Simple Tips To Maximize Your Earnings With HostGator Affiliate Program

Tired of using Google AdSense or similar services on your blog as the only source of revenue and still not satisfied with the income it is generating for you? However, I do not promote blogging for money, but if you are religiously spending quite a lot of your time maintaining a blog, you definitely deserve rewards. While generating income from a blog should always be the secondary step for any blogger, the first one should always be to receive a decent traffic and critical response on your blog. In this article I will be specifically talking about the HostGator Affiliate program and simple tips to maximize your earnings using it.


One reason why I am particularly talking about HostGator’s Affiliate Program is that even if you are not a HostGator customer, you can still sign-up for their affiliate program here and instantly display banners on your website along with promotional codes that will help you earn decent revenue.

# Select a high CTR zone for banners:


Do you see the top right HostGator banner on HBB, next to the blog header? Well, that is probably one of the most targeted zones on this blog. Select a specific region on your blog which you think will not be missed by readers. Make sure you do not fill your blog which banners and other advertisement units, or else there are chances that readers on your blog will become ‘ad blind’.

# Create coupon codes:

Once you sign-up with the HostGator affiliate program, you can easily create coupon codes for your account. Coupon codes are usually alpha-numeric discount vouchers using which, your readers can get a discount upto 25% on any purchase from HostGator US. Unfortunately, this service is currently in-active for HostGator India.

# Promote coupon codes via social networks:

If you are a regular reader of HBB, I am sure you would be aware of the power of social media and the wonders it can perform for your blog or website. Once your coupon codes are active, you can easily promote them on your Facebook fan page. Believe me, there are hundreds of people wanting to start a new blog or website. For them, discount coupon codes can be attracting.

# Offer free services if you can:

This is an optional step, i.e you don’t really need to follow this up if you don’t want to. For the customers using your coupon code to sign-up, you can offer services like free WordPress installation. The word ‘free’ attracts people from all fields and thus, you leave no reason for people to not to sign-up for HostGator web-hosting using your coupon codes.

These are some simple steps which can boost up your affiliate sales earning instantly. Please feel free to let me know your comments or doubts via the comments section below.

HOW TO: Check Your YouTube Speed

Earlier we shared a simple tip to load YouTube videos faster, and now you’ll see how to check your YouTube Speed. Are you thinking your YouTube videos are streaming a little slow? And you are putting the blame on your ISP? Then YouTube Video Speed History is something you should check probably.

This data is aggregated from their video servers. All ISP and geographic speed numbers are averages across many types of Internet connectivity. This tool will compare your speed numbers with other users in your region. The chart below shows Video Speed Comparison (May 10, 2011 to Jun 8, 2011).

YouTube Speed Chart

This tool also lists the YouTube speeds of users in your neighborhood who have different ISPs. The test video will show you your streaming information in real time (look next to “Streaming HTTP”).

YouTube Test Video

So how fast is your YouTube Video Speed? Share your views on the comments below.

3 In-built Apps To Quicken Your Computer’s Performance

PC PerformanceIf you are using your computer regularly, then you also need to be aware of the ways to maintain your computer. Due to frequent usage, the Windows registry and the hard disk can become damaged. This can lead to slowness and sluggishness of the computer. In fact, several programs and applications may become non-functional and the overall performance of the computer can become extremely erratic. So to prevent these from happening, it is important to know a few tips and tricks that can help your computer run smoothly and uninterruptedly.

There are three in-built applications that can significantly speed up and improve the working of your computer. These are :

#1 – Disk Cleanup
#2 – Disk Defragmenter
#3 – Windows Registry Editor

To access the first two, either type cleanmgr.exe and defrag.exe (only for Windows 7) in the Run box from the start menu, or follow this navigation path: Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup or Disk Defragmenter.

Disk Cleanup

First one is a utility that will prompt the user to first scan any one of the drives. Disk Cleanup (cleanmgr.exe) is a computer maintenance utility included in Microsoft Windows designed to free up disk space on a computer’s hard drive. The utility first searches and analyzes the hard drive for files that are no longer of any use, and then removes the unnecessary files. On completing the scan, which may take quite a while if your computer is heavily loaded with data, the utility will give how many files are there exactly in the drive and will prompt the user to start cleaning the drive.

