2 Big Annoucements We See With The Entry Of Google +

Internet the place that is best known for the word difference. Yesterday when I slept I found Godaddy as an independent venture and today it has been taken over. Also yesterday I saw my website working totally well but today the hell it is facing name server problems. The main thing I would like to tell you is the importance of the the word “difference” that has an permanent place for itself int he world of the web. Two such big difference we see with the entry of Google’s all new social network, Google +.

Google Plus

We all were extremely excited when we saw the entry of the website and the sneak peaks by Google had already mad the things so exciting that people were too anxious for getting the invites into their email inboxes. So finally talking about the differences that I regard a big with the entry of this service.

1. Facebook Announces Social Video Chat

We all knew it well till today that Microsoft and Facebook are great friends and obviously they will do something together that may help out all those who are somewhere or the other related with either of these companies. So now the worlds biggest social networking website has introduced the partnership of its website with Skype the service for calling on the web. Together both of them will unite to star with the new service called social video chat. Sounds good, lets wait till next week and see what this service can do for us.

2. Picasa Web Album Goes Unlimited

As reported via Read Write Web the whole service still has the 1 GB specification as if you see the FAQ page but if you use Google + to upload the pictures instead of directly uploading it to the web server via you computer then your picture wont be a part of the 1 GB space. Instead it would be counted as free. So indirectly this is unlimited storage on the picasa web albums for all those who tend to go ahead for the services of Google +.

17 thoughts on “2 Big Annoucements We See With The Entry Of Google +”

  1. I just find it tiresome to use Picasa for some reason. It could have been much more simpler (software).

    Does anyone feel the same way that I do with Picasa??

    • You know I think flick is the best for the ones who are likely to use other services for picture hosting and these days we also find Twitter and FB too to do a great job in this, so I kinda dont use Picasa anymore…..:D

    • I got to know it from ReadWriteWeb, and I think Google is trying some new ways to make it. It learnt from the failure of Orkut. 😀


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