Add Google+ Profile Buttons On Your Blog

The buzz is not over, even though they are public now. Google+ has the potential to drive people crazy, and it is neat (like Recently I tried my hands on Google+ and was able to see much difference and elegant performance. Google provides an option to add Google+ Profile buttons on your blog, you can see them below. Earlier we shared how to add Google +1 button on websites.

Adding Google+ Profile Button On Your Blog

1. Go to Google Profile button page and you can pick your desired button size.

Google Plus Profile Button

2. In the ‘Profile URL’ box you can enter the Google+ Profile URL, here I have used this Even if you enter Google Profile URL, it will redirect to Google+.

3. Now choose your desired image size and get the code. Google has strict branding guidelines so you won’t be able to customize the logo according to your wish.

See the sample profile button here.

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15 thoughts on “Add Google+ Profile Buttons On Your Blog”

  1. It's really interesting buttons on here . so,i have to try this one. Thank you so much for given your valuable post on here 🙂

  2. With the google plus one button, google is able to generate a new ranking picture that is based on social recommendations and not on on page and off page factors such as links and they are not dependent on external social networking metrics of facebook and twitter so much. It was more or less the missing piece for them.

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