By cleaning is meant deleting the redundant and unwanted files and data that are no longer in use. Such data could include recycle bin contents, history and temporary folders, unused desktop icons, recently used documents lists, duplicate files, corrupt or damaged files, multi-user profile data, remnants of programs that are no longer in use etc.

Disk Defragmenter

The second one on the other hand is needed to bring all the pieces and fragments of a file in one place. Disk Defragmenter is a Utility included in Microsoft Windows designed to increase access speed by rearranging files stored on a disk to occupy contiguous storage locations, a technique commonly known as defragmenting.

The purpose is to optimize the time it takes to read and write files to/from the disk by minimizing head travel time and maximizing the transfer rates. This increases disk space and also reduces the time taken by the processor to access a single destination, thereby increasing the processor’s as well as the computer’s speed.

Windows Registry Editor

The third utility, the registry is a massive database of information pertaining to many things, some important, some moderately important and others not-so-important. Mostly, changes made on your computer during the installations and un-installations of programs and applications are recorded in the registry entries, each of which consists of a key and a value.

The keys can get messed up due to faulty programming or bugs or viruses and even external factors like incorrect file associations and electrical surges etc. This can render the registry corrupted or non-functional, and since a lot of the registry data is required by the processors itself for the computer’s operations, a corrupt registry might spell the doom for your computer. One can solve the problems using the editor of registry, but unfortunately it is very difficult to use, unlike the other two utilities. A single mistake might prove costly.

That is why using the registry or system optimizer might be a better idea. Such software can be downloaded from the internet.

Another way of speeding up the computer is to get rid of the startup programs that hog the CPU. Although the system optimizer too can solve this issue, it can be done manually also by opening the system configuration window by typing msconfig.exe in the Run box and hitting Enter.

This guest artilce is written by Alex Trots, who also writes for, a site featuring lots of registry cleaner tips and how-to’s on disk defragmenter.

HOW TO: Create Chipmunk Version Of Any Song

Alvin and the Chipmunks is an American animated music group created by Ross Bagdasarian, Sr. in 1958. The group consists of three singing animated anthropomorphic chipmunks. You would have heard Chipmunk version of many songs in YouTube or elsewhere. Ever wondered how to create them? This Guide will help you to exactly do the same.

The process involves speeding up the playback to create higher pitched songs, which sounds exactly like the chipmunks.

Create Chipmunk Version of Any Song

  1. Choose the song which you need to modify.
  2. Open Audacity. If you don’t have it, Download it from here. Audacity is an open source audio manipulation software.
  3. Go to File>Open and choose your song.
  4. Click Ctrl + A to highlight the entire song.
  5. Go to Effects>Change Pitch and change the percent to 115.500. Click OK to exit.
Change Pitch
  1. Go to File>Export to save the Chipmunk version of your song in any format.

If the pitch is too high, to hear and the “Chipmunk” voices are too high, instead of 115.500, change the pitch to something lower. To save the audio in the .mp3 format, you need the lame_enc.dll which you can download from here.

Hope you liked this tutorial. Don’t forget to share your experience through the comments.

This guest article is written by Ganesh Babu, a 11th standard student who blogs at Axleration .If you wish to write for us, kindly check this.

HOW TO: Increase Your Site’s Conversions : Back To The Basics

Site ConversionOnline shopping has become a retail stronghold in the recession; in spite of falling retail figures offline, more and more shoppers have turned to the internet for wider selections and better deals.  A study by Forrester Research shows that 69% of European internet users over the age of 18 purchase products through online vendors; over half of those do so monthly.

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Nonetheless, online store owners are familiar with the many hassles of trying to get people to purchase from the internet.  In spite of the best intentions, many shop owners have a hard time getting conversions.  What are some of the reasons that a full third of internet users don’t want to shop online?

