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“The” Basics Of Blogging And How To Get Them Right


Don’t Worry, making Weird Faces with “o” in mouth is definitely not a Blogging Basic. What are Blogging Basics according to you? What are the things that you should get right to be a successful blogger?

I am sure I will get a lot of difference responses. Some will say it is monetizing your blog, some will say it is making a big email list and so on.

The thing is that we have been conditioned to so many different things that we are forgetting the real basics of blogging, or “the” basics!

What Are The Basics Of Blogging

BlogThese three:

  • 1. Writing
  • 2. Reading
  • 3. Promoting

No matter what else others tell you, don’t believe!

Because if you get these three things right, everything else will work.

Monetizing? You can easily monetize if you have traffic which you will get by promoting.

Want more readers? Good content and promotion are the keys.

Want new ideas? Reading is the best solution.

How To Get These Right

As I said before, if you get these three things right, you do not have much to do. But how to get these right?

1. Writing

Writing is not a hard thing to do. Just follow following and you will be fine:

  • Write, Write, Write: There is only one proven way to become an expert in any field, practice. You have to do the actual thing to learn. And with writing, the case is same. You have to write a lot to learn writing well. Start writing and write a lot!
  • Try Free Writing: Struggling for ideas? Try this: Turn off everything else and open a blank document. Go full screen and for next 5 minutes, do not do anything but write. Write everything that comes to your mind. Do not stop in between. After 5 minutes, you will be amazed to see how many ideas are there.
  • Set A Writing Schedule: If you train your brain to do one thing at a particular time, it will soon make it a habit. So try writing on a fixed schedule.
  • Do Whatever You Want: Every human is different and everything does not work for everyone. So don’t care about what others say. Do what makes you write. For example, I usually write with my headphones and instrumental music. Other think it is distracting but I write quite easily with it.

2. Reading

We all do a bit of reading everyday. And it is really helpful. Reading helps you by introducing you to some amazing ideas. By reading, you can learn a lot.

  • Read Other Blogs: Blogs have lot of innovative ideas and reading blogs in your niche can get you lot of good ideas.
  • Read Books: Books have one advantage over blogs: structure. Most of the blogs publish posts that are not in a specific order. With book, you go systematically, according to structure.
  • Research: It pays to know about latest happenings in your niche. When free, go and surf a bit and learn what’s new and famous in your niche.

3. Promotion

Promotion is one of the hardest things to do. Many bloggers read and write well but fail here. And this is one of the biggest reasons of failure.

  • Guest Post: Guest Posting is one of the best ways to get traffic. Though you may not get hundreds of visitors in a single day, guest posts will get you constant traffic and help in search engine optimisation as well.
  • Search Engines: Search Engines are one of largest sources of traffic. By optimising your blog posts for them, you can attract a good amount of traffic easily.
  • Comment: By leaving comments on other blogs, you can get visits by other interested bloggers. Though you need to make your content interesting.
  • Social Circle: I have seen that many bloggers do not share their blog in their own social circles. If you are doing it, stop and start telling others about your blog.


If you master reading, writing and promoting, you will soon be a Pro Blogger. Ignore other things, just try different things in these three and see the result.


Hi, I am Ishan. I am a Freelance Blog Writer and WordPress Developer. If you need a writer for your blog or a WordPress blog/website set up quickly, just drop me a mail at contact{at}ishansharma{dot}com

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    • rubiduong

      From my very own expertise, I will say that posting new content often, could be a good way to realize new guests and to decrease the bounce rate. Building a web log could be a future commitment, thus we’ve got to come back up with new things weekly.

    • sofiasiberia

      Loved the post! It’s helpful and ENCOURAGING 🙂 Especially for those great writers who are just at the start and long for visitors and comments :))

      Much other stuff I read about promoting your blog and writing like other smart heads do, can really make a beginner feel like a loser…:)

      Your post was light and inspiring! Thanks!!

      Guys, who just start out there – write and never give up!

