HOW TO: Autofill Your Credit Card Details On Sites

It’s really a tiresome job filling up the userid and passwords each time you try to login to a website. Today all browsers have the autofill option which can be used in your personal computers and enabling the option saves most of our time which cut down our headache of save us from remembering them always. For those of you are frequent online shoppers and business person, there are sites that ask for your credit/ debit cards details each time you complete a purchase. In that case you need to go through that long process of finding out your credit card, typing its number and then completing the purchase. To make this much easier, Google Chrome provides such an option where you do not need to insert your card number every time. To enable to autofill option for Credit/ Debit Cards:

  • Open Chrome browser.
  • Click on the Settings icon and go to Option.
Chrome 1
  • Go to PersonalStuff.
  • Click on Manage Autofill Settings.
  • Now click on Add new Credit Card.
Chrome 2
  • Fill up the required details and click on Ok.

Your Credit/ Debit Card details will be saved.

Chrome 3

You can also delete the details whenever you want by clicking the cross sign beside your card details.

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HOW TO: Embed Part Of An YouTube Video

Earlier we wrote how to embed Facebook videos on your blog and download YouTube videos, now we are going to see how to embed part of an YouTube video. Suppose if you want to embed an YouTube video which contains lots of advertisement at the beginning and end, you can tweak the code to avoid them. This simple tip will help you cut off those parts in the video and embed it.

Default original iFrame code for a video :

<iframe width=”620″ height=”490″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

You just need to add the parameter &start= to this code.

Below I mentioned the modified code for iFrame player.

<iframe width=”620″ height=”490″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

You can check the demo video using this tip below.

Here I have used &start=20, that means it skips the first 20 seconds of the video. Similarly, you can also add &end= parameter to make the video stop at a particular point.

You can also use third-party sites like TubeChop and Splicd for cropping the YouTube videos.

HOW TO: Embed Facebook Videos On Your Blog

Ever since Facebook introduced videos, it is one of the most viral ways to promote videos on the web and you can also embed those videos on your blog. Below you can check the two simple ways for doing this.

Embedding Your Facebook Videos On Blog

This section tells you how to embed your Facebook videos, that means videos uploaded by you. Facebook provides an easy option for doing that.

#1 – Go to the Facebook Video. Below the video you will have option “Embed this Video”.

Embed Option FB

#2 – Copy the embedded code and paste it on your blog.

Embed Video Option

The code will look somewhat similar to this.

<object width=”300″ height=”240″ ><param name=”allowfullscreen” value=”true” /><param name=”movie” value=”″ /><embed src=”″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowfullscreen=”true” width=”300″ height=”240″></embed></object>

Here 1671900191543 is the video ID, each video has an unique ID.

Embedding Others’ Facebook Videos On Your Blog

This section tells you the trick to embed others’ Facebook videos on your blog. You just have to replace the video ID.

#1 – Play that Facebook video, and at the end, select “Go to video” option to go to the video page.

Go to video FB

#2 – Now find the Video ID on the address bar.

FB Video ID

That’s all, now replace the video ID in the above code I have mentioned. 🙂

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HOW TO: Add Facebook “Send” Button On Your Blog

Facebook quite recently launched a new plugin for site owners called Facebook Send. The “Send” button allows you to hand pick select groups or individuals. By this they are also popularizing Groups and Messages Feature.

The Send Button allows your users to easily send your content to their friends. People will have the option to send your URL in an inbox message to their Facebook friends, to the group wall of any Facebook group they are a member of, and as an email to any email address.

send button

The message will include a link to the URL specified in the send button, along with a title, image, and short description of the link. You can specify what is shown for the title, image, and description by using Open Graph meta tags.