  • Security concerns.  Most customers who don’t shop online say they fear sharing their credit card information over the internet. 
  • Shipping issues.  Customers don’t like paying high shipping prices.  They also fear their items will be damaged during shipping, get lost in the mail,  or simply not be sent at all.
  • Returns.  Some users worry that returns will be a pain. This is due to having to schedule time to go to the post office, as well as having to pay the return shipping.
  • Customer service problems.  Some people are upset if there is no live person who can be contacted during a transaction online. They don’t want to wait for an email.

How can you, as the owner of an ecommerce site, address and remedy these issues?

  • Lower your shipping prices.  You may be surprised – check into flat rate shipping options if you haven’t already.  Or – if you’re already using flat rate shipping but your items are small and lightweight, consider switching to standard envelopes.  If you still can’t bring down your shipping costs, consider altering your item prices or offering free shipping as incentives during high volume shopping seasons.
  • Clear Terms of Service Page. Include a clear terms of service page for your shipping and returns policies.  Make sure people know exactly what to expect as far as how you will be shipping, when you will be shipping, and how long it will take.  Explain the reasons a customer can or cannot return an item and whether you will return their money or provide them store credit.
  • Security Matters. To address security concerns, add a guarantee of safe shopping; offer to compensate users for unauthorized purchases. Having a third party icon (like PayPal’s icon) on your page can help ensure shoppers that there is a third party arbitrating their transaction and thus protecting their interests.
  • Give customers a clear way to contact you.  Live help is best if you can staff it; if not, make it very obvious how to contact you and when customers can expect a reply.  Welcome communication and feedback.

As you might expect, people who don’t normally shop online are generally less tech-savvy. Consequently, there trust of online sales, something that’s relatively foreign, is limited – but they still have the same desires for security, convenience, selection and communication as everyone else.  If you cater to these people using some of the suggestions outlined above, you will not only convert more customers but increase your sales to the people who are already purchasing goods online.

This article is written by Spencer Belkofer. He is the founder of Lumin, a Birmingham, AL Internet marketing company. He writes about anything related to search engine optimization, social media, and pay-per-click (PPC) adverting.

10 Essential Uses Of Google Toolbar You Must Know

Google Toolbar is one of the interesting tools I encountered recently. Others are Google Reader and Dropbox. Google Toolbar is an Internet browser toolbar available for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Below I mentioned 10 Essential Uses of Google Toolbar which will be useful to you.

1. Check Pagerank: Google Toolbar was once commonly used for checking the PageRank of websites/blogs. Since this Toolbar is a product of Google, Webmasters recommend it.

2. Translate Webpages: Normally people use Google Translate for translating webpages, but we can also use Google Toolbar for translating. It saves time.

Translate Webpage

3. Fill Out Forms Online: If Google Toolbar is installed, go to the Options button | AutoFill box | AutoFill Settings. Give the required details for your desired options.
Click OK.

AutoFill Option

Now whenever you come to a form online, click the Autofill button on your Google Toolbar and the form will be filled out automatically for you.

4. Get Phishing Alerts: You will be alerted if you click on fraudulent and phishing sites. As soon as you click on the phishing email’s site to “verify my information”, the Google Toolbar do any of the following actions – popup alert, red emergency button, and a grayed out browser window.

Toolbar Popup Alert

5. Instant Calculator: Want to do some quick calculation? You don’t need to search for your scientific calculator or any other in-built calculator, you can make use of this Toolbar. With the help of search box in Google toolbar, it is possible.

Use Toolbar As Calc

Similarly using the search box you can also do some difficult calculations like ‘1*sqrt 570’ using this Toolbar. It automatically gives you the result, you don’t need to press any key.

GT Calc2

6. Check Keyword Density: Keyword density is a measure of how often a keyword or keyword phrase is used in your web page. Also Google uses this to determine how relevant your web site is in a search. The standard keyword density will help your website to achieve higher search engine positions. [Check Tutorial]

Google Toolbar keywords

7. Search for your website: Using this Google Toolbar, you can search your blog or website with keywords that you feel best to represent your site. If you can’t find any posts you can use your site name along with the keywords. Still if you didn’t get any results, then you may need to submit your site to Google.

Search Your Site

8. Spell Check Web Forms: You can use the spellcheck button on the toolbar for instant spell checking on any online forms.

