The Google Search Engine Ranking Factors That You Can’t Just Ignore

google search engine ranking factorsWe all know that SEO is very important to make our blog Search Engine Friendly. To get our work done we go for many on-page & off-page optimization steps. For on-page optimization we work on our own blog so that it gets direct benefits. Again in off-page optimization we work on other blogs so that our blog gets both direct and indirect benefits.

On-page optimization helps in:

i) Search Engine Optimization / Better Ranking in Search. (Directly)

ii) More Traffic. (Directly)

iii) Better user experience. (Directly)

iv) More traffic from social sites. (Indirectly)

Off-page optimization helps in:

i) Search Engine Optimization. (Directly)

ii) More Backlinks & Traffic. (Directly)

iii) Brand exposure. (Directly)

iv) More Subscribers. (Indirectly)

There are more benefits of On-page & Off-page optimizations as well. So today in this article I’m going to discuss about those factors that help in achieving better search engine ranking (whether it may be directly or indirectly).

Let us start discussing all the important Google search engine ranking factors one by one:

1. Quality Content on your blog

Quality content is the first and foremost thing a blog requires. It’s the main reason why people visit a blog. The users want to get their work done and so they click on your links. I don’t need to tell anything more about quality content here as we have many times talked about the power of quality content on HellBound Bloggers (HBB). So today I will just give you some tips to make your blog post stand out. It may be a guest post or your blog’s post, these tips work in both the cases.

#1 Tip: Optimize your post for the search engines.

#2 Tip: Promote it on Social Media Sites.

#3 Tip: Add relevant meta-tags, images and heading tags.

#4 Tip: Write on Mass wanted & controversial topics.

#5 Tip: Proofread your posts for better reading experience.

2. Keywords on your page

We always talk about keyword research, keyword optimizing and keyword ranking. We work on them so that we can dominate the search engines. But if we don’t have a good knowledge on them then we may be hurting our blog. We may either be doing less optimization or over optimization. In both the cases our blog suffers a lot.

Let me tell you that while searching for the best keywords we should always pick up the low competitive ones; but those keywords should get more searches too. Now, many of the bloggers try to keep a keyword percentage of 2-3% while doing keyword optimization and when they can’t make it out they do keyword stuffing i.e. repetition of the keywords unnecessarily and here is where they do the mistake. Unnecessary repetition makes our work look artificial and then they lose respect from the search engines.

Google has never told us to keep a keyword percentage of 2-3 in our posts; rather they have told us to keep the targeted keywords on our page. This simply helps in getting better ranks and exposure in search. Also remember to optimize your images by adding alt tags to them.

3. The Heading Tags

The heading tags, which many bloggers think, don’t play any role in search engine ranking is quite a wrong concept. Matt Cutts from Google said that they are still important ranking factors. The tags h1 and h2 are still helping Google in identifying what the content is about. They help the search engines in exposing your content to targeted audience. To get more out of these tags you can even add your keyword to one of the heading tags. It will simply help you in achieving better ranks in search.

4. Relevant Meta tags

Meta-tags are not major factors now as they are no more used by the search engines to decide the rank for your link. But relevant meta tags are still playing a great role to make search engines understand what your content is about.

They help the bloggers in two ways:

i) To reach the right audience in search engines.

ii) To give the users a reason to click on the links.

A user will never click a link which has an irrelevant meta-tag. So you should always remember to add a manual meta-tag which is relevant to your blog post.

5. Niche Blogging

Generally when users type something on Google they show the results from authorized niche sites. Only sometimes they show results from multiple niche sites. The secret behind it is that Google and other search engines love niche sites. They give more attention to them. So you should always try to build up a niche site. Talking of several topics related to different niches in the same blog is not a good idea.

First thing is that it makes the blog messy where less targeted traffic is gathered and the second is that search engines don’t give a damn to them. Today I see that many of the pro bloggers are going out of their niche. The only reasons I think why they don’t get hit by panda like updates are that they are now authorized ones and even if they add different niche’s topics they never ignore quality and finally somehow they relate those posts to their niche.

HELPFUL: Easy Way To Choose A Perfect Niche For Your Blog

6. Social Media Presence

They are not do-follow sites but still they help, how? The media sites are high PR sites i.e. they have good reputation in front of search engines. So when your readers share your blog links in social media sites the search engines love to see that. The reason behind this love is that your blog is being shared by users and that means you have worthy content. Again search engines also like the blogs who have social connections/ pages in social sites because it feels real. And Google like real things. So you can just take the full benefits of the Social media sites. They are planets of huge population having users of every interest. You just need to find the interested ones by making unique groups and pages.

7. Readability of a blog post

Google always want to help users and so they show the right results to everyone. If you have written a post with wrong grammar and a lot of spelling mistakes then Google will never recommend it to the users. Your post links will never be shown up in the first page of Google. In order to gain some recommendations from Google you have to provide some well understandable stuff to the readers out there. You need to recheck your content after completing it. You should always try to proofread your blog posts before publishing it.