Below you can find the codes for adding Facebook Send Button. Just copy these codes and paste in on single.php or any other relevant files. Make sure you have used XFBML on your blog. [Learn how to do it]

Facebook Send Button Code

<div id=”fb-root”></div><script src=”″>
</script><fb:send href=”<?php echo get_permalink(); ?>” font=”verdana"></fb:send>

Facebook Like + Facebook Send Button Code

<div id="fb-root"></div>

<script src=""></script>

<fb:like href=”<?php the_permalink(); ?>” show_faces="true" width="450" send="true">


Generating Send Button Code via Like Button

This Send code not working on some blogs right now, so you can also try another alternative for this. You can use Like Button and generate the code for Send Button, which you can see in the image below.

Add Send via Like Button

Adding making the required changes, click ‘Get Code’. Now use this code on your blog.

If you have already implemented XFBML on your blog, then adding ‘Send’ button won’t be a big issue I believe. You can check this post for using XFBML on your blog.

HOW TO: Create Chipmunk Version Of Any Song

Alvin and the Chipmunks is an American animated music group created by Ross Bagdasarian, Sr. in 1958. The group consists of three singing animated anthropomorphic chipmunks. You would have heard Chipmunk version of many songs in YouTube or elsewhere. Ever wondered how to create them? This Guide will help you to exactly do the same.

The process involves speeding up the playback to create higher pitched songs, which sounds exactly like the chipmunks.

Create Chipmunk Version of Any Song

  1. Choose the song which you need to modify.
  2. Open Audacity. If you don’t have it, Download it from here. Audacity is an open source audio manipulation software.
  3. Go to File>Open and choose your song.
  4. Click Ctrl + A to highlight the entire song.
  5. Go to Effects>Change Pitch and change the percent to 115.500. Click OK to exit.
Change Pitch
  1. Go to File>Export to save the Chipmunk version of your song in any format.

If the pitch is too high, to hear and the “Chipmunk” voices are too high, instead of 115.500, change the pitch to something lower. To save the audio in the .mp3 format, you need the lame_enc.dll which you can download from here.

Hope you liked this tutorial. Don’t forget to share your experience through the comments.

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HOW TO: Increase Your Site’s Conversions : Back To The Basics

Site ConversionOnline shopping has become a retail stronghold in the recession; in spite of falling retail figures offline, more and more shoppers have turned to the internet for wider selections and better deals.  A study by Forrester Research shows that 69% of European internet users over the age of 18 purchase products through online vendors; over half of those do so monthly.

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Nonetheless, online store owners are familiar with the many hassles of trying to get people to purchase from the internet.  In spite of the best intentions, many shop owners have a hard time getting conversions.  What are some of the reasons that a full third of internet users don’t want to shop online?

  • Security concerns.  Most customers who don’t shop online say they fear sharing their credit card information over the internet. 
  • Shipping issues.  Customers don’t like paying high shipping prices.  They also fear their items will be damaged during shipping, get lost in the mail,  or simply not be sent at all.
  • Returns.  Some users worry that returns will be a pain. This is due to having to schedule time to go to the post office, as well as having to pay the return shipping.
  • Customer service problems.  Some people are upset if there is no live person who can be contacted during a transaction online. They don’t want to wait for an email.

How can you, as the owner of an ecommerce site, address and remedy these issues?

  • Lower your shipping prices.  You may be surprised – check into flat rate shipping options if you haven’t already.  Or – if you’re already using flat rate shipping but your items are small and lightweight, consider switching to standard envelopes.  If you still can’t bring down your shipping costs, consider altering your item prices or offering free shipping as incentives during high volume shopping seasons.
  • Clear Terms of Service Page. Include a clear terms of service page for your shipping and returns policies.  Make sure people know exactly what to expect as far as how you will be shipping, when you will be shipping, and how long it will take.  Explain the reasons a customer can or cannot return an item and whether you will return their money or provide them store credit.
  • Security Matters. To address security concerns, add a guarantee of safe shopping; offer to compensate users for unauthorized purchases. Having a third party icon (like PayPal’s icon) on your page can help ensure shoppers that there is a third party arbitrating their transaction and thus protecting their interests.
  • Give customers a clear way to contact you.  Live help is best if you can staff it; if not, make it very obvious how to contact you and when customers can expect a reply.  Welcome communication and feedback.

