HOW TO: Change The Facebook Fan Page Name

Finally Facebook added a new feature for Fan page owners/admins. Now you have the ability to change the Facebook Fan Page Name, but unfortunately the fans should be below 100 and should not exceed it. This is a good news for Facebookers, since almost everyone has fan pages & now they can change misspelled Facebook fan page name.

Facebook made this limitation to prevent the buying and selling of fan pages. We already shared a tutorial for Changing Facebook Fanpage Vanity URL In Just 6 Steps.

Change Facebook Fan Page Name [The Steps]

#1 – Go to Manage Facebook Pages section.

Change FB Fan Page Name

#2 – Choose the page for which you want to change, and then select “Edit page”.

Tip : In case you have few more fans, you can delete some & go ahead.

Change Name

#3 – Choose “Basic Information” (Left Side) and change the name.

Screenshot Images Credit : ShoutMeLoud

Appreciate Facebook for this feature, hope it would have helped several admins, if you are one amongst them, do share your opinions.

Update : This new feature is not available for all the users I guess. It will be fixed soon.

28 thoughts on “HOW TO: Change The Facebook Fan Page Name”

  1. Sad to say FB is allowing this only to those pages with less than 100 fans. I myself badly needed to change the name of my page. Though it's already late when I realized what should have been the name of my page from the start. Anyway, this post is a way helpful for newly created pages.


  2. thanks Pradeep, but still don’t understood why we use images from SML, Didn’t you use Facebook pages ?

  3. I am also not Getting changing NAME option in Basic Info tab……I also think that it is only available to those Pages who have less than 100 fans….. anyways it was a nice info..

  4. I have not got the feature yet :-/ That option is not shown in my blog’s fan page settings πŸ™

  5. Thanks a ton to facebook for bringing in this feature and lots more thanks to you for making me aware of the feature. I had created a new page yesterday and had to give up a page with 42 fans because of a notion that it is not possible to change page name. Now I can go back to the original page and keep my 42 fans.

  6. its not working mate πŸ™ wen i do ur procedure i didn’t get the website name πŸ™ i cant able to change it

  7. Yup, it is indeed a big step for facebook. Surely many who have longed for this option can jump up for joy now. However, unsure about the fan counts as a friend of mine who has 90+ fans is not given the ‘Name’ option. But still, it’s a good news for most accounts who are in need. πŸ™‚

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  8. Yes now it become very easy. Earlier it was difficult I think. Thanks for sharing this information.

    • This is what Facebook says Lalit, “Only the official representative of a public figure, brand, or organization is permitted to create a Facebook Page. We do not allow Page title terms to prevent the creation of fake, unauthorized, or otherwise abusive Pages.

      If you aren’t the authorized representative and would like to create a space for fans of a certain topic or figure to share their thoughts and opinions, we suggest you create a Community Page or a Facebook Group.”

      And what is the username you tried!? πŸ˜€


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