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4 Tips To Build A Dominant Authority Blog With SEO


authority blog seoBlogging has been the key to the locks like Content Creation and Marketing. And Blogger are the creators of these keys. And Search engines are the quality inspectors. This might seems little dramatic, but its the way how blogging works, and how search engines monitor webmaster’s blog or site. You might have noticed every now and then a blog is created. Well its good a blog is created as you can fetch great content. But most new sites created are copy cats and are looking to make quick bucks, but that’s not the intention of Blogging profession. The main reason people blog about SEO, Tips and tricks to get started with blogging and developing it as a profession. We must know that Blogging and SEO go hand in hand.

As we have seen earlier, there many new sites created every instant, but the thing that matter the most is content, especially quality content. But sometimes its just not quality content, but also increasing domain authority. To talk more on building authority blogs, we need to understand some simple issues, so that the blog that you create must feel its in command.

Some of the top issues that you need to make sure that the your blog is in authority:

1. Design and Feel

Its the first impression about the site, always that matter. Blogging is all about content, but that content which you create is to be presented perfectly. You can always eat, but it does matter how it tastes, right? Well Either you make a great design or you hire an expert to do the same. The design must smooth the visitor and make him feel that he’s really into your site.

Make sure you have breadcrumbs for your blog or site, so that navigation is made simple and easy. I would recommend having a magazine style design, as always people prefer – bigger the better. Have sufficient widgets, don’t make it too clumsy or too thin, it just has to feel right. I would recommend launching a site after all the design modifications.

Most important thing about designing about you blog is your blog name. When you try to get a good domain name, obviously get a niche name. And when you get one, then you design a awesome looking logo. As this logo will help you brand your site. And branding is very important issue when it comes to marketing. If you are unable to decide which is the best logo for your blog, then ask a professional help for designing your blog logo, and it’ll nearly cost you anything.

2. Dominant Content

With good looking site and design, logo; The next step that arise is building content relating to your niche. Well anyone can create content, but not anyone can create an attractive quality content and a dominant one. When you are looking to build a dominant authoritative site, then its the awesomeness of the content that matters. I would recommend a professional like me, who can write dominant content.

Now Its not just about writing content, but also expressing views and reviews about your niche in a nicely manner. With great content comes great responsibility. Handling so much of content is a tedious task, you will need a moderator to monitor the quality of the content you publish.

Another good question is, what should be your publishing frequency of your content? It again depends on how well your niche is. Say for example if its an Android niche, then you get host news, every now and then. Then you can create content about latest news. I normally would recommend publishing at least 5 articles per day so that visitors get a feeling that this is huge site with humungous resources. Its the mentality of people that matters, you obviously go to a big mall, rather go to a small grocery shop.

Make sure that when you start your publishing frequency to be 5 per day, then you can keep up with the same through out your blog life. Sometimes, it so happens that you can find no information about your niche, and you can’t create content, then it will be a loss. For an authority blog to survive, feeding content is a must.

3. Optimize for Search Engine

When you now have a great design and logo, the next step you need to focus is on content. With great content, its time for some optimization. Search engines are the quality inspectors, we can’t cheat them or bribe them. Search engines are so loyal that they help us grow better. So, its very important that we need to write for audience and optimize it for search engines.

Smart blogging comes only with smart search engine optimizations. So, make sure you follow search engine algorithms and updates. Any changes in search engines, can make variations in your traffic.

4. Promotion and Marketing

Content create becomes popular only with promotions, sites like Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon might help. But we need a game changer, so we would opt for doing guest posting on other sites. Its just subtle to mark your presence on other sites, than just commenting about your site on other sites.

Marketing is the key strategy that you need to build and comes only by experience, promotion is one thing, but keep the old content promoted and in motion in another thing, this is where marketing comes into picture. Recycling old content for better use. Because ultimately its the content that visitors are visiting your blog for answers and reviews and for educational purposed.

The above methods are great ways to start an authority blog. But in any case if you are unable to perform that action, I would recommend you hire a professional or get a job. Now that you are enriched with 4 great awesome tips to build a dominant authority blog, you can get started with one too.

