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Do’s And Don’ts For Making Blogging As Your Career


These are the days where competition is really high in the market and making money from home using your content building service is becoming tough. There are many people who started the passion for building on a blog, which later turned into a business I am no exemption from that. However, the competition for blogging as your career is a healthy one as you only benefit by helping someone out, by increasing your monetary benefits. If you are someone looking to make Blogging as your career then there are few things which you must follow to stay in the blogging field, I would call them as Do’s and Don’ts.

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Here are few of them,


Blogging Career#1 – Start a blog that will work for you: There are so many things out there in the world that you will find appealing to blog about. In other words, build a domain, which will turn into a niche in the blogging community like technology, science fiction, news or press releases. This is called entrepreneurial blogging.

#2 – Post regularly: The point is you have to keep your blog updated on a regular basis, not necessarily daily, but routinely, at least thrice in a week in the beginning, if not twice in a month at the max (this is worst but). All that matters is that you have to be a first visitor of your blog, and then you will find others visiting your blog.

#3 – Guest Blog: Meanwhile, while you are building on your blog, find a blog where you can post for links or on a revenue sharing basis. There are a number of blogs out there wherein you can post for money. This is called career blogging.

#4 – Promote you blog: Let you friends circle in the beginning know that you have a blog. Let your partner and your partner’s friends also know it. They will be the regular visitors of your blog. Leave your links wherever you can about your blog like your business card. Make use of your social networking site accounts (here you can even share your links) as well.

#5 – Be creative: Think of something novice occasionally that will be inviting more readers to your blog. You can conduct a contest, or giveaway something useful.

#6 – Be consistent: There are two ways to blog, career blogging and entrepreneurial blogging, and which ever you adopt to do and, in this case, career blogging, be consistent with what and when you publish. You can go up on your level, but do not lose your tempo and go down on the level of blogging very often. Blogging career can be mundane, unless you are in a need and have a passion. Be persevering to do blogging as a career.


While all this while you have learned about making blogging as a career, this is high time that you get to know what you should not be doing which, is hindering you from moving ahead in your blogging career,

#1 – Never post anything that is obscene or controversial: When you post pornography or anything obscene, and controversial topics, you will find yourself losing your readers and visitors to your blog. There are so many other interesting things down under the sun to post in your blog. Do not ruin your reputation for money.

#2 – Do not forget to Twitter your blog links: As mentioned elsewhere, Twitter is more than a social networking site, that you will find yourself losing your visitors and readers when you do not tweet your blog links. Henceforth, tweet your blog links regularly.

#3 – Do not overload the posts with information: You may be an expert in the area that you are blogging about. But, a good and cool blogging habit is to write several small articles than one big post with loads of information that will make it difficult to read. This is important to keep the reader engaged.

#4 – Do not take criticism seriously and encourage receiving comments: You must know that you need not do all that your readers are asking for, you should able to decide and acknowledge the right criticism. Always acknowledge and is not necessary to say a “yes”.

If you feel that there are still more DO’s and Don’ts then do add it via comments!! Comments are always appreciated!! If you liked the post then please promote it!


Praveen Sivaraman is the Editor-in-Chief and CEO of Techperk. An Engineering Graduate with a passion for technology, a knack for writing and most importantly addicted to Blogging. Catch him on Twitter. His recent shares are collections of google chrome plugins and 2 ways to create custom google chrome themes.

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