranking site in the most competitive keyword in the online business industry – “make money online“.

There are thousands of blogspot blogs that are suspended and this highly discourages people to sign up with Blogger. Spamming is a very big issue in the Internet and Blogger is one of the strictest program when it comes to this matter. Since Blogger is a part of Google universe, it is just appropriate to make all their products of high standards all the time. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong in keeping your own backyard clean and less waste (spam).

So let me give you the top reasons why you should prefer Blogger over WordPress.

Search Engine Optimization

If you ask 10 people about which blog platform performs better with regards to SEO, 9 out of 10 people would say WordPress. While this is true, Blogger is not really in a big disadvantage. First, Google does not rely heavily in meta tags and keywords anymore. Second, Google owns Blogger which makes it more easy to distinguish which side you should support. Will Google leave their Blogger program to be dumped by WordPress forever? Of course not, there will be more changes in the future especially if you are within Google’s backyard.

For your information, there are a lot of blogspot sites that tops in Google for various keywords. This includes my own blogspot blog (a health niche) and of course Allan Liew’s previous ranking which were discussed earlier. So if you run a Blogger blog, never be concerned about SEO because you are in good hands.

Free To Use

Blogger is 100% free. Most Internet marketers suggests that you should start blogging with blogspot to familiarize yourself to various aspects like posting, widgets, applications, elements, feeds and many others. Once you learned a lot, you can switch to WordPress anytime through WordPress Import feature.

If you think this way, you will not realize the importance of Blogger as a platform and it will just remain a training ground on your perspectives. As a free platform, Blogger is totally easy to use to all novice and first-time users. But unlike self-hosted WordPress, it highly requires technical knowledge with regards to hosting, servers and other tools, not to mention the expenditures that you will spend for each set-up.

Make Money!

Both Blogger and WordPress allows its user to insert monetization programs to earn money with their blogs. While WordPress have much more flexibility when it comes to advertising space, some Blogger themes are not lacking behind. Blogger templates are customizable where you can insert every ad sizes available. So when it comes to ad space, Blogger is not in a disadvantage.

You can use Pay-per-click (PPC) programs (Adsense, Kontera, etc) and direct advertising to your blogspot blog. Adsense can even inserted straight from your Blogger elements for easy configuration. You can also insert some Blogger hacks to publish ads within individual posts, just like WordPress. With Blogger, you can definitely make money online!

Based on these benefits, why choose WordPress if there is no such big difference? The only thing that you should care about is to abide all the rules and guidelines of Blogger to avoid deletion of your blog. Aside from that, Blogger can challenge WordPress in every department.

So if your blog is in Blogger, I suggest that you support your platform all the way and promote it the way Internet marketers do. After all, blogging is all about sharing valuable content and building a community. So choose Blogger enjoy your blog to the fullest!

Experimental: A HTML5 Premium Blogger Template

People choose WordPress over Blogger for several reasons and the theme design is one amongst them. WordPress has lots of cool themes when compared to Blogger platform. Now we review “Experimental”, a HTML 5 Premium Blogger Template. You can grab this theme for just 15$, considering the fact that this theme provides premium features, 15$ is not a big deal. You can check the demo of this theme to get a better idea.

Experimental Blogger Template

Experimental Template Key Features

  • 2 Columns / Right Sidebars
  • Fixed and Wide Width (1200px)
  • 2 Horizontal Navigation Menus
  • 468*60 Header Ads banner
  • Search Box
  • Social Sharing Buttons/Links installed
  • Well Structured CSS
  • Embedded Small JavaScript for jQuery features
  • (Hiding/Showing Comments and Smooth Scroll to Top)
  • WordPress Style Page Navigation
  • New Design for Comment System.

In addition to all these cool features, you will also get free updates for lifetim, Premium support and also get discounts on template customizations. You can purchase Experimental Template using this direct link.

Note: Downloadable zip file comes along with complete instructions to get started with the template. For support contact bloggermint[at]gmail[dot]com along with your paypal email and item number of your purchase.

Which Suits You Better? Blogger or WordPress?

Many bloggers ask me whether to chose Blogger or WordPress. Many others get confused for choosing the right one. So, this is the post which tells you which is the best for you! This article mainly concentrates on the what you can do with Blogger or WordPress or which suits you the best.

Blogger Vs WordPress

Blogger suits you if:

  • You want to invest less.
  • You want to make it professional with your CSS & HTML skills.
  • You don’t want guest authors.
  • You don’t want multiple authors unless you know them personally (as there is no “Submit for Review” option).
  • You want to be good in SEO with great effect (like adding the image alt tags manually).