This article is written by Suraj K.V. He is a passionate blogger who usually blogs at Smart Fat Blogger and Seekably. He is also a Music addict. If you wish to write for HBB, kindly check this.


I'm a passionate blogger who usually blogs at Smart Fat Blogger and Seekably. I'm also a Music addict and follow changing trends and technologies especially Social media!

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    • Peterz

      For seo its very best thing that build dominant authority for the blog. It helps in ranking and increasing the visibility of any web site.

    • Mike Reeson

      I never thought about guest posting on other blogs. I’ll have to look into this option a bit more…thanks for putting it out there!

    • Christina


      I like your post. Very informative. Ill be checking by again soon. especially about searching for public circles to find. Great Tips for bloggers. Instead to have blogger and word press Choosing own domain is best method to increase the visibility on search engine also to place own ads. If blog page has any unnecessary link no follow it. Engage users to comment on blog post.

    • chiranjeevkumar

      Nice post Suraj, One must have to create their blog with SEO to build good authority. Thanks for the post.

    • Clarkmartin

      Hi Suraj
      Great post. Really it is Excellent Article related to the seo link building process. Yes it is true that Google always looks after with the links building that which type of sites are linking with your site. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for share it.

    • Santosh

      Hi Suraj
      It is appreciate Article. Thanks for sharing, I think this is the est way to dominate your niche, if you want to. There is not other way around it, if you are buying or exchanging link, you have to do it in your niche.

    • Nishant Srivastava

      Nice Post, I think SEO doesn’t matter that much but still matters, if you are blogging for your readers, just write what readers love, and what your readers wants from you then everything will be on your way.

    • Rahul Chowdhury

      Very true Suraj, design is very important for every blog, that’s why I offer cheap logo design services for every blogger, so that their blog can look better. 🙂

    • Sameer

      Suraj, what would you recommend, building a large authority blog on a single niche or building a very large blog with various categories with lot of content?

    • Clyde Hickman (@Hickmanclyde)

      Good article, but only for those who are at the beginning of the way. For people who are already blogging is more important answers to questions: How?

    • Christopher Joseph

      I had a doubt about publishing frequency and got solved after reading the second point. Thanks Suraj

    • Rinkesh

      All the tips are crucial to get dominant ranking in SERP. SEO Posts with dominating content will outcast spun or duplicate content any day.

    • Ayan

      Its true that more u hit, post in your domain based blog its SEO increased more faster, so keep posting and let us comment ..lolz.. nice post..

    • rakesh @ Indiabucket

      I always curious about design and all the time try to make better. Great Tips.

    • Arsie Organo Jr

      Another superb tips you have shared to us all Suraj. I am also a blogger yet not so much knowledgeable with SEO.

    • Hari Narayan

      Nice Article Suraj! Really Domain Authority (DA) is one of the important thing for a blog. Domain authority states the level of our domain, whether it is pro or useless. Thanks for the article!

    • JamesW

      Very useful post Suraj, I personally think also that valuable content and nice looking website is priority for building a dominating blog in any niche. Logo is also very important, people will remember you easier.

      thanks for sharing

      • Suraj KV

        Thanks for pointing it out about logo James. Its the branding that matter, so that you can remember in the eyes of people.

    • Ali zia

      cool post and very informative guideline for starting a best blog but i want some more information regarding to best blog thanxxx

    • Mahesh Verma

      Great information @Suraj. Really Informative for every new blogger 🙂

    • Jasmine

      Suraj, you are a born writer … and blogger! I love your blog post and of course, your tips to build a great blog. We must connect some time… to discuss more on how to make better blogs!

    • Neu

      Great tip Suraj

      Super creative tip to become a master problem solver quickly. I mean try write or create a problem solving content, then you become an authority. But it’s easy to say, hard to implement.

      • Suraj KV

        Very true Neu, but being authoritative is the only way to mark your presence.

        • Avi Jit

          Correct. A authority site always gets more exposure. And to build a authority site, branding, good design, quality content, promotion etc.. are very important… 🙂

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