As you might expect, people who don’t normally shop online are generally less tech-savvy. Consequently, there trust of online sales, something that’s relatively foreign, is limited – but they still have the same desires for security, convenience, selection and communication as everyone else.  If you cater to these people using some of the suggestions outlined above, you will not only convert more customers but increase your sales to the people who are already purchasing goods online.

This article is written by Spencer Belkofer. He is the founder of Lumin, a Birmingham, AL Internet marketing company. He writes about anything related to search engine optimization, social media, and pay-per-click (PPC) adverting.

HOW TO: Create Cool Photo Collages Online Easily

Photovisi is a free and easy to use online tool to create photo collages. Select one of the many collage templates, add your photos and then customize by dragging items around. After the collage is finished, it’s available for download and print! Completely online so no downloads required.

Earlier we discussed about another online tool through which you can add animated bubbles to your photos.


#1 – Go to, click the Start button and choose the wallpaper.

#2 – Select any desired Wallpaper and click ‘Continue’.

#3 – Now you’ll be taken to an empty white canvas area, where you add items or type text. Upload the required images there.

Collage Name

#4 – Now you can save your image and download it easily.

How You Can Win An iPad By Creating Photo Collage

Submit your most creative heart-themed photo collage, with the first place winner getting an Apple iPad 16GB WiFi!The contest will be open for entries from Nov. 15, 2010 through Feb 28, 2011. Winners will be picked by all other users who submitted an entry for this contest, by voting on a random selection of entries. Winners will be announced in March 2011. For more info, check this.

WP Super Cache — Content Encoding Error Problem

I had recently installed WP Super Cache on my WordPress blog. Initially, the plugin works fine but after a few minutes the pages refuse to load and some really weird error messages appear.

Opera internet browser shows something like this:

While Mozilla Firefox gives an error message..

Content Encoding Error

The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression.

* Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

If you change the URL to page 2 and go back to page 1 it loads just fine. And then if you clear your cache it stops working again.

So what to do??

Here is a checklist you might wanna look at before panicking.

  • Go to the advanced settings page and enable “PHP caching” and make sure compression is disabled.
  • When you get that error in your browser, look in your web server’s error.log file around that time. It might be PHP is timing out and tossing a badly formed page.
  • If your big pages takes a long time and db queries to generate, then break it up into manageable chunks.

If the problem still persists, I may have a solution.

You didn’t happen to have gzip compression turned on in WP-Super-Cache, did you?  That’s normally why that error spits back.

Since the host already ‘gzip compresses’ most of the things that go through Apache, asking Super Cache to do that for you again ends up giving out these weird encoding errors.

I hope you succeeded with your problem now. If you didn’t, be sure to tell me. We’ll try and fix it together!

HOW TO: Create & Manage An Event On Slideshare

SlideshareSlideShare is an online slide hosting service. Users can upload files in the following file formats: PowerPoint, PDF, or OpenOffice presentations. You can create an event to collect all the presentations that were delivered (or will be delivered) at a talk, conference or seminar.

SlideShare is undoubtedly the best way to get your slides out there on the web, so that your ideas can be found and shared by a wide audience. Events can be used for building up buzz, sending invites, archiving content, actively discussing topics etc.

Events are similar to groups, with additional features like location, date & time. Earlier we saw ‘HOW TO’ create events using LinkedIn and Facebook.

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HOW TO: Filter Tweets And Facebook Updates

FB-and-TwitterToday Social Media is used for, well, almost anything and everything. Particularly Twitter and Facebook. Today I thought of sharing some useful stuffs related to them. Below I mentioned two useful scripts — Filter Tweets (script for filtering tweets) and Filter FB Updates (script for filtering Facebook updates). You can use these scripts for filtering specific topic.

Using Greasemonkey you can use these scripts. It is an extension for Mozilla Firefox, an open source Web Browser and I recommend you to use the latest version of the browser. Most userscripts are written for Mozilla Firefox & Greasemonkey alone. But there are some scripts which works in Opera, Safari and even Internet Explorer too. These scripts are developed by @varunkumar.

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