    • Shruti

      Very well written Ishan. Before writing any post, a writer should other blogs too to do complete research on it. For maintaining the popularity, one should believe in consistent posting not frequent and most important part is Promotion! For increase the PR, a blogger should build good backlinks.
      Thank you

    • Malinda

      Great tips put together in very simple way. Thanks for sharing.

    • Mohideen

      Writing and promoting its really best tool as i suggest too for blogging you have given valuable points Thanks for sharing it

    • Mahesh verma

      you are right ishan , these 3 things are very very important for any blog. but the main role is of seo and seo depends on backlinks and other factors. It means that all these 3 things are inter related with each others. Thanks for the post nice info.

    • Julian King

      From my own experience, I can say that posting new content regularly, is a great way to gain new visitors and to decrease the bounce rate. Building a blog is a long term commitment, therefore we have to come up with new things every week. 

    • Puneet

      This is a very basic post but its worth reading for newbies.

      • Ishan

        Hi Puneet,

        Yes. It is quite basic but we often mess up at basics, don’t we? That was what I had in mind when writing the post.

        Thanks for the comment. 

    • Becca

      Research based and fresh contents are always very useful to increase the traffic for a site. These contents are very helpful to enlist the site in organic searches.

    • Rahul Kashyap

      ya ishan  that’s really writing, reading, promotion is very important our blogging career but network is also important i think you forget this point. all of that’s your articles is very awesome bro keep it up. i got some important point in this articles your very good writer i love your articles and HHB. 

      • Ishan

        Hi Rahul,

        Thanks for adding the point. Networking can come under promotion. When you put your blog in front of others, you tend to make connections naturally.

        Though I could have made it a separate point as you said.

        Thanks for comment and valuable suggestion. 🙂 

    • Jasmine

      Good sharing, Ishan. Now that I have the basics done, I a putting down a comment on this highly visited blog, HBB. Hopefully I can get a few visitors to come to my blog from this, ya… 🙂

      • Ishan

        That is a nice strategy. Though I have also experimented a bit with comments and results have not been all that well. Let me know how it goes!

    • Gautham Nekkanti

      Practice makes man perfect, if you fail to write an article or promote your blog, don’t go too hard on yourself. Time teaches you how to eventually, patience is the primary thing in blogging

      • Ishan

        Hi Gautam,

        I agree with you. Going too hard will only cause fatigue and frustration, nothing else.

        Thanks for your comment! 

    • Bryan

      Hello Ishan
      Nice Post . you have explained all the three basics writing, reading and promoting in details and in points .. thanks for sharing this us

      • Ishan

        Hello Bryan, 

        Thanks for the comment. Glad that you liked the post.

        Any questions or doubts about blogging? I’d happy to answer!

        Thanks. 🙂 

    • Shahnawaz

      Oh really nice post thanks for sharing with us that’s great knowledge……. now what are you going to next post…..
      thanks again 

    • Avi Jit (@skyhitblog)

      Hi Ishan. Very good article written by you. I think bloggers should work more on promotion works so that they can spread themselves. They should write quality articles daily but should post only once or twice a week.

      • sibinx7

        Writing and Reading are most important than promotion,if our posts are good our reader’s will promote.

        • Ishan

          Hi sininx7,

          I disagree a bit as readers will not promote anything themselves. You have to pitch them and promote the posts yourself. 

          Thanks for the comment. 

        • thientruongjv

          Yes, i agree with you. once the article has a good content, the readers will share to their friends

      • Ishan

        Hi Avi,

        Thanks for comment and I agree with you. Promotion is one area where most of the bloggers tend to hesitate and that’s one of the biggest reasons of failing.

        Thanks for your time. 

      • Jasmine

        Avi Jit, I agree with you. We should post more and promote more! Also, visit other bloggers more… come visit my blog and I visit yours, how about that? 🙂

        • Ishan

          Hello Jasmine,

          Thanks for commenting. I am trying an opposite strategy these days though. I post less and promote more. Helps in getting more comments! 🙂 

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