HOW TO: Get Google Page Speed Report Via W3 Total Cache

Obviously, if you are blogger or webmaster, you would have tried both Google Page Speed and W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin. Now this tutorial is to combine both and help you to give better performance.

Google Page Speed evaluates the page’s conformance to a number of different rules and gives score according to it. W3 Total Cache is a famous WordPress plugin which improve WordPress’ performance and user experience of your site via caching: browser, page, object, database, minify and content delivery network.

In this tutorial, I’ll share some simple ways to get Google Speed Report right on your dashboard.

Here you have to do two things in order to get Google Speed Report on your dashboard.

  1. Get Page Speed API Key from Google APIs.
  2. Update your W3 Total Cache plugin settings.

Get Page Speed API Key from Google APIs

To acquire a free API key, visit the APIs Console. Go to the Project Home tab, activate the Page Speed Online API, and accept the Terms of Service.

PageSpeed ON

Then go to the API Access tab. The API key is in the Simple API Access section.

Simple API Access

That’s it. You can use this API key or generate a new key. Now copy this key and keep it safe!

Update your W3 Total Cache plugin settings

Upgrade the plugin to the latest version if you haven’t. Now go to W3 Total Cache settings | Miscellaneous section.

Enter API Key

Now paste that API key here. After entering the API Key, select “Save all settings”.

Now go to your dashboard, and now you can see instant Google Page Speed Report.

Page Speed Dashboard

The Page Speed Score (0-100) indicates how much faster a page could be. A high score indicates little room for improvement, while a low score indicates more room for improvement. View all results shows all the relevant and detail analysis.

It helped me to save my time, and hope it helps you too.

HOW TO: Open Links In Text Only Mode [Google Chrome]

Reading your favorite post on your favorite blog? But the Advertisements there are disturbing you? If you are a Google Chrome user then we have an extension (or solution) for you.

Shankar Ganesh (of KillerTechTips fame) quite recently developed an extension – Text Only, Please. This extension uses to render a text-only version of the webpage.

Open Links in Text Only Mode

Step 1 : First install ‘Text Only, Please’ extension.

Open in Text Mode Only

Step 2 : Now open any webpage, for example, HellBound Bloggers (HBB). Now you can right click on any link in Google Chrome and choose ‘Open in text only mode’. The web page you clicked on will open in a new tab, devoid of ads and clutter.

Text Format

Seriously I loved this extension and this will be also really useful for people having poor internet connection or bandwidth limits. As of now, API is not used and you can expect more advanced features soon. You can give your feedback via comments for further enhancement.

HOW TO: Reserve Your Own XXX Domain Names

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) finally approved a new top-level domain (TLD) for domain names ending in .xxx.

Hereafter URLs ending in .xxx will contain sexually oriented adult entertainment content that is verified to be neither fraudulent nor illegal. We also believe sales of .xxx domains should begin soon in Q2 2011. Here I have mentioned the steps to reserve your own .XXX domain names.

Reserve XXX Names

Step 1 : Go to ICM Registry and register for a free account if you don’t have.

Step 2 : After the basic Email Verification process, log into to your account. Now go to Reservation section.

You have the right to apply (on behalf of your customers) for domains in .xxx that they already own in .com, .net or another TLD, such as a country code TLD. This process is called Name Reservation. To do this, provide them with the existing domain(s) that you or your customers own.

You may submit as many domains, but only up to 1000 at a time using this form. Names must be entered one domain name per line. Enter ONLY the domain name, NOT in the form of a URL.

For Example…

Pre-Owned and Wish List

#Pre-Owned : If you wish to have for your or some other TLD, then use the “Pre-Owned” section of ICM registration to reserve .xxx names.


Example : If you already own, use the “Pre-owned” fields to reserve the name

#Wish List : Use the “Wish List” fields to request name reservations for domains that you do not already own in other top-level domains.

Wish List Names

Click “Submit” to submit the .xxx name reservation requests to ICM Registry.

Do you think it will make any difference? Porn will always be porn whether it is .com or .xxx

3 Simple Ways To Find The RSS Subscribers Of Any Blog

RSS Subscribers Count (whether it is genuine or not) is one of the ways, advertisers use to analyse the popularity of blogs and websites, well mostly blogs.

If someone is interested in keeping their banners or links on your blog, they will most probably check your Alexa Rank, PageRank, and RSS Subscribers, since these 3 can be easily obtained. But some bloggers disable RSS Subscribers Count.

Below I mentioned 3 simple ways to find the RSS Subscribers. Though they are not that much accurate, they are however approximate.

#1 – Finding The RSS Subscribers Using FeedProxy URL

Find the URL of the RSS Feed of your desired blog. In this case, I’m considering Digital Inspiration.

This is the sample address of the RSS Feed (this one uses FeedBurner’s MyBrand Feature).

Grab the feed name (i.e., labnol)

Append just before it. The result is :

Now use this URL to check the Real RSS Subscribers Count.

Feedproxy subscribers

You can also use this URL for detecting :

#2 – Finding RSS Subscribers Using Google Reader

Google ReaderYou can also use Google Reader to check the RSS Subscribers of blogs. This method will be useful when your desired blog is not using FeedBurner service.

These numbers are however approximate as they only include the RSS subscriber base of Google Reader, iGoogle and Google Desktop users as determined by Google FeedFetcher. You can also use Google Reader to track your comments on the web.

Find the RSS Subscriber Count with Google Reader [Tutorial Link]

#3 – Find The RSS Subscribers Count – Desktop Software

Ram Kumar from did a great job by developing a Desktop Software for checking the RSS Subscribers count for blogs. All you need is the feed name.