SpellCheck Toolbar

9. Instant Word & Acronym Definitions: If you are unfamiliar with any word or any acronym definitions just type it into your Google Toolbar, and the results provide you with more information on the topic and a link to the Definition in the very top line. This may come handy whenever you are stuck with unfamiliar words.

10. Phone Number Lookup: Google Toolbar search results also provides Phonebook results whenever you search for a phone number. Using this, you can also identify the real owner of that phone number. However Google offers you an option to remove your phone number from search results, check this.

If you know any other uses of Google Toolbar, kindly share them in the comments below.

25 Basic Tips To Get Google Sitelinks

I compiled these tips only after discussing with SEO gurus and experienced bloggers. I also added some points which I thought will be valuable.

Before some months, I applied some of these tips and we got Google Sitelinks within weeks.

Remember, Google wants your site to be clean and tidy. Sitelinks are mostly determined by the internal architecture of your website.

HB Sitelinks

1. Submit Site’s URL : The first and foremost step is to submit your site’s URL to Google and as many search engines as possible.

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2. Google Webmaster : Use Google Webmaster Tools. It helps you to improve and understand your site, connect with visitors, and find answers to crawling. You can also check many SEO related issues about your site here.

3. Remove Broken Links : If you are using a WordPress blog, you can try Broken Link Checker plugin or you can even try Google Webmaster. Removing broken links helps a lot.

4. HTML Errors : Since Google wants your site to be clean and tidy, you should remove all the HTML error tags and codes. You can try W3C HTML Validation Service.

5. CSS Errors : Similarly for CSS errors remove all the error codes. To check and validate the errors you can try the W3C CSS Validation Service.

6. SEO Is Important! : Your blog should have good keywords, title and meta description. If you own a WordPress blog, you can try All-in-one-SEO-pack or if you use Thesis theme you will have in-built SEO pack.

7. Number Of Articles : Unless your blog has some articles it is impossible to get sitelinks. Your blog should have atleast 3-5 pages and 10-15 posts.

8. Good PageRank : If your blog has good number of backlinks and PageRank then it will easily get sitelinks. It creates a good impression.

9. Internal Linking : Interlink your blog’s articles. It also helps to increase page views and makes your readers to stay on your blog longer.

10. Permalink Redirect : You can try Permalink Redirect Plugin if you want to check the current URL against the permalink WordPress has defined for the post, page or category you’re in, and redirects to that permalink if they don’t match.

11. Blogspot or WordPress : Both WordPress and Blogspot platforms are well optimized, but Google mostly prefers Blogspot Blogs over WordPress blogs.

12. SE Traffic : If you get lot of traffic from search engines your blog will surely get familiar and it will be easy for getting sitelinks. Your blog should have High click through rates. You can even optimize your blog images for search engines.

13. Flow Of Traffic : Your blog should have a consistent flow of traffic to get Google Sitelinks. If the traffic sources are from Search Engines, then you are lucky.

14. Blog’s Age : Some experts say a blog should be atleast one year old in order to get sitelinks, but I don’t think that is true. HB got within 7-8 months and some blogs got sitelinks even within 4-5 months.

15. Searches and Clicks : The no. of searches and the no. of clicks that your blog gets for a certain keyword will also be considered. Your blog should also get many clicks for the searched keyword.

16. Good and Simple Navigation : Your blog should have good and simple navigation system. Try to have a <ul> and <li> list of links at the top for your blog. Put the navigation links in these tags. They also consider title tags of the pages.

17. Quality Content : If you are updating your blog with quality content on a regular basis you will surely get sitelinks.

18. Categories and Tags : Your blog’s sitelinks may also be a category page or a tag page. So always keep related category and tags for your articles.

19. Avoid JS and Images : Keeping JavaScript and Images on the navigation menu/labels may prevent your blog from getting sitelinks.

20. Link Bait : If you want an article, a page or even a category page to get featured on the sitelinks, it should be linked most from other websites. It should have inbound links from high quality sites.

21. Homepage Links : Try to have around 4-8 links on your home page that points directly to the articles and pages you want to show up in site links. Make sure you keep a good and brief anchor text for them.