Even my site is hosted on Blogger. Because I don’t wanna invest more on my blog unless I get more traffic and earnings!

WordPress suits you if:

  • You want to have a professional look and don’t have any knolwedge of CSS or HTML.
  • You want to invest more on your blog.
  • You want to have guest authors, even you may not know them personally.
  • You want to be good in SEO with less effort.
  • You want to show your professionalism!

This article is written by Paul Santosh. He is a 14 years old kid, struggling to manage studies and blogging at the same time. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.

5 Useful Money Making Tips You Should Know

Some people think that making money online is a simple task as you are offered with loads of opportunities on the internet. However, this is not true. Making online money is not a casual task till you do a thorough research and analysis of the money making tips and take your work very seriously.

There are lots of ways like online games, pay per click advertising, paid surveys, personalized products, internet auction, Forex trading and multi-level marketing through which you can make money.

You can select your time according to your convenience to make online money, be it day or night. Moreover, these legitimate ways of making money will also save you from the “Easy Schemes for Getting Rich” or making online money scams and frauds who make false promises.

Expert Panel

Here are some tips which would help you in earning good money online:

1. Be productive

The most important tip is to be serious in whatever online work or business you do. This is because productivity is the means to profit. Working online and making money is no fun and needs total dedication and commitment.

Rather, if you really serious about earning money online then promise yourself that work is no fun. This does not mean that you do not enjoy the work you do but the point is whatever online work you do, you should take it seriously and give your time and dedication.

2. Online store

With a few hundred dollars, you can start an online store. The easy technology allows you to set up an online e-commerce business. This is one of the many money making tips through which lots of people have earned good money and made a comfortable living. You got lots of free open source shopping charts to implement.

All this business needs is hard work, determination and certainly a fine business plan and ideas. Once you get adapted to this online business culture, you can set up several other similar online stores which sell services and products.

3. Start your own website

Starting your own website is the best ways for making money online. When you are using the internet, you are dealing with websites. Apart from searching for the information or idea, you may also post your money making tips.

Internet Marketing

You can earn money by advertising, selling and promoting your own services or products or do affiliate marketing without paying anything.

Your customers will also have more faith as they find it easy to contact you through your own website. So, this method is an easy and inexpensive way of making money online. There are lots of service providers through which you can get a safe and secured domain for creating your own website.

4. Make your website a success

SEO or Search Engine Optimization plays a major role in making your created website a success. Unless you optimize your website, you will not be able to make good money as your website will not get good traffic.

Hence follow SEO tips through which you can easily and successfully optimize your website and makes it prominent in the firs page of major search engines. Getting inbound links, social bookmarking, article directory submission and website directory submissions are some of the useful SEO tips which would help in generating traffic to your website.

You may search for various SEO tools on the internet which would help you to discover the important keywords in your webpage.

5. Become a Premium Blogger

Writing for other people’s website is also one of the money making tips but you need to assure that you get the right client. You should find interest in working with your clients and you should be able to write for them.

Having your own personal blogs would be an added advantage. The websites can verify your job and the traffic you obtain and can either sign up you as a permanent blogger for their site or pay you for each blog.

This article is written by Crystal J. Briscoe. He is Professional Writer and also technical guru, overloaded with a wealth of experience, and even more degrees, at present learning Microsoft Certifications. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

Are You A Better Blogger? Ask Yourself Now.

Blogging has changed the way we Learn and Earn. From the past six years blogging has changed drastically. Blogging is considered as a easy money making facility, but is not same for everyone. Blogging has changed the way we do business, share our thoughts, communication and lots of things. Everyone wants to make an exception and create a buzz in the internet so the people will notice them and their doing’s.

Better Blogger

Some people think that it is a magic behind a blog that make money with very little efforts, but  you can also produce good results from your blog  if you follow these steps:-

