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    • Avinash

      Social Buzz is important for any sites to catch quality traffic on regular basis.Nice lines with explainations.Thanks HBB

    • Mohideen

      Creative topics are most important way to bring the attention of the readers you have given some valuable points Thanks

    • Usman

      I personally think people love controversy. if we can produce something that is controversial than we must lay rest assured as social buzz will be created about the blog.

    • John Bash

      Hello Brian, thanks for mentioning RSS button in this list. Even now, I search for RSS button on blogs and Websites I like much, its a habit for many geeks like me.

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    • Avi Jit (@skyhitblog)

      I think talking directly to our readers helps a lot. It makes everything interesting. Again, about promotion I think we should write less and promote more. Thanks for the post.

      • Brian Nixon

        Something has to be worthy of promoting in the first place, otherwise no matter how much you’ll promote it, it won’t go viral. Writing a lot increases the chances of actually creating something worthy 🙂

      • Sandip Bhagat

        I think the very first think which attracts the reader is title. if the title of the post is relevant to the reader who is seeing the post . Then he/she will definitely share it with their friends. Else it will be like a dog in the cows  herd

    • Sahl Ahmed

      Share this, add this? These stuff have become old i guess. The new stuff is the customized sharing buttons which bigger site like mashable, TNW and tech crunch are offering. More eye candy stuff is what is always working since ages.

    • Sam@Goa resorts

      When any blogger post their blog he/she wants to watch too many visitors and comments on that and no doubt in that it could be if you have good knowledge to attract people. From my opinion if you will always remember “”Niche”” of your readers then i don’t think so any other option will disturb you in your work.  

    • Puneet

      social circle is needed for better engagement and traffic to your blog.

    • Jasmine

      Great tips to do well in social media websites. Love your tips, Brian.
      I think my presence in social media websites is still very week, despite my efforts since the last few months. Well, I have learned some new tricks from you today, hopefully they will help boost my social media presence. Cheerios!

    • Rahul Kashyap

      useful information thanks @brain

    • Gautham Nekkanti

      Great Tips Brian, Post Penguin, SEO is focuses on social media signals, These tips are really useful for beginners

    • Bryan

      Hi Brian
      nice post .. you have mentioned some very interesting points in your article.  writing about trending topics and controversies will surely create a buzz in social media. besides as you mentioned updating your blog regularly with quality materials will one way to ensure you engage with your followers
      thanks for sharing this  

    • Brian Nixon

      Bryan, you’re welcome.

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