22. Sitemap : This is a MUST for every blog. Keep a clean sitemap and include all the links displayed on your homepage in the sitemap. Make sure they are indexed and submit the sitemap in Google webmaster tool.

23. Well Structured : Your blog should be well structured so that it will be easy for the Search Engine bots to identify your blog’s theme.

24. OnSite Linking : Suppose if you want to make a post as a sitelink then you have to make a lot of posts linked to that post.

25. Reconsider Your Site : If you didn’t get sitelinks even after applying these tips, you can request Google to reconsider your site. You have a option like this in Google Webmaster. You can try that. All you need to do is to write a convincing note to Google.

From Google : Sitelinks are completely automated, and we show them only if we think they’ll be useful to the user. If your site’s structure doesn’t allow our algorithms to find good sitelinks, or we don’t think that the sitelinks are relevant to the user’s query, we won’t show them. However, we are always working to improve how we find and display sitelinks.

If you understand Google’s algorithm, you can master the sitelinks! 😉

If you have any other tips, please mention it in the comments! 🙂

30+ Tips To Reduce Your Site’s Bounce Rate

According to Google, Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the entrance (landing) page. In short, it tells how many people who arrive at your website “bounce” out to another site. Keeping your bounce rate to it’s most minimal is important in making the most out of your new visitors. Reduce bounce rate to hold people on your website.

Many people were confused with bounce rate. It is not rocket science guys! See if a page has a bounce rate of 70% means that 70% of the readers/visitors who landed on that page decided to leave your site. The other 30% stayed on your site and performed at least one more click. Below I mentioned 30+ tips to reduce and improve your site’s bounce rate.

If you are trying to optimize your website/blog for conversion rate, then you can check this post,

30+ Tips To Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

Reduce Bounce Rate1. Good Web Layout And Design : You should be careful when choosing between magazine and normal layout theme. Many recommended Thesis theme for better bounce rate. The look of your site’s design can force your visitors to stay.

2. Relevant Content : If your blog is about Animals, then publish articles related to Animals category alone. Don’t write about Fruits and Vegetables. Because visitors will expect more from Animals category. Each page of your blog should be on-topic.

3. Clear and Proper Navigation : Let the users know where they are. Every blog should have breadcrumb. If not download it right now. Have a proper archives section. Place the navigation menu near the top of the page. Use simple and clear words for navigation options. Don’t use too many links there. Maximum of 7 links recommended.

4. Good and Original Content: Always publish original content. Never publish duplicate content which will affect your blog in several ways. Your blog’s content should be worth reading.

5. Avoid Distractions : Avoid pop-ups, external toolbars and anything similar to that which causes distractions to the visitors. You can also avoid using Text In Link ads. Trust me, it decreases page views.

6. Improve loading speed : Don’t make your visitors wait. Your blog’s page views will automatically increase if the pages load faster and quicker. You can check the tips to improve and increase your blog’s loading speed.

7. Add Relevant Images : Make sure you add relevant and related images to the articles. Provide good resolution and quality images. I made a list of websites providing copyright and royalty free images, you can try that.

8. Avoid External Links : External links on your blog’s main page can make the bounce rate very high. So you can avoid external links on the first page that visitors see when they land on your site. Try to reduce the number of outgoing links.

9. Comparing : Compare the page which gets lower bounce rate with the page that gets higher. Ask your friends and other fellow bloggers the difference between them. This one helps a lot.

10. Analyze Bounce Rate : I recommend Google Analytics for analyzing your site’s bounce rate. Check your site’s bounce rate regularly and see if there is any change. Study the reports. See which page gets the lowest bounce rate and highest bounce rate. You can also check your site’s bounce rate through Alexa. Though, I don’t recommend it much.

11. Ample Content: Try to have minimum 300-400 words of content on your site’s pages. Try to provide sufficient content to your site visitors. Let it be in the form of images, text or videos.

12. Targeted Keywords: Your Keywords should be specifically targeted for the content on your site. Bounce rates are also influenced by wrongly optimized keywords. Consider a post title like this, “Top 15 Twitter Tools for Twitter Freaks”. And you optimize this post title with wrong keywords like “Twitter Hacks” or “Twitter’s New Service”. This makes the users annoy, and they won’t visit that page/site later.

