10+ Reasons Why You Can Marry A Gamer

GamerDating/marrying a gamer is a Herculean task. This is one of the top gaming myths I observed. This article is for those people who think like that and this one gives some solid & simple reasons why ‘you can’ indeed have a relationship with avid gamers. Earlier we shared some reasons for marrying bloggers and robots. 😐

Marrying a hardcore (Yes, it’s not a p0rn word) gamer is indeed a challenge and but the real fact is, they should be blessed to marry one! Dating a ‘gamer’ has its own challenges.

When I was googling for case studies related to this topic, and I found several sites running exclusively for gamers and the concept is “dating”! This article has words whose meanings can also be taken badly or wrongly, though it depends how you handle this article.

Personally I love gamers and I admire their skills & patience, and this article is not about criticizing them, this is just ‘another’ article for entertaining people. Below you can see some reasons.

#1 – Excellent Math Skills : Seriously you will be amazed by the amount of concentration they have. Calculating the laps or even in dealing weapons, they are too good at those things.

They can also manage your monthly budget and stuffs you know. Yes, Strategy Games helps them here. They will also have people skills, leadership skills and teamwork skills, which they can easily develop during group missions.

#2 – Different Positions : Since he/she is a gamer, you can expect different kind of positions during ***ing. Well yes, it’s gaming. πŸ˜€

#3 – Gifting : Let it be for Birthday, Anniversary, Festivals, you know what your guy likes and you can easily gift him/her perfectly. You don’t need tense yourself by secretly peeping over his shoulder to find his t-shirt size or asking his friends regarding his desires. Just go to an electronic shop, and browse the latest gaming gizmos and gadgets.

#4 – Where the HELL he is? Suddenly you woke up around midnight and find your boyfriend missing!? Don’t get piss off, he won’t go to his ex-girl friend’s house or anywhere, you can find him near his favorite gaming machine!!

#5 – Virtual Driving : Teaches you how to drive or ride vehicles perfectly through Virtual gaming or using Wii.

#6 – Avoids Cheats : A true professional gamer avoid cheats (cheat codes) while gaming, the same applies in a relationship. πŸ˜›

#7 – Might also be a Movie Freak : If he/she is too tired playing games (which never happens actually :D) then you might get a chance to watch some movies in theater or DVD, you know the movies adapted from video games or vice versa. Some include Max Payne, Resident Evil, etc.

#8 – He can Save your Life : If by chance there is an alien invasion or a zombies attack, then using his weapon knowledge & attacking skills he can manage to save you and the world! πŸ˜€

A Good Gamer will do anything to save his Princess! Remember Mario? πŸ˜›

#9 – JoooyStick : Handles the joystick perfectly and they know which button is capable of making the game smooth!! πŸ˜›

#10 – More Freedom : Because she’ll have more freedom to do what she wants while I’m playing video games. Plus we become uberpassionate when we finally pass a roadblock in a game and want to celebrate. [Credit : Jorge Guzman]

#11 – Good Parent : She/he will be a good parent because even if they take care of the kid half as well as they take care of the Xbox or PlayStation consoles they will be well taken care of! #True

Feeling sick already? Hold on, there are people who even marry video game characters! πŸ˜† The game Konami’s Love Plus has apparently made a Japanese man fall so deeply in love with his virtual girlfriend that he is planning to legally marry her. LOL!

P.S. Comments are encouraged and respected, but make sure you don’t use words which are capable of hurting others. Cheers.

28 thoughts on “10+ Reasons Why You Can Marry A Gamer”

    • I think marring a beautiful is better compare to marring a gamer (girl). As if you marry a gamer she will busy all the time playing games then it will be tough for you to play your game. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

  1. dude ! nice share but i dont think ur first point is right ???!! you know our college senior’s gamer pro – palash and naveen ?? they have arrears still n maths !! lol πŸ˜€

  2. Okay Pradeep, I’m impressed by your post , and ready to marry a gamer, Now would you help me to find one ? πŸ˜‰

  3. Hey Pradeep, Nice write up mate. Well, this article will not fall under the category of Unrestricted Public Exhibition. You certainly have to keep a banner like “Parental Guidance” at the beginning of the article :P.

  4. Nice article!! I think you need to put up some categories like ‘A’, ‘U/A’ & ‘U’, This is really a hardcore ***ing article for HBB readers, Well yes, it’s “gaming ” :p.,

    I think soon there will be an entry level option for each and every article in your blog, “IF YOU ARE 18 & ABOVE, read this article “.

    BTW, nicely written πŸ˜‰

  5. excellent post πŸ™‚ gamers do have so much logical thinking and all πŸ™‚ .. games helps a lot πŸ™‚

  6. I loved the point 9 – JoooyStick : Handles the joystick perfectly and they know which button is capable of making the game smooth!!

  7. Ha ha ha! I especially loved the 10th point! “Uberpassionate” indeed! I’m going to give this some serious thought now.

    Also want to add a few things…

    People who enjoy playing such video games etc usually have a very imaginative mind. I mean u’ve got to believe in some part of the fantasy world if you’re shooting at virtual monsters and alien spacecrafts to rescue a damsel in distress!

    Btw, that also makes you a romantic deep down somewhere.

    And when there is any problem in life, you’d just look at it as another “level” in the game, that you have to cross. Makes you more solution-oriented, rather than regular people who keep focusing on the problem only.

    And most importantly, gamers would usually be too busy working out new strategies in their games to care much about what their wife cooks for them or whether they have clean laundry or not! So that’s an added advantage for girls who are not much into domesticity! πŸ˜€

    He he he! :p

  8. Hahaha.. great article πŸ™‚ i thought something more hardcore… πŸ˜› any upcoming ***ing Magazine in mind bro ? ofcourse, its Gaming Magazine πŸ˜€



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