  • Choose a right niche for your blog, you can choose a niche of your interest or you can research on it and find what is people interest now a days. Ask this question to yourself before deciding a niche . And find whether you can write on that niche on a long run.
  • Be passionate,  if you are passionate about blogging than people can easily find it in your work. Passion is what make a blogger productive and to put all efforts to do their work. It is always said that a person can only be successful if he is doing thing of his own interest and enjoy doing that thing. And moreover if you are not seriously involved then why should your reader listen to you.
  • Consistency matters a lot in blogging and is the key of successful blogging. Does you post irregularly?  You have to decide it when you are going to post means twice a day, thrice a day or once a day. This will make your audience engage with your blog and find something different each time they visit your blog.
  • Another thing is your content, content matters a lot if your content is unique and written carefully then nothing is going to leave you behind. Write your content  in such a way so that reader can understand your perception. It’s not the quantity that matters in content but it is quality that matters .You must provide unique and valuable content so that your readers will love to visit your site.
  • With  thousands of  blogs now a days you have to make your blog stand out different from the rest. Try to provide something that your reader’s find it interesting and want to visit your site regularly.
  • Involving your audience in your blog is an another great way to become a successful blogger, a successful blogger is not one who have thousand of visitor a day but the one who make their readers happy with them and respect them, value their opinion and have a comment strategy or involve your reader to participate in surveys
  • If  you want to be unique then make your way of writing different from other your design should be different ,make your blog speak different voice, submit it to different directories, make backlinks, follow other sites.
  • Make your post attractive use images , bold the titles make points,  if somenone add your link to their blog then thank them by sending them thanking note.
  • Don’t change your URL instantly, like shifting to some other domain , changing hosting. Some blogger take a lot’s of time to decide which hosting will they use permanently for their blog so they are shifting from one to another by avoiding this that their readers might not find them or it will result in loss of their readers.
  • Do easy the task of your reader by letting subscribe to  RSS feed so that they can get your updates through mail.
  • Provide easily navigation through pages, so that you as well as your reader will navigate easily thorough different pages.
  • To make it more interesting, take quizzes, contests, or something that are of reader’s interest.
  • Translate your site to multiple languages,  it will make your site increase  traffic by engaging more users.

This guest article is written by Saksham. He blogs at Blogging Junction where he shares link bait tips and tips to blog fast. If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

5 Cool Widgets & Services for Your Blogger Blog

Blogger has always been given step-motherly treatment while Wordpress gets all the attention. My experience with PC Geek on Blogger has helped me learn a lot about this platform and inevitably, I came across many plug-ins (known as widgets in blogger). In this post, I am going to provide you with a walk-through of 5 Widgets I think are worth using on your blog, some of the services I mention here are also available for Wordpress.



Disqus is a very popular Comment Management System for blogs and with Blogger having a substandard comment system, the third party comment management services have become more significant among bloggers. Disqus gives you the convenience of threaded comments and many other useful features such as commenting with your Twitter/Facebook/Yahoo profile. If you are looking for a good alternative to Disqus, you should consider Intense Debate.

Continue reading 5 Cool Widgets & Services for Your Blogger Blog

15+ Reasons Why I Want To Marry A Female Blogger!

Marriages are made in heaven!? But it really depends on the kind of person you are going to marry! 8) Some of my readers would have expected this kind of article by seeing my Facebook Statuses. Below I mentioned some reasons why I eagerly want to have a relationship (of course, that means marriage) with a female blogger! You May Now Kiss The Bride! 😆

Blogging and Hell1. Special Coverage. All the good things you do for her will be there on her blog and yeah, all the bad and mean things you do for her will also be there, but in a cute way!

2. Her Blogging friends are my friends. Most probably female bloggers will find friends in their own gender (I sternly believe!) and most probably all ladies who visit her blog will have a good impression (on me! :P). But, yes, she may get jealous by seeing your blog’s sweet female commentators! 😉

3. You can know a lot about her by just reading her blog. Most of the bloggers post almost everything that happened in their life on their personal blog. So you don’t need to ask her anything, just read her blog silently. You can even find her first crush! 😛 LOL. If she is away for some business or tour, you can easily know what’s been happening.

4. Accepts Negative comments and feedbacks. Being a blogger she would have faced lot of negative comments and feedbacks for her ‘random thoughts’ articles or technical articles. So in personal life, that will be really helpful to you. Girls are good at pointing out the mistakes! 😀

5. What Others Think? You can know what your mother-in-law thinks about you from blog posts, so you don’t need to spy or investigate. You can even know she is pregnant through her blog.

6. Get Quick Updates Earlier. If she loves you or hates you, you can know it before you get home.

7. ‘FREE YOU’ campaign. If you are arrested, for some reasons, she will start a special campaign to release you. And also urges all her blogging friends to do the same.

8. Don’t need to search. You don’t need to search for your honeymoon or dating photos, you can always find it on her blog! 😛

9. Supports You! She will support and back you if someone tells a negative comment or feedback about you. Even though she knows you are a looser, she will brag about you all the time, how sweet!

10. Right Decisions. You can always get right decisions, like whether you need to have a baby now or not. You know she used to conduct Online Polls or by Comments, etc.

11. Attractiveness. Your photo will appear more attractive on her blog. Even if you are fat a**, you will look much thinner on her blog. That’s love. LOL, blind love! 😛

12. No Hangouts. She won’t hangout much, since it takes too much of her precious blogging time. So most probably she won’t shop much!