13. Minimize Pages: Try to minimize the number of pages you have on your website/blog. Keep it simple and clear, so that your visitors will not get confused.

14. Optimize With Keywords: Always use the keywords within your articles. For example, I have a post titled “7 Basic Tips For Improving Your Blog’s Alexa Rank”, and then I will use the keywords like “Improve Alexa Rank”, “Alexa Rank Tips” and so on. This will indeed increase the value of the keywords on the search engines.

15. Good and Effective Headlines: Each page’s title should match the content within that page. Don’t try to use misleading page titles. You can refer Google’s “Five Tips for Writing Effective Web Headlines”.

16. Offer subscriptions : You can offer RSS feeds and E-mail newsletters by which readers can easily subscribe and get daily updates. This will help in enhancing your site’s bounce rate because those readers will come back to read more.

17. Good Quality Links :Try to acquire as many good links as possible that points to your blog or blog’s page. Those links should have correct anchor text. You can hook other webmasters to link to your pages by placing genuine content in your pages. Avoid link exchange since there is a possibility of losing PageRank on both sides.

18. Remove Autoplay Videos : This is my opinion. I’ll close the site immediately if it starts singing. Remove the video altogether, or at least have it paused.

19. Popular Posts : You can use Popular Posts plugin and list the top and popular articles in your site’s sidebar.

20. Related Posts : There are many ways to show related posts on your blog. My favorite is Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP). You can try that. Showing related posts with images/thumbnails also works.

21. Internal Linking : By internal linking your readers can know about other content of your site without having to search for it. Interlink only if it is related to the article and you can also do this to your old articles. Try to link between your old articles as reference.

22. Place Search Box: You can provide your visitors with the option to search on your blog at the top. If they cannot find anything interesting on the landing page, they can use search option to navigate into the site.

23. Page SEO : Provide proper URL, title and keyword optimization. For WordPress users, I recommend All In One SEO plugin.

24. Interactive Articles : Ask questions to your readers and visitors. Your article should be in a reader-friendly manner.

25. Free Downloads : You can easily attract visitors if you provide free downloads like free themes, free wallpapers and so on. You can make them click on that link easily.

26. Use Post Excerpts : If your article is too long, you can use post excerpts. If there is too much content on the main page visitors will get tired by scrolling, and they’ll decide to leave.

27. Eliminate Bad Traffic : If you’re getting/buying traffic from other sites and it is not profitable to you, then you need to eliminate all those sources. Check which PPC keywords are bouncing and shut those keywords.

28. Upper Left to Lower Right : Keep the upper left of your site pretty, pretty nice and attractive. Because visitors will first see that only and that decides whether they need to stay or not.

29. Optimize 404 Pages : Many blogs have ugly 404 error page. That makes the bounce rate to bounce more. Your visitors will leave your site and look elsewhere for the information they were looking for. So optimize the error page. Provide some solutions and suggestions there. You can check HB‘s 404 Error page.

30. Optimize The Sidebar : Remove all those useless and time-consuming widgets from your site’s sidebar and try to include widgets such as “Popular Posts” and “Recent Articles”. You can also use “tag cloud” in the sidebar.

31. Surveys and Polls: This is the best way to interact with your readers and visitors. You can ask them some questions or suggestions. You can check the results, and you can predict whether they will stick around or not.

If you are trying to optimize your website/blog for conversion rate, then you can check this post. If you don’t yet even have your own website or blog, then check out MonetizePros, they have plenty of awesome tutorials that’ll help you to start your Blogging journey within a couple of minutes easily.

So what’s your site’s bounce rate? High? Low? Ahh.. 😉

Do you know any other tip to improve/reduce bounce rate? Please share it in the comments!

Create Watercolor Effect On Wallpapers

Bloggers like to be energetic and niche to write new articles in their blog and there are many ways to do that. One way is the Desktop wallpaper. I change it according to my mood. 😀 I installed Windows 7 Ultimate (Trial Version). And by seeing Windows 7 wallpaper I felt so good.

