10 Essential Uses Of Google Toolbar You Must Know

Google Toolbar is one of the interesting tools I encountered recently. Others are Google Reader and Dropbox. Google Toolbar is an Internet browser toolbar available for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Below I mentioned 10 Essential Uses of Google Toolbar which will be useful to you.

1. Check Pagerank: Google Toolbar was once commonly used for checking the PageRank of websites/blogs. Since this Toolbar is a product of Google, Webmasters recommend it.

2. Translate Webpages: Normally people use Google Translate for translating webpages, but we can also use Google Toolbar for translating. It saves time.

Translate Webpage

3. Fill Out Forms Online: If Google Toolbar is installed, go to the Options button | AutoFill box | AutoFill Settings. Give the required details for your desired options.
Click OK.

AutoFill Option

Now whenever you come to a form online, click the Autofill button on your Google Toolbar and the form will be filled out automatically for you.

4. Get Phishing Alerts: You will be alerted if you click on fraudulent and phishing sites. As soon as you click on the phishing email’s site to “verify my information”, the Google Toolbar do any of the following actions – popup alert, red emergency button, and a grayed out browser window.

Toolbar Popup Alert

5. Instant Calculator: Want to do some quick calculation? You don’t need to search for your scientific calculator or any other in-built calculator, you can make use of this Toolbar. With the help of search box in Google toolbar, it is possible.

Use Toolbar As Calc

Similarly using the search box you can also do some difficult calculations like ‘1*sqrt 570’ using this Toolbar. It automatically gives you the result, you don’t need to press any key.

GT Calc2

6. Check Keyword Density: Keyword density is a measure of how often a keyword or keyword phrase is used in your web page. Also Google uses this to determine how relevant your web site is in a search. The standard keyword density will help your website to achieve higher search engine positions. [Check Tutorial]

Google Toolbar keywords

7. Search for your website: Using this Google Toolbar, you can search your blog or website with keywords that you feel best to represent your site. If you can’t find any posts you can use your site name along with the keywords. Still if you didn’t get any results, then you may need to submit your site to Google.

Search Your Site

8. Spell Check Web Forms: You can use the spellcheck button on the toolbar for instant spell checking on any online forms.

SpellCheck Toolbar

9. Instant Word & Acronym Definitions: If you are unfamiliar with any word or any acronym definitions just type it into your Google Toolbar, and the results provide you with more information on the topic and a link to the Definition in the very top line. This may come handy whenever you are stuck with unfamiliar words.

10. Phone Number Lookup: Google Toolbar search results also provides Phonebook results whenever you search for a phone number. Using this, you can also identify the real owner of that phone number. However Google offers you an option to remove your phone number from search results, check this.

If you know any other uses of Google Toolbar, kindly share them in the comments below.

30 thoughts on “10 Essential Uses Of Google Toolbar You Must Know”

  1. WOW! I Loved the way how you described the Features of Google Toolbar. One more thing I was not aware that checking Keyword density is possible with Google toolbar.
    Thanks for sharing the info.

  2. I opted out of installing the Google toolbar, for what reason, I barely even remember now. Reading this reminds me that I really should think about deleting one of my toolbars, as I’m actually in need of these tools compared to my present one.

  3. All are awesome, simple but useful………Thanks for valuable sharing about Google tool bar by which web surfing is easy.

  4. Google toolbar is one of the best things i like in firefox. Especially things like PR and keyword density which is really cool.

  5. Hi Pradeep,
    Not another toolbar, I do use the Google toolbar, like you say it has some pretty cool features.
    I also use SEO quake, very useful. The thing with toolbars I like, is you can turn them off, I have about 5 that are used for different things, I turn them on when I need them.

  6. Brother, I heard one of my friends saying that Google keep tracking all your internet activities with the help of this Toolbar. In that case what are you thoughts?

  7. I found Google toolbar really helpful in Firefox…
    Where as in chrome, I am using extensions for every functionality and this tool bar is taking place..

  8. So, it seems I need a lot of learning to finally use the Google Toolbar fully. So far, I just use it to check the Google Page Rank only. I do know about keywords density checking but never use the Google Toolbar for it. The other functions? I do not any idea about it before read this article.

  9. Although Google Toolbar maybe a good one with many useful stuffs, I still don’t like any more toolbar to my browser, it makes Firefox run much heavier.

  10. There are so many of them which I did not know about.. Thanks for an insightful post, Pradeep… 🙂

    I mainly use this toolbar as a short cut to Google SE… There are more things to have a look at… Thanks


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