8. Do-follow links to your blog

Links that have the highest priority in front of Search Engines are the ‘Do-follow links’. Do-follow links from authorized sites provide many benefits to the bloggers.

The benefits are:

i) More Search Traffic. (Indirectly)

ii) More Traffic from the authorized site. (Directly)

iii) More subscribers / loyal readers. (Indirectly)

iv) Helps in branding a blog. (Directly)

So you can see how beneficial the do-follow links are. To get the benefits you can do guest posting on some authorized sites. By doing this you can acquire some long lasting quality backlinks.

9. Comments on your blog

Comments on your blog play a great role in search engine ranking. They remain in the same page where you content is, and so they are not less important than your content. They also get indexed by Google and so they too contribute some part to on-page optimization. Comments like ‘nice post’ and ‘great post’ can harm your blog as they don’t add any value. No doubt, readers leaving such comments want to appreciate your work but that can also be done by sharing your post. So you can just delete those silly comments or edit them to get the SEO benefits. Learn how you can be a Hero on Blog Commenting.

10. Your Site Loading Speed

Last but not the least, your site loading speed is a big ranking factor. Search engines don’t give more attention to slow sites. Slow sites take more time in getting indexed and visitors too don’t like to open such time taking sites. I myself have experienced these things. Using a lot of plugins and widgets made my blog slow and in order to make my site load faster I downloaded my complete homepage and checked the size of each object. Finally I removed those heavy plugins, compressed the images and that helped me to improve my blog loading speed.

I hope this guide will help you in understanding the most important ranking factors that play unique roles in determining your sites reputation and the future of your blogging career. Time to say good bye but I’ll always stay in touch with you through my guest posts.

What is Google Sandbox? How You Can Protect Your Blog?

Google Sandbox will be a new term for most of the bloggers. Blogging world has so much term and you will be aware about them as you will dig more into blogging. As blogging became a viral system for youngsters and everyone is doing blogging just by seeing his or her friends.

As you know there is crowd of blogs as well as bloggers and everyone is trying to get ranked on first page of Google. People are doing even some wrong methods to have better ranking so that they can attract more advertisers for their blogs and can make more money.


What Actually Google Sandbox Is?

Google Sandbox is a Google Algorithm which keep tracks of the methods you are trying to build backlinks for you blogs. This will track the IP address of your computer and will notice how frequently and how much backlinks you are building for your blog either they are blog comments or guest blogging.

As you know blog commenting is the most easiest way to build backlinks but how frequently you are building backlinks for you matters a lot.

How You Can Protect Your Blog?

No doubt Google is the GOD in the internet world. everyone want to be on the first page of Google. But Google don’t love the cheap and fake methods which you are trying to fool them. Below you can see some.

Never Copy any Post

Copying is always a crime either it is your school or internet world. It is very easy to copy someone’s article and paste on your blog and get the fame. But google crawler is smarter the you, because it will find which was the original article and its going to put you in Google Sandbox. If you are dong this practice again and again.

Never do too much Comments

Commenting is the easiest way to build backlinks as well as to get sandboxed. Yes, I am saying this true because Google know about your activities and they know how you are doing commenting and how valuable comments you are leaving.

Too much commenting can lead to face big problem in future. Because if you will continue this then Google Sandbox will put you in spam list and every-time you will do comment on any blog it will go in spam commenting only. And you know it very well what is the ratio of approving spam comments and real comments. So don’t overdo this practice if you want to run long time blog.

If you want to be in the safe zone then never do too much commenting and if you want to do this then use any of good proxy software.

Tor Browser is the best browser for anonymous internet surfing. Some tips to be safe from Sandbox :

Don’t use any unethical way

Unethical ways always leads to disaster and they are going to destroy your blog credentials and once you will be in Google Sandbox then it is very difficult to come out from there.

These unethical ways include Fake Visits, Fake comments, Copied Articles etc.

In my final words I would like to say that don’t try to fool Google because once they will put your domain in Google Sandbox that will be a bad experience for you and I know most of the bloggers will leave blogging also, so its much better to stay in safe zone.

Analyze Keyword Traffic Using Google Analytics

Analyzing keyword traffic of your blog or a website on daily basis is a really good habit. It would be great if you could do that on monthly and yearly basis (which is quite possible). Analyzing your traffic can help you in many different ways, one of the greatest advantage is that it allow you to keep track of things that are happening around your blog. It also shows the trends for the important keywords that fetch traffic to your blog or website. So, in this article, I’m gonna tell you, how you can compare the search engine keyword traffic generated by your blog on daily basis.

STEP1: Login to your Google Analytics Account and click on the Account Name you want to track.