I had an idea to convert that image into watercolor effect or grunge design, so the first tutorial will be watercolor effect. You know any colorful image can be converted into watercolor effect through easy 5 steps. The filter effect in the Photoshop makes the tutorial easily understandable even to a newbie.

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Step 1 : Open the new document or directly open the image in Photoshop.

Default Wallpaper used for Watercolor Effect
Default Wallpaper used for Watercolor Effect

The source used here is default wallpaper from windows7; you can use any other images or this one if you have Windows 7. Anyhow we are going to use this for personal use only. 😉

Step 2 : Select the menu | Image | adjustment | Hue and saturation

Go to Menu | Image | Adjustment | Hue and Saturation
Go to Menu | Image | Adjustment | Hue and Saturation

Now change the value of the saturation to 50% and hit enter. Don’t change any other settings.

Step 3 : Now open the Filter Gallery menu from Filter menu.

Here we are going to add four filter effects. They are artistic, texture, brush stroke, and distort.

Tip : When adding one effect don’t enter, we have to add more effects and by using press clicking the new icon in the bottom of the window.[ It can save you some time and you can get the preview and change the value ] 8)

Four Filter Effects
Four Filter Effects

  1. Texture menu and select texturizer and give the value :
Texture menu
Texture menu

  1. Brush strokes | Angled strokes
Angled strokes
Angled strokes

  1. Artistic menu select | Paint Daubs
Paint Daubs
Paint Daubs

  1. Distort | glass

Now enter Ok.

[Plastic warp is the optional but if you want you can do it. 5-11-8]

Step 4 : Duplicate the images by Ctrl + J or right click the layer and select duplicate layer.

Desaturate the duplicated the image by pressing Ctrl +Shift+U or under Image | Adjustment | Desaturate.

Desaturate The Duplicated Image
Desaturate The Duplicated Image

Change the Blending mode in to Overlay or Multiply and decrease the opacity according to your choose image. Here I used 30 To 45.

Step 5 : Now select the desaturated image and choose Stylize menu and Emboss and give the values according to your image.

Remember the value should be less for height and amount.

And the final result :

Final Result
Final Result

And still you can do wonders, just by playing with blending mode and filter effects.

| Need Photoshop basic tutorials here – comment on it|

Personal note : Here I mentioned like “adjust the values according to your needs/ image “, reason – for good practice and playing with values gives different results. 😀

This article is guest author Sri Ganesh.M. He is a young blogger and Founder of “AnimHuT” Creative Blog. He found his passion for designing recently. He is doing Graphic Design and illustrations right now! You can Follow him on Twitter too.

If you too like to write for HellBound Bloggers, then please check the details and guidelines.

Promote Your Business/Product/Blog Through Orkut For Free!

Yesterday while I was browsing in Orkut, I found something peculiar in the right sidebar ad. I thought it was just another normal creative advertisement and ignored it many times. But, later I gave a sharp look. Then I came to know the new feature of Orkut called Orkut Promote. This is like a self-advertising platform where advertisers and regular Orkut users can promote their content including photos, videos or text among the Orkut community. Google charges advertisers for promotion while regular Orkut members don’t need to pay any fee for using Orkut promote.

To know more about Orkut Promote, check their official YouTube video.

What I can do with Orkut Promote?

  • Lets you and your friends share YouTube videos, photos, or text with each other. You can easily spread word of a good video, a cool picture, or some technical news.
  • Lets you to share your friends promotions, and they can share yours, so this makes the information or content to become viral.
  • Lets you track how many people have seen your promotion, and how many of them have shared it with their friends or trashed it under the my promotions tab.

Orkut Promote - Self-Advertising Platform
Orkut Promote - Self-Advertising Platform

How to Create Free Promotion?

  • Click promote on the left sidebar of your Orkut profile or homepage.
  • Enter a title and a comment(description).
  • You can add more text, a YouTube video, or one of your public orkut photos.
  • After adding different elements to your promotion, the preview box will update to reflect your changes.
  • When you are satisfied with your promotion, click create promotion.

Note : Orkut Promote is used by both advertisers and orkut users. So you see advertisements in your promotion box sometimes. You can trash or promote ads in the same way you can do with your friends’ promotions.