Desktop Count

Cool features of this download include Circulation, Hits and Reach on a given day, you can get the Details on a period of time,
Export to CSV (Comma Separated Value) available, and so on. There are two version of this software, one for computer with .NET installed and one for computers without .NET. [Download Software]

Do you know any other trick for finding the RSS Subscribers of blogs (if they disabled it). Kindly share them in the comments below.

HOW TO: Create Free Events Using Eventzilla

The best alternatives for are DoAttend and Eventzilla I would say. I already shared a tutorial for creating event on DoAttend, so now am going to review about Eventzilla.

Using Eventzilla, you can set up your event and start selling tickets instantly. Just remember if you are selling free tickets, then Eventzilla is absolutley free for you. If it is not a free event, then you only pay a small fee when your customers buy a ticket. Simple!!


Creating Events Using Eventzilla [Tutorial]

#1 – Create a free account in Eventzilla. Use the login details and access the dashboard, there select “Add a New Event”.

#2 – Now Personalize Event Page Theme, here you need to upload Custom Header Design and custom logo for the event. Now click “Save and Continue”.

Eventzilla - Add Event

#3 – Here you need to enter the Event Name, Description, Time and other optional useful details. Now “Save and Continue”.

#4 – Here you are going to Personalize and Publish your event. Enter the Venue details and other Payment options, if there is any. That’s all your Event is published now. Simple isn’t it?

You will also get various options like promoting this event via social networks and code for embedding this on your websites and many more. An exclusive panel for managing the events will also be given to you.

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If you know any other good sites for creating Events online for free, kindly share them in the comments below. Cheers.

HOW TO: Create An Event On MySpace

MySpace was the most popular social networking site in the United States during 2006. Still many people use it even after Facebook and Twitter buzz. MySpace has lots of cool features which are not present on Facebook.

MySpace Events is as popular as Facebook Events, and I was suggested to make this simple ‘HOW TO’ tutorial for some online awareness groups. Creating an Event on MySpace is quite simple and here is the procedure for it. 🙂

#1 – Sign in to your MySpace profile first.

#2 – Select ‘Events’ from the top navbar or go to use this link.

MySpace Events

#3 – Now you will have two options to create events. One is Custom Event, which has several details and another one is Quick Event, which has very few details to enter. I suggest ‘Custom Event’.

Custom Event - MySpace

#4 – Now you need to enter all the details related to your event. For example, location, date and time, host, description and so on.

MySpace Event Details

You have several options like limiting total number of guests, enforce an age limit, and more.

After completing everything, select ‘Save and Continue’ and you will get a mini-preview of your event. That’s all your event is created now.

You can add guests by selecting friends, if you haven’t, and select invites to them. Cheers.

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Hope you would have found this simple tutorial useful. If you are using MySpace, then do connect with me and join HBB MySpace Group.

HOW TO: Create & Manage An Event Using DoAttend

doattendDoAttend is an online event registration service that allows you to create, publish and promote your event for free. Explore the WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor to explain what your event is all about.

Only events that you Publish will be available for the public to view. You can publish/unpublish an event whenever you want by editing it. Set it up on your personalized event page with their easy to use registration system and have your event visible to the world at, within a matter of minutes. You can provide your attendees with eTickets for that professional touch, even if its a free event.
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HOW TO: Change The Facebook Fan Page Name

Finally Facebook added a new feature for Fan page owners/admins. Now you have the ability to change the Facebook Fan Page Name, but unfortunately the fans should be below 100 and should not exceed it. This is a good news for Facebookers, since almost everyone has fan pages & now they can change misspelled Facebook fan page name.

Facebook made this limitation to prevent the buying and selling of fan pages. We already shared a tutorial for Changing Facebook Fanpage Vanity URL In Just 6 Steps.

Change Facebook Fan Page Name [The Steps]

#1 – Go to Manage Facebook Pages section.

Change FB Fan Page Name

#2 – Choose the page for which you want to change, and then select “Edit page”.

Tip : In case you have few more fans, you can delete some & go ahead.

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HOW TO: Watch Movies and TV Series With Subtitles

I was asked by my friend Tracy, “How to watch Movies and TV Series with Subtitles?” This is a common query on our MoviesDrop community as well.

I explained her briefly about the procedure and she recommended me to blog about it, so that it will be useful to her friends. In this article, I’m going to mention the simple steps for watching movies or TV Series with subtitles.

Update: MyDownloadTube is a cool website to check out some of the best movies out there, they have all the necessary collections here, so you don’t have to waste time visiting any other website.


How To Watch Movies and TV Series With Subtitles?

#1 – First of all, you need a goddamn good media player. I highly recommend VLC Media Player.

#2 – Now you need to download the subtitles for the respective movie or TV Series. Here I recommend Subscene, where you can get all the latest and good subtitles in different languages.

#3 – You are almost done. Now go to the folder where the respective movie is.

If you have movie.avi then your subtitles must be located in same directory and renamed to

Same Filename

For example, if you have the movie Titanic (Titanic.avi) in a folder, then the subtitles must be located in the same folder and should have the name

If you want to watch a movie with two subtitles, say english and dutch, Then you need to rename subtitle files like or

For Windows Media Player Users :

You can download a third-party freeware software called VobSub for better performance. Rest of the procedure same.

Facing Sync Problems?

Then you can try this freeware tool named Time Adjuster. It helps to sync your movie and the subtitle.

Do you know any other simple way to watch subtitles? Did you faced any problems while trying this simple tutorial?