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Top 10 Google Reader Alternatives You Can Consider


It is so surprising that Google has announced that Google Reader would be down on the 1st of July 2013. I think this would hurt a lot of people because most people rely on this application.

Although there are some other substitutes for the Google Reader which I think you would really love to use. I would be listing those substitutes below in this article, and I hope you would really like to use them. There are lot of readers that you can use aside from the Google reader in which I would be listing 10 of them.

1. Netvibes


This seems to be the best alternative which you can use. It is called the “personalized dashboard of the Web”. I can’t call this exaggeration because it is a very powerful reader. It looks very confusing at first but it is user friendly. Netvibes makes readers feel at home due to its compatibility. One hard thing about Netvibes is that it doesn’t have a mobile app. Netvibes is not a free application, although it has the free trail app which only last for fourteen thousand days only.

2. Newsblur


This is also a very good alternative for the Google Reader, this app is very easy to use, the only thing you need to do is to setup an account with them and sync your account with it. This application is also not a free app but it support both iOS and Android operating system.

3. Feedly


This is a wonderful RSS feed for Android and iOS operating system and also it is a free application that you can use on your PC with any kind of browser including Chrome and Mozilla. It has some cool features like Social Media share bar and the read later key. Feedly is ready for a very long time and has been expecting a very special day that Google reader would shut down.

4. Feed Reader


The Feed Reader is almost the same as feedly but feedly has more potentials than it. It is a free app that needs your subscription for you to get all of your favorite feeds online. This application is also available for iOS and Android operating devices.

5. Taptu


Taptu is a free RSS reader that deals with mainly images. It allows you to log in with your Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account. After using your existing account to log in, then you can customize any feed and sync them with your Android, iOS, Blackberry and Nook devices.

6. Pulse


Pulse is one of the fastest and most beautiful way to get updates from your favorite blogs, magazine and social networks. This is a nondependent app, some apps like it relies on Google while it doesn’t rely on it at all. This app is available for iOS, Android devices and also available for the Web.

7. Reeder


This is a popular reader for iOS and Android devices that depends on Google Reader a lot, but after it was announced that Google Reader would be shut down by Google, it developer tweeted that “Don’t worry Reeder won’t die with the Google reader” which mean that they would have to be a non-dependent app very soon.

8. Flipboard


Flipboard is a social networking aggregation, magazine format application for iOS and Android devices. This app collects the content of all social media and some other sites and presents it in a magazine format. It allows its users to flip through their social networking feed and feed from their favorite websites.

9. Feedamail


Feedamail is a cool RSS feed delivery services, it only needs your subscription to your favorite site and get every update made from the site you subscribe to, directly to your inbox without you registering on that blog.

Although before you get any update you have to set up an account with them, setting up an account with them would make you be a full time user of their service. You can also add feeds to it with the account you set up with them, this app is available for anyone.

10. The Old Reader

The Old Reader

The old reader is a social RSS reader that allows you to get update from your friend, blog or magazines, with their comments or notes. You can also transfer your feeds directly from your Google reader account or import them with the OPML if you need more security.

This application has no Mobile app for the main time, but they have been working on it since October 2012, when they had up to 5000 users.

Hope you like the 10 Readers listed above. But if you have some other cool reader that is not listed in this article you can list them in your comments to add more value to this post.

This article was written by Onibalusi Segun. Oni is the guest blogger, owner and founder at You can follow him via Twitter or Facebook @naniboy4life or get him through his site.


Onibalusi Segun. Oni is the guest blogger, owner and founder at You can follow him via Twitter or Facebook @naniboy4life or get him through his site.

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