GA Accounts

STEP2: Under website profiles page, click on View report.

GA - Profiles

STEP3: Just below the right hand corner you should find monthly date range as shown in the following screenshot. Now, click on the small triangle.

Advanced Segments

STEP4: Now, check the check box that says, “compare to past” and select the date ranges and click on apply. This should take you to a new dashboard.

Advanced Segments All Visits

STEP5: On the new dashboard, look for “Traffic Source Overview” and click on “View Report”.

Traffic Source Overview

STEP6: Now, scroll down the bottom to find “Top Traffic Sources”. Under that, you should find two sections. One is “Sources” the other is the “Keywords”. Scroll down to the end of the “Keywords” section and click on “view full report”.
That’s all, you are done. You can now compare keyword traffic generated by search engines for your blog based on the dates you specified in the initial stages.

6 Tricks To Get Your New Domain Indexed Fast In Search Engines

It’s very common for new bloggers or website owners, they report that search engines e.g Google is not indexing their blog/website domain or contents or it taking times. But in this way I have a little bit experience (also did some experiment). Every search engines have intelligent(not hard to understand it) techniques to discover new contents on web as well as domains. But they cannot Give guarantee whether it will soon index or not. The most known issues of indexing delay are very new domain.

Every search engines are made to index a site or all pages (those are not blocked by robots) of a that site that is found on the web. For this, one of the big mechanisms they use to send their spider bots to already indexed pages and looks for new URLs that has not been indexed (if we think there is nothing called sitemaps). Even after indexing your domain by search engines, you find that your new pages/contents(only indexable contents such as *.html, *.php, *.pdf, *.doc etc) are taking too long to get on search engines.

Indexed Fast in search engines

So , I have some important points to tell which will guarantee you to get quick indexed on search engines your new domain or pages:

#1 Manually Submit your Site

When new website is almost ready, you can manually submit your website or blog URL to their add URL page to notify them about your primary link. The manual submission of major search engines are here, submit your domain to Google, Yahoo and Bing.

#2 Try Webmaster Tools

As a blog or website owner (so you are a webmaster), it’s must to use webmaster tools that many search engines provide. A webmaster cannot live without using it. Try Google’s Webmaster Tools, Bing Toolbox, Yahoo Site Explorer. Submit your sitemaps there. Webmaster tools will give you clear sight how your website is performing on their search engine. At Google webmaster tools you can also change your website’s crawl rate, parameter access, HTML suggestions and more.

#3 Social Submission

When you add any new contents to your site, try to submit them on different social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. Those will help your ranking and fast index. In recent times it’s seems that Google and Bing is paying more attention to proof how social you site is. You may already seen Bing tries to bring those pages or sites that are liked by your Facebook friends and Google tries to bring those URLs that are share on Google+, Google buzz, Twitter or +1ed.

#4 Better Sitemap

Try to make a search engine friendly sitemap. If you are using WordPress, then it is very easy to build sitemap with plugins such as Google XML Sitemap Generator. Search engines like sitemaps because it’s a map of your site’s total contents.

#5 Plenty of Contents & Deep Linking

Content is king. Search engines will give value if they get more contents with huge keywords from your site. Deep linking is important for search engines when robots and spiders will visit your site.

#6 Robots.txt Issue

Robots.txt is a raw text file which is used to instruct search engines which portion of your site should be added or not. Check Your Robots.txt file which should be at to know whether it’s blocking your pages from indexing by search engines. HellBound Bloggers’s robots file is .

If you don’t believe, when I publish my articles, it takes 2 to 3 minutes to get my new post indexed by Google. The big reason behind it immediate twitter submission and WordPress’s default ping service (maybe). Because so far I told you that Google always try to look for new links inside already indexed pages.

In conclusion I want to tell you, if you follow all guidelines mentioned above there is no reason about taking long time to indexing your new site or pages by search engines except you break search engine’s webmaster guidelines.

2 Free WordPress Themes That Look Like Google+

What makes Google+ click? As a fan of simple design, I believe the clean layout of Google+ can make a different. That doesn’t apply only to Social Networking sites, but also for WordPress blogs. Right now we have two free WordPress themes from my friends that look like Google+.

WP Plus WordPress Theme [Download | Demo]

WP Plus

This theme has Styled sticky post and they avoided Graphics for fast loading. It is WordPress Custom Menus compatible and Background compatible.

WP Plus is designed exactly like the design of Google plus. It is a 3 column WordPress theme with two sidebars and one content area. One sidebar is on left and the other is on right.

The theme loads really fast because it don’t uses any graphics at all. WP Plus is compatible with WordPress Custom Menus and Custom Background. You can easily change the links that appear in the navigation bar from the dashboard page without editing the coding of the theme. You can also change the background from dashboard if required.

PlusOne WordPress Theme [Download | Demo]

Plus Theme

This is also another good WordPress theme that looks like Google+.