13. So much enthu. She will be surprised (or at least she’ll pretend) if you tell a story even if she is very familiar with that.

14. Free T-shirts. There are lot of blogger’s meet and tech conferences out there, and she will get a pile of free T-shirts. So don’t need to spend a dime for them! 😛

15. Maintains Budget Very Well. She will help you to find a better host and domain registrar. You know she may even give the money she earns through her affiliate link!

16. Have a peaceful sleep. If your baby cries in the middle of the night, you don’t need to worry, since she will blog till midnight or till dawn.

17. Cool Giveaways. If you become a father (which is a surprising incident to her! :P), then she will be celebrating that through her blog. She will reward the top commentators or some of her readers randomly.

I hope this article is not teasing anyone. Written with some sense of humor and with strong hope! Of course, the same points substitute for Male Bloggers! 😛

Why Students Should Start A Blog

I sternly believe that blogging has a great future and having tonnes of students addicted to Internet, they can start blogging and even they can make it as their career, if they work hard.

Through Blogging you can show your true personality and you can stand out from the crowd. The results are amazing and you will be surely surprised by it!

At present, if you are doing nothing, then you MUST try the art of blogging. It is better than doing nothing and you will never stop it!

Stop preparing your resume and start preparing your blog. Believe me, you need more than a resume to get a job now! 😛

Top Reasons Why Students Should Start A Blog Right Away

College Student1. Engineering? : If you are doing engineering, you have my sympathies mate. Then you must move on and read rest of this article! 😛

2. Low Budget : You don’t have to invest much. Blogging is very affordable.

3. Resume : Your blog will be your resume. Believe me, employers love it. They will be extremely satisfied if you have good skills like writing and, blogging is the best way to prove it. You can proudly mention ‘blogging’ in your resume.

4. Earn While You Study : Most of the students go to part time jobs to earn money, both for personal and academic use. If they have a blog (with good content), they don’t need to worry, they can easily make money through Google Adsense and Reviews. If you’re really committed towards blogging, the kind of income you will earn is immeasurable.

5. Impress Others : Some people create blog to earn money, some do it for passion and some to impress others. Many people try something to impress others and blogging is one among them.

6. Improve Your Skills : Yes, you can improve your writing and editing skills. Blogging is a great way to improve your skills, especially in writing and editing part. You can compare your old articles with new articles and see how much you have improved. You can improve your proofreading and validation skills too.

7. Good Experience : Blogging is real and in reality, it is almost similar to business. You have to promote and market it to others. You can use these skills in real life.

8. Your Career? : Who knows? Many people were not interested to become a full time blogger, but, it could quickly turn into one. If you are addicted to blogging and if you know the tactics, you will soon become a problogger!

9. Connections : You can maintain good relationship with as many personalities as possible. They include entrepreneurs, CEOs, probloggers, freelancers and so on. If you need a job you can find a good one through the connections you have made and this won’t be possible without having your blog.

10. Approaches : If you are a steady blogger, opportunities will knock at your door. If you are approached by someone for interview for the first time, trust me, that joy will be immeasurable.

11. Learning : Being a blogger you can learn lot of new things. Blogging teaches you many things and if you are writing about gadgets, by the end of the year, you will probably become a gadget expert and you would have known many things about gadgets.

12. You Won’t Lose Anything : Yup, you don’t have to invest too much money also. It is quite simple to become a blogger and you won’t lose anything.

13. Companies Will Hire You : People who are proficient in blogging and social media will be hired by Top Level companies.

14. Improves Creativity : You can easily improve your creativity by finding a new subject to write about. You can also improve it by tweaking your blog design and the manner you promote your blog! 😉

I hope you would have understood the benefits and the mass of blogging. Below I also mentioned some blogging tips for college and school students.

Essential Blogging Tips For College And School Students

1. Don’t bunk your classes. College is a place where you can learn and blogging is one of the places where you can apply it. So don’t bunk, attend them. Degree is important!

2. Promote Your Blog. Spread your blog’s brand all over your college. Tell your friends about your blog and ask them suggestions.

3. Attend Blogger’s meet and Camps. You will still be a frog in a well if you don’t attend them. ( Thanks Arun! 8) ) Register for these events and interact with them in group and open discussions.

4. Read Other Blogs. Find blogs related to your blog’s niche and start reading it! Analyze the style and presentation of the articles present there.

5. Stick with your schedule. Create a time table and fix a time for blogging. Don’t do blogging after midnight.

You can also check out Anja Skrba’s free Blogging guide to understand it better. So how is your experience being a student cum blogger? Please share it in the comments! 😉