How To Compile A Killer Newsletter Easily

newsletterNewsletters help you connect with your readers and clients and develop a good relationship with them.  It is best alternative source of returning traffic besides the Social Media. For online startups and businesses, newsletters could be a great marketing strategy.

Feedburner Newsletters

Feedburner is the most widely used RSS subscription platform in blogs. It doesn’t allow much customization to your newsletter content as it compiles the newsletter, leeching the content of the blog’s RSS feed. RSS subscribers are important, you can even monetize your RSS feeds to earn money.

1. If you are using post excerpts in the feed, make sure the excerpt is intriguing and attractive. For certain niches like News Blog,  a suspense building excerpt is very effective.

2. By default, Feedburner newsletters have a boring text-only interface. You can customize your newsletter to brand your Blog feeds.

Feedburner Customization

  • Log on to Feedburner. In ‘Publicize’ tab, Choose ‘E-mail Subscriptions’ and then ‘Email Branding’ submenu.
  • Under the “Email Subject/Title” form, Fill it with your Blog Name seperated by the snippet ${latestItemTitle}  with a hyphen or any other symbol.
  • In the “Logo URL” field, input the direct URL of your logo.
  • You can also change the Headline Font, Body and Link colors e.t.c by customizing the corresponding fields.

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 Custom Newsletters

With great content and design you can easily increase your blog subscription rate.

1. Content: Content is the primary factor you need to consider before compiling your killer Newsletter.

  • If you are marketing your online products, you should consider your subscriber demographics to find what they are interested in.
  • Use Catchy and interesting Headlines to increase reader’s engagement.
  • Don’t forget to Proofread to avoid Grammatical mistakes which might ruin your reputation and makes your readers regard you as a amateur.

2.Design: Design plays an invariable role in luring your subscribers into your blog and also brand your feeds.

  • Use a simple and elegant design and avoid embedding excessive images.
  • Using Too Many images can render your e-mail longer to load as well as many popular email providers disable images by default.
  • If you have no idea how to design using HTML, you can Google ‘Free HTML newsletter templates’ to find an ocean of template to download from.
  • A regular font is always preferred and avoid making the newsletter bulky, which is a major turn off because of increased load time.
  • You could include different sections and categories to help readers interested in specific category.
  • Always compose interesting headings in the newsletter. Let the headings alone explain what it is regarding in a nutshell.
  • Newsletter frequency is the factor most of us overlook. Business newsletter frequency shouldn’t exceed a few per week to avoid landing up in Spam Boxes of your clients.

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  1. The post is marvelous! Recently, I have been performing A/B split testing with my subscriber to get the most effective design, and way to approach all of my readers quickly with just a single newsletter. But after reading your strategy. I guess I have finally approached something good that can be openly use.

  2. Using feedburner to share my updates with subscribers. You have written very helpful post will surely implement your tips

  3. Great newsletter tips, Gautham. I am not so good in designing newsletters, as most of the time I just use ready-made templates. Your tips certainly look easy enough for me to pick up!

  4. Wow nice newsletter, That’s great thanks for sharing with us, I really don’t know before reading your post….. Thanks 

  5. Thanks for the tips. I think Feedburner is the best free service that allows us to send emails to our subscribers. But I also believe that sending auto responding and custom scheduled emails by using Aweber or Mailchimp can do us a lot god. They can be used to send freebies when a user subscribers our list. Whereas Feedburner don’t have this awesome feature.

    • Well FeedBurner only sends RSS feeds as newsletter, so because it saves a lot of time compiling the newsletter. Where Custom Newsletter are very effective specially for online businesses. I agree with on Aweber and Mailchimp, Thanks for the suggestions


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