PlusOne is a WordPress theme that looks exactly like Google+ interface. Please don’t remove the footer links if you want to support further development of the theme. This is Version 1.0 of the PlusOne theme. In future versions, I will add custom nav menu support, color selectors, options page and much more. Future development depends upon the feedback I get for Version 1.0.

Do download these themes and tell us what it works for you. Do you know any other cool simple WordPress theme?

Add Google+ Profile Buttons On Your Blog

The buzz is not over, even though they are public now. Google+ has the potential to drive people crazy, and it is neat (like Recently I tried my hands on Google+ and was able to see much difference and elegant performance. Google provides an option to add Google+ Profile buttons on your blog, you can see them below. Earlier we shared how to add Google +1 button on websites.

Adding Google+ Profile Button On Your Blog

1. Go to Google Profile button page and you can pick your desired button size.

Google Plus Profile Button

2. In the ‘Profile URL’ box you can enter the Google+ Profile URL, here I have used this Even if you enter Google Profile URL, it will redirect to Google+.

3. Now choose your desired image size and get the code. Google has strict branding guidelines so you won’t be able to customize the logo according to your wish.

See the sample profile button here.

If you are in Google+, you can Connect with us or add us to your circles.

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2 Big Annoucements We See With The Entry Of Google +

Internet the place that is best known for the word difference. Yesterday when I slept I found Godaddy as an independent venture and today it has been taken over. Also yesterday I saw my website working totally well but today the hell it is facing name server problems. The main thing I would like to tell you is the importance of the the word “difference” that has an permanent place for itself int he world of the web. Two such big difference we see with the entry of Google’s all new social network, Google +.

Google Plus

We all were extremely excited when we saw the entry of the website and the sneak peaks by Google had already mad the things so exciting that people were too anxious for getting the invites into their email inboxes. So finally talking about the differences that I regard a big with the entry of this service.

1. Facebook Announces Social Video Chat

We all knew it well till today that Microsoft and Facebook are great friends and obviously they will do something together that may help out all those who are somewhere or the other related with either of these companies. So now the worlds biggest social networking website has introduced the partnership of its website with Skype the service for calling on the web. Together both of them will unite to star with the new service called social video chat. Sounds good, lets wait till next week and see what this service can do for us.

2. Picasa Web Album Goes Unlimited

As reported via Read Write Web the whole service still has the 1 GB specification as if you see the FAQ page but if you use Google + to upload the pictures instead of directly uploading it to the web server via you computer then your picture wont be a part of the 1 GB space. Instead it would be counted as free. So indirectly this is unlimited storage on the picasa web albums for all those who tend to go ahead for the services of Google +.

Scribble And Share Customized Google Maps Easily

I have been a fan of Google Maps, that made me create a small web app for finding the postal address of any location. Using Google Maps, you can find the exact location or get the postal address of any part in the World, and it is free yes. But they don’t provide an option to edit or customize them. If you want to make it more entertaining and detailed, you can add your own details and drawings to the maps. Scribble Maps allows you to do that for free.

Scribble Google Maps

They allow you to create custom Google Maps without an account. You can also export them to Google Earth. You can check the above picture, kinda messy, but you can apply your creativity here. Planning for a vacation or plotting for a hiking trail, this is your tool!

You can also try a similar tool called QuickMaps for customizing Google Maps.

Use Google To Embed MP3 Files On Your Blog

If you are running a Music blog or having lots of podcasts, then this tip will be useful for you. You can use Google Audio Player for embedding MP3 files on your website or blog. You can practically embed this anywhere, though sometimes IE won’t be comfortable with this unfortunately. This player has volume controls and surprisingly, no Google branding. People hardly guess that it is powered by Google.

Embedding MP3 Files Using Google

This is the code you should be using,

<embed type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” src=”” quality=”best” flashvars=”audioUrl=MP3link” width=”500″ height=”27″></embed>

In the above code, instead of ‘MP3link’ use the Audio file URL. You can change the width as you like, but keeping the height as ’27’ is recommended. You can the demo player below.

Audio : The Rapture / Sister Saviour (Blackstrobe Remix) under CC

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways for adding audio files on websites.

Use Google’s “Me on the Web” Tool To Monitor Your Identity On The Web

Google quite recently launched a new tool called “Me on the web”, a component of Google Dashboard. This tool allows you to create custom Google Alerts for mentions of your name or email address in news articles.

Me on the web tool

Using “Me on the web” Tool, you can :

  • Get notified when your personal data appears on the web : With the help of Google Alerts, you will be alerted if your personal information, for example, phone number, private email address, other confidential details.
  • Remove unwanted content : Suppose if you encounter any of your private details online, and you don’t want them to appear, you can remove them with the help of this tool.

Visit Google Dashboard to check the “Me on the Web” Tool and set up custom alerts.